Canton Cover-Up Part 245: Michael Proctor, Yuri Bukhenik Spent The Weekend Drinking And Harassing Service Workers For Wearing Free Karen Read Buttons At Army-Navy Game

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Two of the State Police detectives currently under federal investigation by the FBI for corruption in the investigation of John O’Keefe’s murder, spent the weekend partying at the Army-Navy football game. Michael Proctor and Yuri Bukhenik, who both hid their close ties to the Albert family during the investigation that solely was focused on Karen Read, were both in attendance, despite the news that they were under investigation. Bukhenik, a grown man in his 40’s, was seen on TV in the front row drinking booze and being a Dave Portnoy fan boy at the Barstool Sports event outside Gillette Stadium.

Just a reminder – on August 10, 2023, plow driver Lucky Loughran told Bukhenik during a recorded interview that a Ford Edge was parked in the spot where John O’Keefe’s body was discovered at 3 AM. To this day Bukhenik has not followed up on that lead at all. However, he has plenty of time to drink and get front row placement for a Stoolie even.

Michael Proctor also attended the game, and apparently accosted a service worker for wearing a “Free Karen Read” button while serving him $6 french fries. According to the woman Proctor was yelling at her, demanded that she remove the button, and caused a scene. He also reportedly told her that Karen Read was “100% guilty,” said “you don’t know who I am,” and told her that he knew things that she didn’t before predicting that the woman would be made a fool of in a few months.

Normally I take anecdotes like this with a grain of salt, but she had receipts. Literal receipts showing that he’s also a bad tipper.

How long until his wife Elizabeth Proctor calls her manager to try to have her fired, as she’s done to several other turtle riders who posted negative things about her husband’s blatant corruption? Turns out the woman was just volunteering, so I don’t think it’s gonna work for the bullies this time around.

Michael Proctor and people like him are used to always getting their way. They have the guns and the badges, so people don’t tell them “no” a lot, including judges and ADA’s. That’s why he told this woman to remove her Free Karen Read button and reacted the way he did when she refused – he’s not used to people standing up to him.

The comment about “being made a fool of,” sure sounds familiar though. Probably because it’s what Jen McCabe told people she was filming outside of her house on September 15.

I have no idea what their plan is here. They know they’re all in serious trouble. They know that the FBI has spent at least a year investing resources into investigating their involvement in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. They know that if Karen Read ever goes to trial there is no chance for a conviction, thanks to both the sloppy and unprofessional way in which Bukhenik and Proctor conducted the investigation, and their close ties with the McAlberts. They know, like David Traub, Adam Lally, and Michael Morrissey know, that there is no “bombshell” coming proving that Karen Read did this, no matter how much tail light they sprinkle on evidence.

I guess his plan is to just keep lying and go down swinging in case the very unlikely scenario unfolds where he doesn’t end up indicted.


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