Canton Cover-Up Part 277: Ken Mello Embarrasses Himself In Court Today As Usual

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Ken Mello did Ken Mello things in court today and made a fool of himself, as he usually does. Judge Debra Squires-Lee took both his and Attorney Tim Bradl’s motions under advisement, after Mello asked the court to take away access to Turtleboy’s phone in jail and fine Bradl $10,000. Mello claims, without any evidence, that Turtleboy conspired with Bradl to put two women on a private call list in order to plot more witness intimidation in the Karen Read case. In response to this ridiculous motion, Bradl filed his own motion against Mello, asking that Mello donate $20,000 to charity and issue a public apology for doxxing the two women which directly led to threats.

The hearing began with the judge asking why Turtleboy’s phone calls should be limited, since Mello was accusing TB of violating jail rules, not a court order. Mello had no rational response because he is a very stupid person.

Mello then complained about this tweet made on the Turtleboy account, claiming that it is harassment of Lindsey Gaetani and urging people to call DCF on her because it mentions her name:


There were only two people in the apartment on December 24th – Lindsey and Turtleboy. They are the only two people who know with 100% certainty that Turtleboy is innocent. The tweet is accurate. As usual Mello is attempting to frame free speech as harassment. He believes that people should be allowed to lie to police and in court, and never be questioned or mentioned in the process.

The judge was fair and asked good questions. She asked if Mello simply had a suspicion of wrongful conduct, or if he knows, as a fact that there is a dastardly plot to intimidate witnesses, on an unrecorded line. He confirmed it is just a suspicion.

At one point, Mello said that Turtleboy has “confounded the legal system.” The judge quickly told him to calm down by saying, “The legal system was not confounded.” Relax there, Kenny!

To his credit, the deadbeat dad in plaid wore a different suit today, as his news of not paying child support enabled him to splurge a little.

The judge told Mello that if he felt there was harassment, that was a matter for police, not for her to order the jail to take TB’s tablet. Mello announced that a grand jury would be convening next week, because he apparently missed the memo that indictments are coming from the Feds soon, in the Karen Read investigation. Instead, he’s forging ahead with a new star witness – a mentally-unbalanced welfare queen, who fakes pregnancies routinely.

The judge pointed out to Mello that she doesn’t have the power to sanction an attorney over professional conduct violations, and that violating jailhouse rules only rises to professional conduct violations. That led to this hysterical exchange:

Mello: This is affecting the administration of justice.

Judge: How has this affected the administration of justice?

Mello: Jen Altman is well-known in the Turtlerider community.

Judge: What is the evidence?

Mello: It’s on the internet. I can’t bring the whole internet to court!

Judge: Usually you bring evidence to court.

Imagine being an attorney, and having to be reminded by a judge that you have to bring evidence to court. Sherman Shortbus must have slept through that day in community college law school. Although, the thought of him walking into a courtroom with a briefcase that just says “internet”, is something I can picture him doing. Basically Mello thinks he can make claims with no evidence, and just say, “Someone nicknamed Krusty Panties told me they’re doing it, so it must be true!”

An administrator from the jail testified, and said that only lawyers get protected calls. But if that were the case, then why did they protect the calls of a woman who Bradl said was a paralegal? This admin also testified that Mello and an unnamed state trooper, were the ones who told jail administrators to look into who was on our protected call list. I think we all know that was Brian Tully, who has an unhealthy obsession with TB and likes to track down women who he thinks Turtleboy slept with, instead of finding out who was driving that Ford Edge parked outside Brian Albert’s house.

The judge asked Mello the same thing Judge Krupp asked last month – what power did she have to do what Mello was requesting? What gives her the authority to order the Sheriff’s Department to take away phone privileges? And just like with Krupp, his response was “Inherent power”. In other words, “you’re a judge so you should just make shit up as you go along, like I do.”

As the judge pointed out, calls with these two women are no longer protected, so there’s really no issue here. Mello just suspects that they MAY have plotted witness intimidation weeks ago, therefore the judge should ignore the law, and appoint herself sheriff.

But Mello wasn’t done saying stupid things. He attempted to justify doxxing the two women by saying, “It’s a filing with the court.” He did this with a straight face, while actively charging Turtleboy with witness intimidation for reading Michael Proctor’s phone number off of a “filing with the court”, and doesn’t see how hypocritical and stupid this makes him sound.

We have faith that Judge Squires-Lee will see this for the farce that it is, and rule the same way Judge Krupp did. Let’s hope she took it under advisement to write a scathing response ripping Mello for being so bad at his job.

At 3:00 pm today, Lindsey Gaetani reportedly called the jail, complaining that Turtleboy violated the restraining order against her, by getting a third party to call her. There is no evidence of this and all of his calls are recorded anyway. It appears as if she and Mello are willing to lie, over and over again, in order to silence a journalist for reporting the truth. Turtleboy has stated that he never wants to speak with her again, so apparently this is how she’s dealing with that. Some people just don’t seem to understand how the law works.

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