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Canton Cover-Up Part 32: Norfolk County DA’s Office Forced To Enter Dighton Police Logs Into Evidence Showing Michael Proctor Had Karen Read’s Car Towed 2 Hours Before He Claimed In Report


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On Thursday the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office filed a notice of discovery in their ongoing case against Karen Read that is revealing and damning to their own case. Discovery is evidence that one side intends to present at trial and must be given to the other side. Usually when the prosecution provides discovery it is something favorable to their case, although they are required to provide exculpatory evidence (evidence that is likely to help the defense). Thus far in the Karen Read case an abundance of exculpatory evidence has been withheld, prompting allegations from the defense of a coverup. Failing to provide exculpatory evidence is known as a Brady Violation, and is not only grounds for dismissal, but could lead to the DA and ADA being disbarred.

However, in light of the ongoing Grand Jury investigation into the Norfolk County DA’s Office, the State Police, and the individuals present inside Brian Albert’s home on January 29, 2022, the the DA’s Office has been pressured into suddenly providing the defense with evidence that could exonerate Karen Read.

Thursday’s motion states that the Commonwealth is providing the defense with call logs and an incident from the Dighton Police Department on January 29, 2022.

Dighton is where Karen Read’s parents live, and where she drove to be with family on the day she allegedly struck and killed John O’Keefe with her Lexus SUV. As we showed in Canton Coverup Part 18, Trooper Michael Proctor said that he arrived at their home at 4:30 PM, noticed a cracked tail light on Read’s vehicle, and called for it to be towed back to Canton at 5:30. However, Alarm.com video from the Read’s house shows the car being towed at 4:12 PM.

This means that Trooper Proctor and the vehicle were unaccounted for for a period of one hour and 18 minutes. During a SERT team search of the crime scene at 5:45 PM State Police “found” pieces of Karen Read’s tail light that the Canton Police did not see 12 hours earlier, despite over a foot of snow that had fallen during that time.

Trooper Proctor would not have been able to get to Canton to plant tail light fragments if he left the Read’s house at 5:30, but if he left at 4:15 he would have plenty of time to do that. According to ADA Adam Lally the video footage showing the car being towed at 4:12 PM was a result of not setting the clocks back for daylight savings three months prior, and that the correct time was 5:12 PM. This couldn’t be true though because the sun did not set until 4:56 PM that day, and in the video there is still daylight.

It’s important to reiterate the main point here – Michael Proctor HAD to say he was in Dighton at 5:30 because it would mean that it was impossible for him to have planted the tail light fragments in Canton before the SERT team search. The tail light is the ONLY piece of evidence the Commonwealth has and is using against Karen Read.

On a hunch I decided to look up the DPD call logs from that day to see what the discovery was that Lally was asking for. What I found was quite revealing. At 2:31 the Norfolk County DA’s Office (Proctor) called Dighton Police to tow a vehicle from Karen Read’s house, and at 3:02 the tow was called.

Why would Michael Proctor want to tow Karen Read’s vehicle at 2:31 PM if he wasn’t there yet to see the broken tail light?

Why would he lie and say he got there at 4:30 when he was there much earlier than that?

Why does it not mention anywhere in his report that he contacted the Dighton Police Department to have the car towed?

The only reasonable conclusion an objective person can reach is that Proctor wanted access to her car.  Karen Read and her parents should’ve told police to come back with a warrant, or taken pictures of her vehicle before it was towed. But they, like many, trusted the institution of the police and our courts.

Additionally, Adam Lally has had access to the Dighton Police logs since October 3, which would have confirmed to him that the Lexus was seized much earlier than when Proctor claimed it was. This proves that he intentionally ignored and withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense. Instead he doubled down on the daylight savings lie in the hopes that the public would be stupid enough to believe that. He knew that most people, including the victim’s family, trust public institutions like the police. Especially since the victim was a police officer himself.

This is the long term damage that Michael Proctor and the DA’s Office have inflicted on public trust amongst people who would otherwise support law enforcement. John O’Keefe’s family only believes that Karen Read did this to him because they trust our institutions, and cannot fathom that they would lie to the victim’s family. They seemingly are unaware that the DA’s Office and State Police are making them look like fools.

The question is, why is the DA’s Office suddenly deciding to give Karen Read’s defense team exculpatory evidence that severely hurts their case? For the past 16 months they have resisted and hid evidence that the defense team has repeatedly asked for. Could it be that the US Attorney’s Office is closely monitoring the Norfolk County DA’s Office as part of their ongoing investigation in Brady Violations?

That’s unclear. But what we do know is that the Commonwealth is entering into evidence a publicly available police report log from the Dighton Police Department that contradicts a publicly available State Police report from a murder investigation. In doing so they are admitting that their lead investigator has been lying and falsifying evidence. This is not an opinion, it’s an undeniable, documented fact.

Adam Lally is also claiming that Jen McCabe’s 2:27 AM Google search for “hos long to die in cold” is wrong because they have the time stamp wrong. Why should anyone believe him if he also said the same thing about the 4:12 PM time stamp from the Read’s house? Why should anyone believe him if he is knowingly lying about what time the Dighton Police Department had Read’s car towed?

The answer is that they shouldn’t. But unfortunately the family of John O’Keefe believes him because they are naive and have been trained to trust law enforcement. Lally is taking advantage of that, and dismisses our reporting as “conspiracy theories.” He deserves to be in jail, just like Proctor, Morrissey, and those responsible for murdering O’Keefe.






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