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Canton Coverup Part 320: Sources Claim Canton Police Chief Helena Rafferty Hit Elderly Man In Wrentham Cross Walk February 16, Putting Him In Hospital For 3 Weeks


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According to a source close to the situation, Canton Police Chief Helena Rafferty hit a man walking with a flashlight and reflective gear on, in a Wrentham crosswalk on February 16 around 6:30 PM, badly injuring the man and hospitalizing him for weeks. The victim’s name is Michael Barry, who our sources tells us is 67 years old, and he spent weeks in a Rhode Island hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation, while undergoing 9 surgeries. Our source also tells us that she may have been driving a department issued car.

*Editor’s Note* We now have an update to this story.

There has been zero publication about this incident anywhere. However, a Twitter account called Metacomet Emergency Communication Center tweeted about a car accident at Creek and South Streets at the exact time and date that our source reported it happened, and said that the victim was being transported to a Rhode Island hospital trauma center.

To confirm this we went to the Wrentham Police Department to inquire about the incident. We told the woman we spoke with about the date and time of the incident, and said that the driver was believed to be Helena Rafferty. She confirmed that there was a report matching up with this description. The woman in charge of the records will be in tomorrow and we will be submitting a request.

We also obtained radio transmissions for the incident, which confirms that the victim had head lacerations and a knee injury. Then shockingly the officer at the scene asks the dispatcher if they can get Wrentham Police Chief Bill McGrath on the phone.

Why would they need to alert the police chief, who apparently wasn’t working at the time, about a car accident with no fatalities? Unless of course the operator of the vehicle who broke the law by not yielding to an elderly pedestrian in a crosswalk, was the police chief of another town in Norfolk County.

We reached out to Chief Rafferty for comment but have not heard back.

At an August Board of Selectmen meeting in which Rafferty first accused this award winning journalist of “witness intimidation,” and baselessly claimed that allegations of a coverup in John O’Keefe’s murder were not backed up by evidence, she also said the following:

“People in positions such as mine and that of elected officials should be held to a higher standard.”

“I know that mistrust for the Canton Police Department is taken root around this case. I acknowledge that it is there and I hear you. I believe the first step in bridging that trust gap is effective and healthy communication.”

Rafferty believes that elected officials should be held to a higher standard. If indeed she was operating a motor vehicle negligently when she struck an elderly man in a crosswalk and put him in the hospital for 3 weeks, is she really behind held to a higher standard?

Rafferty says that she acknowledges mistrust of the Canton Police Department and believes that healthy communication is a way to fix that. Does that include failing to disclose to Canton residents about running over elderly people in crosswalks, if in fact she did such a thing?

Rafferty is a public servant making less than $200K a year. Her ex-husband Michael Findlen is a Captain on the Norfolk Fire Department. Yet they manage to own a nearly 7K square foot house in Norfolk worth $1.8 million.

As part of their divorce agreement Rafferty was given the home, and had 4 years to refinance to get him off the mortgage, but failed to do so. Her ex-husband filed a complaint for contempt.

They also own another home in Norfolk at 112 Main Street, which they’ve given to their oldest son.

Rafferty somehow still milks her ex-husband out of more than $1,200 a month in child support despite the fact that all of her 4 children are legal adults. However, she did finally refinance the home as promised, almost two years after the deadline.


We are awaiting the police report that will confirm this tomorrow. If it’s true that Rafferty did in fact violate the law by hitting an elderly man in a crosswalk, then it’s rather ironic that she would cast judgement on Karen Read, who never hit anyone with her car according to a Quantico trained FBI specialist with 3 PhD’s. It’s also ironic that she was hired by a board that includes a man who once killed a 23 year old Hungarian student while driving drunk. If Rafferty did in fact hit this man I wonder what her excuse will be? All I know is there is no excuse for covering up this incident if it did in fact happen.

If you live in Canton and you’re sick of your well connected leaders having their crimes covered up, then vote for Rita Lombardi and Trish Boyden on Tuesday.


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  2. I live down in GA now (lived in Boston and Grafton almost 20 years ago). I follow from afar. Literally spent 25 minutes talking at the Easter brunch table with a friend of mine about the KR case and the corruption doing my best to keep it at the 10,000 level and I wasn’t even close to being done. This entire saga and its inter-webs is absolute insanity. Meanwhile the buddy I was describing this whole thing was like “WTF?!?” with every plot turn. Just amazing that this is still being put forth to trial. Bananaland.

    1. I’m in N Central FL. People in my neck of the woods just don’t care about a Boston story but I talk about it anyway, at least to anyone who will listen.

      1. I’m originally from Boston, ashamedly. I live in Central FL as well. You’re right, no one cares about Boston or Mass. But don’t tell Massholes, they won’t believe that not only no one cares, no one likes them either.

        Here comes the, “good we don’t want ya crowd “. Hey, fellow Massholes, take a trip out of that state and you’ll see there’s not only a whole entire world outside of that corrupt, inept, Liberal Bastion of Fools, but the grass is greener elsewhere.

  3. Rafferty was hand picked to replace Berkowitz because they needed a friendly who wouldn’t look into any of the corruption in the town of Canton. She should be ashamed of herself for this and for covering up the murder of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe. Another disgusting dirty corrupt piece of shit cop.

  4. Just when you think you heard it all…. Another Cover-up.
    Odds report has been misplaced or redacted ? ?

    Distracted by a Butt Dialed call ?

    1. 3 weeks in the hospital!
      This guy should Sue the shit out of her.
      A good personal injury lawyer can obtain phone records.

  5. Wow if that’s not karma coming back to bite her in the ass. She’s definitely a piece of work asking the responding officer to dial up the chief pronto while the guy she ran over is laying in the street. I wonder what her side hustle is to afford that house. These people are all scum.

    1. Her side hustle was getting divorced. Do any if these people have any honor, integrity or sense of doing the right thing? She had 4 years to secure a 500,000 plus mortgage to pay off ex in divorce srttlement. Would be really easy for a Chief of Police to secure that note on a property worth over 1.5 mil. Shady she didn’t couldn’t or wouldn’t.

  6. My family and I also talked about the Karen Read case today during Easter Brunch! Everyone has heard about this case! And EVERYONE had all come to the same conclusion …. Karen is being FRAMED! Put those eggs in your easter basket! Hippy hop justice is coming!!!

  7. Cmon guys, I’m a typical, spineless, inept, female “leader” in law enforcement. You can find others (she/her) just like me in other fine towns across the Commonwealth, such as Arlington, MA. Oh, I needed to call the Wrentham chief to make sure this whole thing got broomed accordingly. Nothing to see here, please move along! – Skankcunt6

  8. The people trying to frame karen read for hitting someone with a car are better at hitting people with cars than Karen Read. If they wanted to kill john o’keefe with a car that badly they should have done it themselves.

  9. CRISIS in CANTON.. Receivership is needed more than ever.

    Wow, hitting a man in a crosswalk with reflective gear on. Extreme negligence. Makes me wonder if the was impaired? Can’t wait to hear about the lawsuit this victim brings forward.

    This woman has no business being the Canton Chief and hopefully her days are numbered. She’s got at least two officers under her that appear to be corrupt and helping to cover up the murder of John O’Keefe. And it appears she was not selected by the people but selected by the former chief. And he certainly seems involved and corrupt.

    Let’s hope that on Tuesday the Voters speak out loud and clear with their VOTES

    Let’s hope that upcoming Police AUDIT also brings change to Canton. THANK YOU Chris Albert for being the motivation for the AUDIT. If only you had resigned from the Select Board then maybe there would have been no audit. All the corrupt cops and Rafferty have Chris Albert to thank for that.

    Canton is one fucked up lawless town right now.

  10. Hitting an elderly man in a crosswalk wearing reflective gear. Sounds like, at minimum, she needs to be charged with Negligent Operation of a Vehicle, maybe even Reckless Operation.

    Thank you Aidan for exposing more Canton Corruption. Now let’s hope we see Rafferty held accountable for this AND let’s hope those that sought to protect her from the exposure are also called out.

    Looks like a lawsuit against Rafferty could be next.

  11. Two sets of rules apply …one for those in positions of power and a different set of rules for the little people. NOT GOOD

    Secondly, 67 is NOT elderly unless one’s lived a hard life!

  12. Keystone cops 👮. They can’t get out of their own way. So ironic that the people helping to frame Karen have now both hit more people with cars than her( CA HR )😂. At least Hyenas didn’t kill this guy??!

  13. Did Chief Rafferty have sexual relations with Chief Berkowitz before being chosen to be Chief of Canton PD herself with recommendation from Chief Berkowitz to the Selectboard ?

    1. Maybe she showed more of her backside to Chief Eagle Eyes Berkowitz than she did to the people of Cuntown at the select board meeting

  14. You’re welcome! Thank you for your understanding. If you have any specific questions, topics, or areas of interest you’d like to explore, feel free to share them. Whether it’s about technology trends, scientific discoveries, literary analysis, or any other subject, I’m here to provide information and assistance. Just let me know how I can assist you further, and I’ll be happy to help!

  15. I cannot believe she is living in a 2 million dollar home and still getting child support for two kids over 18. Oh yeah and she almost killed an old man!!

    1. Well all the free food they get from local restaurants gets tired.
      Helena wants to make them dinner 🙄

  16. You’re welcome! Thank you for your understanding. If you have any specific questions, topics, or areas of interest you’d like to explore, feel free to share them. Whether it’s about technology trends, scientific discoveries, literary analysis, or any other subject, I’m here to provide information and assistance. Just let me know how I can assist you further, and I’ll be happy to help!

  17. I heard she said she was distracted by someone wearing a Free Karen Read shirt and is currently trying to blame Karen Read for the accident

  18. The guy she hit is lucky it didn’t happen in Canton or she would’ve backed over him and claimed self defense saying that his flashlight was a laser and she feared for her safety. MSP crooks would’ve been right there to back up her lies and charge the victim with assault and battery on an officer and destruction of public property. Morrissey already has the forms templated on his computer because it’s business as usual for Quid Pro Mo.

    1. Of course she did. Was probably on the phone immediately. I hope the lawyer for the victim gets phone records.

  19. Not the first time a CPD officer hit a pedestrian. At least this one didn’t succumb to his injuries.

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