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Canton Cover-Up Part 30: Elizabeth Proctor, MSP Detective Yuri Bekhanik Petitioned State Legislature To Keep Qualified Immunity, Protect Police From Financial Burdens

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Three years ago communist street rioters who called themselves “black lives matter” were burning down American cities and demanding “accountability” from law enforcement due to the actions of a rogue cop in Minneapolis. The widespread rioting and looting inspired proposed legislation across the country, including in Massachusetts where a “police reform” bill was passed that created a POST commission to monitor and track problematic officers. However, one of the things that BLM wanted but did not get was an end to qualified immunity for police officers. Qualified immunity protects public servants from being sued in a personal capacity as a result of their actions while on the job. QI supporters argue that less people will want to become officers, and existing officer would be less likely to arrest criminals without QI, as they would risk losing all of their assets in a frivolous lawsuit filed by a disgruntled ex-con who got a boo-boo while being placed under arrest.

The proposed bill elicited hundreds of emails, both for and against it, that were sent to legislators. These emails are public record and can be found here:

Email Testimonies Part 10

I agreed then, and I agree now, that ending qualified immunity for police officers will have more negative effects on policing than positive. However, two of the emailers in that document stood out to me, and in light of the faux prosecution of Karen Read they may have made the case for why some officers don’t deserve protection.

State Police Detective Yuri Bukhenik has been working in tandem with CONFLICTED Michael Trooper to find a way to pin John O’Keefe’s death entirely on Karen Read.

Here’s what he had to say about qualified immunity three years ago.

QI does is protecting a problem officer named Michael Proctor from personal liability. When this is all over Karen Read will more than likely be suing a lot of people, including the Massachusetts State Police. Thanks to qualified immunity Michael Proctor won’t have to worry about losing his house or personal assets as a result of a judgment. The taxpayers will pick up the bill for his corruption instead. He has no financial deterrent preventing him from doing what he’s doing.

Bukhenik also argued that QI protects officers from “frivolously lawsuits” and significant financial burdens that come along with them. Although this is fair and true, Detective Bukhenik doesn’t seem to care much about the financial burdens of Karen Read, as she has been forced to hire expensive attorneys and expensive forensic experts in order to prove what is plainly obvious to anyone with a brain – she did not kill John O’Keefe.

Another person who wrote an email in opposition to ending QI was Elizabeth Siracusa, better known as Elizabeth Proctor, the Internet hall monitor wife of CONFLICTED hardo State Trooper Michael “Bear” Proctor.

Here is the July 17, 2020 email Mrs. Proctor wrote to the Legislature.

She is concerned that this legislation would “target fundamental protections such as due process.” Yet her husband is planting evidence and violating the due process rights of Karen Read in order to protect a house full of cop killers.

She believes that public servants deserve a fair and equitable process, but private citizens like Karen Read deserve to be framed for murder by her husband.

She believes that due process is a bedrock principle of fundamental fairness, yet her husband has consistently lied in his reports, intentionally misspelled the names of at least 4 witnesses in order to protect their reputations, and failed to disclose his close ties to the McCabe and Albert families.

She believes that QI does not protect problem police officers, yet her husband is still on the job and protected with full pay despite public court documents proving that he conspired to frame an innocent woman for murder.

She’s concerned with the financial burden of officers who face frivolous lawsuits, while ignoring the hundreds of thousands of dollars Karen Read has had to pay to defend herself from the charges that Michael Proctor fabricated against her.

She believes that law enforcement officials should oversee each other, despite the fact that her law enforcement official husband is providing cover for another law enforcement official who would otherwise be considered the prime suspect in a REAL murder investigation.

She sites her husband, uncle, and brother as LEO’s. Indeed her brother James Siracusa Jr. is a detective in the Belmont Police Department.

Elizabeth’s grandmother’s obituary lists a James Siracusa Sr as her father. Someone by that name is listed as the Investigator at the Office of Massachusetts Inspector General according to LinkedIn.

The stated mission of the Inspector General’s Office is to,

“prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse of public funds and public property and promote transparency and efficiency in government.”

But Michael Proctor is not promoting transparency at all. He’s doing the opposite.

The IG’s Office defines fraud as when someone “intentionally misrepresents the truth or withholds or conceals important information, resulting in harm, such as monetary loss.”

Michael Proctor intentionally spelled the names of at least 4 people wrong in his reports, lied about what time he towed Karen Read’s vehicle from her parent’s house, lied about where he brought it to, likely planted tail light evidence 12 hours after Canton Police reported finding no tail light fragments, and concealed the very important information that he is family friends with the people on whose property a dead Boston cop’s body was discovered. As a result this has led to monetary loss on the part of Karen Read.

It looks like Michael Proctor might not be the only person in the family who’s conflicted.

P.S. Here’s a picture of Jen McCabe taping Julie Albert’s mouth shut in order to prevent her from speaking.

If that isn’t the greatest symbol of their future I don’t know what is.


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