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Canton Cover-Up Part 264: A Message from Turtleboy to his Supporters

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Editor’s note: Aidan is incarcerated and cannot go live about court yesterday, but Brian from LTL True Crime, The Glarer, and Rita Lombardi were able to break down the entire six hour hearing. Rita went into it with an open mind, but was blown away by the lies the accuser admitted to and the horror Aidan went through. Aidan has written an article thanking Turtleriders from prison. Watch:


I want to thank everyone who showed up to support me yesterday. Reliving one of the most traumatic situations, as the cause of that trauma glared and smiled at me was difficult, but seeing your faces made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Although it wasn’t the outcome we hoped for, I still won because I got to publicly tell what really happened for the first time. I am lucky to be alive after falling asleep on the highway and crashing my car, after being forced to stay somewhere I didn’t want to be until 5:00 am. All of that trauma came back yesterday, but it was worth it to get the truth out there. I am so lucky to have supporters like you being there for me during this ordeal.

The restraining order was a blessing in disguise. As Rita explains from the court testimony she heard yesterday, for two months I have been trying to extricate myself from this relationship. For two months, I have been manipulated with fake pregnancies and multiple fake abortions. Now a piece of paper forbids me from contacting her. I am finally free!

Being away from my kids and my life everyday is painful, but I know the pain is temporary. I’m a survivor and being in here will only make me stronger. Last night I did 500 step-ups during rec time and 150 pushups. This morning I ran 5 miles on a frozen basketball court and did 30 pull-ups. I will emerge from jail mentally and physically stronger than I have ever been.

In the last 24 hours, many COs have told me that they have my back and are disgusted that I’m here. Prisoners all know who I am and what I’m in for and they know how unjust it is as well. I’m not in here because of guns, drugs or violence. I’m here for challenging the powerful institutions that put them away. I’m not scared of prisoners because I get along well with everyone, a skill I developed lifeguarding in Main South Worcester and teaching at-risk youth at an alternative school in Worcester.

Your messages and videograms help me get through the day. I read them all but can’t message everyone back. Please keep them coming! Your acts of kindness for a stranger like me are inspirational. A Turtlerider offered me a French Bulldog puppy, which I accepted and will help me begin my new life when I leave here.

Another Turtlerider and friend, who wouldn’t want me to name him, did something amazing for my family so I’m going to name him anyway. Two days ago, Derek Carlson plowed my driveway and shoveled the stairs for my family. He saw my 8 year old daughter crying because her cousins were in from Dallas and were leaving that night. But they were at my parents house in Worcester which is 20 minutes away. She desperately wanted to see them one more time but couldn’t because the roads were so bad. Derek volunteered to give my kids and their amazing mother a ride there at noon, then went back to pick them up at 4:30. It meant the world to my kids, and I am in awe of Derek’s kindness, who wanted nothing in return. He just wanted to do what he could to help, just like so many of you.

As horrible and traumatic as this has been, I will get through it because I follow the lead of Karen Read. She is my hero and someone I look up to. Whenever I’m feeling depressed, I remind myself what she’s been through, and how she never gave up. Her smile is electric. Her confidence is inspiring. She is unbreakable. And thanks to you all, so am I.

Good will defeat evil. The truth is being revealed, and karma is coming.

Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries


  1. What baffles me is how, despite your intelligence, you are not more well-liked than you already are. You have so much insight into this subject that it helped me see it from a variety of perspectives. It seems that neither men nor women are particularly interested in topics pertaining to women until they are about Woman gaga. Keep up the good work.

  2. Through this movement I have seen so many great human beings. And because of you we have seen and learned that though there are many corrupt individuals, there are many more who are not. Justice will be served.

  3. You’re in PC you dumb fuck. Wait until you go to prison, which you most certainly will. I know you don’t have the balls to leave PC, but once you’re away from your fellow woman beaters and pedos you will not be respected. Your eagle scout ass is going to be somebody’s bitch.
    Good luck pussy

  4. 1. When your lawyer tells you to not visit, don’t visit.
    2. Don’t stick it in crazy.
    3. You’re a moron. Enjoy your 90 days the story is about Karen, you’ve made it about you.

      1. Telling it like it is. I’m pro Karen. Aidan is showing his true colors as a sex addicted out of control self destructive person. I like Aidan’s reporting but he’s stupid.

        1. I hate to say it, but you’re right. The cracks started showing for me when he covered up the Leigha Genduso affair. I can’t even imagine how that happened, I thought she despised him. We really need a “Turtleboy” who is actually above reproach.

          1. “The cracks started showing for me when he covered up the Leigha Genduso affair” 🤣🤣

            1. Aidan never hid his relations with a disgraced ex-MSP.
            2. That was over 3 years ago so why you still around?

    1. All of the above rants about Turtleboy and judging his religiosity are clearly the ranting of the same individual. Pay no attention to this TB. Anyone who knows anything at all about the saints knows that most had a turning point, many involving public shame! All the best for making this sad situation a new beginning.

      1. Did the saints’ turning point involve revenge porn and sex addiction? How can you defend someone who does such disgusting things to women, you should be ashamed of yourself, as well as your false idol Kearney.

  5. You are losing it man. Unfortunately you have turned into someone that has lost all credibility. Sad to see

    1. You need to stop listening to the trolls on SM because they have no shame and will lie about everything that’s going on. He’s not lost any credibility unless you have zero integrity and are just believing the lies smeared everywhere, in which case you’d be the one losing credibility.

      1. It isn’t the trolls, its the hooking up with former blog subjects, lack of ability to make good character choices, living with his wife will messing around with ratchets. Shows terrible skills in making the right choice.

  6. “I follow the lead of Karen Read. She is my hero and someone I look up to. Whenever I’m feeling depressed, I remind myself what she’s been through, and how she never gave up. Her smile is electric.”

    hubba hubba ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Karen rocks….. Liz Proctor and horse face… not so much 凸( •̀_•́ )凸.

  7. You ain’t got no quit!
    Aiden, you’re an inspiration and I’m so proud if how you have handled yourself through this complete shit show! I don’t *know* you, but I love you. I will continue to support you and.the Free Karen Read for however long I’m needed. GODspeed.

  8. Hey Coach Kearney, I’m rooting for you. I hope you can turn this unfortunate turn of events into something great. I believe it will work out in your favor. Stay strong.

  9. Can’t wait to see the headlines about a big FBI presence at the Norfolk DA’s office. Morrissey doing the perp walk and the mug shots of him, lunchbox and tully being released. Ah. I can’t wait to sample Mikey’s Finest Chocolate Cotton bars. Now with 120% more taillights.

  10. Future Cell Mate has no idea what he is talking about. No possible way Aiden is going to prison this is Massachusetts, it takes way more than this shit to go to real prison. A couple of the Troopers from the Norfolk DA are going to the Federal Penitentiary, or eating a service weapons

  11. I hope my poem about the proctors pooping their pants when they get arrested by Josh Levy brought you a few good laughs.

  12. Honestly I cant wait to hear your tales from the slammer. I knew you could talk a dog off a meat wagon so I had a feeling you would hit the ground running. I have so much gratitude for those that have had your back in there. Thank you also to Derek and Tommy and Rita and Will and Brian and anyone else I may have missed. This group really has no quit!

  13. 100% the state is out to get you, but you citing God and your “faith” is absolutely laughable. You’re running around cheating on your wife, sleeping with lowlifes, your lack of faith got you into this mess you incomprehensibly ignorant hypocrite. It is a joke that you think you are a man of God in any sense of the word. You’re a good reporter, but a bad person.

    1. He’s not a reporter either. He’s a bully blogger. But he is right about karma, and she is playing herself out as we speak. A man of God, what a joke.

    2. You’re correct he’s a bad person. You’re incorrect about him being a good reporter. He writes like a high school sophomore, his reports are full of lies and they suck

    3. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, said Jesus, and he wasn’t talking about murder. You and these other two McAlbert cheesedicks want to judge TB’s marital issues and say he’s a bad person while the real bad people are still running around free.

  14. You’re in jail now so you’re believing in God😂😂 where was your faith in God when you was slandering people and your blogs was very disrespectful and intimidating and you were doing the most now you believe in God now you have faith dude your f***** up.
    Victim stated just like I suspected that you and Karen Read were in this together for money get her off of a case that she is guilty of. For months you plotted & schemed and came up with these false narratives so that you could free a guilty person and profit..
    You’re full of s*** and at the end of the day you’re not worth anything so the government is not framing you your framing your own self because the truth is out and it’s the truth is going to come out that you and Karen Read is GUILTY…. Her lawyers know they could not win in court that’s why they hired you. Karen read smile is that of a guilty person who thinks she’s got over because of your lies.

    1. The irony is I might have had relations with a nicole johnson at some point in my past. What are the chances?

    2. Holy cow, here’s a clearly uneducated person right here! Can’t even conjugate verbs properly. No wonder they have the stupid opinion they wrote!

    3. Who wrote this…. Angry RONNIE???? If there is any slander with anything thats been said where are the lawyers?? Nicole’s world is Rainbows and Unicorns!!

  15. Wait, what happened? What relationship, what fake pregnancies and fake abortions? What am I not aware of here?

  16. Even though I can’t say I agree 💯 with your tactics I do think your dedication and commitment to bringing Karen Reeds story out and keeping it relevant is honorable and if I were her or John O’Keefe (R.I.P), I would be forever in your debt. Their loved ones should also be indebted. You are a skilled journalist and sink your teeth in like a pit bull. That takes strength, fortitude and bravery. Stay strong, pray for wisdom and guidance and keep fighting for justice. Even though we rarely have the answers, I truly believe God has you right where he needs you most. Make a difference no matter where you are. You have the ability to IMPACT. Perception is everything and remember you always have the power of choice. Your kids are lucky to have a dad that stands up for his beliefs even when the cost is so great. We live in a world where so few really seem to give a damn it’s inspiring when we can see it in real time. Looking forward to your return.

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  18. Hi, Turtleboy you ruined my business with your BS article about me. I hope you get rape in prison bitch! That’s what you get hoe ass nigga! Enjoy sucking dick and getting your ass hole torn up in there. Lmfao fucking clown bitch ass nigga!

  19. In Massachusetts when partners or a squad of police is working in tandem. There is a legal theory that the knowledge of one is the knowledge of all. How is it Bev sustains objections when AJ asks a question that Buchanek and Proctor worked hand in hand on that case. Buchanek not knowing Proctors handwriting is a joke.

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