Canton Coverup Part 341: WBZ Legal Analyst Jennifer Roman Makes Up Lie That Nathan Read Bought Me Car Then Says We Should Only Report Things Proven To Be True


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A few months back I was invited on a true crime show called Surviving the Survivor, hosted by a guy named Joel Waldman. Unfortunately Wendy Murphy was a guest, so it wasn’t a serious discussion of the Karen Read case because Wendy is a mentally ill menopausasaurus who no one should take seriously. The back and forth was legendary.

Joel was gonna have me on again without her but the plans fell through and it never happened. But the other day he had a panel on to cover the case that included a woman named Jennifer Roman, who is the legal analyst for WBZ, the CBS affiliate in Boston.

Everyone in the chat was telling him he should have me on, because unlike his guests I actually know the case like the back of my hand. Instead he had on Jennifer, who found a way to make Wendy Murphy sound informed and educated. At one point Joel said he wasn’t opposed to having me on, but then asked the panel what they thought of my involvement by asking them a leading question about the BASELESS and hilarious allegations that I received a free Lexus from the Read family for my coverage of the case. Jennifer Roman responded by saying that it was confirmed that Nathan Read bought me a car.

“So it’s actually confirmed that Karen Read’s brother bought a car for Turtleboy.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what slander sounds like. She didn’t say there are allegations. She said it was CONFIRMED! And she’s an attorney!

First of all, it’s hilarious that the State Police even spent a second of their time pursuing this angle. It shows how desperate they are to pin something on her and I because the walls are closing in on them.

Secondly, Nathan Read sells cars at a dealership in Rhode Island. My car says “Lexus of Northborough” on the license plate because I bought it in Massachusetts.

Thirdly, Nathan Read doesn’t have the power to give me a free car from a dealership he doesn’t own.

Fourthly, I’m wildly successful and have made a whole bunch of money in sales in the last year, so only a mental midget short bus idiot would think I can’t afford to buy a new car.

Fifthly, my aunt died a few years ago and all of her nephews and nieces recently split her inheritance, which was extremely helpful in buying this car.

Sixthly, even if the Read family did buy me a car, why are the police investigating that if it’s not illegal?

But most importantly, the police did conduct a thorough investigation of this, and they did subpoena my bank records to see if received any money from the Read family. They also pulled my records from the RMV to see how I paid for the car. The result of their investigation was that I paid for the car with a personal check from MY bank account, because I am KILLING IT!

I shouldn’t have to prove this, but I did anyway because I LOVE to prove liars like Jennifer Roman wrong. The funniest part is that she went on to say stuff like this:

“I think we should have a healthy balanced discussion. What concerns me is when someone like Turtleboy is representing things like truth when they haven’t been vetted and haven’t been proven to be true. That’s not good journalism. That’s just sensationalism. That’s what concerns me about some of his quote unquote reporting – is that it’s not actually factually correct.” 

You cannot make up this kind of irony. The lawyer who made up a lie that hasn’t been vetted, and has actually been proven to be untrue, is lecturing others about not saying things that haven’t been vetted or proven to be true. She’s lecturing ME that my journalism isn’t “good,” despite the fact that I have single handedly done more to find out who killed John O’Keefe than the entirety of the Massachusetts State Police. Everything I’ve reported has turned out to be factual in regards to this case.

“We all need to be cautious about what we put out there. And that what we put out there when we have that kind of platform that it’s accurate. That’s our obligation. I wanna be accurate. And if I don’t know I’m gonna tell you I don’t know. And Turtleboy crossed the line and certainly isn’t unbiased.”

Cautious? You just made up a completely reckless lie and stated it as an undeniable fact.

Then Joel chimed in with this:

“It’s important to point out he served jail time and he’s facing other charges.”

Why is that important to point out, Joel? What other reason is there to mention that than to take a shot at my alleged credibility? I guarantee Joel cannot tell you a single thing I’ve been charged with doing. I’d ask him on his show, which would probably be the highest rated in the history of his podcast, but apparently he’d rather have low information moronic LIARS like Jennifer Roman on.

I messaged Joel on Twitter, who messaged Jennifer Roman, who “stuck by” her baseless story.

Joel seems like a nice guy, but if he wants to have a serious show about the Karen Read case he should probably have on someone who actually knows the facts of the case and doesn’t need to make up lies. Maybe I could educate him on why I was arrested, and why he and every other American should be concerned about the weaponization of state power against journalists who blow the whistle on government corruption.

Oh, and feel free to email Jennifer Roman with your thoughts at [email protected].


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