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Canton Cover-Up Part 274: Norfolk DA’s Letters With DOJ Prove That They Know They Are Under Federal Investigation And Tried To Prevent It

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These eight letters between the Norfolk DA’s office and federal investigators were released yesterday and confirm much of what we previously reported – Michael Morrissey’s office has been trying to stop the investigation to no avail.

At the May 3rd hearing in Dedham, Attorney Alan Jackson announced for the first time that the federal grand jury had convened to investigate allegations of corruption in the Karen Read case. Six days later on May 9th, ADA Lynn Beland decided to write a letter to the USAO asking for all grand jury testimony from the “witnesses” who spoke with federal investigators. She claimed she wanted this in order to provide exculpatory evidence to Karen Read, despite the DA’s complete disregard for mountains of exculpatory evidence, including Jennifer McCabe’s 2:27 am Google search for “hos long to die in cold”.

May 9

This letter showed us two things:

  1. The DA’s office was worried about what their witnesses told the federal investigators because they were being left in the dark.
  2. The DA’s office is dishonest and acts in bad faith by pretending to care that Karen Read is treated fairly.

For the two weeks after this letter was sent, Turtleboy’s coverage increased public interest in the case, leading to this 4-page letter from Michael Morrissey on May 18th to the Office of Professional Responsibility:

May 18

This was the infamous letter where Morrissey asks to speak to the manager of the DOJ, plays the victim, and illustrates that he’s not used to not being in control. Here are some takeaways:

  • Morrissey blames Rachael Rollins for the investigation, claiming she has a personal bias against him because she accused him of misogyny in the past. However, she wasn’t running the investigation, Josh Levy was. Plus, Rollins calls everyone misogynistic or rapists, so Morrissey isn’t special. Rollins is widely known as unethical and unliked, so Morrissey thought that blaming her would get people to question the motives of investigators.
  • Morrissey states definitively that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe with her car, claims that allegations of police misconduct were “invented” by her lawyers, and said the investigation into his office’s investigation was “prompted by an inflammatory and ethically dubious defense strategy.”
  • However, Read’s lawyers didn’t “invent” that Michael Proctor failed to disclose his close family ties to the Alberts, lied about what time he towed Read’s car back to Canton, or found taillight on five undocumented trips to Brian Albert’s house.
  • The autopsy photos prove that O’Keefe was not killed by a car. There is nothing “ethically dubious” about using a third party culprit defense and highlighting government corruption to exonerate an innocent woman. However, most would argue there is something ethically dubious about trying to cover up a murder.
  • Morrissey said three witnesses were subpoenaed three weeks prior to testify in front of a federal grand jury. We now know that was Brian Albert, Colin Albert, and Jennifer McCabe. If any of their testimony differs from what they told a Norfolk grand jury, they are in serious trouble. The Feds do not ask questions they don’t know the answer to. If any of them lied, they are in serious trouble.
  • Morrissey was upset with Josh Levy for not explaining why the USAO has jurisdiction to investigate the Read case. Allow me to explain this for him. Ya see, Mr. Meatball, Levy is the US attorney for Massachusetts, and his office exists to investigate local government corruption, not solve murders. This is called federal oversight and is the basis for our Republic. Norfolk County is in Massachusetts, one of the fifty states that makes up the United States of America. Therefore, the US Attorney for Massachusetts has jurisdiction to investigate corruption in the Norfolk DA’s office. Hope that clears things up for Meatball!
  • Morrissey said he was unaware of a MSP coverup, despite several motions and widespread reporting on Proctor’s ties to the Albert family. Saying he was unaware is a blatant lie.
  • As we predicted in December, the USAO investigator who Morrissey accused of being conflicted due to the fact that the investigator’s wife used to be a Norfolk ADA, was Dustin Chao, the Chief of the Public Corruption and Special Prosecutions Unit. Morrissey illustrated his blatant misogyny by demeaning Chao’s wife Lauren, claiming she was a jilted, former employee with a grudge. Morrissey laughably claimed that Lauren Chao, who last worked for the Norfolk DA a decade ago, was upset that she had to work in district court, and needed “more seasoning” to work in superior court. Keep in mind, Morrissey believes that Adam Lally, the lawyer equivalent to a cold cheese sandwich, is “seasoned” enough to try cases in superior court. Meanwhile, Lauren Chao likely makes at least five times Lally’s salary in private practice because she was overly qualified to work for Morrissey, and clearly wasn’t treated with respect due to Morrissey’s sexism.

  • The letter reeks of desperation as Morrissey demanded the USAO stop investigating his office. This is what David Yannetti was referring to on January 18th when he said that Morrissey acknowledged that his office was the target. David Traub attempted to word-salad his way out of that when he said that the USAO never confirmed Morrissey was the target. He was correct – it was Morrissey himself who acknowledged that in writing.
  • The most laughable part was when Morrissey told the USAO that the public has a right to a fair and balanced USAO. This coming from the guy overseeing the most unfair and unbalanced murder prosecution ever.

On 6/1, the OPR wrote to Morrissey to tell him they forwarded his complaint to the Executive Office of US Attorneys so they could have a good laugh at it.

On 6/12, Beland wrote to Levy to inquire more about the investigation. On 6/21, she wrote to the EOUSA, looking for an update on Morrissey’s complaint to the manager. She didn’t hear back from them until 8/3, when she received this scathing letter:

Aug 3

According to the EOUSA, they had read Morrissey’s complaint and completely disagreed with him, claiming that Levy has a “very different opinion of circumstances” in the Read case than as presented in Morrissey’s 5/18 letter. Morrissey’s opinion was that Read’s allegations of a coverup were “invented and unsupported”. This means that Levy believes the claims were legitimate and supported by evidence. The letter also states that the federal investigation will continue based on information they’re aware of, and there is no basis for recusal of the USAO.

It’s notable to point out that three weeks later on 8/25, Morrissey issued a press release calling allegations of a coverup “baseless”, despite being told that Levy believed the allegations had merit. This lie directly implicates Morrissey in the coverup, and was used by Morrissey to demand that protests stop. In that statement, Morrissey also proclaimed that Colin Albert was innocent, despite knowing that he had been investigated by FBI.

On 10/12, Beland followed up on her 5/9 letter asking for federal grand jury testimony under the guise of providing Read with exculpatory evidence. It’s notable that she asks for this the day after her office sent the Fugitive Unit to this reporter’s house, seized his devices, and charged him with nine felonies for asking the same sort of questions to “witnesses” that federal investigators had already asked them. Her office was pretending to care about transparency the day after they charged a journalist for seeking transparency.

The best letter was Morrissey’s letter to Boston FBI special agent in charge Jodi Cohen on 11/22. It’s notable that Cohen previously worked in Kentucky and has no ties to this area. Morrissey is not used to working with people like this because his “good ol’ boy” schtick doesn’t work with them. Cohen replaced Joe Bonavolonta, who Morrissey was friends with. They both spoke and made jokes at Canton Police Chief Ken Berkowitz’ circle-jerk retirement party:

Morrissey attempted to schmooze Cohen to no avail in the 11/22 letter, by telling her how nice it was to meet her at a hate crime convention at the State House. He repeatedly offered to let her interview his state police detectives, and asked her to contact Lt. Brian Tully. He cc MSP Colonel John Mawn in the letter:

Nov 22

It’s notable to point out that Morrissey filed a motion to cancel a previously scheduled May 25th evidentiary hearing, where his detective Michael Proctor, was due to testify. Now, all of a sudden, he’s claiming that he wants his troopers to testify because they are an open book.

News flash Meatball – she has no interest in your corrupt state troopers because they are the targets, not witnesses. This is a man who is not used to not being in control, desperately trying to feed the Feds the same nonsense and lies that he fed the public on 8/25.

One month later, desperation to find out more about the investigation, led Brian Tully to show up at Lindsey Gaetani’s house, after hearing that the mentally-ill, scorned woman had a relationship with Turtleboy. Specifically, Tully wanted to know if Turtleboy had told her information Read told him about the federal investigation into MSP. He gave her a fake grand jury summons and demanded her phone to read her texts with Turtleboy. This is why I’m in jail.

The bottom line is that these letters show Morrissey’s desperation and fear, due to the fact that he’s no longer in control, and he knows that they’re all in serious trouble.


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  1. “Be careful what you ask for” – this certainly has backfired into Meatpie’s face. Once the Feds clear the Tuohy process, “Here you go Meatpie – is this the discovery that you were looking for “ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Great analysis of the letters and the intent behind them. Things should be getting interesting pretty soon. They’re going to need plenty of soap on a rope.

  3. Morrissey,Tully and Proctor are textbook examples of how guilty people behave. Deny, coverup, backtrack, act indignant when questioned and do everything to prevent transparency. They’re probably all praying that Auntie Bev gets their case when they’re called on the docket, (provided she’s not in jail herself by then).

    1. Exactly. The feds are letting this go on. 1 giving Auntie Bev a rope to swing to safety or hang herself an 2 because it’s still developing, case an point Aiden is in jail, recently. Say what you want but he’s their only because of Lt Dan Tully. Like seriously Tully what you think that was gonna stop all this? I know your reading this you do realize your qualified immunity is gone as soon as you started collaborating with Krusty an others to arrest him. Your house your cars your everything will be gone. Aiden will take it all. Every Available Boston cop will show up to your trial fyi in uniform unlike plain dressed Cucky Carl an Jackie I screenshot my own info on a troll account Dugal. Every MSP I talk to (Barracks in my town) at the gas station almost daily. I ask them everyone said even if it gets them promoted they won’t go near the Norfolk DA’s unit. They’re all disgusted with you, Proctor an Put a shirt on Yuri (hope he fleas back to Ukraine) he’s fighting age.. You all are getting what you deserve

  4. They are all, the murderers and cover up crew, shitting bricks. Cannot wait to see Tully, Proctor, and gravy boat led away in cuffs. Tully you fuckin pussy, hope you like getting fucked cuz boy you got a line of people who are gonna make your life miserable. Do the honorable thing please and kill yourself you eunuch. Nothing worse than a thin skinned pussy with a badge. Eat a dick pal.

      1. No threats just a picture of what’s in store for the gang of cowards. Sorry if you don’t like the truth

      2. Technically, it’s not a threat of violence. A prediction of someone killing themself is a PREDICTION of violence…but of one’s violence to themself.
        Nice faux outrage though. Very current.

      3. You fng people call everything a threat.
        Just like Cailou crying about protestors near his gross pizza shop.
        Can’t handle a little truth?

  5. Morrissey is the epitome of dumb arrogance. Typical corrupt POS dumbocrat. Please call Brian Tully, could you have any less self awareness.

    1. Absolutely zero self awareness, or he has it but doesn’t give 2 fcks bc he knows he’ll continue to be uncontested in his election and stay there until he crokes?

  6. I can already picture the Netflix longform documentary on all of this. But who is going to play Aidan in the Hulu dramatic retelling? I absolutely cannot wait for the trial in March. The cross examination of Proctor is going to be must-watch.

    1. Howdy Doody or Gomer Pyle’s corpse could play Turtle Boy. Truth be told Turtleboy played himself trying to get rich off this dumb bitch killing her boyfriend.

      1. Explain with even a tiny bit of detail how she killed him. (remember, we’ve actually read the court filings!)

  7. I would love to watch the cross examination of all them but I don’t believe this will go to trial the Feds know it wasn’t Karen

  8. This is what TurtleTurd fans consider journalism? There’s nothing here. There is probably a story on the federal investigation, but you ain’t gonna find it in this shitty swamp. By the way, how is the TurdBoy still pumping this dreck out from his “protective custody” (aka “chickenshit”) cell? Is there an AI program that spews the shit or do all cult members speak in the same voice?

    1. You’re all just mad that your lil jail ploy didn’t shut him up like you planned hahahaha 🤣 😆 😂 Meatball was big mad that Turtleboy had more info into the Feds investigating than they were willing to give him so he plotted with his minions and had him locked up to get their hands on his sources & info 😂 🤣 It’s all shit rolling downhill at this point..TikTik Boom 💥 😂 🤣

  9. That’s exactly why they had you arrested, bcuz YOU had more info on the Feds investigating than they were able to get at that point. They were mad at the DOJ for not giving anything up so they had to get their hands on what you had!!! 💥 💥 💥

  10. They will now be scurrying to be the first one to cut a deal.
    Something tells me that deal has already been struck.
    and the rest that sat complacently by will now suffer the full consequences of their actions.
    The most egregious action was failure to act when John so desperately needed someone to stand up for him and go against these bullies to save his life.
    They will live with this in their minds for the rest of their days , hopefully it haunts them to their last breath.

  11. Please join me in praying for Aidan Kearney. He is withdrawing from adderall and addicts often compromise themselves for a fix. When the only person who can get you off in jail needs to get off in exchange it can be hard to resist the allure of the old flesh torpedo.

    1. Did anyone smack skulator for googling Hos long to die in cold? That’s what is gonna get y’all Jamed up in the end.

  12. Pass the punk grease, boys. There’s a new jailhouse bitch taking on all cummers. I bet Aidan is converting a whole bunch of Turtle Ridaz in the slammer. I hear the boys like to run a Turtle Train. Ain’t no fun if the Ridaz can’t get none. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm.

    1. You know the whole McAlbert tribe hasn’t had a decent nights sleep since TB started gettin deep up in dat ass like a wedgie! Soon enough the tides are gonna turn and you’ll be living your worst nightmare in the clink. They love big head soft white boys w soft hands in there!

    2. You really think the criminals in prison don’t know that TB IS FIGHTING AND CALLING OUT THE COPS they themselves despise? TB is a hero to them. But on a side note, you wierdo’s obsession with gay anal rape is very telling

    3. What I find interesting about this is the fact that you’re getting very detailed about dudes running trains or whatever the fuck. Is this something you’ve been fantasizing about for a while now, punk grease? Sounds like it. It’s okay to be gay, I want you to know that. I’m sure your friends and family would support you if you came out of the closet. Stop living a meaningless fake life and start living for real, maybe you’ll find yourself a boyfriend soon!

  13. The walls are certainly closing in for Meatball Morrissey and his gang of State Trooper thugs. The Feds have known for months that John O’Keefe was indeed beaten to death INSIDE 34 Fairview Road that night. Word around Canton is that they have flipped 4 people thus far and the rest of the RATS are scurrying to save themselves now. There will be knocking on a lot of doors in Canton at 4 a.m. within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!!

  14. Meatball Morrissey about to pull a Joe Paterno, sense danger, and immediately croak from a heart attack.

    1. Probably not. More likely he will follow in the footsteps of Brian Joyce, another corrupt politician from Norfolk County, and blow his brains out.

  15. These letters are what morresey is going to use for his avoid jail plan. My interpretation is that he plans to play dumb and act “mystified” kinda like he already is. Then he’s going to act shocked and say he’s flabbergasted that any one of his troopers would do such a thing. Bukhenik gonna flee to Ukraine if he hasn’t already. Then more attention will be on proctor then will morresey fully toss him under bus. Gravy will avoid jail but will stubbornly resign while an outside prosecutor will then do a proper investigation into JO murder.

    1. Some chic he knew for 2 months, who has multiple kids and baby daddies. Definitely some poor choices, but the only victims are the poor kids and the multiple guys she pulls this on.

  16. I know TB News is all about generating clicks but is there anyone out there who actually knows the law who can make sense of all this? I’m no lawyer but it looks like the feds hate Morrissey. I’m no Morrissey fan but I don’t trust the Deep State and don’t see how any of this will impact the Karen Read trial unless the feds step in and actually take action. I also can’t see how a federal investigation will help Aidan’s case. Regardless of what happens to Karen Read, Aidan shot himself in the foot by making all those videos where he shows up at sporting events and people’s houses. That’s witness intimidation in the eyes of the law. It doesn’t matter how many of his girlfriends he beats up or whatever, but he’s probably going to go to prison for a long time.

    1. Hey Kev.

      Lets start a fundraiser for your clients
      Bills must be piling up
      Maybe do a Cans for Criminals drive
      You could throw in that garage full of Natty Light cans

      Cha ching

    2. Feds most likely looking at civil rights and misconduct under JO being a cop. I believe there is some federal jurisdiction when a PO is killed. Being off duty. I don’t know how that will fit all the elements of the statutes ?

    3. The Feds are not investigating the death of John O’Keefe. Rather, they are investigating public corruption surrounding the investigation into John O’Keefe’s death. There were multiple law enforcement agencies conspiring to coverup the death of a Boston Police Officer. If you examine all the details of this case, there is rampant corruption involved in this whole investigation: falsified police reports, deleted audio tape footage, planting of evidence, denial of relationships between police and witnesses, delayed interviewing of witnesses, failure to secure a crime scene, tampering with evidence, failure to inspect the house where a murder took place, failure to gather video evidence from neighbors ring cameras, lying to the medical examiner, tampering with evidence. The list could go on and on. The Feds have a duty and obligation to stop public corruption. In this case it goes from the local Canton police, to the state police to the Norfolk County DA’s office. All were complicit in this coverup. Stay tuned. This will be all over the national news soon!

    4. So much is now international news.
      The world sees Morrissey for who he is.
      More and more will come out.
      This isn’t new. This is just the case that brought him to the International spotlight. It’s not going away.
      No matter what happens in this case.
      One reporter doing a deep dive will discover more than people know. It just wasn’t going to be a local one. Now it’s an award winning story for those who run with it.

  17. Berkowitz needs to publicly explain how he happened to be driving by and finds taillight pieces on an area totally searched before by two different agencies
    How stupid does he think we are

    1. Not to mention it was a week later. Yeah, sure that’s believable!
      Don’t forget he also emailed a reporter to take down tweet about the crime happening in front of BA house. Saying he is a pillar of the community.

    2. Come on man, he’s got amazing vision and that sixth sense that only a few cops have. Well, he did know when to bail, not that it’s gonna help him. Hey Jen, you horsefaced piece of shit, you getting any sleep???

  18. Thankfully TB came through and broke this down. Corruption at its finest, now they are going after Bradl.

  19. God thank TB daily News I’ve been trying the fully understand these letters and you guys drew it out perfectly I always rely on you other people have trouble describing s*** wow morrissy is shaking in his boots trying to throw around the power that he thought he had It doesn’t work with the big boys they should have bought Berkowitz stamps at his retirement party so they can write each other love letters when Michael Morrissey is moved in to his new residence federal prison lol course he’s going to have to find time writing the letters in between being raped and shower shanked by people he framed throughout the years everyone knows this isn’t his first rodeo covering for his special class of citizens by throwing us random f****** citizens under the bus for something we didn’t do get ready to know pain fat boy

  20. Can you imagine if this same crime and cover-up was levied against someone with less resources than Ms. Karen Read? Can you imagine how many other likely innocent people may be sitting and rotting in a prison because of people like these LEO and Prosecutors ? Free public defenders that work for and are paid by the same district that is prosecuting is not always going to be as deligingent as a paid private attorney on thier defense There is a large chance that this is not thier first rodeo.
    It’s quite frightening when you sit and think about it.

  21. Let’s tally up reasons Morrisseys office would be under investigation. Aside from the Read case.
    -his friend and wealthy developer O’donnel who was on trial for rape. Which got dismissed when the witness due to testify mysteriously died in a one car accident.
    Same guys son went to jail for shooting someone in the stomach. Good people.
    -Chris McCallum was murdered outside a Quincy bar by the sone of Morrissey friend. Took one year to arrest even though there were witnesses. Now a multi million dollar lawsuit against Quincy.
    The Quincy cop who was finally suspended for in appropriate relations with a disabled teen.
    Cover yes up because his father was chief.
    His own car accident where he claimed he had a medical incident/not alcohol related. Sure.
    The list will go on, but those things alone show you the morality of Mr. morrissey.

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