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Canton Cover-Up Part 81: Woman Who Threw Egg At 5 Year Old Boy Outside CPD During Peaceful Protest Identified As Real Estate VP Diana White


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During the rolling rally peaceful protest in Canton on Saturday the wonderful demonstration was marred at the end by a previously unidentified individual who threw an egg that landed next to a 5 year old boy. At the 1 minute mark of this video you can see a BMW go by me while I was giving an interview for Canton TV. Then you hear someone yell “f*** you man,” before hearing an egg cracking.

I had the chance to meet the little boy afterwards, and he was visibly shaken by the incident (luckily a turtle rider gave him $5 because they felt so badly for him). You can see the boy walking with me in this video, which also shows Tim Albert filming protesters from the side of his bedsheet curtains.

Multiple witnesses reported seeing the egg come out of the sun roof of the car that had a blonde woman driving with what appeared to be a teenage girl in the passenger seat.

The car is registered to Diana White, the Vice President of Better Living Real Estate, LLC.

Like pretty much everyone we’ve profiled in this story, Diana was born and raised in Canton, graduated from Canton High School in the 90’s, and is close friends with the Albert and McCabe families.

She has deactivated her personal Facebook page, but her company’s Facebook page has their reviews wide open.

Like the Alberts and the McCabes, Diana White is a generational Cantonite, piggy backing off of her family whose real estate company she miraculously rose to the top of with a high school degree. She lives at 62 Kings Road, two streets over from 34 Fairview Road with her husband Michael and daughter Tori.

Canton residents describe her as a “sloppy drunk,” a “fupasaurus,” and a “NASTY fat Albert wannabe,” who is currently day drinking at the Canton Town Club as I write this story (we see you Diana). Here she is during one of her recent benders, bringing great shame to her family, her community, and her town, by shaking her 3 ton pooper during karaoke.

You may also recognize her from Part 12 of the Canton Cover-up series, as she was sitting in the front row with Bernie and Julie Albert at a Select Board meeting, making faces while town resident Angela Chan O’Donnell was voicing her displeasure about the fact that a murder was covered up in her town.

During a Live Show I apparently referred to her as Julie and Chris’ body guard, due to the fact that she looks like the kind of lady who threw the shot put in high school and will break several of your bones if you eat the last Ho-Ho. Multiple people have told me that she has had it out for me since then, so she targeted our peaceful rolling rally and decided she would egg us. Instead of targeting me or any of the adults, she chose a 5 year old boy, because that’s the kind of individual who still supports the Alberts and McCabes after all this.

To make matters worse my sources tell me that her star athlete daughter Tori was the one who actually threw the egg, but only because her mother made her.

I have alerted the mother of the 5 year old boy who tells me she is contacting the Canton Police Department to file a report. If Diana White isn’t charged with a crime immediately then the Canton Police can expect to see me in their lobby demanding to know why. This happened directly in front of their police station as their officers hid from us. Under no circumstances should a town police department not have police watching over that many people on the busiest street in town, after going door to door protesting murderers.

P.S. Julie Nagel’s neighbors LOVED us.

Double P.S. Brian and Nicole Albert were reportedly inside Jen McCabe’s home when we protested there. Since Jen is in Maine she wanted someone to house sit for her in case her property was vandalized.

Triple P.S. There’s Brian Albert (on the left) two weeks ago drinking at Marina Bay in Quincy.




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  1. Diana White: “Turtle Boy, how dare you ruin property values, not just in my town, but IN MY OWN FRICKIN’ NEIGHBORHOOD! You’re ruining my personal net worth AND my real estate career! I’M GONNA SUE!”

    1. How will she be able to afford another fake Lois Vuitton? She’ll be sentenced to a life of public intoxication in establishments serving drinks in solo cups with all the sad suburban moms drinking the reality of their miserable existences away…knowing that the town ho is lurking around the corner.

  2. Diana White: “Turtle Boy, how dare you ruin home values not just in my town, but IN MY OWN FRICKIN’ NEIGHBORHOOD! You’re ruining my personal net worth AND my real estate career! I’M GONNA SUE!”

  3. It would be a shame if a bunch of people gave her business horrible reviews for almost hitting a child with an egg, wouldn’t it??

  4. No lie I read the name as Dana White and I thought it was him dressed in drag. What a responsible mother forcing her daughter to commit the crime of assault on an innocent 5 year old boy during a peaceful protest.

  5. The quickest way to end this scandal is to hit the participants where it hurts the most…their wallet. There should be peaceful protests, honest on-line reviews for mediocre chicken parm, shoddy carpet installation, even Proctor-ish calls/reviews to the employers of these scumbags. Bridgewater State should be advised of the allegations/suspicions of all incoming students that may have posted underage drinking, fight “scars/bruises” and make threats on social media. As a parent of a child attending BSU I wouldn’t be comfortable having scum drunkenly roaming campus.

    If their finances start to crumble their loyalty will soon follow.

  6. There is one last slice of 3 hour old D&E ‘za on the high top at the Waterfall at closing time. You got FattMatt and Diana, Princess of Whales, circling…who ya got seagulling in and taking that baby down in a manner Joey Chestnut would envy?

  7. File a complaint with the professional licensing board. This behavior is not tolerated by them

    1. I bet that Bob Simone (owner/Founder) of BLRE is not going to be happy with this type of publicity. I hope Diana kept her hairstylist license up to date.

  8. Diana, put the Cape Codder down and go home and teach your daughter right from wrong. Throwing eggs out of cars and dropping f bombs is generally considered wrong (except in Canton).

    Don’t Colinize her!

  9. Diana, put the Cape Codder down and go home and teach your daughter right from wrong. Throwing eggs and shouting obscenities out of a car is generally considered wrong (except in Canton).

  10. Is it just a rumor that Conflicted Proctor’s forensic acumen uncovered “Hos long for an egg to evaporate on a hot sidewalk” on Diana’s phone?

  11. It would be a shame if someone targeted her house or car with some eggs like she targeted a 5 year old boy.

    Egging of a person’s face can cause serious injuries and eye injury,[3][4] and may constitute assault and battery.[5] A nurse was blinded in one eye when an egg was thrown at her from a passing car in March 2008 in Dublin.[6] A boy in Long Island lost sight in one eye after teens from a local high school threw eggs out of a passing car on Halloween in 2005.[7]


    1. The sad thing is that this drunken slob will be the first of the asshats to be sentenced bc she’s not that connected (unless she is ‘thanking’ cops behind the Waterfall).

  12. let’s be nice and maintain decency… we don’t want MSPCA to investigate Karen’s supporters for cruelty to large farm animals… fat fk

  13. Aiden, you gotta find a short stack of great lawyers, you can trust. Get ‘em, and get ‘em fast. You are gonna be bigger than FOX News in 3 -5 years.

    1. Hey Sean! Good to see you here. You been drinking? You and Diana would make great partners! Unfortunately, I can’t envision how two similar space stations can successfully dock.

  14. Did she have someone else pose for the LinkedIn picture? It doesn’t even look like the same broad. And speaking of broad, please don’t turn to the audience to shake your giant booty; no one wants to see that.

  15. So turtlreboy said mean things to her. Instead of moving on with her life she decided to egg turtle boy. Good plan.

  16. She sums up the majority of Canton women.
    Uneducated fat slobs. Imagine the scent that is unleashed onto the lucky guys nose that goes down on her after a night of booty shaking. Smells like D&E CHICKEN PARM…MMmm

  17. How many of the clicks are from Diana coming in to read the comments? Then she probably goes and drowns her sorrows in food and booze. Diana, I know you’re seeing this, here’s what you should do. Go to Canton Police and turn yourself in, it would be the smartest thing you could do right now. Then stand up, admit guilt and stupidity, and beg for forgiveness from the poor kid (and his parents) that you almost hit. It won’t make it go away but it’s a start and you’d be the first from that crew to show any human characteristics. I’m sure you won’t but you should. What an example you’ve set for your daughter, nice work!!

  18. Stay classy Diana! Hope your ass gets nailed for what you did. Real coward allowing your kid to do that as you speed off safety in your car where nobody could catch up to you. Absolute trash you AND your daughter.

    1. I don’t think her feet stink the most. Definitely a member of the stinky vag club

  19. When does the fall schedule come out for the Turtle Riders Canton Sports Booster Club? 150 people chanting “Albert is no pillar, he’s a cop killer!” should make the audience comfortable with those they once revered.

  20. Had the pleasure of gnawing my arm off at 6 AM one morning in Canton last year.
    I woke up to this cum dumpster. I am an alcoholic but that was the last day I ever drank. Almost 1 year sober. I have to thank her actually. She scared me straight.
    P.S. all I remember was that she kept saying she gets 6% or 40-60 K per sale that a Retard could do.

  21. I’m wondering if this scandal that is exposing years of possible corruption in all facets of the Canton town administration and police force along with the underbelly of a segment of its citizens has had an impact on property values in the last 6 months.

    I’d have second thoughts if I was thinking about moving there.

  22. What a miserable community. Instead of just shunning the behavior, you commit to name calling and insults. Shame on you all.

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