Canton Cover-Up Part 257: Caitlin Albert’s Boyfriend Tristin Morris Drove A Light Colored Ford Edge, Was At 34 Fairview Road, Hasn’t Been Questioned By Police


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It has been 131 days since Lucky Loughran told Michael Proctor and Yuri Bukhenik in a recorded interview that he saw a Ford Edge at 3 AM parked where John O’Keefe’s body was discovered 3 hours later. To this day nothing has been done to find the driver of that Ford Edge.

Proctor briefly pretended to care about the Ford Edge, asking Loughran if that was the only time he saw the vehicle.

But why would Proctor ask him that if he didn’t have any interest in finding out who the driver was? Loughran told them that there was no body on the lawn at 2:30 AM when he went by 34 Fairview Road the first time, then the Ford Edge appeared, then there was a body. At the very least, whoever was driving that vehicle could have information about what they saw at 3 AM. They could explain why they were parked outside Brian Albert’s house at that unusual time during the beginning of a blizzard. They could explain where they went afterwards.

But instead of asking questions about that Ford Edge investigators spent the rest of the interview grilling Loughran about Turtleboy.

Anytime a cop is killed it becomes a high priority, so tracking down the driver of that Ford Edge should’ve been the first thing Bukhenik and Proctor did when they left the interview. It wouldn’t be hard to figure it out. They’d have to go to local businesses, ask them to pull cameras, and narrow down all the people who drive that particular car in the area. Then question them about their whereabouts on that night and whoever can’t provide an alibi is a suspect.

But they didn’t do that because they don’t want to find out who was driving that Ford Edge. There are at least 3 members of the Albert family who own, owned, or drove a Ford Edge – Brian Albert, Colin Albert, and Kevin Albert. Lucky insisted the Edge was a lighter color, which disqualifies Brian. It’s unclear what color Colin and Kevin drove. I find it hard to believe that Kevin wouldn’t be quickly notified about the problem at his brother’s house that morning, and/or that Colin wouldn’t be forced by his uncle to come back to the house and provide cover once the coast was clear.

However, there is another member of the Albert extended family that also owns a Ford Edge and was at 34 Fairview Road that night – Caitlin Albert’s boyfriend Tristin Morris.

On September 15 I went to the apartment he shares with Caitlin Albert and their loud German shepherd on Elm Street in Easton and knocked on the door, but no one was home.

The next day a turtle rider drove by and confirmed that Morris drives a white Ford Edge.

Nicole Albert told police that Tristin and Caitlin met them at the Waterfall for dinner at 7:30 PM the night John O’Keefe was murdered. At no point is it ever mentioned when and if Tristin left.

It was their testimony that Caitlin left with her parents later on and went back to 34 Fairview Road, but Tristin was not with them. According to them Tristin showed up at 12:15, coming from an undisclosed location, to pickup the girlfriend he had dinner with just a few hours prior before abandoning her to go and do his own thing for a while.

Remember that time – Tristin Morris supposedly picked up Caitlin Albert at 12:15, which was conveniently just minutes before Karen Read and John O’Keefe arrived. Not 1:15, 1:30, 1:45, or 2:00 AM, or any other time that could have placed her inside the house when John O’Keefe’s Apple health data had him going up and down stairs. Caitlin’s parents, who spoke for her because she was never questioned, had her out of the house at 12:15.

To this day Tristin Morris has also never been questioned by State or Canton Police, despite the fact that he owned a Ford Edge the night O’Keefe was murdered at the house where he was allegedly at just 10 minutes prior. Why wouldn’t the police question a man who was out drinking at the same bar Karen Read was at? Why wouldn’t the police question a man who conveniently claims to have picked up Caitlin Albert from the murder scene? Why wouldn’t the police ask him where he went and why he separated from his girlfriend for an hour or two before the murder? Why hasn’t he been questioned about the whereabouts of his Ford Edge at 3 AM on the morning of January 29, 2022?

Tristin Morris was fifth in line to become a Canton Police Officer six months ago.


Today he is no longer on the list. Why is that? And why did Tristin get a $16,665 PPP loan for his “business”?

I have a lot of questions for Tristin Morris. I would go up to his door and ask him, but he put up a no trespassing sign the day after I announced that I had stopped by.

Maybe the people who are supposed to be figuring out who killed John O’Keefe will stop by and ask for me. I won’t hold my breath, because it seems like they’re pretty convinced it’s the college professor with no criminal record.


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