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Canton Cover-Up Part 303: Leominster Judge Grants Full Year Restraining Order Against Commonwealth Spokesperson Kate Peter, Magistrate Hears Case For Witness Intimidation Charges After Years Of Threats And Abuse


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Today Judge Noonan granted a full year restraining order against Katherine Peter, the McAlbert’s official spokesperson and alleged witness/informant for the Commonwealth, prohibiting her from contacting or coming within 10 yards of me.

This came after Judge Noonan clearly established 3 instances of unwanted contact, designed to put me and my family in fear, that did in fact cause a fear of imminent harm. I didn’t want to have to do this, and would have preferred ignoring her because she’s irrelevant. But her threats have escalated, and she has trespassed on my property, so this was my only way of protecting my family from her erratic behavior. I just want her to go away and leave my family alone.

Additionally, Ms. Peter had a clerk magistrate’s hearing in Leominster District Court after the Holden Police Department filed a criminal complaint against her for felony witness intimidation and trespassing, after she made a series of threatening posts against me while I was a witness against her, and trespassed on my property after being officially put on notice that she was not welcome there. The clerk magistrate took the matter under advisement and will decide later in the week if the police met the bar for probable cause. If he finds that they did then she will officially be charged with felony witness intimidation by the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office.

As you know, I am being charged with witness intimidation already. My charges are unlikely to stick due to the fact that I never physically threatened anyone or told them not to testify at court. However, witness intimidation is a real thing, and it should be taken seriously when it does happen. For instance, when Kate Peter violated a harassment prevention order against a Boston woman named Lauren Murray (who she stalked for over a year simply for being friends with me) she was charged by BPD. I routinely showed up at her hearings as a potential witness, which upset Ms. Peter. She posted a video referencing me potentially showing up at her “bullshit court hearing” in West Roxbury, said she would be “bringing me,” including her felon boyfriend Andrew Johnson, and said that I should “reflect on if you are afraid of actual men, because if you are then you should probably avoid that venue on that day.” I did show up to her hearing as a potential witness for the Suffolk County DA’s Office, and I was assaulted on the courthouse steps by Andrew Johnson, who drove there with Ms. Peter. Johnson is now being charged with the assault in the same courthouse for the incident.

This is what actual witness intimidation looks like. Mr. Johnson’s trial is set for next Tuesday.

June 15, 2023 video – Kate told me that I should fear her and references a “call to arms,” indicating that she is willing to use weapons to hurt me.

I am currently a witness for the Stoughton Police Department against Ms. Peter for violating the order against Ms. Murray AGAIN in October. Ms. Peter said of this witness against her, “I fully expect that Aidan will be in Leominster District Court at 9 AM trying to get a harassment order against me. Because he fears me, he should, he fucking should. This is a call to arms.”

Telling a witness against you that they should fear you, while referencing a “call to arms” is a good way to get charged with witness intimidation.

Kate also challenged a witness to a fist fight, and said I would be a coward if I didn’t accept.

She said she was going to “fuck shit up, balls to the wall,” and directed me to get an order against her, then said she would get “boots on the ground to fuck shit up.”


On another occasion she dared me to live stream myself in public, then said she would abandon her children under the care of her abusive boyfriend and “pull up” and kick my ass.

Or when she threatened to mail pornography to my parents’ house.

Or when she said she would physically fight me, kind of wants to harm me, and that this was a “situation where you need to choose violence.”

Or that time two weeks ago where she left two insane drunken emails threatening to come to my parents’ house.

Or the time she told me to meet her in a parking lot somewhere so we could “duke it out,” and that she would “wipe the floor with me” because she’s 6 foot 220.

Or when she repeatedly told me not to show up to Cristina Yakimowsky’s court date, where I am a witness for the Commonwealth against the defendant.

That’s all legitimate witness intimidation.

It’s also arguably harassment to post naked pictures of people on your YouTube channel when they’re witnesses against you in court.

Or make a post vowing to come to your house and harass your family if you don’t give into her demands.

Or repeatedly demand that someone answer your phone calls at 11:30 after taking responsibility for all your pain and suffering.

Or send your 16 year old daughter to threaten to birth children to assault my children, and then express how proud you are of her on Discord.

Or promise to come to cheerleading practices where I won’t be at, presumably so she can harass 7 year olds.

Or come to my house when you know I’m at the peaceful rolling rally, after explicitly being given a trespass notice, and leave a threatening note vowing to doxx my family’s address to a bunch of cop killers.

Or claim to have hired a PI to follow me around for “adultery surveillance” for 6 months.

None of this is wise to do to a potential or listed witness against you while you are a criminal defendant.

I’ve made it clear that I want nothing to do with this woman. She’s upset because I wrote about her horrific record with DCF, that led to her two youngest children being permanently taken from her by the state.

She got the older two kids back after giving up her younger sons, but quickly lost them again in 2015 when she began drinking excessively once again. After her boyfriend Andrew Johnson (who she calls her husband) stole her ADHD medication Kate promised that their relationship was over in order to get her kids back.

She also made YouTube videos pretending to be 7 months pregnant and asking for the abortion pill, and coaching her 6 year old daughter to call her a retard.

Her lawyer for the probable cause hearing admitted that the audio sounded really bad. Her defense was that I am being charged with witness intimidation, and that this is some sort of revenge because Kate works for the Norfolk County DA’s Office. Her attorney also said that I called her daughter a prostitute, when in fact it was Kate herself who suggested on Discord that her daughter was turning tricks after running away from home for the hundredth time a couple years ago.

Ever since I wrote about this Kate has basically dedicated her life to stalking and obsessing over me. I don’t write about her, and I don’t dedicated my show to her, but a quick look at her YouTube channel and Twitter account show that her entire existence revolves around me. This is not a rivalry or a back and forth. It’s one person obsessing over another who wants nothing to do with them. KP had nothing to do with the Karen Read case, but she saw the positive attention I was getting for my coverage and felt the need to take up the cause of the McAlberts so she could have a reason to be against me. The McAlberts welcomed her with open arms, but can’t be bothered to attend any of her court dates to show their support. Gretchen Voss used her as a source in her Boston Magazine hit piece, and the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office continues to work with her in my case.

Never forget – this is the type of people they’re not only associating with, but using as trusted sources for a case that has gotten national attention. A child abusing alcoholic with an unhealthy obsession over a man she’s never had a relationship with. Someone who openly brags about giving her kids cigarettes, pot, and condoms to let them have sex in her apartment.


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  1. WOW… she’s disgusting. The video of her in her car.. YIKES. Is she a hoarder too on top of being completely unhinged? And I would say she is very dangerous. She’s mentally ill and angry. A bad combination.

    I’ve only been following Aidan and the case against Karen Read since late Spring but boy there are some horrible, disgusting low life people involved in this.

    Kate P, the dirty Alberts, the McCabes, Lizzie, MP, Karl D. Jackie D, Michael M, Jennifer C, Wacky Wendy, Grant, and lots more. Maybe I live a sheltered life but I don’t think I could name that many in my own hometown if I tried.

    Back to crazy KP. She’s gross on every level. She looks gross and acts gross. Does this woman work? Where does she live? She just looks so dirty and deranged.

    Aidan be safe.. This is clearly a very mentally ill person. It sounds like her hatred, anger and behavior has escalated…

    Shameful that the courts are not recognizing this dangerous behavior. If this was a male doing this to a woman he would be locked up.

    Dirty, deranged, dangerous and disgusting..

  2. TB – When God restores you, he does so in such a way that suddenly you’re walking in the light, and you can’t recall how dark your life has been.
    I applaud your pursuit for truth and justice. Keep the faith. God is good 🙏🏻
    Sending you love, support, peace and continued healing. God bless you and your family.

  3. Is this her rock bottom yet? I don’t think so. Happy to know it was in your favor though! Think of the turnaround she could have done using all the time and energy focusing on you she could use on herself and her own family.

    1. Hasn’t she been obsessed like this for years now? If so, that’s not normal at all. That’s a dangerous person.

  4. Certainly! If you have any specific questions, topics, or concerns you’d like to discuss, feel free to let me know. Whether it’s about technology, science, literature, or any other subject, I’m here to assist you. If you need advice, information, or just want to have a conversation, I’m available to help. Just let me know how I can assist you further!

      1. No, it’s a wake the eff up people to read between the lines. People with much to lose or gain will go to murderous lengths.

        Be safe TB, be smart. Trust yourself and don’t fool yourself.

      2. But do let me know if/when an impromptu old fashioned town center hanging is on the table, for all the corrupt soulless individuals involved.

  5. Thank you for reaching out! If you have any specific questions or topics in mind, please feel free to share them, and I’ll do my best to assist you. Whether you’re curious about a particular technology, scientific concept, literary work, or anything else, I’m here to provide information, advice, or engage in a discussion. Don’t hesitate to let me know how I can help you further!

  6. That last paragraph says it all. For real though, would “innocent” people not only align themselves with the train wrecks who are Kate Peters and Lindsey Gaetani… but also allow Kate Peters to be their formal “Spokesperson”?

    Cuz I know if I was being accused of committing and covering up such a heinous crime… and I was truly innocent… the last 2 people that I would ever be associated with, would without a doubt, be those 2 deplorables!

  7. I swear I could smell dirty Kate’s house through the DFCS report. Those poor children are beyond damaged. When women choose pecker over their own children it’s so gross. Yet she has a huge trailer park full of followers. Imagine that.

  8. How can ANYONE be afraid of that that crazy woman. She definitely needs help…..Aiden, you have done a good job dealing with these idiots….but now we ALL see them…..they are NOT scary at all…..all talk. I just feel bad for you having to deal with them!!

    1. I disagree. Krusty is the kind that NEEDS access to her sick obsession. Now that it is limited, she’s definitely the type to get really violent. Maybe even deadly violent. @Turtleboy please be safe and continue to be vigilant, the world still needs you, and your kids do too obviously. I don’t trust her as far as I could throw her 😂 which means not at all.

  9. This chick is totally unhinged 💯 loopy! Keep your head in a swivel Aidan…..snakes can appear out of nowhere. Peace brother ✌️

  10. Notice something missing from the comments? The often lengthy, vole, negative comments on every post are suddenly gone. I think we now know who the source was.

    It’s almost unbelievable this is who the NCDA, Mellow, McAlberts and MSP chose to partner with. Either they did no due diligence, or worse, did and ignored it all. Movies & documentaries will be made about all of this and when this aspect of the story gets portrayed they are going to be humiliated beyond belief. It will become symbolic of their depraved corruption. It’s going to be unprecedented.

  11. Jeez krusty pantiehoes nose should be registered as a lethal weapon that shit got some weight and girth holy fuck

  12. What the hell is wrong with DCF and the courts allowing those children to live with her! The kids are taken out of the home and DCF and court sends them back!! DCF thinks this skank is actually a good role model! Those children are doomed to be the next generation of krusty panties!

  13. Hey Turtleboy, you are a better person then I could be after this abuse. I hope you get your karma revenge on these toxic animals. I can’t even call the people!

  14. The court really should add a mental health eval to her terms & conditions. This is scary. It’s really sad she was allowed to keep two of her children, who she has clearly raised to be just like her. I hate commenting on child custody issues but she has opened herself up to the world in this manner. I can’t believe the commonwealth stooped this low to align with her!!

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  16. I’m pretty sure if you look up “white trash” in the dictionary, her picture is right next to it.. Nasty pig

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