Canton Cover-Up Part 296: Commonwealth Mentions Turtleboy 365 Times, Ford Edge 0 Times

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The Karen Read trial is set to begin 20 days from today, despite David Yannetti’s claims on January 18 that the Feds “can’t in good conscience” allow her to stand trial. Yannetti stated that someone from the USAO told both parties on 1/16 that a discovery dump would be coming in 1-2 weeks. However, it has been nearly five weeks, and the trial date still stands.

That’s not to say that the defense hasn’t been provided with information that exculpates Read. The Commonwealth and defense have been asked to agree to a protective order not to disclose the DOJ’s findings. If those findings inculpated “witnesses” or investigators who the DOJ didn’t want to be tipped off, then Judge Cannone could dismiss the case without the public being made aware of the reasons why. If something happens then it will go down before March 12, which means I’m being released from jail at an exciting time.

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the Commonwealth’s opposition to Read’s motion to disqualify the Norfolk DA’s office. I wrote an article breaking down how absurd it was, but I think we need to examine the big picture of what the Commonwealth is alleging to truly embrace how ridiculous and stupid it is.

Here’s the main point of their filling – Karen Read, her lawyers, the DOJ, and something called Turtleboy, entered into a conspiracy to frame the Commonwealth for corruption. Prior to this conspiracy, the Commonwealth and State Police were running a flawless murder investigation and were bringing a dangerous Fidelity employee, with no criminal record or history of violence, to justice. Everything was by the book, there were no personal conflicts between investigators and witnesses, police reports were all accurate, surveillance video never disappeared, the injuries were consistent with motor vehicle homicide, and Read was on the brink of conviction.

But little did the Commonwealth and MSP know that they were the unassuming victims of one of the greatest, well-organized frame jobs of all time. And the conspirators would have gotten away with it were it not for three women:

  1. A mentally unstable woman in California who barely knew Karen from college 20 years ago.
  2. A single mother of 4 who banged Turtleboy on Fridays.
  3. Something called “Krusty Panties.”

Thanks to the bravery of these three women, with voluminous DCF files and an unhealthy obsession with Turtleboy, the conspiracy was finally discovered by Lt. Brian “Columbo” Tully. They came armed with screenshots, secondhand stories, and out-of-context Youtube clips, and Tully spent months putting the clues together until the conspiracy was finally brought to light.

This may sound hard to believe, but with the assistance of YouTube personality Kevin Lenihan, boomer attention-whore Jennifer Coffindaffer, and gumshoe reporter Grant Smith Ellis, the diabolical plot to frame the MSP and NDAO was finally brought to light. Sure, the MSP and NDAO have all the guns, handcuffs, and political and judicial power, but they were no match for the adjunct professor from Mansfield, the “blogger” from Holden, and the only straight man to ever get Kevin Spacey off.

As funny as this is to mock, the Commonwealth put out this 300-page filing with a straight face, hoping the public would read it and feel bad for them. Keep in mind, the Commonwealth is supposed to be bringing John O’Keefe’s killers to justice, and three weeks before trial they’re attempting to distract the public with a last ditch PR strategy. Their goal is not to get justice for John O’Keefe, it’s to save face by smearing the forces of goodness who have been exposing their corruption – Karen Read, Turtleboy and the DOJ.

As Olivia Lambo pointed out, my name is mentioned 365 times in the Commonwealth’s opposition. As flattering as this is, and as beneficial as it will be to my professional career, I’m really not that important. I wasn’t in Canton on January 29, 2022. I didn’t know anyone involved in the case. I have no political or institutional power. I’m just a guy with a website and a YouTube show, who likes to sell T-shirts and tell it like it is.

More importantly, the “plot” to expose the Commonwealth’s corruption was in place long before I ever heard about this case. I didn’t write about it until April 18, 2023. Prior to that, I had never spoken with Karen Read or her attorneys. However, Read’s team had reported the corruption to the FBI, who found the evidence credible enough to launch a multi-year investigation. Before Part 1 of the Canton Cover-Up series, the following had already happened:

  • Steve Scanlon sought out Yannetti to tell him that he believed O’Keefe was beaten to death in Brian Albert’s house, and that Colin Albert and Brian Higgins were involved.
  • Read’s PI and the FBI interviewed plow driver Lucky Loughran, who unequivocally stated that O’Keefe’s body was not on Albert’s lawn at 2:30 am.
  • Karen’s attorneys accused the Alberts of conspiring to kill O’Keefe in open court in October 2022.
  • On October 16, Judge Krupp found the defense’s theory compelling enough to order everyone inside the house to preserve their phones.
  • In October 2022, in response to the public court accusations, Tim Albert intimidated Read’s attorneys with a Facebook post, threatening to make them miserable if they fuck with his family.
  • Tim Albert immediately began filling in his family pool after the public court accusations.
  • Brian Albert got rid of the seven-year-old family dog and put his generational family home on the market, one month after being named in court.
  • The USAO convened a federal grand jury and FBI agents served Colin Albert and Jennifer McCabe with subpoenas to testify.

The Commonwealth now wants you to believe that Turtleboy and Karen Read are solely responsible for manipulating the DOJ into investigating the MSP and NDAO.

Not once in any court filing has the Commonwealth ever mentioned the Ford Edge parked outside Brian Albert’s house, in the exact spot where O’Keefe’s body was discovered three hours later. If they had any desire to seek justice for O’Keefe, then finding the driver of that car would be their top priority. Instead, three weeks prior to trial, they are filing motions mentioning Turtleboy 365 times and suggesting that I’m a paid agent of the dastardly Karen Read, and that the two of us have tricked the DOJ into investigating the ethically pure and incorruptible NDAO. They’ve used Soviet-era tactics to put a journalist in jail for exposing them, and now they’re demanding that Read fire her attorneys for being too effective. Let’s see how that strategy pays off in the coming weeks.



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