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Canton Cover-Up Part 270: David Yannetti Says US Attorney’s Office Will Not Let Karen Read Go To Trial, Discovery Dump Expected In Next Two Weeks

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Today’s hearing in the Karen Read case took place over Zoom, with only attorneys David Yannetti, Adam Lally, and counsel for Boston Magazine speaking. The biggest takeaways were:

  • The defense, the Commonwealth and the USAO had a conference call yesterday, which confirmed the investigation into the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office is ongoing.
  • In one of the eight letters between the DOJ and the NDAO that hasn’t been revealed, Michael Morrissey asked FBI Special Agent in Charge Jodi Cohen, to interview his troopers – a request that was denied.
  • Lally did not offer any oral opposition to the letters being made public.
  • The USAO told the defense that they would be providing both parties with results of their investigation within two weeks.
  • In a shocking statement, David Yannetti said that the Feds told him “In good conscience they can’t allow Karen Read to go to trial.”
  • Gretchen Voss said that people made unspecified threats, after her “balanced” article that the McAlberts loved, was published.
  • Boston Magazine’s attorney said the request for Voss’ off-the-record notes on her conversation with Read is a fishing expedition, and that if Read said anything salacious, it would have been included.
  • After the hearing, NDAO spokesman David Traub, said that the Feds never stated that Michael Morrissey was the target.

Here are Turtleboy’s takeaways:

  • Traub doesn’t deny that the NDAO is the target of the investigation, so if Morrissey isn’t the target, then who is. Traub appears to be auditioning for a new job, by showing that he will keep playing music as the ship goes down.
  • The USAO would only be providing a discovery dump if it contains exculpatory information that would help Karen Read. If they knew who was inside Brian Albert’s house when John O’Keefe was murdered, they would have to provide that information to Read’s counsel because it would exonerate her.
  • If this information reveals there was a conspiracy to coverup John O’Keefe’s murder, it could lead to immediate arrests. Why would the FBI let conspirators know they’re about to be arrested, giving them time to flee or take their own lives? Reminder – the FBI raided Roger Stone’s house at 3:00 am.
  • This could heavily influence the motion to dismiss, if it reveals a conspiracy to coverup John O’Keefe’s murder.
  • Morrissey begging the FBI to interview his troopers reeks of desperation. He doesn’t seem to understand that he and his troopers are the targets of the investigation, not witnesses. He is not used to not being in control.
  • This explains why Brian Tully was so desperate, that he grilled Turtleboy’s Medfield mistress for information that he hoped Turtleboy told her – the state police have no idea who is being targeted. Tully hoped Turtleboy had inside information and had told Lindsey Gaetani during pillow talk.

On a personal note, I am very excited to hear this news from jail. This vindicates all of my reporting. I am not counting my chickens before they hatch, but if the people who arrested me are arrested, and the “witnesses” that I allegedly intimidated get a new moniker called “defendants”, then my problems will likely go away for good. I’m optimistic about the future and although I’m currently in jail, I much rather be in my shoes than in Brian Tully, Michael Proctor, Brian Albert or Jennifer McCabe’s shoes.

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  1. Can you picture Michael Morrissey or Brian Tully doing an R. Budd Dwyer? Will he play Filter’s “ Hey Man Nice Shot” while doing so?

    1. The only flaw with this scenario is neither of them thinks they’ve done anything wrong. I don’t see either offing themselves. In their mind there is no reason.

  2. Today is a beautiful day for justice.
    Now all involved in the murder and cover up must be held accountable. And I believe they will. But we MUST NOT FORGET the Canton Police that are also involved in this and the Canton select board members that were also part of the cover up.
    At a minimum, Karen and Aidan MUST sue everyone and everything involved in this injustice. Do not ever think about not suing.

    1. Gonna miss your comments. Don’t think that the feds reach won’t be long. If you acted in a way to promote said conspiracy/cover-up. You will get wrapped up when the rest do. Aidens right. He will take this now because he knows this changes everything. Don’t worry he won’t miss you or your comments either. He won’t have to do a damn thing for the rest of his life. Kids through college as many mistresses as he wants.He will be so far above u u won’t even look like an ant. Hahahaha

        1. WOW! Aren’t you just so insightful? Once you are done with your Ph.D on gutter trash desperate to be famous, try pulling your head out of your ass. You may be able to judge things a little bit better. Just saying.

          1. Interesting. Nope no judgement. Just observing and commenting as people do all across the internet.
            Please indulge me on the gutter trash desperate to be famous. Lost me with that babble.

          2. Hon, I knew I was gonna lose you… I am just so proud of you learning how to read! Progress CAN happen pass 60 I see! Lucky YOU! 🤣🤣🤣

      1. That’s hysterical. The best life you can imagine for your munchkin hero is mistresses and putting kids who will hate him thru college? He won’t be able to afford Ramen in his prison cell. Any money will be used to buy off Bertha in cell with him! Nope, he won’t care about comments. He won’t have internet in jail and IF he gets out he’ll be restricted anyway. Mistresses? He is about to be one himself… for lots of guys just as nice to sex partners as he apparently always has been.

      1. Maybe because they are both LITERALLY & FIGURATIVELY way above you. So are our remarks. Oh but it is fun laughing at you and your munchkin hero!!!

    2. How many bottles in are you?
      How many times have you shit your pants today?
      Ah this comment is so poetic. This. Is all you can say.
      Hope your trial is as entertaining as that drunken jill daniels phone call. PLEASE! Scream at the judge or jump over a table.

    3. Thank God someone has sense. I come here usually to crack up at the DELUSIONS that T.B. put out there that attracted the saddest group of mentally ill people looking for any kind of validation that their sad lives are big governments’ fault or just ANYONE’S fault EXCEPT THEIR OWN! All you have to do to get some perspective is think about how many different people, personally and professionally, and agencies, including but not limited to, local, state and federal, have to be in collusion despite never even having met. They all also MUST be happily risking their careers, families and jail time, just to put OTHER STRANGERS they never met, in jail for murder to protect some citizen they have never met, from valid murder charges. On top of that, these agencies somehow even got to T.B.s sex partner and magically got her to risk it all to and make up stories, (the same stories that have haunted T.B. since being fired as a teacher for perversion decades ago!) and then got a Judge to participate and put T.B. in jail for no reason on the word of the current cocaine mistress.
      Truth is, T.B. hasn’t faced REAL consequences before and is terrified. His already tiny pee pee is shriveled further still as he realizes he TAUNTED the most powerful agencies in our country and DARED them to arrest him. Now maybe, a MORAL, ETHICAL, and HONEST living person with a REAL victim of the justice system could get away with it. Unfortunately, T.B. is the furthest thing from that. His narcissistic need for the most TEMPORARY GUTTER FAME led him to lie about a defendant while using drugs and abusing women as he dared cops of every kind to get him. So they did. T.B. gave them so many reasons… RECORDINGS of his crimes, multiple brags of his intimidation tactics, his use of women for freaky sex and bad dope, his attempts to divert, delay, destroy, and demean the case against Karen Read is for T.B.s GAIN. It has no basis in truth or justice or especially, journalism. T.B. is only at the start of his personal pain, and once they finish with his FOUR PHONES, he is FULLY SCREWED!. He may just get a short term or probation to start. The good news is that this will lead his arrogance to continue to grow. T.B. will ruin any break he gets and he will be at the governments mercy… for whatever little time the shriveled, useless, tiny penis man has left. I feel ZERO for him. I save that sympathy for all his victims, including his own kids that he probably won’t see much of now. He has USED and harmed SO MANY PEOPLE. My sympathies remain with those mentally ill enough to fall victim to his lies. Those disenfranchised folks will forget him and move on to the next loud arrogant trash trying to scam some dump truck temporary fame for personal gain. Karen Read WILL get justice… go to a sad and barred concrete box, and also be forgotten. Her victims memory will be treasured while the brief memory of T.B., Karen Read, and all those like them, will only bring up revolution and disgust as they remain rotting away locked up wearing used panties shared by every inmate. I try to be kind, but these people deserve NO EMPATHY, as they have NONE at all and will use the most at risk just to get something they want in the moment. They dont care who they hurt. Well those used panties will see more use on them soon too. THAT thought, because of all the harm they caused so many, MAKES ME SMILE!! Don’t worry T.B. Tons of sex freaks will be locked up with you. I am sure you will have tons of “Special Friends”. 🤣🤣🤣 (Edited for spelling and typos only. Otherwise… just ACTUAL facts and opinion. Sorry. I left out all the delusions most people type up! I figured T.B. needs to focus on new fantasies that are more geared towards his coming future. Maybe he could get old episodes of OZ snuck in for him! 🤣🤣🤣)

        1. Wouldn’t buy it… your dumb butt would send money to T.B. and he’d be able to buy off off his junkie BIG BERTHA after he loses SNITCH STATUS!

          1. Such a GREAT reply. So devastated. Oh wait… nope. You basically just responded to my knockout evid3nce based argument with “Uhh Uhh, no you are wrong!” So eloquent. I am destroyed now! 🤣🤣

          1. Another devastating response! Great job! See, when T.B. is sentenced consecutively, (look it up), you will know why. It’s like here. The Prosecutor (me) will put on evidence of all his many crimes and he (you) will go Oh, that’s mean. Bullies!” I am sure that’s what T.B. will say every time he is transported to his next facility to begin his next term! 🤣🤣🤣

          2. Yeah I know. T.B. can barely read anyway. Why try, right? Oh wait. THAT is why your lives suck! I get it!
            I had been so confused. 🤣🤣

          3. Yeah I read a few sentences and Christina’s post was so poorly written I quit. It reads like the ravings of a lunatic.

      1. Just like TB to be living the Tortoise and the Hare. Poor wittle wabbit. Aidan’s a nice guy, maybe he’ll visit you in prison once the race is run.

      2. Just out of curiosity, what’s going to happen if Auntie Bev isn’t arrested or charged with anything?
        She’s walking the line to avoid going under. She doesn’t have your back anymore. She’s got herself to worry about in all this and she hasn’t caused the same trouble everyone else has. She’s not a brave woman or she’d be going down with this ship.

        Just thought you might feel a bit betrayed while rotting in prison while dear old auntie bev lives it up at her cape house with nobody under it.

        1. You do realize I identified myself clearly??? I am not afraid to identify because I am right. Also, do you think you are a threat little boy? Hey dum-dum, not everyone smarter than Turtle and his riders, which is 98% of even the mentally disabled population BTW, is part of a conspiracy you see everywhere? Most normal people see you guys for what you are…. sad little people who blame the world as you feel it owes you a living. You are so distracted by all that, you don’t even realize the criminal scum you are worshipping calls you his “riders” for a reason! P.S. At least while T.B. is there, it just makes me roll with laughter every time you suggest anyone else on the right side is going to prison. You know he is in P.C. too? OMG! YOU ARE SO CUTE!!! 🤣🤣🤣

        1. Again, I am not scared. I gave my name and location. C’mon over. I’m all about the 2nd one! It’s my fave! You should ask a person with an I.Q. over 29 what that means. (Yes, check outside your family hovel. People DO exist with a higher I.Q. than that no matter what your Mee-Maw told you Billy Bobro!! 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Remember the “Reverse Curve” on Storrow Drive by MGH, and somebody spray painted “Reverse the Curse”? Then the Brigham’s Ice Cream flavor was Reverse the Curse which after the Sox won in “04 became Curse Reversed? We need a Free Karen Read ice cream which becomes Karen Read Freed. Ok , never mind, I’ll settle for the shirt or the hat which I’ll proudly display at the Waterfall.

      1. Brighams ice cream…. What is a reverse curve? Isn’t it still a curve? I’m always up for ice cream. Let’s do ice cream, take ice cream back from Pedo Joe! FJB! MAGA2024

  3. The House of cards is about to fall and a lot of arses are puckering right about now. Proctor + Yuri are most likely fucked. The disgrace to the uniform Albert has kept his mouth shut and that may save his ass. Colin could be fucked. Jen McCabe and fat Matt are waiting for the 4:00 a.m. knock on the door and are surely aging in dog years now, and rightfully so. Will they be arrested in front of the children like TB? Hos long will it take Jen to flip? She didn’t kill JO but she knows who did. Maybe she won’t because Higgins the Rat fuck is singing like a canary and is selling them all down the river. Morrissey + Lally are being exposed for the incompetent buffoons they are. This will have to be a mini series, a movie simply can’t cover it all. One thing is certain, Jen McCabe won’t be sporting a Justice for JJ button.

    1. The fact that he was still alive on the lawn when she did that google search shows she could have saved him. She’s a murderer too.

      1. 💯✌️ absolutely and to just think that he WAS still alive when they threw him out onto the snow is just about one of the most disgusting things I can think of! My question I want/need answered is “WHY??” Why was he murdered? What did he know that they did not want out??? 🤔🤨

      2. I don’t think John was still alive when they put him in the snow. I think he died pretty quickly from the beating inside due to a fatal blow that caved in the back of his skull. We know his body wasn’t placed outside until at least 2:30ish, based on eye witness accounts of no body being there before that time. The purpose of the Google search was to verify that IF the story was that Karen had hit him at 12:30 AM, would finding him there at 5:00 AM be long enough for him to have died from exposure? Hos long does that body need to be in the snow before we can say that it’s the cold that killed him?

    2. Does anyone know if Proctors mother took the Alberts off the Christmas card list? I bet she disowned her 2nd family!!

    3. I don’t blame Higgins. He does carry a badge. If he told his supervisors right away what happened and told the truth. I think he good. May face some in house disciplinary issues. But honestly he kind did the right thing. Kept quiet. See what happens

  4. I nominate Rami Malek to play Turtleboy (assuming Steve Buscemi is unavailable) in the mini series. Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket can play Yuri. Steven Tyler can play Jen McCabe + Jabba the hut can play Matt. Please suggest others.

    1. Hahaha
      John ham – Yanetti
      Some washed up no one as Lally
      Any random bad dye job with a Boston accent for auntie bev.

          1. Cher could play Chloe, Rosie ODonnell could be stuffed into a giant, deflated, white zeppelin and play the snow blanketing Eastern Mass, Renee Zellweger could play the broken taillight, too !

  5. The band played “Nearer my God to Thee”…let’s see which Turtlerider get this reference! Great, great, day today….one step closer to justice for everyone!

    I will say I was looking forward to the cross of so many “witnesses” so today is a little bittersweet, but it is in the best interest of everyone to be free and clear of this BS and I am so happy that that is one step closer.

    Sleep well Aiden, sleep well Canton 9, sleep well Karen Read, RIP John O’Keefe. Justice is knocking on the door and she’s coming in soon.

    1. One of the clan will take the fall for lil Colin. Or because Colin was 17 (juvenile) they may let him take the fall cuz he won’t get much time. 🤷‍♀️.

  6. So today they seek boston.coms reporters notes a couple months ago they were seeking either channel 7 or 5 notes. But with turtle boy they trumped up charges to steal all his communications. After listening to the last court proceedings with the ratchet mistress it is clear how much of scumbags these investigators are.

    1. They weren’t looking for the truth….they already knew KR had nothing to do with it. These other so-called reporters from these news channels did as little investigating as they could. Aidan was shoving the truth down their throats and they could not have that!

  7. If it’s true that the USAO actually told the defense that they can’t “in good conscience” let Karen go to trial, then they have irrefutable evidence of her innocence that they, by law, need to disclose as part of discovery. If that’s true, it’s game over. This isn’t grainy footage of an intact taillight or a deposition from a plow driver. It’d be a combination of eye witnesses to the murder combined with forensic evidence to corroborate it. Admissions of guilt and data, DNA, multiple witnesses flipping, etc. It’s the end for a few people.

    1. And may those who were involved in this murder spend the rest of their lives in a 10×10 cell ! How they could just go on with life like nothing happened is so mind blowing! The truth always ALWAYS comes to light no matter how long it takes it finds a way to come forward!

  8. Great news!
    Mary Karen have peace soon.
    May tb be home with his kids soon.
    May all the grifters with lack of common sense “creators” just go away.
    By by cottage fails, and Mike the jurk stoner.
    Get a real job! take a shower and shave, lazy ass bums.

      1. So easy. You’re the gift that just keeps giving. I’m gonna miss that. It’s so easy it’s almost not fun.
        Nah, still fun. Tool.

  9. When the McAlberts, Corrupt MSP, Corrupt CPD, Corrupt NDAO are rounded up and incarcerated and Karen Read and TB are free, it will be a good day.

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

  10. Can you really trust the same organization that arrested granny’s for a fake “insurrection”? These are the same people who call Christians extremist and ignore real threats. I hope it turns out good for tb but I thought these investigations take 2-4 years and is wrapping up now. Maybe they rushed to get done before read trial. Just something about proctor in cuffs at 230 am seems just too Good to be true. Bukhenik should be arrested soon before his ass flees to Ukraine. If true this would restore some (not all) faith in the system.

    1. From my understand with the FBI…..the traitors are all at the top and just below the top. So IMO there are still some good Americans within the agency! Let’s pray so eh? ✌️🇺🇸

  11. Sacco and Venzetti were in this same courthouse on murder charges. You wouldn’t believe the name of the investigator that falsely brought them in. (Dramatic pause)
    Yup his name was Proctor too!

    1. Sacco-Vanzetti Trial (1921) [Proctor testified as a ballistics expert] June 21, 1921 Mr. William H. Proctor, Sworn. At trial, State Police Captain William H. Proctor testified that, in his opinion, Bullet No. III was “consistent with being fired” from Sacco’s gun.

      Two years later, Captain Proctor signed an affidavit stating he did not believe Sacco’s pistol fired bullet No. III, and that he had shared his doubts with Katzmann prior to testifying.

      Following Sacco and Vanzetti’s indictment for murder for the Braintree robbery, Galleanists and anarchists in the United States and abroad began a campaign of violent retaliation. Two days later on September 16, 1920, Mario Buda allegedly orchestrated the Wall Street bombing, where a time-delay dynamite bomb packed with heavy iron sash-weights in a horse-drawn cart exploded, killing 38 people and wounding 134.[31][39] In 1921, a booby trap bomb mailed to the American ambassador in Paris exploded, wounding his valet.[40] For the next six years, bombs exploded at other American embassies all over the world

  12. They can put you in jail, but that doesn’t change the fact that you have been RIGHT all along! Every day we are one step closer to justice.

  13. The single biggest piece of evidence is right before you in TB Chapter 269: interview with retired Lt. Garrett Wing, Miami PD, and canine expert. He is 100% convinced the marks on John O’Keefe’s arm are dog bites and shows numerous examples in the 1 1/2 hr. long presentation of how a German Shepard’s ripping, tearing teeth cause lacerations. His examples from actual implements he uses in training canines are almost mirror-images of the injuries on John’s arm. Remember, if the marks on John O’Keefe’s arm are confirmed as dog bites from a frenzied, protective attack of an untrained German Shepard, then John O’Keefe is in the house, Karen Read is innocent and the only question is: How did John O’Keefe die? Period, Case over. The physical evidence does not lie. Abrasions from being dragged by a car while on the ground, lacerations from a broken tai light, or lacerations from a frenzied German Shepard protecting her owners? Look at the photos, listen to Garrett Wing’s presentation, and decide for yourself….

  14. Hang in there Aidan because better days are coming Aidan! The momentum is shifting and justice is on the horizon!

    Start outlining your book while you are locked up. It will certainly be a NY Times best seller.

  15. MSP Brass should be ashamed of themselves..not intervening and stopping this. That goes to Boston Police Union who said nothing
    And did nothing.

  16. As I mentioned earlier and another post, just remember as each second goes by as each hour goes by, and each day goes by, your a day closer to freedom !!

  17. Hi, you ruined my business with your BS article about me. I have you get rape in prison bitch! That’s what you get hoe ass nigga! Enjoy sucking dick and getting your ass hole torn up in there. Lmfao fucking clown bitch ass nigga!

  18. Sounds like what I predicted all along will happen. Reads charges dropped but ndao will claim scriveners errors and incompetance and get a letter of reprimand. Arresting troopers will screw things up for the Brian walshe case. Downvotes me all you want but that’s what’s gonna happen

  19. This is great news. The scales of justice are tilting in the right direction. Nice work TB. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t perfect, but it was effective at exposing the truth.

  20. It was great seeing how much work you put into it. The picture is nice, and your writing style is stylish, but you seem to be worrying that you should be presenting the next article. I’ll almost certainly be back to read more of your work if you take care of this hike.

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