Canton Cover-Up Part 280: Search Warrant For Karen Read’s Phone Shows Lindsey Gaetani and Natalie Wiweke Lied To Investigators

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Ted Daniel first reported today that a warrant used by Ken Mello to obtain Karen read’s phones has been unsealed. The Commonwealth suspects that Read and Turtleboy conspired to commit witness intimidation against the McAlberts and Proctors.  According to the warrant, the two main sources were Natalie the German and Lindsey Gaetani: 

Just to review: 

  • Natalie told Brian Tully, the author of the affidavit, that Karen Read and Turtleboy began communicating on April 23rd through Natalie.  
  • Natalie claims that Read took steps to provide information that was not yet public to TB and controlled what TB could post and report. 
  • Tully flew to California on the taxpayers dime to interview Natalie, who claims she was given immunity for cooperating with him. 
  • Natalie claimed that Read’s attorneys were working with US Attorney Josh Levy.
  • Natalie claimed that Read got TB to write about the story. 
  • Natalie texted TB in April saying “not public- Feds have been involved for a long time.”
  • MSP and Mello are trying to charge Read and TB with conspiracy to commit witness intimidation, alleging that Read provided TB with Michael Proctor’s address and photos. 
  • Natalie claims to be the conduit between Read and TB. 
  • Natalie said “Thank you, we really appreciate the help” after Canton Coverup Part I, to which TB replied “It’s my job, glad to help.” 
  • Natalie claims that TB got permission to wear the Jen McCabe google search shirt to court from Karen’s lawyers. 
  • Natalie claims that Read’s parents saved a seat for TB in court. 
  • Natalie claims that TB met with Read and her attorneys at the Omni Seaport Hotel. 
  • Natalie claims that TB asked her to send him a picture of the alleged hair found on Karen Read’s car. 
  • Natalie told TB that Colin Albert had an attorney. 
  • Natalie claims Karen Read gave TB information on the federal grand jury investigation. 
  • MSP alleges 189 phone calls took place between TB and a phone number they believe to be Read’s from April through later December, totaling over 40 hours. 
  • MSP alleges that TB spoke with Read’s lawyers dozens of times between April 20th and May 2nd, 2023. 
  • Lindsey Gaetani told Tully that TB told her Read was interviewed by the Feds. 
  • MSP alleges Read and TB spoke on the signal app and Natalie often took screenshots of Signal messages.
  • Gaetani claims TB told her he speaks with Read every day, runs everything by her, and describes her as “difficult”, “controlling”, and “gets irritated with him”. 
  • Gaetani claims TB showed her the leaked voicemail of the 911 call from Jen McCabe and Canton Police dashcam video. 
  • Tully claims TB posted the voicemail on 12/1, and believes it is reasonable to assume that “only the Commonwealth and Read were in possession of that audio file”.
  • Gaetani claims Read wouldn’t let TB post the dashcam videos, so he went behind her back and obtained permission from Alan Jackson to post. 
  • Gaetani claims TB told her to delete messages and evidence from her phone and to lie to the Grand Jury about it. 
  • Tully claims that information fed to TB by the defense was used in a defense motion, proving a conspiracy. 
  • Gaetani is referred to under the pseudonym Jane in the affidavit, a name she used for a burner Twitter account on which she would frequently harass TB and his supporters while still in a relationship with him. 

Nothing alleged in this warrant is criminal. It is not a crime to leak nonpublic information, which is why the Commonwealth does it frequently to Twitter trolls. However, it does illustrate once again that they do everything they accuse others of doing.

Karen Read’s parents saving Turtleboy a seat in court is not a crime. Attempting to speak with sources for a story is not a crime. Reporting the public fact that Colin Albert obtained a lawyer is not a crime. Reporting about the existence of a federal grand jury after Colin Albert was served in his dorm room by the FBI is not a crime. 

Turtleboy does not reveal sources. However, there is nothing wrong or criminal about seeking out people close to Karen Read in order to write a story about her. At no point did Karen Read ever direct content on the Turtleboy website. 

Gaetani lied when she said that Turtleboy got permission to post Canton Police dashcam video, nor has she ever seen the footage. At no point has Turtleboy ever posted Canton Police dashcam videos, videos that likely make Jennifer McCabe look even worse than she already does in the 911 call. 

Tully claims that Turtleboy was the first to post the 911 call voicemail on December 1, which he believes is evidence that Read sent him the audio. However, the video was initially posted in November on a YouTube channel called Masshole Troll Mafia, which is run by a woman who works with MSP and DA’s office: 


Turtleboy never told Gaetani to delete messages from her phone or lie to the Grand Jury. In fact, here are screenshots of Turtleboy urging Gaetani to tell the truth because the two of them have nothing to hide.




Tully claims that information fed to Turtleboy by the defense was used in a defense motion. He is referring to the Rule 17 motion for Jen McCabe and Michael Proctor’s communications—a motion that was successful due to the fact that Turtleboy reported on 9/25 about a social visit between McCabe and the Proctors at the Proctor household. 


Turtleboy reported months ago that Natalie was the conduit between Read and Turtleboy. Karen would not speak directly to Turtleboy so as a responsible journalist, he sought out a source close to her who gave him factual information on a story he was reporting on. This isn’t the bombshell these mental midgets think it is. 

If Read’s attorneys are cooperating with Josh Levy, this isn’t the scandal that Mello and Tully think it is. The Feds are conducting an investigation into the DA’s investigation of Read. The defense would obviously provide the Feds with evidence that their client is being framed for murder. 

The plan here is obvious—Tully and Michael Morrissey are trying to smear Josh Levy as a corrupt agent of Read and Turtleboy. It is their last desperate Hail Mary because they know Levy is about to indict them. Turtleboy discovered this information on December 23 at Gaetani’s house, when she willingly showed him all her communications with Tully and Mello. Text messages reveal that Gaetani specifically invited Turtleboy to her apartment to show him this information that he never got a chance to report because Gaetani became upset when he wouldn’t sleep over, then conspired with Tully to call in a false police report of domestic violence leading to Turtleboy’s incarceration. However, there is proof of all of this in Gaetani’s phone, which she lied that she didn’t bring to court on January 8th

Natalie lied when she claimed that Read got Turtleboy to write the story. Turtleboy looked into it after multiple Turtle Riders messaged him with links to public court documents about the case. He began investigating and was put in touch with Natalie, who gave him links to public Facebook accounts of the McAlberts, which he got pictures from and used in Part I of the Canton Coverup, published on 4/18/23. 

Natalie texting Turtleboy that the Feds are involved in the case was a statement of fact. It’s quite literally their job to investigate public corruption. The DA is trying to frame this as evidence that the Feds, Read, and Turtleboy conspired to intimidate witnesses. Anything involving any investigation into the McAlberts is framed by Mello and Tully as witness intimidation, despite strong evidence that the “witnesses” murdered John O’Keefe. 

Proctor’s address is public information and is listed on the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds website. You can also google “Michael Proctor’s address” and it will appear. Tully and Mello are trying to suggest that Read gave Turtleboy this public information, leading him to go to Proctor’s house on the 7/22 Rolling Rally. This is a last ditch attempt to charge Read and Turtleboy with conspiracy to commit witness intimidation so that Read’s bail would be revoked. Gaetani told Turtleboy on 12/23 that Tully told her this was their plan. 

Telling Natalie “it’s my job” and “glad to help” isn’t a crime. It’s quite literally Turtleboy’s job to help innocent people expose corruption and he’s glad to do it even if he goes to jail for it. 

Turtleboy never once told Gaetani that the Feds spoke with Read because he has no knowledge of that. Gaetani is making this up because she personally hates Karen Read and is jealous of her due to the fact that she believes Turtleboy is in love with Read. She constantly brought this up in text messages due to her insecurity, despite being told many times that Turtleboy’s only interest in Read was reporting on the story:


On December 9th, Gaetani wanted Turtleboy to go to her house and cancel the Live show because she said she was going to take the abortion pills and needed him there. Unbeknownst to her, Turtleboy knew at this point that she wasn’t pregnant because metadata on pictures of a positive pregnancy test and blood work showing she was 4-6 weeks pregnant showed that the images were from years ago. 



As it turns out, these were pictures from her other children’s pregnancies, which she was using in an attempt to make Turtleboy believe she was pregnant so he wouldn’t break up with her. This deceitful and pathological liar is the primary source being used by Mello and Tully in their investigation. 

On December 9th, at 2:30 pm, Turtleboy informed Gaetani he would not be going to her house that evening, and would be doing the Live show instead. She responded by accusing “your whore Karen” of convincing Turtleboy to do so because she was obsessed with her jealousy of Read. This led to 48 hours of abuse and threats via text message:

Days later, Gaetani retaliated against Turtleboy and Read by reaching out to Jennifer McCabe, Tully, and Mello, which she later showed Turtleboy evidence of on 12/23, in an attempt to win him back. This is ironic because prior to Gaetani’s jealousy of Read, she had nothing but nice things to say about her and believed in her innocence. Also in this text exchange, Gaetani reveals the truth about Natalie, as the Live she is referring to is the one in which TB reports about Natalie’s desire to insert herself into the Karen Read case: 



Just to review:

  • Ken Mello’s sources used to obtain a warrant to seize Karen Read’s phones are two women who were upset with her. One was mad because Read no longer wanted to be friends with her, while the other was upset because she wrongly believed Read convinced Turtleboy that Gaetani wasn’t pregnant. Both women are mentally unstable, one with serious substance abuse issues. 
  • Tully is using the very dumb Ken Mello, who has weaponized the witness intimidation statute on the Canton 9, a dispatcher, and an award winning journalist to silence them, in order to violate Read’s civil liberties in an attempt to revoke her bail. 
  • The warrant application consists of easily proven lies and wild speculation, and yet a judge signed it. This should bother all decent people who are concerned about their privacy rights. 
  • Mello just picked a fight with Alan Jackson and David Yannetti, which doesn’t seem like a good idea. 


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