Canton Cover-Up Part 270: David Yannetti Says US Attorney’s Office Will Not Let Karen Read Go To Trial, Discovery Dump Expected In Next Two Weeks

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Today’s hearing in the Karen Read case took place over Zoom, with only attorneys David Yannetti, Adam Lally, and counsel for Boston Magazine speaking. The biggest takeaways were:

  • The defense, the Commonwealth and the USAO had a conference call yesterday, which confirmed the investigation into the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office is ongoing.
  • In one of the eight letters between the DOJ and the NDAO that hasn’t been revealed, Michael Morrissey asked FBI Special Agent in Charge Jodi Cohen, to interview his troopers – a request that was denied.
  • Lally did not offer any oral opposition to the letters being made public.
  • The USAO told the defense that they would be providing both parties with results of their investigation within two weeks.
  • In a shocking statement, David Yannetti said that the Feds told him “In good conscience they can’t allow Karen Read to go to trial.”
  • Gretchen Voss said that people made unspecified threats, after her “balanced” article that the McAlberts loved, was published.
  • Boston Magazine’s attorney said the request for Voss’ off-the-record notes on her conversation with Read is a fishing expedition, and that if Read said anything salacious, it would have been included.
  • After the hearing, NDAO spokesman David Traub, said that the Feds never stated that Michael Morrissey was the target.

Here are Turtleboy’s takeaways:

  • Traub doesn’t deny that the NDAO is the target of the investigation, so if Morrissey isn’t the target, then who is. Traub appears to be auditioning for a new job, by showing that he will keep playing music as the ship goes down.
  • The USAO would only be providing a discovery dump if it contains exculpatory information that would help Karen Read. If they knew who was inside Brian Albert’s house when John O’Keefe was murdered, they would have to provide that information to Read’s counsel because it would exonerate her.
  • If this information reveals there was a conspiracy to coverup John O’Keefe’s murder, it could lead to immediate arrests. Why would the FBI let conspirators know they’re about to be arrested, giving them time to flee or take their own lives? Reminder – the FBI raided Roger Stone’s house at 3:00 am.
  • This could heavily influence the motion to dismiss, if it reveals a conspiracy to coverup John O’Keefe’s murder.
  • Morrissey begging the FBI to interview his troopers reeks of desperation. He doesn’t seem to understand that he and his troopers are the targets of the investigation, not witnesses. He is not used to not being in control.
  • This explains why Brian Tully was so desperate, that he grilled Turtleboy’s Medfield mistress for information that he hoped Turtleboy told her – the state police have no idea who is being targeted. Tully hoped Turtleboy had inside information and had told Lindsey Gaetani during pillow talk.

On a personal note, I am very excited to hear this news from jail. This vindicates all of my reporting. I am not counting my chickens before they hatch, but if the people who arrested me are arrested, and the “witnesses” that I allegedly intimidated get a new moniker called “defendants”, then my problems will likely go away for good. I’m optimistic about the future and although I’m currently in jail, I much rather be in my shoes than in Brian Tully, Michael Proctor, Brian Albert or Jennifer McCabe’s shoes.

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