Canton Coverup Part 330: Commonwealth Files Dozens Of Motions Preventing Karen Read From Defending Herself Or Mentioning FBI Investigation


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The Commonwealth filed a plethora of motions yesterday that make it clear that they intend on asking Beverly Cannone to assist them in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. In summation, they are effectively asking the court to prevent Karen Read’s entire defense and ignore the fact that the investigation itself is under federal investigation. Here are some of the insane things they are asking of the court in their last desperate appeal to obstruct justice:

The commonwealth wants to ban Karen Read from using a third party culprit defense. This is the only motion that is not readily viewable for the public to read.

Karen Read’s entire defense is third party culprit, because third parties are undeniably the people who murdered John O’Keefe. This is a perfectly permissible defense used often in criminal cases, but we can’t see what shenanigans Michael Morrissey is trying to pull because they’re hiding it from us.

The Commonwealth wants to prevent cross examination of witnesses about their alleged bias because it’s “harassment.”

In other words, they don’t want the defense to be able to ask Michael Proctor and Michael Lank about their close association with “witnesses” who would otherwise be considered suspects. This theme of framing legitimate questions as “harassment” is basically the entire basis for the bogus witness intimidation charges against me.

They don’t want the defense to be able to bring up the fact that Michael Proctor is under Internal Affairs investigation, or reference the fact that Michael Lank was sued for assaulting and falsely arresting the Lopilato brothers in order to help out his close friend Chris Albert after he got into a bar fight with them.

They know how horrible it’s going to look that their lead investigator is being investigated for lying to a grand jury in this very same murder investigation. It will make it impossible to convict Karen Read, and since their objective is to lynch her they want the facts about Proctor to be kept from the jury.

They don’t want the defense to be able to mention the fact that the FBI is conducting an investigation into the State Police and DA’s investigation into the murder of John O’Keefe.

The Commonwealth falsely claims that the results of the federal investigation “are consistent with the Commonwealth’s theory of the case and debunk the defendant’s allegations of a coverup.” They also claim that the defense communicated with the US Attorney’s Office and provided evidence that advanced Karen Read’s third party culprit theory.

Except the results of the federal investigation are not consistent with the Commonwealth’s theory AT ALL!!! We know from our limited understanding of what has already been revealed that the FBI specifically said that John’s injuries were not consistent with being struck by a car. The entire basis of the Commonwealth’s case is that John was struck by a car driven by Karen Read. This is the exact opposite of “consistent.”

The results of the federal investigation also show that Jennifer McCabe Googled “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM, which backup the defendant’s theory of the case, rather than debunk it.

Oh, and then there’s the FBI finding that the DA’s Office told Brian Albert and Brian Higgins to destroy their phones. They really don’t want a jury to hear about that, because then they might start asking questions about the integrity of the DA’s Office, which would make it more difficult to lynch Karen Read.

My favorite is when they accuse the feds of working with the defense and suggest that it makes the DA’s Office the victim of conspiracy. The feds wouldn’t waste 18 months of time and resources on an investigation into public corruption if there wasn’t evidence to back it up. The fact that this evidence came from the defense means nothing. The feds aren’t stupid or easily fooled. If Karen Read’s team gave them nonsense and conspiracy theories that weren’t backed by evidence then the feds wouldn’t allocate the resources they have to this investigation. The Commonwealth is just butthurt that they were left out of the investigation because they are more than likely the target.

The Commonwealth also seeks to prevent the defense from bringing up the fact that witnesses gave inconsistent statements to the state and federal grand juries.

Michael Proctor told the state grand jury he didn’t know the McAlberts. He told the federal grand jury he did. The Commonwealth can’t have their star witness and lead investigator look like a liar in front of the jury because it would make it harder to lynch Karen Read.

Of course they had to file a motion about Turtleboy too. They surprisingly asked for all mentions of yours truly to be excluded from the trial, which at first I thought was odd.

Then I saw “blog postings.” They don’t want the defense to be able to introduced Part 161 of the Canton Coverup series because it’s the only online publication that has shown proof of Jennifer McCabe’s personal relationship with the Proctor family, after we caught her parking her car at their house.

They don’t want the jury to know about any misconduct or bad character from their witnesses.

Because God knows they all have plenty of both.

Instead of focusing on the evidence, which clearly indicates John was not run over by a car, the Commonwealth wants the jury to instead focus on Karen’s behavior on a New Years Eve Aruba trip.

I said this on the show last night and I’ll say it again – this is just a case of “bitches be crazy.” Sometimes women get fired up and accuse you of some stuff you didn’t do when they’re mad. It doesn’t make Karen Read a killer, and it doesn’t explain why John had dog bites on his arm.

Both sides want the jury to go to 34 Fairview Road.


This is a fatal mistake for the Commonwealth. Anyone who’s been there can see how much smaller and wide open that lawn is in person. There is no way you could possibly miss a 217 pound body lying 12 feet from the curb. Yet every single person inside the house, along with plow driver Lucky Loughran, failed to see John lying there when they left or drove by the house.

The Commonwealth intends to call John’s children, who have been completely brainwashed by the McAlberts, and wants to be able to ask them leading questions.

Karen did more for those kids than any of the people who are currently raising them and allowing them to grow up around the people who killed their adopted father/uncle. The fact that they’re using children like this is disgusting, but not surprising.

They also want to have their Cellebrite expert recreate Jennifer McCabe’s 2:27 Google search.


I’m here for it. I for one, cannot wait to watch the Commonwealth pull a self own by proving that Jen McCabe did in fact Google “hos long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM when she told police that John was home sleeping.

A lot of people are worried about this, but lawyer I’ve spoken with don’t think there is a world where even a judge as corrupt as Auntie Bev allows a motion that prevents Karen Read from using a third party culprit defense. But the mere fact that they’re so afraid of this happening shows that they know how weak their case is.



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