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Investigating Kate “Bristol” Peter Part 4: Neglecting Her Daughter, Open DCF Case, Family And Friends Speak Out 



Kate Peter’s two oldest kids were removed from her custody in 2012, and have spent the majority of their lives in foster care while their mother ignored them. However, they may have been witness to, or been the victims of sexual assault, as one of their many foster parents witnessed inappropriate behavior that required the children to be split up in 2012.

According to Kate’s DCF plan she suffers from mental illness and is a severe alcoholic. She still regularly drinks 4-5 shots of Fireball during her live streams on YouTube, and her service plans highlights the horrors that DCF discovered in her home before removing her 4 children.

She got the older two kids back after giving up her younger sons, but quickly lost them again in 2015 when she began drinking excessively once again. After her boyfriend Andrew Johnson (who she calls her husband) stole her ADHD medication Kate promised that their relationship was over in order to get her kids back.

She is still with him today, and they are still not married. Kate has promised many times to show her divorce records from Steven Young, but she has yet to do so. Young now lives in Montana and is trying to get married, but Kate won’t sign the divorce papers and no such documents have been filed with the Commonwealth.

Now that we’ve exposed Kate Peter’s path of destruction as a mother of four who abandoned her two youngest sons, she is alleging that we are being unfair because it all happened ten years ago. She claims to have changed according to posts in Discord using her nom de plume “Trash Bag Tammy.”

She also claims that she gave away her two youngest children because it was in their best interest, and that the alternative could’ve been worse for everyone.

But according to a 2014 article in the Attleboro Sun she’s lying:

They believed Wade’s stay would be temporary, and that he would be reunited with his birth family, as is frequently the case with foster children. When a reunification attempt failed for Wade’s brother Hunter, the Stevens agreed to take him into their home, as well. 

“There was nothing to talk about. We didn’t want another family to adopt them. If they couldn’t go home, we wanted them home with us,” Suzanne said.

DCF did try to reunite both boys with their mother and Kate failed to do what she needed to do several times. Kate wanted to keep the boys, but yet she constantly blames her “ex-husband” Steven Young for her own failures as a mother.

And yes, both boys are alive, despite the many people who have been told by her that one of them died in DCF care.

She did not give the boys up to be safe from him though. She lost her kids several times because she refused to end her relationship with him. Kate’s history with DCF is long and confusing, so I made a timeline to help organize it, which makes it clear that her ratchet days are far from over. The information provided in this blog comes largely from friends of Kate, family members, and others she has harmed in her path of destruction.

  • In 2004 Kate met Rick Kelly when they were 16 and told him and his mother that she wanted to have a baby.
  • Kate was into drugs from an early age, including crack and heroin, and got Rick Kelly hooked.
  • In 2006 her oldest daughter was born. Nurses at the hospital noticed that Kate did not seem nurturing for a new mother and let the baby’s head flop a lot. DCF was in her daughter’s life from the moment she was born.
  • Kate initially lived with Rick Kelly’s parents, and frequently left discarded tampons and bloody sheets for his parents to clean. She neglected her baby daughter, leaving her in soiled diapers and never did laundry.
  • In 2008 she met Steven Young and had kid #2 the next year.
  • In 2009 DCF took her oldest daughter from her after finding her apartment in one of the most filthy conditions they’d ever seen. This was the same year Kate was arrested for driving without license.
  • In 2010 she had kid #3 and her mother, Monica Earls, was petitioning DCF to see her granddaughter because she worried what Kate was doing to her. Monica had taken in her daughter while in foster care but Kate would not allow her to see her after that.
  • In 2011 Kate had kid #4, the third with Steven Young, despite DCF’s concern that she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse. In July of that year Kate started her blog about dating after divorce, despite still being married and living with Steven Young. In October of the same year Steven Young was arrested for assaulting her by the Taunton Police.
  • In 2012 DCF was very concerned about Kate’s mental health and alcohol abuse and asked her to get treatment. Despite that she began dating Andrew Johnson, the third drug addict in a row Kate exposed her children to. In May she announced that she was publishing a book, and in June she made this bizarre video from phone in which she had her 5 year old daughter call her a retard.

  • In July of 2012 DCF filed a 51A, alleging neglect of her four kids. During an inspection her home was found to have dirty diapers stacked everywhere, the sink and countertops were filled with dirty dishes, and the floors were covered in food. The kids were taken from her on July 10, 2012. Three days after her kids were taken from her by DCF she made this parody video, pretending to be six months pregnant and asking several Target employees for the abortion pill and coat hangers so she could terminate her pregnancy.

  • DCF put her children in 3 places with the goal of reunification. Kid #2 was placed in a hospital for mental evaluation because of the trauma he witnessed living with Kate. Throughout 2013 DCF attempted to reunify Kate with her children but she could not meet the bare requirements. One of their biggest concerns was her relationship with Andy, which was toxic. They made it clear they did not want to send the children back to her home if they were forced to sit through the latest abusive relationship that Kate chose to be a part of.

  • Kate’s youngest two boys were living with Steven Young’s sister. Throughout that time Kate had friends send her threatening messages, and Kate herself wrote messages that illustrated her unfitness as a mother, and her ungratefulness towards the woman who was raising her children. They wanted to adopt the boys, but Kate wanted them back.

  • In 2014 her youngest two were adopted out to the foster family in Attleboro, despite Kate’s best efforts to keep them. The two boys barely knew her at this point, despite Facebook posts Kate made about her desire to have them back.

  • In 2015 Kate’s son and daughter were reunified with her. However, less than three months later Kate relapsed and they were once again removed.
  • In 2016 Kate was reunited with her children and forced them to sit through yet another traumatic event involving her boyfriend and the NAPD. In July of that year Andrew called the police after Kate after she began threatening him in front of the two children. Kate accused Andrew of stealing her prescription medication and of hacking into her cell phone. And as we know by now, Kate knows a thing or two about hacking into accounts that don’t belong to her. Kate played up the battered woman card, despite not being hit, and got a judge to grant her a restraining order that night against Andy.

This was months after Andrew accused her of kicking and threatening to kill their dog Jolene.

  • Later that year allegations were made that Kate and her friend were making money online, providing services for horny men in exchange for cash. DCF was unable to corroborate this allegation according to sources.
  • After that incident the children were taken from Kate again, and DCF made it clear that if she continued on with Andy they would not be returned to her, but she moved him right back in anyway. Then in November Kate once again called the police on Andy for allegedly breaking into her apartment, a lie she had to tell police because she knew DCF would see the report and know Andy was living there. She and Andy both made up a lie that he had come to her apartment to walk the dog, but Kate accused him of stealing her thermostat and damaging her coffee maker. She told the police that Andy contacted her afterwards and said, “why don’t you have some coffee,” which turned out to be a lie as well. No evidence of damage was seen at the apartment, but given Kate’s ability to fool the North Attleboro Police, along with Andy’s lack of credibility as a result of his drug addiction, she was treated as the victim. It’s notable that the Sgt who reviewed this incident is the same one who looked the other way when Kate hacked into my Facebook page and wrote a threatening comment to herself.


  • DCF believed that Andy was living with Kate, but since they could not prove it her children were returned to her in early 2017. Less than two months later the police were once again called to the apartment after Andy called them to report a domestic incident with Kate. Kate knows how to manipulate the police into believing that she is the victim, despite usually being the instigator, and came outside crying. With minimal evidence, and only Kate’s word, Andy was arrested for allegedly smashing her cell phone, preventing her from calling the police, and kicking in her door. It does not say where her two children were during this incident, which took place on a Sunday morning.

This was less than three years ago.

  • Kate regained full legal custody of her two children in late 2017, and began writing for Turtleboy in September of the next year. She downplayed her past and made no mention of her frequent domestic incidents, restraining orders, drug and alcohol abuse, and DCF involvement in her life. Had I known any of these things I would not have brought her on board, but since she has few Google trophies and manipulates the police extremely well, there really isn’t that much out there on her.

Turtleboy was not good for Kate, and it became an obsession for her. She spent so much time on blogs and her YouTube show that should’ve been spent making up for lost time with her traumatized and damaged children, who are both too old and damaged now to have any hope of adoption. Most people we spoke with describe her older two children as the unlucky ones, since they were treated like ping pong balls between Kate and DCF.

In February of last year Kate indicated that she was having issues with her daughter. I urged her to focus on her relationship with her child and take some time off from the blog or blog less often, but she never did and told me later on that things were fine.



According to Kate her daughter actually wrote some of the blog for Turtleboy, which I find hard to believe, but this is what she considers quality time with her daughter.

Kate used Turtleboy as a way to feel better about herself by putting other DCF Moms down. Many of her blogs used scathing language that none of the other bloggers used, and which can only be rivaled by Bret. She told me in a group chat in April that she joined a DCF Moms group and mocked women who had lost children to DCF, despite her own background.

This past New Year’s Eve Kate joked that someone had emailed her about suing DCF after losing his child. Kate said she wanted to him on the Bristol Crew show for a “DCF parent extravaganza.”

Another time she mocked a ratchet for only having pictures of her children in the DCF visitor’s room.

She had an obsession with investigating DCF, and wanted to see if our readers had connections to get internal documents from them.

Yet recently she posted in Discord that I was in legal trouble for obtaining some of her earlier DCF documents, which are publicly available.

Kate frequently talks like she knows how the courts work, but she clearly does not.

In early 2019 Kate told me that her and her daughter were going to “stalk the guttermuppet” she was writing about in Pawtucket, and credited Turtleboy with fixing her relationship with her daughter.

Despite allegedly being a recovering alcoholic, Kate frequently made references to being drunk.

in January of last year she told me that she got drunk in Plymouth with a friend and laughed about not coming home to her husband and children.

Witnesses that night recall her urinating and blowing cocaine in the parking lot.

In October of 2019, during what was then the most viewed Bristol Crew show in history, Kate was seen drinking at least five nips of alcohol before and after the show.

She drove home with both of her children, who she drags along with her for her performances. She told witnesses that she doesn’t trust leaving her daughter home alone, while her son comes along with her because he “feels like this is his show now.”

I also met her son at an all day event in Taunton that she dragged him to. And on another occasion she brought him to Hadassah Robeson’s house in Fitchburg with her dog, pretending to be a homeless woman looking to stay at the Gan Rivkah Center, because it would be more convincing if she had a child with her.

Later in October of 2019 Kate expressed her frustration with her daughter’s behavior in our group conversation. Her daughter was clearly desperate for attention and wasn’t getting it because of the amount of time Kate was investing into people like Josh Abrams. Kate’s daughter was covered in bruises and according to Kate her much older boyfriend was the one who beat her. She said that she was going to “f***ing destroy that kid,” although the girl told doctors, police, and DCF other stories.

Her DCF case was reopened and to this day she gets monthly visits from them. She lies to her followers when she says that her ratchet days are over. DCF is still very much a part of her life.

The allegations that her daughter’s older boyfriend beat her were never substantiated, which didn’t stop Kate from threatening to go to jail and calling this minor child homophobic slurs.

The police and doctors were skeptical of how her daughter got the bruises, and weren’t buying her story of domestic abuse by the boyfriend, or injuries sustained from sneaking out the window.

Kate’s daughter, who sources tell us is growing up to be exactly like the woman who comes in and out of her life so frequently, insinuated to the police that either Kate or Andy was responsible. However, both of Kate’s kids frequently have been known to lie to DCF.

Sources we spoke with about this incident all said that they doubt Andy would ever hit Kate’s daughter, as he’s not been known to be violent. However, they do believe that Kate is volatile and abusive to him, and think that she may be responsible.

Kate bemoaned having DCF back in her life, and blamed her daughter for it.

As usual, Kate took no responsibility for herself, despite being negligent as a mother.

At this point the appropriate thing for a mother to do would’ve been to walk away from Turtleboy and her YouTube show, which I would’ve respected. But she’s entirely too selfish and incapable of thinking about anyone but herself. Instead she messaged stuff like this, pretending to be a tough love mother.

Months ago Kate told me that her then 12 year old daughter had stolen her prescription meds.

She blamed a 14 year old boy at school for her behavior, and said she wanted to beat him up, instead of taking responsibility for her own negligence.

As usual Kate continues to take no responsibility whatsoever for her daughter’s behavior. The girl has been bounced around the system, forced to witness constant domestic violence and police calls, and gets no attention from the mother she was only recently reunited with. She blames DCF for being “no f***ing help.”

She blames me for writing about her deplorable parenting skills.

And as you will see in part 5, she blames her family and those who cared for her children while they were in DCF care too. Everyone but herself. Perhaps Kate is not in the best position to lecture others on accountability and responsibility.


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