Canton Coverup Part 322: FBI Investigation Into Sandra Birchmore Case Is Good Sign For Justice For John O’Keefe And Karen Read


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An underreported story from last week was the news that the FBI has launched an investigation into the 2021 “suicide” of Sandra Birchmore in Canton. Birchmore was a 23 year old pregnant woman who was sexually groomed by several Stoughton Police Officers while participating in a school program designed to gear kids towards a career in law enforcement.

The last person who saw her alive was disgraced Stoughton Detective Matthew Farwell, who was seen leaving her apartment shortly after arriving. Birchmore was pregnant with his child, and he wasn’t happy about it.

Birchmore also had sex with at least three other officers, including Farwell’s brother Billy, their boss Robert Devine (a personal friend of Michael Morrissey), and Abington Police Officer Joshua Heal.

She seemed happy to be having a baby and had never expressed thoughts of suicide to anyone.

Several of the same cops involved in covering up John O’Keefe’s murder were also involved in the Birchmore case, including Canton Police Lt. Michael Lank, Detective Kevin Albert, State Police Detective Lt. John Fanning, and Trooper Nicholas Guarino.

Sources told me months ago that the federal investigation into the Birchmore case preceded the investigation into the Karen Read case, but this was never confirmed. However, we do know that Matthew Farwell was treated similarly to Brian Albert, in that he was a police officer who was never considered a suspect. Another parallel were the conclusions of Guarino and Fanning, who claimed that they couldn’t find deleted text messages in Farwell’s phone, much like they missed Jennifer McCabe’s incriminating deleted phone calls and Google searches.

Contrary to the lies told by the Commonwealth, Cellebrite software used by MSP to extract data from phones had the ability to find deleted text messages and Google searches. They just don’t like to use that technology when it incriminates killer cops or people named Jennifer McCabe.

The whole thing smelt shady from the beginning. Last month Attorney General Andrea Campbell’s Office announced that they had taken over the investigation from Michael Morrissey’s Office, which speaks volumes in of itself. The fact that the NCDAO cannot be trusted to properly run an investigation into a suspicious death like that of Sandra Birchmore, tells you that the word is getting out that Morrissey’s Office is corrupt. Now the FBI has announced that they are officially involved too:

Federal investigators are now looking into the case of a young pregnant woman who participated in a Stoughton police youth program and killed herself in 2021, widening the investigation into what happened. The FBI recently interviewed people close to Sandra Birchmore, 23, who killed herself, three people told the Globe.

“….who killed herself.”

Sandra Birchmore didn’t kill herself, just like Karen Read didn’t kill John O’Keefe or tell Jennifer McCabe to Google “how long does it take to die in the cold?”

Birchmore participated in a Stoughton police youth program from the time she was 13 until she graduated from high school in 2015. The state medical examiner ruled she killed herself while pregnant with her first child, according to her death certificate. The document doesn’t indicate who fathered the unborn baby.

Oh look, a government “medical examiner” came to the conclusion that police wanted her to come to. Again.

Meanwhile, new details have come to light in recently unsealed court records about efforts by Massachusetts law enforcement officers to unearth evidence to back a criminal prosecution in the case. State Police reviewed more than 30,000 electronic messages that Birchmore exchanged over 14 months with Matthew G. Farwell, 38, a former Stoughton police detective, to investigate whether they could find evidence to prosecute statutory rape or larceny charges, the records show.

Regarding the federal investigation, in separate interviews, the three people told the Globe that they spoke with the FBI after agents approached them about Birchmore. The three spoke to the Globe on the condition of anonymity. One said they were concerned about possible retaliation, and the two others said they were advised against publicly disclosing their contact with the FBI. Kristen Setera, a spokesperson for the FBI’s Boston office, declined to comment, saying federal policy prohibits the agency from confirming or denying investigations. 

This is the same thing that happened in the Read case. The FBI began approaching people like Lucky Loughran to build their case against the State Police. Now it appears as if they’ve been doing that with the Birchmore case as well.

The questions FBI agents asked were interesting.

One person who spoke to the FBI said agents posed questions about what Birchmore had disclosed about her contact with Matthew Farwell and the timing of those interactions. A second person said they told the FBI about Birchmore’s account of an earlier pregnancy, which occurred years before her death and ended in a miscarriage. Both people said the agents didn’t disclose specifics about what they were seeking to learn or the scope or targets of any investigation.

The FBI knows Matthew Farwell killed Sandra Birchmore. What they want to know is who in the State Police knew that and looked the other way. If State Police detectives are willing to let a Boston Police Officer’s killers walk free, you best believe they’re more than willing to do the same for the people who killed someone like Sandra Birchmore.

As usual, Morrissey’s Office was not informed of the investigation:

Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey’s office released a statement. “If there is a federal avenue for accountability in the matter, we hope it is vigorously pursued,” Morrissey said Wednesday. Last fall, Morrissey’s investigation into Birchmore’s case was taken over by the office of state Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell. A Campbell spokesperson declined to comment.

Because they are likely the targets of the investigation.

Fanning also wrote that although they weren’t really investigating Farwell for murder or statutory rape (he had sex with her when she was 15), they were looking into larceny charges for having sex with Birchmore on the clock.

Meanwhile, newly unsealed court records filed last December by Morrissey’s office and State Police show investigators found that Birchmore and Matthew Farwell exchanged 32,709 electronic messages from December 2019 until her death. The court records had been impounded by a judge; that order recently expired. In the text messages, Birchmore and Matthew Farwell arranged to meet at different locations, including at a Costco store, a hotel, at her apartment in Canton, and at her family’s home in Stoughton, wrote State Police Lieutenant John Fanning. Police considered potential larceny charges for Matthew Farwell, he wrote.

Investigators were able to identify “where and how long [Matthew] Farwell spent engaging in a sexual affair when he otherwise claimed he was on duty and purportedly working,” wrote Fanning. He said two other Stoughton police officers were having sex with Birchmore, but investigators didn’t find “probable cause” to believe they met with her while they were on duty. Fanning didn’t identify the officers.

Imagine the hypocrisy of the Massachusetts State Police charging a cop for stealing money from the taxpayers. The people who invented the overtime grift and looked the other way for years while corrupt troopers lined their pockets with taxpayer money for work they didn’t do, are pretending to care about some predator groomer cop impregnating Sandra Birchmore on the clock.

This is a huge development and a great sign. The FBI is not wasting their time and resources investigating the death of Sandra Birchmore, just as they’re not wasting time and resources investigating the investigation of John O’Keefe’s murder. Justice will come, and eventually someone will go to jail for killing John O’Keefe. It just won’t be Karen Read.


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