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Canton Cover-Up Part 273: Letters Between Norfolk District Attorney’s Office And The Feds

We have all eight letters between the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office and the Feds.

Turtleboy will have his analysis in an article tomorrow. But we wanted to get the letters out to you as soon as possible.


May 9, 2023 – letter from First Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland to First Assistant US Attorney Joshua S Levy – letter from NDAO informing Josh Levy of their “discovery obligations” because the NDAO cares so much about providing exculpatory evidence to Karen Read.

May 9


May 18, 2023 letter from Michael Morrissey to the Office of Professional Responsibility, complaining about a conflict of interest and requesting to speak to the manager.

May 18


June 1, 2023 – letter from US DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility to Michael Morrissey informing Morrissey that his request for another office be assigned to the pending investigation due to the “conflict of interest” was forwarded to Executive Office for United States Attorneys.

Jun 1


June 12, 2023 – letter from Acting US Attorney Josh Levy to First Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland, agreeing to allow the Commonwealth to advise the defense about the contact and information with Levy.

Jun 12


June 21, 2023 – letter from Lynn Beland to Executive Office for US Attorneys, requesting a status update of the NDAO’s request to transfer of investigation due to the “conflict of interest”.

Jun 21


August 3, 2023 – letter from Executive Office for US Attorneys to Lynn Beland, stating Levy’s office has a very different opinion of the circumstances of the case than as presented by Mr. Morrissey.

Aug 3


October 12, 2023 – letter from Lynn Beland to Josh Levy, begging for any type of information under the guise of their “discovery obligations”.

Oct 12


November 22, 2023 – letter from Michael Morrissey to FBI Special Agent in Charge, Jodi Cohen, asking the FBI to speak to his MSP troopers.

Nov 22




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  1. By Morrissey’s own admission in his own letter, this inquiry by the USDOJ is unprecedented which means something seriously awry. Does he really think this is due to some hurt feelings from a former ADA who is probably doubling her salary in private practice? This investigation absolutely means something. From a jurisdiction point of view…only federal jurisdiction is see right now is some sort of civil rights violation on behalf of Karen Read.

  2. This is the first time Morrissey has realized that he has to work for a living, justify his actions, and sweeping corruption and crap under the rug won’t work here.

    1. Is he really working? I believe he just hands to others under him to clean up his messes.
      He’s nervous about who could be talking and what could be revealed. This isn’t his first mess.

  3. Even while locked up in Norfolk County Jail, Aidan Kearney is more diligent, more hard-working, and more useful to society than any Massachusetts public official under federal investigation could EVER be. Why are so many people on Beacon Hill so worried these days? There’s a lot of staffers talking in bars after hours, so it sounds like people in the legislature are freaking out for some reason. Word is that people in the courts are jumping ship, too. Two Supreme Court judges just quit recently? WTF? What’s going on in Massachusetts? Is everyone tied up to this story or is there other stuff going on? My money’s on more stuff. Keep punching Turtleboy. Communists are losing.

    1. My wife works at 21st Amendment and she’s a turtle rider and you wont believe some of the things she’s over heard from table talk lately as those pols pop over there to get drunk. Sounds like shits on fire in the state house for some reason. Supposedly they’re fighting an audit that the auditor wants. The legislators “do not consent” to an audit, for some weird reason. WTF? Reminds us of how the Canton police are refusing to allow the audit in that shithole town. Hos come Massachusetts public officials dont want their business practices audited? What are they hiding? Are the feds looking at the legislature? Based on what those drunks are saying over their liquid lunches at The 21st is sounds like it. It’s kind of funny that they think their secrets are safe but the second the staff leaves the state house they gossip. Keep gossiping, kids. We love it and we can’t wait to see what the feds are really doing because it sounds like the feds are everywhere these days

    2. If judges are jumping ship then I would bet on more dirt coming. I hope this leads to a resolution to the Sandra birthchmore situation. Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knows she didnt kill herself just like doesn’t take much of a brain to see read didn’t do it. People forget lank probably covered up that too and we haven’t been hearing his name as much as we probably should.

      1. Yes, Turtle Cadet, two Mass SJC judges suddenly announced that they are retiring early. One is named Cypher and the other is Lowy. Running away, apparently. Quitting early. The rumors are flying up there

  4. None of these letters amount to much of anything. Where’s the smoking gun? Turtleturd cult members will cherry pick any line in any of these letters and claim they mean something they don’t. So far none of you clowns have provided any type of coherent analysis, just conspiracy theories.

        1. You seem to have changed your tune if you’re the same Albert Sharon that sounded just like No Smoking Gun for months in the comments.

          1. Pretty sure a Rider co-opted the account name and began posting coherent, sane takes. Pretty strong move IMO.

    1. A Federal Grand Jury investigating the Norfolk DA’s office is a HUGE deal! Maybe no smoking gun in the letters but that fact alone warrants a positive for KR and a negative for MSP and all the possible co-conspirators. You can stick your head back in the sand and wait for the inevitable. There will be some serious implications for anyone that lied about what happened that night.

    2. Guess you missed the part about the FBI still investigating the state troopers who “investigated” the Read case? Probably pretty tangled if it’s still going on, doncha think?

    3. It’s pretty clear the investigation is flawed. It’s pretty clear that Levy doesn’t agree with the Norfolk DA.
      It’s pretty clear that even when it’s in your face how wrong you are, you’ll still whine about cult members and conspiracy theorists.
      Yet, your conspiracies are far more outlandish than any I’ve heard.
      Sometimes you just gotta admit you’re wrong.

    4. Well BIg Shoots, a federal investigation still isn’t a good look for the Norfolk DA, nor the prosecution against Karen Read. I think you are whistling through the graveyard. KR will go free; It’s not “IF”, it’s “WHEN”….

    5. The august letter is the best one where it says usao has a different opinion on the circumstances of the case. Also interview my troopers letter, that was rich.

  5. How high does it go? Other commenter here said Supreme Court under investigation too? They’re all corrupt? Is that what’s wrong with the state of Massachusetts? I know Harvard is exposing it’s crooked President right now so is everyone related to Harvard all crooked too? Isn’t head of Supreme Court from Harvard? What the heck? Is every frigging person in government there corrupt?

    1. MOST everyone in the government is corrupt. That’s the only argument Albert supporters have left ‘you think all these organizations colluded better get another layer of foil’ . But yes they are colluding .we live in a nepotism were they will jail 5 innocents before one of their own. The game is over for them but there still trying to prosecute her when they should have given up months ago.

  6. I thought it was odd that auntie Bev stated in court she hadn’t seen the letters with the FBI but yet she approved a protected custody for them ?

  7. It doesn’t appear that the slimy turtle is taking care of his mental health behind bars. He sounds like a fucking lunatic with theses blogs. What a rachet.

    1. This was more coherent than your last comment. Sobriety does wonders for the ability to speak don’t you think?

    2. Be a man and say who of those killers you’re connected to. 99.9% of this side are just concerned citizens who hate murderers and corruption. You HAVE TO be connected to those scumbags. Just say who it is… unless you’re a pussy.

      1. I would lean more towards a coward and a PUSSY!! Anyone that sides with the real murders know they’re blowing smoke out of there balloon knot and they would never use there real name!!!

  8. Just as I thought, no real bombshells, but it does show the NCDA’s office isn’t pleased the US Attorney is involved, that they (NCDA) seem apprehensive, the mere fact the US Attorney has a different opinion of the case than meatball, or rather how metaball had described the case in the first place. I’m still taking bets when and who the players are that will turn on each other like sharks swimming in chum…..

  9. They don’t want to talk to your MSP investigators, you fat fuck. Your MSP state troopers along with yourself is exactly who the feds are investigating.

  10. From my understanding 2 so-called witnesses walked into the FBI building yesterday. Take that how you will. It was only a matter of time. Self preservation like Jen McCabe an multiple lawyers denying the existence of her kids. Her kids can’t wait for her to go away. Especially after being all buddy w/Peggy an the 2 poor kids that John adopted. On top of what her an her family/friends did to John. They know their mother is evil. They will never ever visit her in jail. They’re old enough now to know what type person she is. So many families ripped to shreds because no-one but Higgins had any integrity to speak the truth.

    1. McCabe too involved to be a reliable witness. Plus they already have Higgins and one or two of the girls talking (Nagel and Levinson maybe).The only reason she would go there is she knows it’s coming down soon and it’s a stay out of jail tactic . She knew there was a man dying on the lawn and she did nothing but Google. Not sure what she will be charged with (accessory?) But I would expect some sort of charge for her.

    2. The criminals have no idea who to trust and who not to trust because some of the people they thought they could vent to are spilling the beans. Thats why everyone is being investigated now, and it sure is good to know that some of the rats (judges at supreme court of Mass) are trying to jump ship. I hear it’s too late for anyone to just get away by retiring. I’m also glad you know ppl talking about people connected to the ones who did this to Offcr. OKeefe, because it means nobody will escape justice this time, and maybe the whole stinking machine can finally be demolished by law enforcement guys outside of Mass

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  12. For the love of The United States Of America! & of course Justice for John Free Karen and Free Turtleboy

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