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Canton Cover-Up Part 267: Police Dog Bite Expert Concludes With 100% Certainty That John O’Keefe Was Bitten By Dog

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Melanie Little is a New York attorney and frequent guest on Court TV who recently began looking into the Karen Read case. Like any objective person who looked at the facts and evidence available, Little concluded that Karen Read couldn’t have possibly killed John O’Keefe with her car. She recently squared off with professional grifter and pathological liar Jennifer Coffindaffer on a segment with Vinnie Politan. As usual, Coffindaffer demeaned Attorney Little, dismissing her conclusion that the dog bites on John’s arm are in fact dog bites. Coffindaffer claimed that couldn’t be true due to the fact that medical examiner Irini Scordi-Bello concluded that the dog bites were abrasions caused by Brian Albert’s lawn. She mocked Attorney Little for not being an expert in dog bites like Coffindaffer is an expert on Google searches:

Coffindaffer was correct about one thing – Little is not in fact a dog bite expert. But this jab prompted Little to do something Coffindaffer never would – track down and speak with an actual dog bite expert. Yesterday, Little invited retired Miami PD Master Law Enforcement Canine Expert Garrett Wing on her Youtube show for a live interview. Wing also has a Youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers and his credentials are unparalleled. His father was a canine officer, he grew up with police dogs, and was first bitten at the age of eight. He has seen thousands of dog bites on human beings and prosthetic arms. His expert conclusion about O’Keefe’s autopsy photos were the same as Little’s – O’Keefe’s right arm was covered in dog bites from a German Shepard attack:


“I can guarantee I’ve seen more dog bites than any medical examiner and I would say that because people don’t often die from dog bites. Medical examiners don’t see a lot of dog bites on dead bodies. It just doesn’t happen. If we’re talking about gun shot wounds, I’d be a little out of my league there, but when it comes to dog bites, I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen.” 

“This (points at the top of John’s arm) is very typical of puncture / lacerations and this (points lower) looks like it would be caused by canines. But this one stuck out the most: 

This looks like the front teeth getting a very shallow bite. But this:


This looks like very typical dog bites to me, very typical.”

I have never thought of this before but it makes perfect sense – Scordi-Bello only sees dead bodies, and people don’t often get bitten to death by dogs. People who get bit by dogs survive. John wasn’t killed by Chloe. All Chloe did was make it harder for him to fight back. More importantly, Chloe will help John get justice because her bite marks prove he was inside the house with her. Maybe Chloe’s not so bad after all.

I always assumed the parallel lacerations were scratch marks, so it was interesting to learn that an expert is convinced they are bites. A trained police canine latches on to a suspect’s arm and does not let go, causing puncture wounds. But an untrained pet like Chloe, who has sent at least two neighbors to the ER, wouldn’t latch on. Her initial bite would puncture John’s arm, but when John instinctively moved his arm, Chloe’s teeth would rip his skin, causing the laceration. The wounds are shallow, because Chloe is not trained to sink her teeth in deep.

Anyone with a brain already knew those were not abrasions. Anyone with common sense knows that the only damage to Karen’s car wouldn’t  be a broken taillight. Anyone with critical thinking skills would conclude that a body with no broken bones or bruising below the neck wasn’t run over by a 3 ton vehicle.

For me Wing’s analysis further confirms that Colin Albert was most likely to deliver the fatal blow. Chloe made it impossible for John to fight fairly, but only Colin would be impulsive enough to strike John in the back of the head. It also confirms that every person in that house, including Julie Nagel, Caitlin Albert, Nicole Albert, and Sarah Levinson, knows what happened and are protecting John’s killers. It would have been way too loud with the dog attack, the commotion and the screaming for them not to know.

So there you go Coffindaffer – an expert who dedicates his life to this says with certainty that John was bitten by a dog, not a Lexus. There will be no amnesty for people like her, Kevin Lenihan, and apparently now The Young Jurks. When this ends, the world we know will end. People’s character is being tested right now. If I said that Karen did this, I could take a plea and be out of jail tomorrow. But I won’t because principles matter. If you waiver now, we will never forget it. Choose your side wisely, because the internet is forever.

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  1. Such a great point how most ME’s wouldn’t necessarily see many dog bites because most people survive dog attacks. Always super sus that Chloe disappeared. Just a little too convenient- kinda like selling the crime scene/family home…

  2. It’s laughable that they are keeping up this charade!! With EVERY passing day more and more evidence is coming to light!!

    Educated people who chose to read the court documents for themselves and watch the live pre trial hearings have used their critical thinking skills and dared to question the official narrative, resulting in the exposure of the Commonwealths inconsistent statements, innuendos and blatent lies!!

    Just answer me this

    How can TWO of their own EYEWITNESSES state that they both saw a CRACKED light yet by the time that light was put into evidence it was SMASHED to pieces ……37 pieces to be precise not including the microscopic pieces in Johns clothes that were only put into evidence AFTER Proctor had done 5 undocumented ‘searches’ over a period of 4 weeks!!

    Then please explain how MATT MCCABE witnessed Karen do a 3 point turn saying he even saw tyre tracks ……when it wasn’t even snowing and the Commonwealth then changed the entire event to travelling 60ft in reverse at 24.6mph and a soft pliable bendy human being smashing a tailight …..not only that but John managed to hold onto a cocktail glass in order to get it inbedded in the bumper???

    It’s beyond insane!!

    1. Yeah, and the poor guy just stood there holding the glass while the car traveled all those feet. Very convenient of him to patiently wait there.

    2. Exactly right, they saw a cracked taillight not a broken taillight. But cracked wasn’t enough, the corrupt gov’t agents needed pieces of the taillight at the scene. When I refer to scene I mean the actual crime scene that every investigator in every homicide visits, except in this case.

  3. Being insulted is not the most important thing in this case, but really, it’s beyond insulting how stupid the leaps of fantasy the State expects people to swallow in order to sell their nonsense.

  4. Bet Brian an Nicole wish they waited for the 50k they lost on the house they sold under market value. $1,000hr attorneys cost alot for so-called witnesses. They better not, not 1 single person better not get bail. Not after all this shit they put Aiden through, shit they put Karen through. Nevermind, mind fucking those kids. Hope Karen gets legal custody after all this.

  5. The Young Jurks, huh?

    The left doesn’t care about truth or means to an end. All they give a fuck about is the end.

    Cutting it close amico. Maybe now keep your friends close and your enemies closer- without extending them an article of undeserved faith? 🤷

    Just sayin’.

    1. It seems so and i just don’t get it, unless he is scared of something, his “signing off for a bit” seemed odd.

  6. I’ve been on this case since you started reporting. Up until now I’ve relied on you as a source of facts because of the constant research and combing through the evidence. With that said TB, you need to bring your focus back to the case and stop with all the random nonsense over women.

    I honestly don’t care what you do in your personal life but now some of your actions have been sucked into the saga and some things I’ve read are very disturbing. Answer if you want, don’t answer. Do you really video yourself with women? Do you use those videos as a weapon? If a woman declines, do you sully her reputation publicly?

    These are genuine questions to a journalist that wants to be taken seriously. I wish you would always remember the internet is forever. Your children will be reading the stories, as will your grandchildren.

    Be a serious journalist and stick to the facts of the story and stay away from personal drama while you are in the spotlight, it only makes you look foolish and unprofessional.

    No one needs to bash me for my opinion. Everything I’ve stated is based on my observations and opinions. I’ve been a TB supporter, online and financially, for a long time, many many years.

    TB, for your children-Be Better

      1. Truly amazing if you must know! Now take a better look; do you really think childish behavior will help prove TB is a journalist covered by free press? Serious journalism knows better than to expose themselves to ridicule and misinformation. Plus, would you want your children exposed to the possibility that your dad is a pervert? What idiot records intimate activities to hold for later use? The internet is forever, will your children see these? What will they think of dad then? If any of these alleged actions are true, I’ll keep my checkbook safely locked in my ivory tower, I don’t support bad behavior.

        This is my last comment on TB. Some people have no respect for the expression of other opinions and throw negativity out.

        1. I believe it was actually the woman involved that video taped the intimate acts in question and it either threatening or has released the pics and video. I could be wrong but that was my understanding of how those came into play. I believe when tb found out he requested she disarm all her cameras but again I could be mistaken.
          Regardless my opinion is if recording intimate acts is your thing amd your with a partner you can trust then there is nothing wrong with 2 consenting adults doing so but again you really need to trust your partner to go to that level as people can get very vindictive when things go south. ITS unfortunate not everyone is mature and level headed enough to act as an adult should but it’s also in some people’s nature to react in an inappropriate manner when thier ego is bruised.

  7. I knew those were bite marks as soon as I saw the photos. I think that John fought with Colin Albert as soon as he got in the house. Uncle MMA jumps in and because of that Cloe attacks John. Colin probably tackled him down the stairs, resulting in the laceration on the back of his head and the bloody floor that needed to be replaced. That would explain the geofence data showing John going up and down stairs.

  8. Telling people to “join a side” is the gayest shit I’ve ever heard. How about I just wait til trial to see all the evidence this page isn’t revealing, as well as all the evidence the prosecution isn’t dealing out. Stop trying to make flying monkeys.

  9. It is the physical evidence (and not the extraneous matters involving TB, please leave that entire matter aside for the moment) which will decide this case for or against Karen Read. As a retired BPD Officer, I have also seen my fair share of dog bites versus car accident injuries over the years. From all appearances, the marks on John O’Keefe’s arm APPEAR to be from a dog, and Mr. Garret Wing appears to confirm that opinion with his own expert analysis. I have NEVER seen a cracked/broken taillight cause injuries similar to those appearing on John O’Keefe’s arm, and then cause the additional injuries to the back of his head along with blackened eyes and bruising on his hands. No, I am not a medical examiner, but I do know that ME’s, like everyone else, are not infallible; they can only make decisions with the information they’re provided by the on-scene investigators, and they do not often see dog bite wounds in the same way that police canine experts like Mr. Wing have. IF indeed those marks are/were caused by a dog, then the case against Karen read is OVER. IF those are dog bite wounds, then John O’Keefe could only have bitten by Chloe, and that means he was inside the house. Not being tech-savvy, I asked my daughter how her Apple-Health watch works and was amazed to see the data in action. John O’Keefe’s Apple-Health watch records him ascending and/or descending something/somewhere during the time frame in question. That could not have happened if he was lying still on the ground, correct? So what happened to create those marks on John O’Keefe’s arm and what made his Apple Health watch record up/down movement? Being a retired cop, I would very much NOT like to believe the defense theories about collusion and manipulation of evidence. But if anyone who supports the prosecution’s theory can explain the marks and the movement of John’s watch could help enlighten me, please feel free to answer. I have lost friendships with other officers over this case. I’d like to keep an open mind, but I’m having a hard time doing so after listening to the above video. Mr. Wing does not appear to have “a dog in this fight” (pardon the pun), or to have any agenda. Am I correct?

  10. As soon as I saw the marks on his arm I knew what had happened. I don’t need to be a “dog bite expert” I got the exact same wounds in the exact same place – outside of right elbow – after my friend’s psycho Mastiff attacked me

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  15. Speaking of dogs, Turtlebum really screwed the fucking pooch by latching onto the Karen Read case. Grifters gonna grift and Aidan Kearney is a mega scam artist and professional witness intimidation machine.

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