Canton Cover-Up Part 263: Positive Outcome in Karen Read’s Hearing is a Direct Result of Turtleboy’s Reporting

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Editor’s note: We will continue to publish stories while Aidan serves time as a political prisoner of the state. 

The momentum officially swung yesterday in the Karen Read murder case, as the defense won some surprising motions and the Commonwealth appears to be changing their story in favor of Karen Read. All of this comes in the wake of well-publicized news that Federal authorities are investigating the investigation of Read. One can speculate that the Commonwealth’s abrupt shift was a direct result of being closely watched by the Feds.

On January 4th, the Commonwealth filed several motions, including one to request Boston Magazine reporter Gretchen Voss’ notes. A source showed Turtleboy text messages between Voss and McAlbert spokesperson Kate Peter, in which Peter told the source that she is good friends with Voss and that Voss wants to invite the source out to lunch. According to the source, Voss is writing a hit piece on Turtleboy, and Voss was hoping that the source has “dirt” on Turtleboy.

The Commonwealth is now asking for all of Voss’ notes from her September story, which was pro-McAlbert. Voss interviewed both TB and Read’s defense team, but intentionally left out critical information. In fact, she failed to mention anything about the Federal investigation, which is arguably the most important part of the story. Instead, she included out-of-context videos compiled by her close friend Kate Peter.

The Commonwealth wants Voss’ notes because they are desperate to learn about what Read’s attorneys know about the FBI investigation. Read’s team will likely not object as they enjoy watching the Commonwealth sweat and worry about who is being investigated. However, Boston Magazine can and should hire counsel to oppose this intrusion into a reporter’s notes, even if it’s one as untalented a reporter as Voss.

In the Commonwealth’s motion, they include a “Statement of Facts” that is nearly identical to the document they shared on 9/13/23 within their opposition to the Rule 17 appeal with the SJC. However, there were several subtle changes that indicate a changing tune from the CW:

  • They completely removed their opinion that Read hit O’Keefe going 24 mph in reverse for 62 feet, likely because we proved how impossible that was. It’s also in direct conflict with Ryan Nagel’s testimony that he saw Karen Read was sitting alone in her car.
  • The “small hair” is now an “apparent hair” and they removed the statements that it was forensically tested to be human.
  • In September the CW said that “investigators diligently sought for” missing rear camera footage from O’Keefe’s house between 12 and 5 am that would show Read arriving home. That has been changed to “they were not able to locate” Ring video, and “no video was obtained with available footage”.
  • Removal of paragraphs disputing Jennifer McCabe’s 2:27 am Google search and discussion of GPS coordinates from Michael Proctor and Nicholas Guarino which asserted that O’Keefe couldn’t have been inside the house longer than 2 seconds.

What does all this mean? It’s fair to opine that now that the federal investigation has been well-publicized and seems to be picking up steam, that the CW is no longer trying to cover-up this case as obviously as they were before. They know the hair was never forensically tested and proven to be human. They know the 2:27 Google search is legitimate. They know that Karen couldn’t have struck John at that speed. They know that Read didn’t delete Ring footage from 1 Meadows Ave. Most importantly, they know they can’t disprove the Apple health data putting O’Keefe inside the house.

In court on Friday, hundreds of protestors gathered outside in spite of TB’s incarceration, proving that this isn’t a TB led cult, but rather a movement of thoughtful and dedicated people in opposition to government corruption.  The crowd cheered for Read and her team as they entered, but didn’t boo local moron Karl Dugal and others as they entered. Sources report that Jen and Matt McCabe, as well as Chris Albert attended the hearing for the first time since May. This suggests that their prior actions were because they are afraid to answer tough questions from TB.

Read’s team gave off an aura of positive and confident body language before, during, and after the hearing. Their faces suggest that they know something we don’t know; perhaps in regards to impending indictments. Immediately after court Attorney David Yannetti announced that they were driving to the Norfolk DA’s office to serve a motion to dismiss the charges against Read, and a motion to disqualify Morrissey’s office from prosecuting the case due to the federal investigation into corruption.

Later on Friday, Judge Cannone surprisingly ruled in favor of the defense, ordering Michael Proctor to hand over all communications with Jen McCabe as well as Nicole and Brian Albert. It’s unclear if this will include all records from the phone providers, assuming that Proctor and the McAlberts deleted their communications.

This positive turn of events may be the direct result of federal oversight. Cannone announced that all evidence must be processed quickly, because she will not budge on the March 12th trial date. Sources report that the US Attorney Office is cognizant of the March 12th date and is planning any announcements about the investigation prior to trial.

It is important to recognize that the phone records between Proctor and McCabe would not be relevant at all if TB had not reported on 9/25 that McCabe’s car was at the Proctor household. Just a reminder, Turtleboy is being charged with Conspiracy to Commit Witness Intimidation because he reported this groundbreaking fact. It sucks that he has to watch the positive developments from his jail cell, but I’m sure he’s proud to see what this movement has accomplished. Rest assured it will not be Turtleboy or Karen Read behind bars at the end of this story.

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