Canton Coverup Part 327: Thousands Of Cameras Would Have Picked Up Karen Read’s Allegedly Shattered Tail Light On Route 138 When She Drove From Canton To Dighton


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If Karen Read’s polycarbonate tail light shattered into 35 pieces after striking John O’Keefe, that were found on Brian Albert’s front lawn (after the Canton Police Department found zero) over the course of 3 weeks and 5 undocumented searches by Michael Proctor, then it would be very easy for police to prove she did it by finding video surveillance of her tail light any time after 12:30 AM on the morning of January 29, 2022. We know that two minutes from the Canton Library surveillance video, which was handled by Proctor, disappeared at the exact time when Karen Read would’ve driven by. That’s why we knocked on doors last June of homes near the library that have Ring cameras pointing to the street Karen Read drove down after she allegedly struck O’Keefe. Not a single person with a Ring camera on this 3 mile trip was questioned by police, although many were willing to let them review their tapes.

It’s not just about what police DID do to frame Karen Read, it’s about what they DIDN’T do.

But one fact that has been overlooked is that in the early afternoon Karen Read and her father drove from 1 Meadows Ave in Canton to her parents’ home in North Dighton. Normally the fastest way to do this would be to travel through Stoughton and jump on the highway (Route 24 south), before jumping on Route 44 in Taunton.

But due to blizzard conditions Karen Read’s father elected to avoid the highway that day and travel down Route 138 instead. This would’ve brought them directly through the Center of Stoughton, Easton, Raynham, and Taunton.

Route 138 has THOUSANDS of businesses, traffic lights, and homes equipped with surveillance videos.

Police regularly solve murders by getting surveillance videos that put suspects in certain places at certain times. Yet seasoned State Police investigators did not ask a single one of these businesses or homeowners to look at surveillance video that could lead to a slam dunk conviction of a woman who allegedly murdered a Boston Police Officer.

That’s because Proctor, Yuri Bukhenik, John Fanning, and Brian Tully are well aware that Karen Read did not murder John O’Keefe. If they thought for a second that she did this they would have pulled hundreds of surveillance videos showing her broken tail light as it traveled from Canton to Dighton. But they know that those videos would show her tail light was barely cracked, just as it was when she pulled out of 1 Meadows Ave at 5 AM when she drove to Jennifer McCabe’s house to look for John.

If they ruled Karen Read out as a suspect then they’d have to start investigating the McAlberts, which would involve searching 34 Fairview Road, seizing their phones, and questioning them alone until one of them cracked. Michael Proctor never did this, which is why Julie Albert wanted to “thank” him with a gift on February 1 – the day Karen Read was arrested. It wasn’t just a thank you for what Proctor did, it was a thank you for what he DIDN’T do. Covering up the murder of John O’Keefe isn’t so much about convicting Karen Read (they don’t really care if she’s convicted) as it is making sure the McAlberts are never held responsible for what they did to him.



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