Canton Cover-Up Part 302: Yuri Bukhenik Threatens Turtle Riders With Grand Jury Subpoenas If They Don’t Say That Turtleboy Made Them Message Elizabeth Proctor


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The Massachusetts State Police don’t have time to look into who was driving the Ford Edge that plow driver Lucky Loughran saw parked in the spot where John O’Keefe’s dead body was discovered 3 hours later, but they have plenty of time to go fishing for new charges for Turtleboy. Several turtle riders have reported that they received home visits from Yuri Bukhenik about messages they sent to Elizabeth Proctor in May. He seems to be preying on vulnerable people, hoping to get them to admit that Turtleboy coerced them into harassing “witnesses” in order to add more charges to the existing pile they already have. Here’s an email we got from a turtle rider named Katie:

On February 21, 2024 I got a knock on my door from my house manager Liz saying there were two State Troopers that wanted to talk to me about an ongoing investigation. I went downstairs and immediately recognized Sergeant Bukhenik standing there with another Trooper who I did not recognize. I asked for his name and he told me he was Trooper Sean Kelly. My other house manager Janie was also present. I asked if he was here about the Karen Read case because I could think of no other reason for him to be here and also because I follow the case and have been vocal about it in the past both on a Facebook group and on Tiktok. He responded “oh so you know who I am?” with a smirk on his face.

Before we began talking Liz asked if I should have an attorney present and if I was in any legal trouble and Bukhenik said no. I also find it important to add that at the time, I was under the impression that Sgt. Bukhenik had called my house manager(s) prior to coming to my house because I live in a rooming house and both entrances are always locked, so they would not be able to gain entry unless a house manager happened to be here or a resident opened it for them. I found out the next day after speaking with Janie that it was just a coincidence that the troopers and both house managers all showed up at the same time. Janie also told me that when she asked the troopers how they knew that she or Liz were going to be there at that time, Sgt. Bukhenick “skated over” the question. I was also informed that they had come to my residence earlier in the week looking for me and did not identify themselves as police officers. They told Janie that they were looking for Katie Smith which I thought was a little strange because my legal name is Kathlyn not Katie, so it leads me to believe that he had been following my social media presence because my profiles aren’t under my real name.

Bukhenik started talking about texts that Elizabeth Proctor, wife of Michael Proctor received on May 11, 2023 and stated that one of them was from me, I said yes I had sent a text. It said “your husband is covering for murderers and he should lawyer up,” or something to that effect. He asked me if I realized that by texting Elizabeth that I had intimidated a witness in an ongoing investigation. I said no I did not consider that intimidation, I consider Mrs. Proctor calling people’s jobs and trying to get them fired to be intimidating. He asked how I knew that to be true and I said people who support Karen came forward in the Justice group with proof.

Bukhenik then went on to tell me that the supporters of Karen Read are being misled, we are following a conspiracy, that she hired a PR firm, and that she was a murderer. When he said she was guilty I asked what happened to innocent until proven guilty and he responded by telling me that the state had “hard evidence” against Karen. He also informed me that if Trooper Proctor was being investigated for any wrong doing that he would have been suspended by the MSP pending an internal investigation and that had not happened according to Sgt. Bukhenick. He asked me how I had gotten Mrs. Proctors number in the first place and I told him it had been doxxed online. He asked me where and I said that I didn’t remember because I honestly don’t. My boyfriend had stage four brain cancer at the time so I was a mess, he died a month after this text was sent and I told Bukhenick this.

Bukhenik then asked me if I was coerced to send the text or if it was an orchestrated effort made by several Karen Read supporters to which I also replied no. He said he did not believe me because 11 other people had also sent a text on May 11th and thought it was too much of a coincidence that she had received several texts from people she did not know. I kept telling him I was not coerced or part of a plan to text and “intimidate” Mrs. Proctor.

Bukhenick brought up the fact he knew I had a “troubled past” which I did not appreciate at all because it has absolutely nothing to do with why he was at my house. He then stated that he had also gone to the houses of 11 other people who had also allegedly texted Mrs. Proctor which I found hard to believe because I feel that I would have heard of that happening as I follow the case very closely and I hadn’t heard anything of the sort. He had a folder which he opened and asked me if I wanted to see the “disgusting and vile things” that were sent to Mrs. Proctor, I declined. He kept asking me the same question (was I coerced to send the text) several times and I answered no every time he asked.

I feel that Sgt. Bukhenick targeted me because I am an addict in recovery and had a criminal record which got sealed over the summer. I think he thought he found an easy target to manipulate into saying someone told meto text Elizabeth Proctor because he knows I have history with law enforcement. I would like to add that I have not been arrested in eleven years and felt very disrespected and shaken up by the fact that I was basically misled and interrogated by a state trooper simply because I have an opinion on a case and it is very important to me. I said I didn’t want to talk to him anymore and he kept firing words at me but I stopped talking all together.

Sgt. Bukhenik did not record our conversation, he did not write anything down, he did not read my rights to me. He said that it is going to be up to the “special prosecutor” whether or not I will be a witness before a grand jury or if I will be charged with intimidation of a witness. Liz asked if I would receive a copy of a report, he said I would not. She then reiterated if there would be a report generated to which he said yes, she asked if I would be sent a copy to which he said I would not. I said I would like a copy sent to me and he said okay and left. I am very disturbed by the fact that these troopers were basically staking out my house and tried to intimidate me because they thought I would be scared of them because of my past. I am disgusted that this is what the residents of Massachusetts tax payers money is wasted on.

On May 9 we published a story about Elizabeth Proctor, the wife of Detective Michael Proctor, after she harassed several people at their workplaces and demanded they be fired for writing comments on social media that were critical of her husband.

She forgot to use caller ID when she called one single mother’s workplace in Western Mass, so I called the number back to make sure it was her:

The lengths these corrupt cops will go to in order to protect entitled scumbags like Liz Proctor, Jennifer McCabe, and Chris Albert, knows no bounds. These people are all aggressive bullies who are now pretending to be the victims of bullying. The people with the guns and the power are using the mechanisms of the state to silence ANYONE who speaks out against them.

We have come across information showing that Elizabeth Proctor told investigators (her husband’s coworkers) in my witness intimidation case that she only did this to people who were harassing her husband, and it wasn’t a big deal because she didn’t urge people to leave their company’s bad reviews. She admitted that this was wrong to do, yet still portrayed herself as a victim when others did it to her. She claimed that calling people’s workplaces and trying to get them fired was just her defending her family. She lied and said that I threatened to harm her children, leading to the indictment against me. She also said I was going to steal her children and force them to call me Daddy.

For the record, the single mother whose livelihood she tried to destroy had left a simple comment expressing her opinion that Michael Proctor is a corrupt cop. Elizabeth Proctor believed she had no choice but to make sure this woman was destitute – it was the only way for her to “defend” the Proctor family. She isn’t a victim of anything, she the aggressor. She just doesn’t think people should be able to do to her what she’s done to them.

I have not coerced a single person to call anyone, and I’m on record discouraging it. If other people make phone calls it’s not something I can control. But now 9 months later the same corrupt crops who framed Karen Read for murder are desperately trying to intimidate vulnerable people into blaming me for their behavior in order to put me back in jail. I hope they enjoy their power while they have it, because justice is coming, and the feds aren’t going to protect them the way they’ve protected Liz Proctor and the McAlberts.


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