Canton Cover-Up Part 251: WBZ I-Team Spread Lie Told To Them By State Police That Karen Read Was Caught On Ring Video Striking John O’Keefe


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One thing that has been lost in the Karen Read case is that on the day of her arrest the Commonwealth started spreading the blatant lie that there was video of Read striking John O’Keefe with her car.  Nothing to this effect was ever mentioned in a police report or in court documents, but n February 2 WBZ reported that Karen was arrested because she was caught committing the crime on a Ring doorbell camera.

WBZ-TV I-Team sources said investigators have video of the incident from a Ring doorbell camera and Read’s car has been impounded.

This is ironic because it is Karen Read who has been asking for Ring doorbell video, but the investigators who leaked this false information to the media never looked at any. Deputy Police Chief Tom Keleher lives directly across the street from where the Commonwealth now alleges that Karen Read began accelerating her car in reverse. The house at 33 Fairview Road also has a Ring camera pointing at the Albert’s driveway. The view they had was perfect:

Both would be able to solve this case immediately, and convict Karen Read if she was in fact guilty. But investigators never once asked to look at video footage from either home.

After Karen Read allegedly struck John O’Keefe and broke her tail light she drove back to 1 Meadows Ave, passing hundreds of homes and businesses along the way. If her tail light was broken or in tact it would have been caught by some surveillance video. We know that the Canton Library video is missing the two minutes when Read drove by, but luckily dozens of homes have Ring cameras. Responsible investigators looking for the truth would have knocked on every door asking to look at their footage if they believed it would’ve caught Karen Read with a broken tail light.

But instead they didn’t ask a single person on Read’s route home to look at their Ring cameras. I spoke with a homeowner on Sherman Street who would have had a perfect view of Read’s car as it approached the library. They told me that police never came to their house to ask to look at their videos:

But someone in the Norfolk County DA’s Office intentionally lied to the media in the days leading up to Karen Read’s arrest about Read the existence of Ring video showing Read striking O’Keefe with her car.

Why would Norfolk County DA’s Office intentionally lie to the media in the days leading up to Karen Read’s arrest about Read the existence of Ring video showing Read striking O’Keefe with her car? Simple – to affect public opinion towards Karen Read. Without video it would be difficult to assume she did it, because there wasn’t much evidence. But if it was caught on tape then it was case closed. And as long as everyone blindly assumed it was Karen Read who did it they would never ask questions about the homeowners or other parties they were out with that night.

It wouldn’t matter that the homeowner was a cop with a history of violence and was a trained fighter. It wouldn’t matter that a 17 year old punk inside the house with a history of animosity towards John O’Keefe was never questioned by police. It wouldn’t matter that someone inside the house Googled “how long to die in cold.” It wouldn’t matter that the plow driver didn’t see a body. It wouldn’t matter that Canton Police didn’t find any pieces of tail light or John’s missing shoe.

It wouldn’t matter because it was caught on video.

And who wouldn’t believe that there was video if the State Police said there was? Who would believe that the institution we put our faith and trust in to convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent, would intentionally lie about the existence of video like that? Not many people. Michael Morrissey, Brian Tully, Michael Proctor, and Yuri Bukhenik knew that the public would trust them. They knew that WBZ’s “I-Team” would trust them. And they took advantage trust and in so doing betrayed us all. 

The lie started by the unnamed investigators who spoke with WBZ’s I-Team quickly spread all across the Internet, because surely WBZ would not print a lie told to them by State Police detectives.

Next thing you knew Nancy Grace was mentioning it on her podcast.

District Attorney Michael Morrissey had the gall to say on August 25 that “we try people in court and not the Internet for a reason, the Internet has no rules of evidence, the Internet has no punishment for perjury.”

Yet Morrissey used the Internet to lie to the public, affect public opinion, and demoralize Karen Read. It would be perjury to make up a lie like this in court, but if they lie to the WBZ I-Team then it’s not perjury. It’s just a lie.

This lie was broadcast to millions of people, including a potential jury pool in Norfolk County. They knew it would shape public opinion, giving people the impression that the Commonwealth had an iron-clad case, and convincing Karen Read to take a plea deal. Yet they had the gall to try to gag the defense, and have charged me with witness intimidation for saying that I liked a Free Karen Read billboard in Foxborough.

If WBZ’s I-Team had any self respect they would identify the source from the NDAO or MSP who told them about the existence of Ring camera footage. How do they not feel betrayed and used? Of course they’re not going to do that, because the mainstream media would never dare challenge powerful institutions that have all the guns. If they do, then they might end up charged with 9 counts of felony witness intimidation.


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