Canton Coverup Part 335: Jill Daniels Accidentally Doxxes Herself On Vile Twitter Account After Failing To Crop Out Picture Of Her Dog In Screenshot Used To Attack Karen Read’s Dad


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Earlier in the day Jill Daniels pulled a Jackie Dugal by accidentally doxxing herself on Twitter. If you’ll recall, Jackie Chinless made the mistake of using her fake Twitter account to post a screenshot from her phone, but failing to cut off the pictures of her camera roll at the bottom, which showed her license:

Earlier today a particularly vile account created in early January, which follows me and was called “Karen Read is guilty as fuck,” with the handle @karenkilledjohn, made a post about Karen Read’s father. She posted a picture of Bill Read in court, claiming that he looked deteriorated because he knows that Karen is guilty, and blamed Karen for making him this way by defending herself in court. The problem is that she forgot to crop out her camera roll at the bottom of the screenshot she used:

If that dog looks familiar it’s the cute pooch that was in Jill’s car when she sad hi to me in traffic while I was protesting outside of her brother in law’s mediocre chicken parm join in Canton last August. She’s got pictures of the dog all over her Facebook page.

She also included images in her camera roll that show her and her geriatric boyfriend Nick Marathas, who is not a fan of homosexuals.

The account, which used a profile picture of me in a boy scout sash, attempted to throw us all off the scent by claiming to be on the fence about Karen Read’s guilt or innocence initially.

But the account was extremely vile and spread lies about Karen Read, which made it obvious that they weren’t actually on the fence at all. For instance, Jill claimed that Karen Read set her ex-boyfriend’s car on fire.

She also hated Ted Daniel and recently made a post about him wearing pink to court yesterday.

She really seems to hate Peter Murphy, Rita Lombardi, Kathleen Howley, Kristen Anderson, and other Canton residents who have been vocal about their support for Karen Read.

She said mean things about the woman who confronted her brother in law Chris Albert outside of the Waterfall Bar last July.

She even talked smack about my Momma!

She trashed and was extremely jealous of John’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Higgins, who supports Karen Read and sits with her in court.

She ironically made fun of Lindsay for allegedly having poor skin.

Keep in mind, this is Jill Daniels’ actual face, in an image she voluntarily posted on social media.

Sure, she looks like my wallet when I leave it in my pocket and it goes through the wash, but when you’re anonymous you don’t mind yelling ironic insults at people on the whole internet.

She gave herself away a little by constantly defending Chris and Brian Albert (who she was previously having a sexual affair with).

She came after Jennifer O’Donnell after she criticized Chris Albert at a Board of Selectmen meeting.

And of course she really seemed to hate me cuz she can’t date me.

But perhaps the biggest giveaway the account was her was when she criticized me for not going after Brian Higgins enough, using the hashtag #HigginsFlipped.

At 4:11 PM I made a post announcing that I had found her account.

I didn’t tag the account so she would only see this post if she was intently following my account. Nevertheless, by 4:14 the account was completely gone.

Guess what Jill? Shut the fuck up on your fake accounts if you don’t wanna accidentally dox yourself!

Also, I have bad news for you girl – Karen Read isn’t going to jail. I don’t know if your scumbag family members are, but she certainly isn’t. The happiness and positivity that Karen Read displays brings out and highlights the ugliness that inflicts the souls of you and all your cop killing friends and family. Thank you for showing the world who you are and what the McAlberts are all about.

Now back to your greatest hits!



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