Canton Cover-Up Part 254: Colin Albert’s Framingham State Baseball Player Friend Cam Sanchez Sends Graphic Threats To Journalist Who Is Potential Witness In Karen Read Case


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Colin Albert told police that my impression of his threatening Tik Tok videos him on episode 596 of the Turtleboy Live Show made him “sad and scared,” to the point where he had to unenroll at Bridgewater State University.

I have never seen Colin Albert in person, and he certainly doesn’t seem easily saddened or scared when he threatens to kill rival gang members online.

Nor did he mention during his police interview with his close family friend Michael Proctor that he was visited by two FBI agents on April 10, 2023 in his dorm room, who issued him a subpoena to testify in front of a federal grand jury. Nor did police question him once about his whereabouts when John O’Keefe was murdered, or ask him to provide any evidence giving him an alibi.

Nevertheless, Colin is an Albert and his feelings matter because he’s a witness to something he claims he wasn’t present for. If he says he’s sad and scared of Turtleboy, and not sad and scared of being arrested for murder, we must take him at his word.

However, his friends don’t seem as scared as he claims to be. This is his good buddy from high school Cam Sanchez.

Cam is the oldest son of townie pass-around Ashley Brady, who can be seen looking salty as ever next to her close friend Jennifer McCabe at Karen Read’s June 2022 arraignment for second degree murder.

Ashley is a member of LWMCC (lonely wine Moms of Canton Club), and just like 95% of the McAlberts attended Bridgewater State. She appears to work at Werfen Company, and/or Monarch Realty Group.

Ashley reconciled with her husband after having a fling with John O’Keefe, prior to his relationship with Karen Read. Like many women in the LWMCC, she was intensely jealous of Read because John was one of the most desirable men in Canton. Although, in fairness, when your competition is Matt McCabe and Jim Farris, it’s not that hard.

Ashley’s son and Colin’s best friend Cam Sanchez has a lot to say on social media, and is a good reflection of the values the McAlberts develop by the time they reach adulthood. For several months he has been been harassing me on Twitter using his real name, despite the fact that I am a potential witness in the Karen Read case. Cam made his account private yesterday after I began retweeting some of his more graphic tweets that caused emotional harm to a potential witness, and can best be described as an attempt to get me to alter my testimony.

As you can see, Cam plays baseball at Framingham State and has the acronym for the US Marine Corps in his bio. He is confirmed to be in the marines.

Last year in 15 bats he had a grand total of 0 hits, giving him a batting and slugging average of .000. However, he did manage to get hit by a pitch, and then a teammate who actually knows how to hit the ball drove him in, so he was able to score a run.

Before making his account private I was able to document some of his tweets, which apparently he is ashamed of. For instance, he claims that turtle riders are “domestic Taliban supporters” and that only “fat f***s” eat Dominoes pizza.

He told me that I prey on the weak, and mocked me for being unable to afford more than $100K in legal bills to defend myself against the charges of making his friend Colin sad.

Cam appears to think prison rape jokes are funny, because he told me that he looked forward to when a prisoner “puts fun dip on your lips and makes you call them daddy.”

It can be assumed using context clues that “fun dip” refers to semen, but Cam Sanchez declined our request for comment after asking me if I had a phone number.

On Friday Cam informed me that I couldn’t even pick the corn out of his feces.

It’s true, I don’t have much experience in picking pieces of corn out of human poop. But if Michael Proctor looked through it I bet he’d find microscopic tail light.

Cam really wanted my attention and wasn’t getting it so he kicked it up a notch over the week, telling me that he hopes that my mental health issues lead me to suicide, that I get thumbs in the bum in prison, that I am a pedophile who had sex with students, that I’m a cunt, and that I should be lynched.

He also believes that everyone who donated to the legal defense fund is a raging liberal who lives a meaningless life.

My legal defense fund is a few hundred dollars short of $80K, and if you donate to it by clicking here it will make Cam Sanchez REALLY upset!

He wasn’t done though. Cam also told me on Friday night that I deserve a worse death than Bin Laden, and shamed women in my family for not having abortions.

Finally, Cam’s last tweet before making his account completely private was when he told me that he couldn’t wait to urinate and poop on my grave.

Someone else will have to pick the corn out since I will be dead.

It’s unclear if Cam was speaking as a representative of the Framingham State baseball team when he repeatedly harassed and intimidated a potential witness in the Karen Read case on behalf of his friend Colin Albert. If he would like to clarify my DMs are open. 

Either way, this is the calibar of person who supports the McAlberts. These people have no values, no morals, they attack children, they frame people for murder, and then they play victim. They are nothing but bullies who can’t accept the fact that people are standing up to them, and they raise vile, homophobic children like Cam Sanchez and Colin Albert.


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