Canton Cover-Up Part 299: McAlberts Use Fake Domestic Violence Victim Lindsey Gateani As Human Shield To Evict Award Winning Journalist From Karen Read Hearing


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Today I was forced to leave the Karen Read hearing after Lindsey Gaetani, whose false A&B charges were dropped against me today in Dedham District Court, showed up as a human shield with the McAlberts.

Guess the spray tan doesn’t reach the ankles.

It should be noted that she would’ve had to get a babysitter for her kids and she hasn’t had a job since 2017 since getting fired at Stop & Shop for nodding off during a bender. But I guess for some people trolling Turtleboy and supporting murderers is more important than taking care of their kids.

As soon as I saw her enter the courtroom I immediately got up and left, as this was clearly a ploy to try to have me violated on the restraining order and sent back to jail. It’s the exact same thing she did with Frank Keegan, the father of her 3 youngest children, after she lied about him hitting her and tricked him into meeting up with her in public. You can see me walking out here with her sitting down on the left.

Because I do not have an order on her I must leave, but at the end of the day she had to befriend murderers to pursue her obsession with me, so she comes out of this looking much worse than I do. Lindsey had never previously attended a Karen Read court date, including the January 5 and January 18 hearings when I was in jail. But she showed up at the last minute today, holding the restraining order papers in her hands as a weapon, and has clearly gained a few pounds.


On the way out of the courtroom Chris Albert smiled and said to me, “well that sucks, huh?” What’s really gonna suck is how Chris is gonna cry himself to sleep every night when his son Colin and brother Brian go to prison for murdering John O’Keefe.

It should be noted that when Lindsey threw herself at me in September she sent a picture in a Free Karen Read shirt and said how she admired my work saving an innocent woman’s life.

But as you will see in the story I’m putting together on LG 2.0, her obsession with me ended up leading to her suddenly pretending to believe that Karen is guilty. She also used to attend all of my court dates to support me. Wait until you hear the story behind this picture from November 28.

Some people get dumped and just kind of move on with their lives. Others make up domestic violence stories and stalk you at Karen Read court dates while pretending to be in fear.

According to witnesses, Lindsey was coached by Jen McCabe to say she was part of John O’Keefe’s family.


After court I confronted Paul O’Keefe and asked him why he continues to disgrace his brother’s legacy by showing up arm in arm with the people who murdered his brother. His mother Peggy O’Keefe then gave me the finger and said “where’s Lindsey,” because using this mentally unstable degenerate DCF Mom as a human shield to prevent me from attending court dates is standard behavior from them. Paul had an ominous, threatening sounding comment at the end.

Hey Paul, try not to kill anyone on your way home like you did to that elderly guy you crashed into while drunk day driving a couple years ago.

Karen Read called Lindsey a liar while she was leaving the courtroom, which was awesome.

Oh, and Lindsey also has been sending crackhead Mike Giannetti to my court dates to harass me, because she’s really scared of me.

Lindsey has never been afraid of me. She intentionally seeks me out, just as she did when she was drunk the other night at 1:57 AM, unblocked me on Facebook, and attempted to Facetime me.

The real loser here are women who are victims of domestic violence. It’s so hard for real victims to be believed because of women like Lindsey Gaetani. Most women will go their whole lives without ever having a man arrested for assaulting them. Lindsey has had 4 – Me, Frank Keegan, Nick Bonifilio, and her father Michael Gaettani. It’s almost as if there’s a common denominator here.

Luckily I didn’t miss much of a hearing. The big news was that over 3,000 pages of discovery were handed over from the Feds, so the trial date is being moved to April. The Commonwealth claims that 90-95% is “consistent with the Commonwealth’s theory of the case,” meaning at least 5-10% of the evidence is exculpatory. The defense claims that all of it is exculpatory. Of the two, only the Commonwealth has a documented history of lying in court. We will attempt to get the order against me amended so that I can attend court dates moving forward, since I am listed as a witness in the Karen Read case, have been covering it extensively for months, and the only purpose of Lindsey showing up is to make me leave. Judge Krupp amended the order against the McAlberts to do the same in November. 


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