Canton Cover-Up Part 28: Elizabeth Proctor Calls Workplaces Of People Who Comment Negatively About Her Corrupt Cop, Murderer Enabling Husband 


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In Part 5 of the Canton Cover-up series we wrote about how Trooper Michael Proctor’s wife  had been taunting people on Facebook with laughing emojis every time it was suggested that her husband helped cover up a murder committed by his close family friends at 34 Fairview Road.

Last week more than one turtle rider reached out to us to tell us that their workplaces had been called by a woman, demanding they be fired after they commented negatively about Trooper Proctor on the Turtleboy Facebook page. These turtle riders, like most people, expressed their concern that someone who was in charge of multiple murder investigations could have possibly tainted other cases due to the fact that he planted evidence in an attempt to frame Karen Read for the murder of John O’Keefe.

One of the people spoke to said that while he was at work the phone began ringing in the office, and all the employees could see the identity of the caller – Michael Proctor. He immediately knew this was strange because he had commented on our Facebook page about him, but the call stopped after two rings. A minute later the phone began ringing again from a blocked number, and since it’s rare for this office to receive phone calls he knew it had to be the same person. Unfortunately his boss answered the phone and a female caller told him that his employee had been making threatening posts, and suggested that he should be fired.

However, a search for that number revealed that it traced back to Elizabeth Proctor, not Michael.

I decided to reach out to call the number to see if it was really her, and here’s what happened:

It was her.

Elizabeth works for a company called Instron in Norwood, and has the most ironic position ever.

Human Resources. And she spends her free time trying to get people fired from their job for sharing opinions about her corrupt cop husband on Facebook because they don’t like the fact that he frames innocent people for murder. This is a woman with two young children, and this is the kind of example she’s setting for them. This is what she is doing in her free time instead of spending time with her kids – creeping on Turtleboy’s comment section, looking up people’s employers, and trying to make them destitute. Her husband did it to Karen Read, so she’s just following his lead.

Garbage attracts garbage.

I can think of two people who deserve to lose their jobs over this though – Michael and Elizabeth Proctor. These two lowlifes think they are untouchable. They’re nothing but bullies who terrorized people for years, but now they’ve met their match. I know you’re reading this Elizabeth, so just know this – we are not going to allow you to treat innocent people like this any longer. You are no different morally than your husband.  Neither one of you should be employed right now, and your husband should be in jail for the rest of his life. Since you like to call people’s workplaces here is the contact information for Instron.

(800) 564-8378

But you’re probably not going to reach anyone that way, so feel free to leave a review on their wide open Facebook page or their Twitter account. Or leave a comment underneath one of these pictures of Elizabeth Proctor.

Oh, and Michael Proctor’s parents are also sending their boomer friends after us too.

Whatever you do, DO NOT hit the donation button on our website and make a donation to Turtleboy in her name. Carol Topjian will be really upset if you do.

Michael Proctor is pure evil and so is his wife. This man planted tail light evidence, lied repeatedly about times on police reports used in a murder case, and personally put the handcuffs on Karen Read. And all to make sure his murdering friends stayed out of prison, while an innocent woman took the fall for them. A woman who was unable to properly grieve the loss of her boyfriend, and has been cut off from his children.

Our Founding Fathers created a beautiful system with a judiciary that acts as a check to the other elected bodies. John Adams was so noble and principled that he defended the most despised people to ever step foot in Boston – the British soldiers who killed 5 members of an unruly mob throwing rocks at them, known as the Boston Massacre. Not only that, he got them all acquitted. In doing so he set the precedent that our courts were a sacred place where even the most reviled people would receive due process.

Michael Proctor, Michael Morrissey, and Adam Lally defecate on the legacy of John Adams. They single handedly believe that they can disregard 250 years of history to benefit themselves. They’re not just attacking Karen Read and John O’Keefe, they’re attacking our entire system of democracy. All three of them should spend the rest of their lives rotting away in a prison, like they’re trying to do to Karen Read.



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