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Canton Cover-Up Part 280: Search Warrant For Karen Read’s Phone Shows Lindsey Gaetani and Natalie Wiweke Lied To Investigators

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Ted Daniel first reported today that a warrant used by Ken Mello to obtain Karen read’s phones has been unsealed. The Commonwealth suspects that Read and Turtleboy conspired to commit witness intimidation against the McAlberts and Proctors.  According to the warrant, the two main sources were Natalie the German and Lindsey Gaetani: 

Just to review: 

  • Natalie told Brian Tully, the author of the affidavit, that Karen Read and Turtleboy began communicating on April 23rd through Natalie.  
  • Natalie claims that Read took steps to provide information that was not yet public to TB and controlled what TB could post and report. 
  • Tully flew to California on the taxpayers dime to interview Natalie, who claims she was given immunity for cooperating with him. 
  • Natalie claimed that Read’s attorneys were working with US Attorney Josh Levy.
  • Natalie claimed that Read got TB to write about the story. 
  • Natalie texted TB in April saying “not public- Feds have been involved for a long time.”
  • MSP and Mello are trying to charge Read and TB with conspiracy to commit witness intimidation, alleging that Read provided TB with Michael Proctor’s address and photos. 
  • Natalie claims to be the conduit between Read and TB. 
  • Natalie said “Thank you, we really appreciate the help” after Canton Coverup Part I, to which TB replied “It’s my job, glad to help.” 
  • Natalie claims that TB got permission to wear the Jen McCabe google search shirt to court from Karen’s lawyers. 
  • Natalie claims that Read’s parents saved a seat for TB in court. 
  • Natalie claims that TB met with Read and her attorneys at the Omni Seaport Hotel. 
  • Natalie claims that TB asked her to send him a picture of the alleged hair found on Karen Read’s car. 
  • Natalie told TB that Colin Albert had an attorney. 
  • Natalie claims Karen Read gave TB information on the federal grand jury investigation. 
  • MSP alleges 189 phone calls took place between TB and a phone number they believe to be Read’s from April through later December, totaling over 40 hours. 
  • MSP alleges that TB spoke with Read’s lawyers dozens of times between April 20th and May 2nd, 2023. 
  • Lindsey Gaetani told Tully that TB told her Read was interviewed by the Feds. 
  • MSP alleges Read and TB spoke on the signal app and Natalie often took screenshots of Signal messages.
  • Gaetani claims TB told her he speaks with Read every day, runs everything by her, and describes her as “difficult”, “controlling”, and “gets irritated with him”. 
  • Gaetani claims TB showed her the leaked voicemail of the 911 call from Jen McCabe and Canton Police dashcam video. 
  • Tully claims TB posted the voicemail on 12/1, and believes it is reasonable to assume that “only the Commonwealth and Read were in possession of that audio file”.
  • Gaetani claims Read wouldn’t let TB post the dashcam videos, so he went behind her back and obtained permission from Alan Jackson to post. 
  • Gaetani claims TB told her to delete messages and evidence from her phone and to lie to the Grand Jury about it. 
  • Tully claims that information fed to TB by the defense was used in a defense motion, proving a conspiracy. 
  • Gaetani is referred to under the pseudonym Jane in the affidavit, a name she used for a burner Twitter account on which she would frequently harass TB and his supporters while still in a relationship with him. 

Nothing alleged in this warrant is criminal. It is not a crime to leak nonpublic information, which is why the Commonwealth does it frequently to Twitter trolls. However, it does illustrate once again that they do everything they accuse others of doing.

Karen Read’s parents saving Turtleboy a seat in court is not a crime. Attempting to speak with sources for a story is not a crime. Reporting the public fact that Colin Albert obtained a lawyer is not a crime. Reporting about the existence of a federal grand jury after Colin Albert was served in his dorm room by the FBI is not a crime. 

Turtleboy does not reveal sources. However, there is nothing wrong or criminal about seeking out people close to Karen Read in order to write a story about her. At no point did Karen Read ever direct content on the Turtleboy website. 

Gaetani lied when she said that Turtleboy got permission to post Canton Police dashcam video, nor has she ever seen the footage. At no point has Turtleboy ever posted Canton Police dashcam videos, videos that likely make Jennifer McCabe look even worse than she already does in the 911 call. 

Tully claims that Turtleboy was the first to post the 911 call voicemail on December 1, which he believes is evidence that Read sent him the audio. However, the video was initially posted in November on a YouTube channel called Masshole Troll Mafia, which is run by a woman who works with MSP and DA’s office: 


Turtleboy never told Gaetani to delete messages from her phone or lie to the Grand Jury. In fact, here are screenshots of Turtleboy urging Gaetani to tell the truth because the two of them have nothing to hide.




Tully claims that information fed to Turtleboy by the defense was used in a defense motion. He is referring to the Rule 17 motion for Jen McCabe and Michael Proctor’s communications—a motion that was successful due to the fact that Turtleboy reported on 9/25 about a social visit between McCabe and the Proctors at the Proctor household. 


Turtleboy reported months ago that Natalie was the conduit between Read and Turtleboy. Karen would not speak directly to Turtleboy so as a responsible journalist, he sought out a source close to her who gave him factual information on a story he was reporting on. This isn’t the bombshell these mental midgets think it is. 

If Read’s attorneys are cooperating with Josh Levy, this isn’t the scandal that Mello and Tully think it is. The Feds are conducting an investigation into the DA’s investigation of Read. The defense would obviously provide the Feds with evidence that their client is being framed for murder. 

The plan here is obvious—Tully and Michael Morrissey are trying to smear Josh Levy as a corrupt agent of Read and Turtleboy. It is their last desperate Hail Mary because they know Levy is about to indict them. Turtleboy discovered this information on December 23 at Gaetani’s house, when she willingly showed him all her communications with Tully and Mello. Text messages reveal that Gaetani specifically invited Turtleboy to her apartment to show him this information that he never got a chance to report because Gaetani became upset when he wouldn’t sleep over, then conspired with Tully to call in a false police report of domestic violence leading to Turtleboy’s incarceration. However, there is proof of all of this in Gaetani’s phone, which she lied that she didn’t bring to court on January 8th

Natalie lied when she claimed that Read got Turtleboy to write the story. Turtleboy looked into it after multiple Turtle Riders messaged him with links to public court documents about the case. He began investigating and was put in touch with Natalie, who gave him links to public Facebook accounts of the McAlberts, which he got pictures from and used in Part I of the Canton Coverup, published on 4/18/23. 

Natalie texting Turtleboy that the Feds are involved in the case was a statement of fact. It’s quite literally their job to investigate public corruption. The DA is trying to frame this as evidence that the Feds, Read, and Turtleboy conspired to intimidate witnesses. Anything involving any investigation into the McAlberts is framed by Mello and Tully as witness intimidation, despite strong evidence that the “witnesses” murdered John O’Keefe. 

Proctor’s address is public information and is listed on the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds website. You can also google “Michael Proctor’s address” and it will appear. Tully and Mello are trying to suggest that Read gave Turtleboy this public information, leading him to go to Proctor’s house on the 7/22 Rolling Rally. This is a last ditch attempt to charge Read and Turtleboy with conspiracy to commit witness intimidation so that Read’s bail would be revoked. Gaetani told Turtleboy on 12/23 that Tully told her this was their plan. 

Telling Natalie “it’s my job” and “glad to help” isn’t a crime. It’s quite literally Turtleboy’s job to help innocent people expose corruption and he’s glad to do it even if he goes to jail for it. 

Turtleboy never once told Gaetani that the Feds spoke with Read because he has no knowledge of that. Gaetani is making this up because she personally hates Karen Read and is jealous of her due to the fact that she believes Turtleboy is in love with Read. She constantly brought this up in text messages due to her insecurity, despite being told many times that Turtleboy’s only interest in Read was reporting on the story:


On December 9th, Gaetani wanted Turtleboy to go to her house and cancel the Live show because she said she was going to take the abortion pills and needed him there. Unbeknownst to her, Turtleboy knew at this point that she wasn’t pregnant because metadata on pictures of a positive pregnancy test and blood work showing she was 4-6 weeks pregnant showed that the images were from years ago. 



As it turns out, these were pictures from her other children’s pregnancies, which she was using in an attempt to make Turtleboy believe she was pregnant so he wouldn’t break up with her. This deceitful and pathological liar is the primary source being used by Mello and Tully in their investigation. 

On December 9th, at 2:30 pm, Turtleboy informed Gaetani he would not be going to her house that evening, and would be doing the Live show instead. She responded by accusing “your whore Karen” of convincing Turtleboy to do so because she was obsessed with her jealousy of Read. This led to 48 hours of abuse and threats via text message:

Days later, Gaetani retaliated against Turtleboy and Read by reaching out to Jennifer McCabe, Tully, and Mello, which she later showed Turtleboy evidence of on 12/23, in an attempt to win him back. This is ironic because prior to Gaetani’s jealousy of Read, she had nothing but nice things to say about her and believed in her innocence. Also in this text exchange, Gaetani reveals the truth about Natalie, as the Live she is referring to is the one in which TB reports about Natalie’s desire to insert herself into the Karen Read case: 



Just to review:

  • Ken Mello’s sources used to obtain a warrant to seize Karen Read’s phones are two women who were upset with her. One was mad because Read no longer wanted to be friends with her, while the other was upset because she wrongly believed Read convinced Turtleboy that Gaetani wasn’t pregnant. Both women are mentally unstable, one with serious substance abuse issues. 
  • Tully is using the very dumb Ken Mello, who has weaponized the witness intimidation statute on the Canton 9, a dispatcher, and an award winning journalist to silence them, in order to violate Read’s civil liberties in an attempt to revoke her bail. 
  • The warrant application consists of easily proven lies and wild speculation, and yet a judge signed it. This should bother all decent people who are concerned about their privacy rights. 
  • Mello just picked a fight with Alan Jackson and David Yannetti, which doesn’t seem like a good idea. 


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  1. Yanetti and Jackson will destroy Mello. I cannot wait to see Mello disbarred and possibly sent to prison. I’ve never seen so much corruption happening in the open like this. Levy is coming for all you pieces of sht so buckle up.

  2. Ooooooh no. -sniff sniif-Mello, you did not just pick a fight with-sniff sniff- those 2 attorneys.
    Do you smell that? I think it smells like bitch in the state police.

  3. If the state can prove Read and her team were directing TB’s coverage and his harassment of witnesses this could be a really big deal

    1. Explain exactly how this is a big deal. (This should be fun). Explain how “directing” TB is illegal. Explain which witnesses were intimidated and how.

      1. Hey, you fucking moron, reread the original comment. It begins with “if” which indicates that the original poster isn’t posturing that anyone has done anything. If you weren’t such a utter dolt you would read what the comment was and say “Hey, that’s 100% right.” It would be a big deal because being DIRECTED by the the defense team shows a level of biased activism, not journalism. It would discredit every piece that TB has written as propaganda. No where in this persons statement does it say “illegal”, you fucking numpty.

        God I hate you blind assholes. I’d like to see and innocent woman freed if she is but even more want to see morons like you disappear into the abyss of being wrong.

        Get fucked.

        1. “It would discredit every piece that TB has written as propaganda.”

          Does it really matter?

          1. I believe the only thing that counts is evidence presented to a jury in the courtroom, not random blog posts on the internet. Whether or not someone’s blog posts are “discredited” probably won’t have much effect on the evidence presented to the jury by each side. (And who cares if Mr. TB is “discredited” as a journalist? I gather he is self-employed (I could be wrong about that) and it isn’t like he is at risk of being fired by the NYT or CNN.

          2. A simple definition of “propaganda” is “Material disseminated by the advocates or opponents of a doctrine or cause. ” It is pretty clear that Mr. TB is an advocate of a cause, as are his detractors who present their own “propaganda.” There is nothing in that word that precludes the factual basis of the information: i.e., it may be propaganda, but is it true?

          I am a physician in another state far away (thank God) and stumbled across this case while looking for something else online (the fist thing I saw was an autopsy photo), and I have looked in from time to time. I may have missed a couple of things:

          -Has the actual medical examiner’s report been made public?
          -Where is the dog?

          Anyway, interesting case.

          Dr. Fang

          1. Personally, it wouldn’t matter to me because I haven’t taken a hard stance on this case. I will wait until the trial starts (or doesn’t if it is dismissed) to see how all of the evidence aligns.

            Interesting points, however, on the nature of the truth of the propaganda. I suppose that requires some more thought on my part. First instinct is that it matters in terms of omission, it’s not actual journalism if you are an activist as well. I do believe TB has, at some point, claimed activist status here. That being the case, it makes the release of information less reliable– or maybe not unreliable but it requires questioning the purpose of the information.

            Very interesting case, however I have found this blog site isn’t the space for having a nuanced conversation.

          2. I don’t disagree. But are there any real “journalists” left? It seems to me they are mostly corporate shills or political hacks. Maybe I am just getting too cynical.

            “Cynic – a blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be.”
            -Ambrose Bierce

          3. “wHy ArE YoU HeRe?” Shut the fuck up, you inbred cunt. I’ll go where I want. I can read between the lines of activist journalism and find what information I need to discern what is going on in this case.

            If you’re just going to be a blind follower then leave the adults alone and play in your room by yourself.

          4. the reason for the anger and disgust is that this woman is quite simply being framed by corrupt prosecutors and cops—the outright lies in court and the withholding of evidence has shocked and disgusted us —doc, i am an active 30 year NYPD officer, my wife was a prosecutor for 20 years in Manhattan—we believe in the system; hell we are the system– i can tell you in no uncertain terms that the level of corruption and lies is something that i didnt believe existed—this is somethings out of a 1920s southern town—TB is in jail right now as false charges have been lodged against him as he has really exposed the corruption here in Mass—i would direct you to Melanie Little or The Glarer or Young Jurks for more reporting/podcasts on this case if you want an alternative to TB—i am sure you feel disgusted when you see a bad doctor sexually assault a patient or sell his prescription pad and destroy the great work that i am sure you do on a daily basis helping people; i have the same disgust and anger at this case, as do many others—that is why we are so passionate and boisterous on this case. There is no middle ground frankly.

        2. Thanks for taking a nuanced approach. I don’t even have an opinion on the Read case. I believe in innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately Read’s team screwed itself by aligning with the Turtlefans who live in an alternate reality. You can’t disagree with these people on anything at all. It has to be 100 percent whatever the leader says.

          1. There is nothing more infuriating to me than when these people see anyone asking fair questions and they act as if you’ve become an enemy of the state.

          2. It’s US AGAINST THEM with nothing in between. I don’t take it personally because I will probably never meet any of the people involved in real life. Why get upset and scream at strangers online?

    2. Have you read his reporting or watched the show? No one is “directing” these except him. TB is the most authentic reporter out there. He might be crass but he is honest. No one is pulling his strings, not even those who sought to imprison and suppress him.

      1. I’ve watched enough of his show to know that he’s a bully who harasses people for a living. I don’t follow him closely. Karen Read’s defense team seems to be using TB.

    3. C’mon man – big deal? Too bad the Norfolk DA and MSP didn’t use this much time and energy into investigating the murder of John IKeefe the day it happened – like walk into the house where he was found dead with no blood around him , ring cam footage from every house on the street – maybe on a hunch ask and find where the dog is.

      1. This is all fair and I’m inclined to agree with you. However, the OP said that it’d be a “big deal” if it were found that the defense was “directing”. This is objectively true. Being “directed” by the defense team would put all of this reporting into question as being propaganda.

        1. If Turtleboy called Read 189 times, or whatever the state says, that’s not reporting or journalism. The TB fans swarm on anything they don’t want to hear but TB really screwed himself with this one (if the State has the actual call logs).

          1. It’s because they’d feel stupid for falling for it, which I understand., but that’s why it’s important to be open until the trial

    4. Every single “bombshell” by the DA’s office or prosecution side has been a dud. Perhaps you don’t remember the black box from Karen’s car? Dud. Their last theory for the 40mph-in-reverse homicide? Dud. This was all a ruse to get Karen’s phones because they’re scared of the FBI, but the subsequent news dump is also salacious and pro-prosecution. Too bad a misleading WCVB article can’t save them in court.

    5. the state cant get an of their stories straight and you think they’re going to prove something? name a few things they are correct about?

  4. This is an outstanding piece, and outrageously stupid conduct on the part of Mello and Tully. It’s quite simple to see that these TB obsessed women have done whatever was asked of them in order to attempt to get him and now poor Karen. Let’s go Feds!

  5. Mello against Jackson and Yannetti? I cannot wait.

    But as an aside the MSP were voted “the most secretive government agency in America” and were given the golden spoon as a trophy. No lie. They didn’t respond to acknowledge the award, of course. The MSP is the most corrupt agency in America and Josh Levy is a straight shooter aiming for bigger things than his current position. The MSP is right in Levy’s cross-hairs, look at the news from just yesterday. This is all a distraction, every time good news comes out they do some half baked shit like this.
    MSP is going DOWN. I cannot wait to see Tully and Co. in handcuffs. I have zero doubt after yesterday. And this is all they have?????


    1. The MSP HQ stinks of shit. You can’t drive past the place with the windows down. They’re all out of toilet paper. It’s very easy to smell the speed traps when you’re down wind from these cruisers. They’re all scared of Josh Levy.

  6. What an absolute gross miscarriage of justice! It amazes me that idiots that work for our JUSTICE SYSTEM can do this ish AND get away with it. Sposed to be ‘for the people’ not work your ass off to silence/jail those you don’t agree with!! And shame on the judges most of all that let this crap get dragged on and on-they should be the leading example of stopping these things before tons of taxpayer money–and lives–are wasted for sometimes years on end– but we all know they are probably more corrupt than the idiot attorneys anyways. The Ultimate Miscarriers of Just…. Haha I can’t even finish the description. They do not deserve Justice anywhere near their name. Welcome to America!! Home of the FREE-but bound by many, many laws, then you’re not so free anyways. Our very broken democratic system that only supports the grifters and law breakers, attorneys and justices for all. Sick

  7. Hey Brian I have information that could incriminate karen read too! Would you like to come and talk and take my madeup story seriously so I can help you tie your legal noose a little bit better? I saw Aiden and Karen sacrificing elephants to Baal in an abandoned mall! Very legit!

  8. Are they really accusing USA Levy of conspiring with the defense? I hope this opens his eyes even more and results in more indictments. The grasping at straws is amusing not gonna lie

  9. Hey Tully, Mello and Morrissey,

    Please explain how Ted Daniels knew about the warrant for Karens phone on Monday , please reference his news report as evidence and also his tweet letting everyone know the info came from the DA’s office

    When the documents weren’t unsealed until this evening??

    Also Mr Morrissey this one is for you ….

    Ken Mello was hired as a Special Prosecutor in TB case because of the CONFLICT OF INTEREST

    So please enlighten us all as to why you contacted the Jail to find out who was on his Privileged Call list??

    You then ordered a Trooper no doubt your pal Tully to contact the Jail and get them to check the names

    Did you use your office to tell the jail to remove TB’s communications and be given access to his PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS with his ATTORNEY and the Jail refused??

    Is that why you tried to court order this UNPRECEDENTED breach of Attorney Client Privilege to force the Jail into giving into your demands??

    I now come back to Special Prosecutor Mello …..why Mr Morrissey are you insering yourself into a case where YOU ARE THE ONE TO APPOINT SPECIAL COUNSEL because it was You and Tully he was writing about??

    You did this all whilst the FBI are investigating your office …..did you think no one would notice??

    This all coinciding with the 8 letters released between yourself and the DOJ.

    Trying to use DARVO tactics on the Attorney General Levy not one of your best plans ……we can all see your desperation and so can he !!

      1. Thank you for correcting me. I’m in the UK and can’t keep up with how many people you have in the Judiciary in the US.
        Here we just have lawyers, Barristers and Judges.
        Your DA is the equivalent of the CPS which is the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE.

        I find your Grand Jury’s insane, unbelievable that the Prosecutors can have a one sided case in order to go to trial??

        In the UK it works waay different.
        For instance even if you have a murderer admit a crime, the CPS still won’t prosecute until you have the evidence to prove it ….assumptions, conjecture, feelings etc like we see in Lally and Mellos filings would be laughed at

  10. I remember the text Natalie sent someone. It said “I have immunity” well sorry Nati Ice. That stat immunity is worthless now. Fed’s trump State fyi. So it’s basically like a FBI agent posing as a bank robber in a crew. Said Agent is the one who scouted it out, made getaway plans, stole the getaway car and was the one driving away. It’s the other guy’s in the crew’s fault tho and they do time. While the Agent gets promoted? She was the driving force (Nati Ice). I remember Aiden talk about a 911 recorded call an told everyone he doesn’t know about it. When he did he said it’s on X if you wanted to listen. I remember clearly.

  11. The witnesses were promised “immunity” by corrupt troopers while in the act of covering up a murder. Not only will the State of MA not honor that when they turn their back on Morrissey and Tully when they go down, but the Feds will likely charge Natalie and Lynds and make them plea in cooperation with testifying against Tully to find out he asked them to lie. We already know Lynds lied on the stand multiple times including not having her phone. Now we know why.

    Natalie wanted to be a part of the story, her wish is coming true. Maybe not what she hoped for.

    1. It is…all of this circles back to John. Getting justice for him and clearing the name of the woman who loved him is the ultimate goal. All this is just noise to distract from the goal. They (the CW) want people to forget that the victim was murdered by people he trusted, that he was a man who was a respected police officer, a man who stepped in to take care of his family members children and someone who was loved. They want to make it all about TB and KR hoping we will forget who the real victim is here.

  12. Even a fart-filled alcoholic with a vitamin B deficiency like myself knows that when everyone else is classified as a liar the person stating that is the real liar.

    You need to divorce your wife ASAP and give her everything. It’s the only way to protect your assets from the inevitable tsunami of civil suits coming your way.

  13. Smoke, mirrors and deflection. Whatever you do don’t ask about:

    The missing video coverage from library
    No neighbors ring footage to show kr hitting john
    No blood at scene
    Jens 227 am google search
    Proctors five name mis spellings in report
    Proctors five un noted scene searches
    Finding JO shoe after scene cleared
    Only securing android data, not iPhone
    Time wrong on towing kr car
    Meeting with Jen at proctors home
    The drug investigation or lack there of into Colin
    Brian’s dog missing
    Missing corroborating evidence of the dog bites
    The never ending wait for the evidence results
    The attempt to silence tb, it ain’t working btw

    I’m forgetting a bunch but you get the picture. I’m supposed to believe all that’s ok but TB is the major criminal here. I know the sham is getting tossed but I really wanted to watch Alan Jackson DESTROY Proctor on the stand, it would be epic. I’ll just have to settle for watching Jen, BA, CA, Proctor, Buhkanek, Tully and fat boy Morrissey getting brought into courthouse in cuffs. That will be good enough I guess. This state is a disgusting corrupt mess, cannot wait to gtfoh.

    1. you summed it up great—30 years NYPD here, so disgusted how these cops and DAs abused their power and disgraced the shield–we are shaking our heads in NY and have faith in US Attrney Levy to put these criminals in jail–another thing you can add to your list—how come no one from Boston PD or Union shows up in court anymore?? That speaks volumes

  14. Hi my loved one I wish to say that this post is amazing nice written and include approximately all vital infos Id like to peer more posts like this

  15. One can’t help but notice the strong resemblance between Natalie and Mrs Turtleboy. No wonder he dislikes Natalie; he’s transferring his hatred of Mrs Kearney and his two defective kids onto Natalie.

  16. Turtledope

    Melle and Tully more than likely have run this hoax Together before.

    If you weren’t in SHU , I bet among your fellow captives, you’d discover numerous victims of Melle public pretender activity.

    yenetti ,Jackson & Levy already combing Court records, for the connection.

    Odds Levy set up Tully , to travel to commiefornia, as part of a conspiracy to conceal a felonies? MSP specialty!

    Certainly Col.John Mawn , had to approve travel expenses, for something that could of been conducted by telephone, to intimidate her in person.

    Levy is getting pressure from Congress, to jail and break the most corrupt police force in America.

    This investigation began in Springfield, under Acting AG Matt Whitaker, Rachel “ road rage” Rollins quashed it during her criminal reign.
    She may see charges very soon 🙂

    The commonwealth is a criminal enterprise, and the courts conceal it.

    Judge will continue to ignore, perjury by commonwealth, it’s their boss and paycheck. Nothing new.

    I explained it to you in 2018, lol
    Your learning first hand now.

  17. According to my Duckduckgo browser, in the 2 minutes I just spent on this site there were 274 tracking attempts. That’s about 10 times as many as you get on a porn site. Aidan Kearney is not a journalist. This is a clickbait/spam site that generates clicks on outrage. Like I said before I don’t follow the Karen Read case but if the dude called Read 189 times and harassed witnesses at her direction, that’s illegal. Witness intimidation is against the law. That doesn’t mean the state actually can prove the calls or that Kearney is guilty. But it certainly isn’t looking good for the little bully. Turtleboy is like Trump. He can publicly humiliate his wife and claim his mistress is a whore and mock his supporters and the Turtleriders will be like “I don’t see anything wrong.” You guys might want to try some other news sources that aren’t so scammy and dishonest.

    1. if you were being framed for murder of your significant other, you would hope to have someone as bold and brash as TB on your side—and if you were in constant contact with someone who would publicly advocate for your defense, so what?? I dont always agree with the way in which TB conducts himelf, but it doesnt change the facts of this frame job–an innocent women is being framed for a murder she didnt commit and you respond with a nonchalant ‘i dont follow the case’—-come on, karen reade could be me, you, your sister or brother or whoever—this is much bigger than do we like TB or not—we have no system if this corruption goes unchecked and these corrupt cops and prosecutors dont get locked up soon–30 years NYPD here, i give cops every single benefit of the doubt–so for me to say with certainty these ‘cops’ are criminals shows how awful this whole case is–please read up and research this case as this is an injustice to all of us

  18. I know its been said before, but can you imagine if these dopes put a fraction of the time into the investigation of the murder itself versus the reporting on the investigation? Seems maybe they have limited interest in actually solving the former. More speechless every day about the level of corruption.

  19. Hey TB, why did you leave out the texts that led to “I wont be able to lie in court?” That seems like valuable context when facing accusations of witness intimidation.

  20. I have a question: if there was ring camera footage, would it show O’Keefe leaving (or being taken out of) the home? I’m not clear on the lack of footage. Unless there wasn’t a camera and I am mistaken.

    1. They backtracked on that with their 4th January 2024 motion!!

      Look very closely and you will see how they have now changed the wording!!

      Previously they accused Karen of deleting it ….but then the 5am video proves that she couldn’t have!!

      Whilst Karen was still at the hospital, Jen Mcabe called Karen around 07:25 for literally seconds this was PRIOR to John being pronounced Deceased. There was NEVER another call made to Karen not even to send condolences (reference mcabe call log)

      At around 11ish Jen Mcabe whilst with her cohorts at 34 Fairview Road, then made a 10 minute call to Peggy, Johns mom. No doubt to start spreading poison about Karen. (Regerence call logs and phone location data)

      When Karen left the hospital she then returned to Johns home but upon arrival she felt uncomfortable and left with her dad to go to her parents home. No doubt uncomfortable because of Jens phonecall the fingers were pointing at Karen


      Now back to my first point about the CW motion.

      The wording has now been changed to ….they gathered ring camera evidence …..but its no longer available!! Or words to that effect!!

      They continued with the lie about Karen from when they arrested her to 4th January 2024!!

      They have also made other changes to their filing. Which is also very interesting they have completely removed their theory about her driving 60ft in reverse at 24.6mph!!

      There’s more in that motion but for the life of me I can’t remember it all. Just look for what they accused her of before and notice now it’s conspicuously missing!!

      This whole case had just been one lie after another and another. This motion was put before the court just hours before the 5th January 2024 hearing where the Defence tried and this time succeeded in getting Jen Mcabe Proctor and Chris Alberts phones!! Albeit limited with Proctor buts its a victory of sorts.

      Looks like Lally is regretting all of his lies and Aunty Bev knows that she is being watched!!

    2. the corrupt trooper Proctor never collected ANY video footage from ANY homes on the block–because those videos would have showed her driving normally–this is investigation 101—knock on doors and get the footage if it was a true DWI hit and run– he was in on the frame job from day 1–i am NYPD for 30 years, still active—i love the job and what we represent—this whole case has really shook me to the core and has shaken my faith in policing and the system—the fact that the DAs office walks into court and repeatedly openly lies and withholds evidence is awful and shocking—there is no equivocation here—many people in Mass State Police and the DAs office need to be locked up or else we have no system–lastly, ask yourself why no one from Boston PD or their union show up in court anymore–its because they know Karen Reade is being framed—the court was packed with Boston PD for initial court dates—they stopped coming when they realized the magnitude of this frame job

  21. Let’s call this what it is – TB is too effective. That squeaky wheel garners too much attention for the KR case. Too loud, too revealing, too disruptive, too relentless, too bold. And the CW will stop at nothing to silence, intimidate and discredit him.
    It’s clear the plan is to get all of TB’s ‘riders’ to turn on him. Paint him as the dishonest one. Destroy his credibility.
    What the CW fails to understand is that this ‘mob’ is here for JUSTICE. These ‘minions’ are here for TRUTH. These ‘random citizens’ have the same unwavering, unyielding mindset.
    👏🏻 Bravo to those that realize what an asset TB is. His grit, passion and steadfast perseverance is unmatched. Instead of railroading him, the CW should enlist his services and hire him – your investigators could learn a thing or two about the relentless pursuit.
    Keep powering through AK ✊🏻 the folks in Massachusetts are starting to figure out what smells so bad

    1. They are using typical DARVO in order to control the narrative . It’s a GASLIGHTING TACTIC in order to MANIPULATE the masses into their version of the truth!!


      First they DENY , they find someone else to put the blame on ….in this case TB and Karen

      They then ATTACK, notice how they pulled out a law and misrepresented its meanings to intimidate and silence anyone mentioning this case under the guise of Witness intimidation!! They also tell the media anyone that agrees with Karen being innocent are part of a Cult, Mob or are a Minion!!

      REVERSE they then reverse the roles of the VICTIM and The OFFENDER

      In this case we have the real VICTIMS Karen, TB, Canton 9, the Dispatcher and now lol Levy being portrayed as the OFFENDERS!!


  22. It’s funny.. TB is a “blogger” when they want to diminish his professional credibility but he’s a well-known “journalist” with a massive following when they want to conspire that he is working for the defense. So which one is it? You can’t have it both ways.
    I don’t care if TB and KR called eachother every night and shared bedtime stories… it doesn’t make it illegal.
    Didn’t Voss water spend the holidays with the McAlberts?.. not sure how that’s any different.
    This is all just another distraction people. Look over there so you stop looking over here. Don’t be fooled

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  24. Proctor has to eat a bullet. It’s coming down fast, and right above him.
    Helter Skelter. Definition: in undue haste, confusion, or disorder. ran helter-skelter, getting in each other’s way F. V. W. Mason. 2. : in a haphazard manner.

  25. What is truly sad and unsettling.
    One look at the pics and bios.
    There are 2 people desperate for some form of attention. They will get that attention anyway possible.
    We’ve all encountered sick individuals like this.
    The fact that any “investigator “ can’t see that is at the most ridiculous. Completely obvious humans. Sick people and even sicker is the cw that actually makes them relevant.
    Maybe Tully needs a better home life.

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