Canton Cover-Up Part 300: Caitlin Albert’s Interview Proved Parent’s Lied To Police By Saying She Left House At 1:45, Contradicts Other Stories As Well


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Firefighter Katie McLaughlin is the only witness listed in the charging documents who stated that she heard Karen Read utter the words, “I hit him.” She also happens to be close friends with Caitlin Albert, and they party together.

When Brian and Nicole Albert were questioned by Michael Proctor days after John O’Keefe was murdered in their home, they told Proctor that their daughter Caitlin had left their house at 12:15 AM on the morning of January 29, 2022.

Notice that they also lied about who wasn’t in the house “at some point during the time in question” – Sarah Levinson and Colin Albert. Levinson, whose presence was intentionally hidden until November of 2022, is a registered nurse in Milton. She also stayed at the house until 1:47 AM when she left with the McCabes. There is no way the Alberts could have forgotten she was there. However, if she witnessed a horrific crime like a murder it would make sense why the Alberts would want to have one less witness speak to police and potentially mess the story up. Or, perhaps the Alberts told her that if she didn’t say anything they would leave her name out of it, knowing the type of anxiety it would cause someone like her if investigators began asking her questions.

If Caitlin Albert left the house at 12:15 it would mean that she was not there when John O’Keefe arrived at 12:19, and thus would be one less witness for police to speak with and potentially mix up the story. Indeed, she was not even the person who told Proctor she left at 12:15 – her parents were. By not being there when John O’Keefe arrived she had nothing to add to the investigation.

However, I always found her story odd. Caitlin was out with her parents at the Waterfall from 7-12, and her boyfriend Tristin ate dinner with them. At some point Tristin went somewhere – we don’t know where – because he was not there when the group left the Waterfall Bar around midnight. So why did Caitlin go back to 34 Fairview Road only to leave minutes later?

As we reported months ago, Caitlin was one of several second generation McAlberts – including Allie McCabe, Brian Albert Jr, and Colin Albert – who were summonsed to testify in front of a federal grand jury in July. As soon as the State Police found out that they had spoken with the FBI they immediately took an interest in these people, much as they did when they suddenly decided to interview Lucky Loughran two days after Turtleboy broke the news that Loughran had also spoken with the FBI. Proctor realized he was under federal investigation and couldn’t afford to not have an interview with four people who were inside 34 Fairview Road that night.

During Caitlin’s interview she told Proctor something that proved her parents lied to investigators in a murder investigation – she didn’t leave the house until 1:45 AM.

Caitiln’s parents had gone out of their way to protect their daughter by not placing her at the house at the same time John O’Keefe arrived. Now in August of 2023 she was suddenly putting herself in the crime scene, opening her up to a line of questioning that could potentially contradict other witness statements. If Karen Read had killed John O’Keefe and 12:30 then Caitlin Albert and Tristin Morris are now two more witnesses who drove directly passed O’Keefe’s dead body and didn’t see anything. They also didn’t hear him getting hit either.

So why would Caitlin Albert tell police something that proved that her parents lied about important facts in a murder investigation? Why would she voluntarily put herself inside a crime scene 18 months after the fact? This is a woman who hides her head in shame when people take selfies near her at football games.

The only possible explanation is that the feds have geofence data proving she was there. Unlike Karen Read’s attorneys, the FBI doesn’t need to beg Auntie Bev to order police to obtain geofence data showing everyone who was inside the house at what time. Unlike Karen Read’s attorneys they don’t have to rely upon Michael Proctor, who forgot to apply for geofence data for iPhones, which the McAlberts all own. They’re the FBI – they can get anything they want. Albert’s attorney Greg Henning is well aware of this and would be wise to tell her not to lie to the feds, because they don’t ask questions they don’t know the answers to.

Caitlin also told Proctor that she was the last person to leave the house at 1:45.

This contradicts forensic evidence showing the McCabes were the last to leave at 1:47. It also contradicts Sarah Levinson’s story who confirmed that the McCabes were the last to leave, and that the Jennifer and Matt made a joke about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich an hour after they helped murder John O’Keefe. Proctor made sure to spell Sarah’s name wrong throughout his report.

The four of them also would have driven right past where O’Keefe was dying had Karen Read killed him an hour prior, but none of them saw a body 12 feet on the lawn.

Caitlin also said that Brian Higgins arrived after she and her parents got there, and made a point to say that Chloe remained upstairs all night, because of widespread coverage of autopsy photos showing O’Keefe was clearly bitten by a dog.

There’s just one problem with that – Brian Higgins told investigators that HE was the first one to arrive at the house before the Alberts, and that he plowed the less than one inch of snow in the driveway before parking on the street in front of the house.

But wait – if Higgins was parked in front of the house then how come Karen Read and Ryan Nagel didn’t see his Jeep with the plow on it parked there? How could Ryan Nagel have seen Read’s tail light in pristine condition if Higgins’ Jeep was in between them, blocking his view?

This is why the McAlberts went out of their way to remove so many witnesses from the house at the time John O’Keefe got there – the more people who talk, the more the story gets messed up. The second Caitlin Albert spoke with police she had already contradicted the McAlbert’s story about:

  1. What time she left the house
  2. Who was the last person to leave
  3. Who was the first person to arrive at the house


Details like this matter in a murder investigation, and real police immediately begin to suspect people when their stories aren’t straight. Now imagine how screwed up this story could have gotten if they had told investigators Colin Albert and Allie McCabe were there. Would you trust this person to stick to the script if your life was one the line?

This is why the Alberts needed Michael Proctor to be the lead detective on their case – a real investigator would have noticed that the “witnesses” were lying and not ruled them out as suspects. But we know now that the Alberts aren’t just friends with the Proctors – they’re a second family.

As Tim Albert said – family protects family, which is why the older generation of McAlberts has gone out of their way to protect the younger generation and keep them out of this story.








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