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Canton Cover-Up Part 312: Woman Who Assaulted Peaceful Protester At Karen Read Hearing Is Raveis Real Estate Agent Kellie Lamb, Says Jen McCabe Is “Good Friend”



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I didn’t think Jennifer McCabe would have the balls to show up to court on Wednesday after the last hearing, in which it was revealed that a FBI trained specialist unequivocally determined that she Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM on the morning John O’Keefe was left to die in the cold on Brian Albert’s front lawn. But people like her have no shame, and they feel emboldened by friends and family who show up with her and act as a shield to protesters. Often these body guards use violence and intimidation to attack peaceful protesters, and on Wednesday that is exactly what happened.

You may recall on July 22 when local cheesehog Diana White threw an egg at a 5 year old for participating in a peaceful rolling rally protest in Canton. Police Chief Helena Rafferty covered for her by intentionally not alerting the child’s mother of White’s clerk magistrate date, leading to the charges being dropped.

The message was sent loud and clear – if you use violence to attack peaceful protesters in defense of the McAlberts you will be protected by police and the courts.

Tom Derosier is a turtle rider who documents the Read hearings on his YouTube channel, Tom CPU, and he found this out the hard way on Wednesday. Tom has every right to film people outside of court, but the McAlberts seem to disagree. On Wednesday he was filming the group as they assembled for their walk of shame into court with the family of the man that Jennifer McCabe helped murder. Suddenly a burly blonde woman in a blue coat made the choice to assault Tom by hitting the camera out of his hands, smashing it on the pavement (1:58:00 mark):


Thar she blows!

Tom Derosier did nothing wrong. He had every right to stand there and film these people, and they have every right to film him. But the McAlberts and their associates are violent bullies by nature, so they think they can get away with hitting cameras out of people’s hands. And for that they should be named and shamed.

Meet realtor Kellie Lamb.



She’s a realtor for Raveis Real Estate, the company that sold Brian Albert’s house for $50K under asking price shortly after he was accused in open court of being involved with John O’Keefe’s murder. Agent Eric Hanlon reportedly did not allow any prospective buyers to take pictures inside the house, something people who viewed the house told me felt odd.

She was also joined with the McAlberts by Suzanne Bertone, another Raveis realtor.

It should be socially unacceptable to stand by a woman who Googled “how long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM to figure out how long she would have to wait until John O’Keefe was officially dead. But apparently this entire real estate company not only stands in solidarity with a bunch of murderers, they join them at court and assault people who film them.


Kellie Lamb was outed on the Justice for John and Karen Facebook group and texted the woman who posted about her. She claimed that Tom was “sticking a phone over the railing and into someone’s face while they were walking” and that she was protecting someone from being hit with the phone. She also said that it’s “unfortunate” one of her “good friends” (Jennifer McCabe) is “part of this situation.”

Just to be clear, Tom Derosier wasn’t sticking his camera in anyone’s face, nor was he anywhere near a railing. This is where they were all standing when Kellie assaulted him:

As you can see, there was no railing. All these people do is lie.

And just to be clear, it’s not “unfortunate” that Jen McCabe is “part of this situation.” It’s unfortunate that she chose to help participate in the murder of John O’Keefe. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t think of his two children, who not only lost their third parent, but have been brainwashed by the very people who killed him into believing that the closest thing they had to a motherly figure was actually the person who murdered him. They’re children, so it’s not their fault for believing this. What’s Paul O’Keefe’s excuse?

This wasn’t a “situation” Jennifer McCabe became a part of. It’s a murder coverup that she participated in. If Kellie Lamb wants to call a woman who participated in a murder a “close friend,” that is her choice. But in my opinion it should be socially unacceptable to stand by a person this depraved and evil. Especially considering that her reviews are wide open on Facebook. Kellie Lamb is nothing more than a thug and a bully who proudly supports cop killers and assaults peaceful protesters.

As usual, Jennifer McCabe walked out of court smiling and laughing, because murder is just a big joke to her. She had her posse of mean girls, including Suzanne Bertone and Kellie Lamb, to protect her. But the problem with Jen is that she just can’t help herself and loves to engage with protesters, so her sisters often have to pull her away because they know how bad it looks for her.

Shame on you Kellie Lamb, and shame on Raveis Real Estate for standing by the people who murdered John O’Keefe. When these people are held responsible for what they did there will be no amnesty for any of these people or their businesses. They’ve seen the facts, they know what their friends did, and they’ve made their choice to side with evil. Let’s see how that one plays out for them.


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  2. He should report her to the regional/local NAR board. They have a code of conduct that’s quite strict. It governs both professional and private conduct.
    If she’s found at fault they yank her membership. Without NAR membership, very tough to practice real estate. No access to MLS for starters.

  3. Is there something in the water in Canton were the women are aggressive and manly looking,also none of the men have hair,fucked up

  4. There must’ve been something in the water in that town when these lunatics were born. They are all BAT SHIT CRAZY! Did that dirty Dr get in any trouble for the assault on Tom before? I would try again w this ratchet phone smasher. She got pissed when Tom said tap my phone and then said thank you when she did😂😂😂 dumb ass tapped his iPhone! Tom don’t you have her info on your phone now?

  5. 6,000views in under 2hrs. How many Facebook comments on her an her employer will they get before shutting down their pages? Over under 100 seems average. Looking at her face. She would seem skinny. If she loses weight she will turn into a shrunken head Beetlejuice style. That’s where they lose weight first. Damn those hips tho. Is that why the Courthouse closed the stairs for the earthquaking hips coming through? They gonna do that when the McAlberts are on trial? Bet you 1,000’s more people show up for their trials…

  6. Oh god… where to even begin.

    Canton and surrounding communities.. Would you want any of these people representing you in a business transaction of your home? I certainly would not. Their behavior was disgusting, inappropriate and very childish. Bully is a word that comes to mind but this seems far worse. They acted like thugs.

    Next, those poor homeowners at 34 Fairview. Not only did a vicious murder take place in that home but there is likely remnants of the crime still in the house, BLOOD. While it’s not required for a broker to disclose if a murder took place it does seem very unfair for these new homeowners to not have known that their home would be visited often by strangers driving by, the FEDS, etc. That property will have curious on seekers for a very long time and that will impact their quality of life. Shouldn’t they have some recourse? Shouldn’t they be able to sue Brian and Nicole Albert and the RE Company and the agent as well for not disclosing ANYTHING? I think they could have a very good case. It’s not just that someone died in the house, it’s that bodily fluids are probably still there, and the house is now associated with what may be the largest police scandal in MA history. If you knew that about a home would you buy it? I certainly would not. No doubt that the value of that property has gone down because of all of this.

    But many of us question why people, other than close family, are aligning themselves with Jen McCabe and others? Why are they supporting a woman that took part in killing a man in such a horrific way? Why is anyone standing by them? Are they that foolish to not understand the details of this case and the obvious murder cover up?

    And who was that foolish man in the blue puffer making those ridiculous comments about Karen Read?

    The murder/cover up is now officially the worst kept secret. EVERYONE who’s paying attention gets it including the Boston media.

    I am so looking forward to the day when we see them all getting arrested for First Degree Murder. I LIVE FOR THAT DAY.

    Just wondering if FIRST DEGREE MURDER charges mean NO BAIL? Asking for thousands of friends.

      1. The new owners are sure to see their home value decrease because of the history of the house. This is where it seems they could go after the previous homeowners for not disclosing anything. The broker included. If the broker was refusing to let people photograph a room, etc that sounds like he knew some details.

        Reading your bottom post. Interesting the new homeowner works for a demolition company. Once I learned about this case and saw how many times the property was shown, visited, talked about, etc I thought the best thing to do is demolish that house and rebuild.

        1. Not sure about MA but in my state the buyer has to specifically ask if anyone has died on/in the property.

  7. What’s interesting is that everyone associated with the McCabe’s and Alberts acts like this. They all act like thugs and that makes it even easier to believe that the McCabes and Alberts killed John O’Keefe. Do they realize how bad they look?

    I can’t think of one of them that acts respectful. And I can’t get over how dumb you would have to be to put yourself anywhere near these murderers. How do they not expect to be called out for supporting killers?

    I wonder if any of them are donating their commissions to the legal funds for their good friends? I wonder if these same “good friends” will visit them in prison?

    1. You grown up in, and never leave, a town your family and friends grew up in and never left, you eventually rise to the top of the pecking order. So you feel invincible. Of course, the downside is you don’t realize that everyone outside that town just sees you for the mediocre criminals you are. The reality slap is a bitch for sure! Maybe your kids, the ones that don’t end up in jail for participating, will leave Canton and actually do something with their lives. We can hope.

  8. A cop pulls over a driver with a broken tail light…
    The officer approaches the driver of the vehicle and asks how long he has been driving with a broken tail light. Without answering the question the driver jumps out of his car, runs to the rear of his vehicle and groans. Seeing he was upset the officer tried to cheer him up slightly “come on now, don’t take it so hard. Its not that serious.”
    “It isn’t?” Replied the driver, “then do you know what happened to my boat and trailer?”

  9. Lol it just shows that money simply cannot buy you class!!

    All of these ‘ladies’ I use that term very loosely indeed appear to be of the opinion that having money in the bank makes them more intelligent than everyone else on the planet!!

    I’m hoping that the Realtors are actually making more of a business decision in regards to who will be the ones that get their homes to sell ….after all that’s an awful lot of commission especially when you consider how many houses will be on the market just to pay the Attorney fees for this motley crew of thugs!!

    I very much doubt that there will be much support on GoFundMe for cop killers!!

    Remember Estate agents are ruthless its all about the commission!!

    The fact they sold Brian Alberts home for $50,000 less than the asking price no doubt to one of their buddies I bet they got one helluva kick back from that!!

    Although not exactly a good reason to sell your house to them eh??

    These thugs have exposed themselves for who they really are ….wait for them to now play the victim!!

    No doubt Tully will add them to the ‘witness’ list as a means to tie TB up in more charges, however like Lally said …..the phones do not lie!!

    The last I saw Tom had more than 20,000 views on that video where its clearly evident who the aggressors were ….eek did she not realise there was a mic because we all caught her words too kindly letting everyone know that she did it intentionally!!

    No point running to Chief Rafferty this time, I think she’s more worried about the Feds and their investigation to be dealing with Jen McCabes mob of vigilantes!!

    What I’d like to know where was Donutboy in Skeletors hour of need?? Did he actually grow a spine and refuse to do another walk of shame with her….or was it his opportunity to see the Divorce Lawyers whilst she was out parading in front of the cameras hoping to save some of his assets when the inevitable knock at the door comes!!

    Aunty Bev won’t be able to help this time around ….I get the feeling now she knows what’s in the Fed Investigation she knows shes hanging by a thread herself . …I just hope she gives us all a good laugh like the last Judge that was convicted …..and goes kicking and screaming to the cells in her own court room!!

    1. I call McCabe Skeletor too. Just did in a comment prior to reading yours. She looks like a dead carcass and acts like one too. No soul, no heart. Can’t wait fir the bitch to go down. The whole country is waiting and watching…

  10. She knows there’s going to be a bunch of new Canton listings when all the McAlberts are finally arrested. She’s just positionong her size 19 ass to be the broker! That’s Canton hustle!

    On a serious note, Tom has to file complaints otherwise it will keep happening and just get worse.

  11. Eek as I write this now there are over 10,000 views all of them getting acquainted with MS LAMB or should that actually be MS SHEEP!!

    Add those views to the over 20,000 Tom got on his video its not exactly a glowing reference for the actions of Ms Sheep who kindly came out from behind her persona of being a decent human being and exposed herself as nothing more than a liar and cheat!!

    First rule of putting lies in black and white …..make damn sure there’s nothing out there to contradict your claims …..oopsie!!

    How many more views will Tom have now than the 20,000 he had on the first day once everyone clicks through to his video …..which exposes this creature for who she truly is, you’ve just got to love her hot mic moment eh?? 🤣🤣🤣

    Perhaps a career change for you Ms Sheep, and a face-lift.

    I hope you get a good deal on your new home, afterall what goes around comes around!!

    I hear Siberia is a good place for social outcasts, once you get used to the chill!!

    Mind you, you have got time plenty of time to acclimatise especially once you are frozen out of your local community after your little display at court ….assaulting a man with a disability in his 60’s for having the audacity to film a cop killer!!

  12. Didn’t you write an article about Tom doxxing him for being a sexual predator a few years ago ? Now he cucks for you ? Birds of a feather. Also fbi never said that about the google search. Only defense counsel did . Another one of their lies they won’t be able to produce on. But as long as it keeps the money coming in for you…

    1. Dear oh Dear,

      Are you saying the Defence made it up about Quantico?? Did they just pull it out of thin air??

      At what point did you hear Lally deny it ….he didn’t did he!!
      His exact words were when referring to the 02:27 search were ” I agree with counsel and I don’t know why this is still up for debate and this is still a topic they are pushing, essentially what we have that counsel is mentioning the experts but what they are neglecting to mention are the 06:22 and 06:24 searches”


      There is zero dispute about that 02:27am search Hos long to die in cold by Jen Mcabe ….Lally has now conceded it took place!!

      Lally has denied the relationship between the Proctors and Alberts since 16th September 2022 even though he has been provided with numerous photographs of him with the Alberts, social media posts from Proctors own mother and now we have Proctor admitting that he socialised, goes drinking with and even attends pool parties with the Alberts at the FEDERAL GRAND JURY and that his boss Bucheki knew all about it!!

      Are you going to say that’s lies too ….even when there are text messages about Julie Albert babysitting for him, and wanting to buy thank you gifts “when this is all over” on the very day that Karen Read was arrested!!

      Julie Albert is Chris Alberts wife, the parents of Colin Albert who was in the house that night!! Hence why he was subpoenaed to the Federal Grand Jury, even when his name did not appear in a single statement!! He was only interviewed AFTER the Federal Grand Jury as was Caitlin Albert when she told the Feds that she left the house at 01:45am and NOT 00:15 like her parents claimed who are Nicole and Brian Albert the homeowners!!

      Perhaps it’s time you cleaned your ears out and actually listened to what is being said rather than hearing what you want to hear because you have an innate hatred of the person that has reported factually on this case with receipts!!

      Lally also got his sidekick to stand up in court and claim that the evidence from the Feds were all in the CW favour …..neglecting to mention the INDEPENDENT Reconstruction which concluded the damage on the SUV was not consistent with hitting John and that Johns injuries were not consistent with being hit by the SUV!!

      So how then did a cracked tailight turn up smashed to smithereens scattered all over the lawn ….unless they were planted by the admitted liar Proctor?? Who also lied about the time the Tow Truck picked up the SUV, LIED to the court about ordering Geofencing, when court ordered to do so he then only ordered it for Android phones ….knowing full well not only John but also the McAlberts had Iphones!! He also wrote a memo to say that the information should only be given to him!

    1. That’s a “six” head not a forehead. The Pats are drafting her right thigh as a defensive tackle.

  13. Jen’s got ALL fat friends except for her sisters. I think it’s how she controls them.

    “THAR SHE BLOWS!!!” Indeed. Someone could make quite a bit of blubber fuel from all her friends. You could light up a hospital from her friend’s blubber.

  14. Jen McCabe and her fat friends and she looks like skeletor. Her skull bulges and she has no ass. I hope the bitch can’t eat due to nerves. I wouldn’t blame her hubby for banging LG and word is he HAS. At least she’s got an ass and it wouldn’t be like fucking a carrionless carcass.

  15. Geez, not only does Jen McCabe have a horse face, but she seems to be going bald. Christ, she could land a plane on the forehead. As for lamb, I don’t know if she lives in Canton, but she seems to have the Canton weight problem. She better not get to close to a slaughterhouse.

  16. I wonder if the new homeowners at 34 Fairview have allowed the Feds access to the house. The realtors in that office have some questions to answer about the sale of the house as well. Same with the floor guy. What a shady bunch. The group picture of the best looking horse and friends walking away from the camera while looking/filming should be captioned Reservoir Hogs. Oink oink!

  17. Elaine Leung is a realtor and is who bought the house from the Albert’s, along with Patrick Barry whom she supposedly married last summer. (Quick Google search shows purchase record & hos long ago their wedding was). Their registry had a cash fund to put towards to their pool renovation. I’d be interested to find out if one or both have a connection with the McAlbert’s or police. I don’t have Facebook, so my ability to dig further is limited. Just a thought in case someone wants to dive deeper…LinkedIn also shows Patrick working for a demolition company as a project manager.

    1. How tacky to have your registry asking for cash.

      That property is now worth less than what they paid. It’ will forever be known as the house where a brutal crime took place both inside and outside and that will deter any future buyers.

  18. What i don’t understood is in reality how you’re now not really a lot more smartly-favored than you might be now. You’re very intelligent. You understand therefore significantly in terms of this topic, produced me personally believe it from a lot of numerous angles. Its like women and men are not interested except it is one thing to accomplish with Woman gaga! Your own stuffs outstanding. Always care for it up!

  19. Isn’t she on video proudly admitting she slapped the phone into the ground? Hard for police to not act on that.

    1. I sure hope Tom presses charges against that fat slob! It’s time for one of the Canton crooks to be charged with A& B…the camera doesn’t lie,!

      The Board of Realtors has a code of conduct on and off of the job. It would be great to watch her lose her real estate license for assaulting an innocent man.

  20. RE agents know ALL the town news, don’t you find that to be true? The kid’s been a problem around town for years. The cops know it. The girl was framed. April 16 marks Judge Cannone’s tenth year on the bench. Lots of Eyes on Norfolk County. Time for justice for Officer John O’Keefe.

  21. Jen looks like she’s falling apart from the stress she literally is losing her hair and looks like a skeleton. Karma is a bitch

    1. Sometimes Kellie brings me to see Jen I can’t do it anymore. The fat pig and Balding Skelator pass me bacK and fourth. They are both so gross but at least I’m not the one Balding Jen uses on Matt , I feel so bad for that dildo

    1. Please leave me in the night stand, I can’t do this anymore. This fat disgusting smelly woman uses me for horrible things, I wish she would just throw me away. It should be a crime what this fat pig does to me

  22. Has anyone ever said why the officers on scene called for the homicide squad and not the crash analysis team if they thought it was a motor vehicle vs pedestrian accident and not a homicide?

  23. On Team KR, but Tom is a fucking nuisance. A 70 year old guy acting like a 13 year old boy with the phone. Put the fucking phone away and get a life. Jen’s a cunt plain and simple. i have no beef with Kellie, she’s just a dumb fat chick who is allowed to sit at the cool lunch table. Jen surrounds herself with heifers and ugly women to feel better about herself.

  24. She won’t be able to defend her good friend in prison so she should start letting JMcBitch fight her own battles

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