Canton Coverup Part 312: Woman Who Assaulted Peaceful Protester At Karen Read Hearing Is Raveis Real Estate Agent Kellie Lamb, Says Jen McCabe Is “Good Friend”



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I didn’t think Jennifer McCabe would have the balls to show up to court on Wednesday after the last hearing, in which it was revealed that a FBI trained specialist unequivocally determined that she Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM on the morning John O’Keefe was left to die in the cold on Brian Albert’s front lawn. But people like her have no shame, and they feel emboldened by friends and family who show up with her and act as a shield to protesters. Often these body guards use violence and intimidation to attack peaceful protesters, and on Wednesday that is exactly what happened.

You may recall on July 22 when local cheesehog Diana White threw an egg at a 5 year old for participating in a peaceful rolling rally protest in Canton. Police Chief Helena Rafferty covered for her by intentionally not alerting the child’s mother of White’s clerk magistrate date, leading to the charges being dropped.

The message was sent loud and clear – if you use violence to attack peaceful protesters in defense of the McAlberts you will be protected by police and the courts.

Tom Derosier is a turtle rider who documents the Read hearings on his YouTube channel, Tom CPU, and he found this out the hard way on Wednesday. Tom has every right to film people outside of court, but the McAlberts seem to disagree. On Wednesday he was filming the group as they assembled for their walk of shame into court with the family of the man that Jennifer McCabe helped murder. Suddenly a burly blonde woman in a blue coat made the choice to assault Tom by hitting the camera out of his hands, smashing it on the pavement (1:58:00 mark):

Thar she blows!

Tom Derosier did nothing wrong. He had every right to stand there and film these people, and they have every right to film him. But the McAlberts and their associates are violent bullies by nature, so they think they can get away with hitting cameras out of people’s hands. And for that they should be named and shamed.

Meet realtor Kellie Lamb.



She’s a realtor for Raveis Real Estate, the company that sold Brian Albert’s house for $50K under asking price shortly after he was accused in open court of being involved with John O’Keefe’s murder. Agent Eric Hanlon reportedly did not allow any prospective buyers to take pictures inside the house, something people who viewed the house told me felt odd.

She was also joined with the McAlberts by Suzanne Bertone, another Raveis realtor.

It should be socially unacceptable to stand by a woman who Googled “how long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM to figure out how long she would have to wait until John O’Keefe was officially dead. But apparently this entire real estate company not only stands in solidarity with a bunch of murderers, they join them at court and assault people who film them.


Kellie Lamb was outed on the Justice for John and Karen Facebook group and texted the woman who posted about her. She claimed that Tom was “sticking a phone over the railing and into someone’s face while they were walking” and that she was protecting someone from being hit with the phone. She also said that it’s “unfortunate” one of her “good friends” (Jennifer McCabe) is “part of this situation.”

Just to be clear, Tom Derosier wasn’t sticking his camera in anyone’s face, nor was he anywhere near a railing. This is where they were all standing when Kellie assaulted him:

As you can see, there was no railing. All these people do is lie.

And just to be clear, it’s not “unfortunate” that Jen McCabe is “part of this situation.” It’s unfortunate that she chose to help participate in the murder of John O’Keefe. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t think of his two children, who not only lost their third parent, but have been brainwashed by the very people who killed him into believing that the closest thing they had to a motherly figure was actually the person who murdered him. They’re children, so it’s not their fault for believing this. What’s Paul O’Keefe’s excuse?

This wasn’t a “situation” Jennifer McCabe became a part of. It’s a murder coverup that she participated in. If Kellie Lamb wants to call a woman who participated in a murder a “close friend,” that is her choice. But in my opinion it should be socially unacceptable to stand by a person this depraved and evil. Especially considering that her reviews are wide open on Facebook. Kellie Lamb is nothing more than a thug and a bully who proudly supports cop killers and assaults peaceful protesters.

As usual, Jennifer McCabe walked out of court smiling and laughing, because murder is just a big joke to her. She had her posse of mean girls, including Suzanne Bertone and Kellie Lamb, to protect her. But the problem with Jen is that she just can’t help herself and loves to engage with protesters, so her sisters often have to pull her away because they know how bad it looks for her.

Shame on you Kellie Lamb, and shame on Raveis Real Estate for standing by the people who murdered John O’Keefe. When these people are held responsible for what they did there will be no amnesty for any of these people or their businesses. They’ve seen the facts, they know what their friends did, and they’ve made their choice to side with evil. Let’s see how that one plays out for them.


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