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Canton Coverup Part 321: Wrentham Police Report Shows Canton Police Chief Helena Rafferty Covered Up Hitting Elderly Man In Crosswalk While Driving Town Owned Vehicle


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We have received the police report from Wrentham Police confirming the story we published last night about Canton Police Chief Helena Rafferty hitting an elderly man in a crosswalk while driving on February 16.


WPD was very helpful and responsive in getting me this report, which they emailed to me this morning without ever submitting a request.

It’s interesting that the victim’s address was not redacted, but Rafferty’s address was redacted.

Possibly because she doesn’t want people to Google her and find out that she lives in a $1.8 million house, because people might start asking questions about how a public servant can afford to live in a 7K square foot mansion in Norfolk. Either way, she seems to be getting special treatment and consideration that the elderly man she mowed down did not get. This is why officers tried calling Wrentham Police Chief Bill McGrath within minutes of finding out Rafferty was involved.

Chief McGrath needs to explain why the victim’s address wasn’t redacted, but Rafferty’s was.

Yesterday we reported that our source claimed that it may have been a town owned vehicle that Rafferty used to strike the victim. This was confirmed by the police report.

Rafferty apparently takes her police car home with her, which is paid for by the taxpayers of Canton, and drives around with it recreationally. The 2022 Ford Explorer was not one of the 6 vehicles seen parked outside of her home yesterday.

The police report clearly states that the victim was walking with a cane and wearing a reflective yellow vest, yet Rafferty claims she did not see him. The responding officer made sure to put in the report that the intersection was poorly lit. Chief Rafferty also wisely requested to be breathalyzed.

The only reason for Rafferty to ask to be breathalyzed is because she anticipated that this police report would eventually be made public, and she didn’t want to be accused of being drunk. But if she knew that it would be made public then why didn’t she mention it at all over the last 7 weeks? She claims to be a reformer who preaches transparency. The first woman appointed to her male-dominated position. Yet she didn’t think to issue a statement about her complete failure to follow basic traffic laws that ended up hospitalizing an elderly man? Her first thought wasn’t to be transparent, it was to cover her own ass.

The lone witness statement from the woman behind Rafferty made it clear that the first thing she saw was the victim’s yellow “very reflective” vest.

Michael Barry took every possible safety precaution while going for a walk at 6:30 PM. He wore a reflective vest and walked in a crosswalk with his cane. Then a woman whose department regularly cites citizens for not obeying traffic laws, ignored all traffic laws and hit him with a police-owned vehicle despite the precautions he took.

If the woman behind Rafferty saw the vest then why didn’t she? There is no way she was paying attention to her surroundings. There is no way she came to a complete stop. Taking a left out of that intersection is probably difficult at that time of day, and when she saw an opening she likely just gunned it without making sure no one was in the crosswalk.

I would have empathy for Rafferty if she hadn’t hidden it, along with the Select Board and the Canton Police Department who all had to have known about this and didn’t want it getting out. The car was owned by the town of Canton, which means their insurance had to pay for any damages to the vehicle. She was duty bound to report it to the town because the vehicle is owned by the town.

But the Board of Selectman chose to cover up this incident because the 5 entrenched old men who are in charge of hiring her and deciding what she gets paid, fully support the police and oppose all efforts at transparency. They all voted against the police audit in November, and none of them has demanded any sort of accountability from their hand picked, legacy police chief.

There is an election in Canton tomorrow for the Board of Selectmen and two of the candidates – Rita Lombardi and Trish Boyden – have been vocal supporters of the audit, and vocal critics of Rafferty. The two incumbents they are running against – Michael Loughran and Tom Theodore – must have been aware that this happened, but continued to support Rafferty anyway.

This is ELECTION INTERFERENCE. It is no different than not reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop a month before the presidential election of 2020. Had the public been made aware that the police chief, who is backed by Loughran and Theodore, had been cited for running over an elderly man in a town owned vehicle that she was using for recreational purposes, then it might affect who they vote for on Tuesday.

Chief Rafferty has a long and documented history of supporting police corruption and not being transparent. In April she issued a statement suggesting that Karen Read’s attorneys were unethical, and called our accurate reporting on the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder “sensationalist,” while urging people not to talk about the case, but rather wait until trial so an innocent woman could be lynched by the Commonwealth.

Chief Rafferty also failed to alert the mother of a 5 year old boy, who was the victim of a drive by egging in which a close friend of the McAlberts threw an egg during a peaceful protest outside of the Canton Police Department, about a clerk magistrate’s hearing in Stoughton District Court. As a result the mother did not show up and the charges were dropped. Rafferty went on to blame the 5 year old victim’s mother.

In early November her department dispatched four officers to a peaceful protest on the busiest street in town, threatening them with felony charges for witness intimidation if they did not voluntarily surrender their First Amendment rights to protest an elected official on a public sidewalk.

She said the peaceful protest was “criminal in nature.”

But unlike her, the 9 individuals she has attempted to charge with felony witness intimidation never hurt anyone physically like she did when she ran over an elderly man in a crosswalk.

In January of 2023 Rafferty issued a virtue signaling public statement condemning the Memphis Police Department for “eroding public trust” for the beating death of Tyre Nichols, whose injuries looked remarkably like John O’Keefe’s.

Since Rafferty is so concerned about the “public trust” why wouldn’t she be up front and forthright about the fact that she violated traffic laws by running over an elderly man while driving her police owned vehicle for recreational purposes in another town in Norfolk County?

The day after we reported that State Police intentionally chose not to interview Lucky Loughran – the plow driver who reported that John O’Keefe’s body was not on the front lawn of Brian Albert’s house at 2:30 AM – Rafferty responded to this police corruption and completely lack of transparency by going on a rant about how bad Turtleboy is. She defended Jennifer McCabe, claiming that the woman who Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, was a victim of witness intimidation because a bunch of people peacefully protested her involvement in the murder while standing on a public street.

McCabe’s 2:27 AM Google search is undeniable evidence of a coverup. Yet Rafferty LIED to the public by claiming that there was “no evidence of a coverup.”

She ended the self-serving rant by saying that her children would always be able to view her as a “person of integrity” because there was no evidence of a coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. Tom Theodore thanked her at the end.

Six months later she covered up her own involvement in a car crash that was 100% her fault and ended up putting an elderly man in the hospital for 3 weeks.

Did the victim have dog bite marks on him? Or does that only happen to people who get hit by cars in Canton?

Did the victim have lacerations on his arm, a 3 inch gash in the back of his head, and raccoon eyes, or does that only happen when people are hit by cars and land on grass?

Did police find 35 pieces of headlight at the scene over the next 3 weeks, or do car lights only shatter during low impact crashes when the vehicle is going in reverse?

Karen Read, Chris Albert, Helena Rafferty. 

The only person in that group who has not hit people with their car or killed a man is Karen Read.

The only person in that group who does not have institutional power in Norfolk County is Karen Read.

The only person in that group who does not have direct family ties to the State Police and Canton Police Department is Karen Read.

The only person in that group whose alleged crash received any attention from the media is Karen Read.

The only person in that group  who made no attempts to coverup anything was Karen Read.

Both Chief Rafferty and Chris Albert should resign from leadership immediately, but they won’t because they are shameless corrupt bullies. The only way to get rid of them is by voting in tomorrow’s election for Trish Boyden and Rita Lombardi.


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  1. That was an excellent blog Aidan, she’s an unqualified POS who should face consequences for almost killing that poor man. Wake up Canton, out with the old an in with the new, it’s time you take your town back.

  2. The brain dead citizens who fall asleep drooling in front of the local news will keep these fools in power through their negligence.

  3. Absolutely, unequivocally FUCK THESE PEOPLE. They are the real criminals hiding behind a fucking shield. They should all be in jail. Does she still want her 100k kitchen? Maybe she can work in the kitchen in jail

  4. Get her Cell phone records
    It will show she was on the phone or texting .
    Dare her to say it was a Butt Dial.

  5. Great article Unc!

    In the words and voice of meatball..


  6. You’ve been covering canton for a year?
    The amount of things I’ve seen is mind blowing.
    What the hell have these people been getting away with for years?

  7. I heard Wendy Murphy was making more false statements and accusations against Karen?
    How come it’s never mentioned that she lives in same town as Lizzie’s family?
    It’s a small town!
    Her brother a cop there.
    Grant probably grew up with her kids.
    There’s millions of attorneys that could go on court tv, yet the most evil outspoken one literally lives a mile from Proctors in-laws?

        1. Brother in law could be a wonderful person.
          Nothing there, it’s the Wendy thing.
          I’ve always wondered why someone who is supposedly a woman’s advocate goes so far out of her way to say such horrible things.
          On twitter saying Karen Read will get raped in prison.
          Vile, horrible person. Especially after publicly stating the Duke Lacrosse kids were guilty. Tired out they were not.
          She has something vested in her vile statements.
          Her proximity to these people is certainly a strange coincidence.

  8. The fact that Aiden didn’t even need to request the report and it was sent to him, tells you something is very wrong in that town!!

    It’s akin to whistleblowing, the person that sent it needs to be applauded ….and PROTECTED!!

    No doubt that person will now be facing the wrath of the corrupt yellow bellies who not only intimidate the citizens of Norfolk County but also their fellow officers!!

    I’d like to know if Chief Rafferty was on actual fact insured, considering she wasn’t on duty at the time!!

    Also who is paying for the Gas, for her recreational jaunts ….oh yes of course the citizens of Norfolk County who also pay her $200,000 salary!!

    Even saving money on gas, insurance etc how on earth does a single woman afford a $1.7 MILLION home?? Or should I say mansion 🤔

    Thank you to the person that released the report, and just know that we all have your back…..you have proved like we all knew that there are a lot of honourable officers in Norfolk County who are just as sick of the corruption as the rest of the world that’s watching.

    If they try and intimidate you in any way whatsoever contact Aiden and not only will they be exposed by him but also the MSM who have suddenly started taking an interest in the corruption especially the BOSTON GLOBE …..we will make them infamous!!

    Evil prevails when good people do nothing!!

    I hope that the victim has a speedy recovery, you did nothing wrong. If the Goons from Canton pay you a visit request your lawyer, don’t let them try to buy your silence or tell you it was your fault. It wasn’t!!

    Rafferty why did you hide this for 7 weeks??
    Why was your first thought to contact someone to help you get out of this mess??
    Why have you been MIA for weeks, whilst collecting your tax payer funder salary??
    If you can’t afford gas, then how do you afford that house??

        1. Do you know how old her children actually are?? How on earth does a firefighter afford $1,200 a month??

      1. The court papers show that she had to take over the mortgage ….he filed documents that she had renaged on the agreement.
        Apparently now she has taken over the payments which must be very hefty for a single woman!!

        Plus add on utilities and taxes ….makes you wonder what sideline she has going on to afford it??

        1. I think it would be more interesting to know who is “helping” with the mortgage payments.

  9. I would like to see the photos of the mans injuries- does he have scratches and bites on his arm too? Or is it just a Lexus that bites like a dog?

    1. Sooo who paid you to write that comment??

      You do realise that they can get your IP address don’t you??

      We don’t advocate for violence hence the peaceful protests that even children and dogs attend!!

      I can only surmise that you wrote that comment in order for the media to pick it up, so that the reputations of these good people fighting against injustice and corruption will be labeled as thugs …..just like the thugs with badges that are running around town intimidating people with their badges!!

      YOU DO NOT REPRESENT US …..so kindly delete your post before the thugs with badges appear at your door!!

      Then again it might actually be a good thing if you are advocating for Vigilantes!!

  10. More CHAOS in CANTON

    Add another lawsuit that the taxpayers will have to fund thanks to the negligence of Chief Helena Rafferty.

    I sincerely hope the voters in Canton recognize how having so many weak and corrupt leaders in town will effect their wallets.

    Is her contract up soon? If Chrissy Albert doesn’t live in Canton anymore then he should not be taking part in any Select Board Meetings, votes, and/or decisions that effect the town.

    The good news is that more people are aware of the Karen Read Case and the corruption. More news outlets are writing about it. The local media knows the story is about to explode any day now and they want to be part of it. Norfolk DA Michael Morrissey and his corrupt office no longer have the protection of the media. The MA State Police are getting ready to throw Proctor completely under the bus and soon after will do the same to Yuri Bukhenic and Brian Tully for their role in this cover up.

    1. Never forget ALL of the state run media entities that intentionally sat on their hands without covering this for 2 years. They have no credibility.

  11. She ended the self-serving rant by saying that her children would always be able to view her as a “person of integrity” because there was no evidence of a coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. Tom Theodore thanked her at the end.

  12. She gets into a jam towns away from her jurisdiction but of course there is a chief there she can call to minimize fallout off her dumb ass hitting that poor dude. This corruption may be deeper than we realize.

  13. I can imagine how many times before John O’Keefe’s premeditated murder they lied and got away with EVERYTHING they’ve ever done with their friends and family who say it’s their town

  14. The intersection is poorly lit, and Wrentham knows this. Just a yellow blinking light to make drivers aware. Rafferty was turning left onto Creek St. from Rt. 1A, so her headlights wouldn’t have reflected off the victim’s vest the way the witness’s headlights did, as the witness was driving toward South St. on Creek St. Regardless, the chief certainly didn’t want the public to know about this accident. I hope the victim has recovered from his injuries. Shame on Rafferty for her lack of transparency!!

    1. No excuse. He was in a cross walk!!
      Shame on her for many things.
      Sounds as if she’s making excuses for this as well.
      Seems to be a common practice of her’s.
      He was in a cross walk – she hit him.
      He was in hospital for 3 weeks!!
      Lawsuit will be against her and the Canton police as she was driving CPD vehicle.
      More $$$ for Canton residents to dole out.

    2. Poorly lit is subjective. I’ve driven that way many times and when making the left onto Creek Street you are literally looking to your left because of the normal traffic flow coming towards you up the hill on 1A. It would be hard to not see a person with a “very reflective” yellow vest on. Unless she was staring into her phone which is probably what happened. Negligence plain and simple.

    1. Even if it weren’t renewed. She’d be placed in some other cushy position somewhere else.
      It’s a pattern.

  15. Canton or neighboring towns, do you have more stories to share with us? You’ve been under siege for decades. Speak Out !

  16. sensational!


  17. “As a Police Chief, I am nauseated and infuriated by their abhorrent actions, as they have only served to further erode the trust earned by the righteous officers I interact with daily.”

    Incredible how out of touch she is to say that with a straight face while pandering to BLM and Tyre’s mother. Meanwhile she is continuing to keep John O’keefe’s family in the dark about what really happened inside 34 Fairview when his injuries look like Tyre’s plus dog bites and a massive head wound.

    The righteous officers know you’re a corrupt piece of shit diversity hire.

    1. F her and the trust.
      Sorry to the good ones.
      Canton, MSP, BPD littered with sone really filthy cops.
      It starts with leadership and lack of.

  18. Wonder if there’s video of the accident? Wonder if her actions on the scene are how she described them in her statement? Which “Canton Official” did she notify immediately and where is the public administrative record for that? Hitting a pedestrian in a city-owned vehicle while off-duty doesn’t require any paper work? Did the cop administering the breathalyzer have a body cam? Where was she coming from? Official business or dinner and drinks with friends? The officer on the scene immediately called his Chief. Why? Lots for an Award Winning Journalist to look into here.

  19. Looking at Ms Rafferty’s photo I find myself wondering when she last past a height, weight and pt test. I’ll bet my house she’s lied about that for years as well.

  20. obviously like your website but you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very troublesome to inform the reality on the other hand Ill certainly come back again

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