Canton Coverup Part 347: Canton Police Testimony Shows Incompetence And Special McAlbert Treatment During John O’Keefe Murder Investigation


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On Monday Canton Police Lt. Paul Gallagher and Sgt. Sean Goode testified in the Karen Read trial, and just like mots of the witnesses before them, the veteran cops only strengthened Read’s defense. More than anything they embarrassed the Canton Police Department on an international stage as the eyes of the world saw for the first time just how frivolously police handled the murder investigation of another officer.

The big takeaway for me was that we saw Gallagher using Goode’s leaf blower (which he ran home and retrieved) for the first time, searching the area where O’Keefe’s body was found a little more than an hour after O’Keefe was taken to the hospital. Many were shocked that police would use a leaf blower to search what they believed to be a homicide, but it was what they didn’t find that was most important. Here’s a couple still shots from the video presented in court:

Gallagher testified that he found transparent pieces of cocktail glass and 6 small droplets of blood. He secured the blood samples with red solo cups, which he procured from Lt. Tom Keleher, who lives across the street at 31 Fairview Road. They were kept in Stop n Shop bags in room temperature in the CPD Sally port garage.

But it was what they didn’t find that really mattered. Every officer who responded to the scene that day reported that there were ZERO piece of red tail light or a black Nike sneaker found at the scene. Now we have video proof to back this up. This is problematic for the Commonwealth because the totality of the physical evidence against Karen Read is red tail light that they allegedly found at the crime scene in subsequent weeks. If there was no red tail light at the scene when CPD searched it then Karen Read could not have killed John O’Keefe with her car. If red tail light was found there later on then it means it was planted.

My question is, why aren’t Goode, Gallagher, and the rest of the CPD more offended by this? Eleven hours after they searched the scene and did not see any red tail light or a large black Nike sneaker in broad daylight, the State Police SERT team “found” 4 pieces of red tail light and a large black Nike sneaker after 18 inches of snow had fallen in the pitch black of night. Michael Proctor and Chief Ken Berkowitz “found” 31 more pieces of tail light during 6 undocumented trips to the crime scene in February 2022. If the tail light and shoe weren’t planted there by the State Police then it means every member of the Canton Police who searched that area is both incompetent and blind because not one of them saw it in broad daylight, with less than 2 inches of snow on the ground.

So why aren’t they louder about this? Simple – Kevin Albert. If no tail light was discovered at the scene then Canton Police Detective Albert’s brother Brian would be a murder suspect.

Gallagher in particular was indignant and defensive about why police didn’t search inside the Albert house after a body was discovered on the front lawn. He claims he had no probable cause to search the house, which is a complete lie. Only a judge can determine if probable cause exists to execute a search warrant. Judge O’Shea signed a search warrant for my house based solely on the fact that State Police believed I broadcast the Turtleboy Live Show (which they claim I committed witness intimidation on) from my house.

Today Sgt. Goode and Lt. Lank both took the stand and testified that they went inside 34 Fairview Road to speak with Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, and Jennifer McCabe, but neither of them asked to look around the house. Their reasoning – no probable cause. Because apparently a dead cop with a missing shoe on the Albert’s front lawn didn’t qualify in their minds as probable cause. They admitted that they didn’t attempt to obtain a search warrant for probable cause from a judge, nor did they politely ask the Alberts to take a look around – something no innocent person in their position would object to.

We also found out that Sgt. Goode’s original report contained an image of the area where John O’Keefe’s body was discovered.

However, an unknown officer added a supplemental report that contained an image of the same area with what appeared to be a small piece of red tail light.

No one knows who the officer was who added this to the report, because apparently cops can just anonymously add critical evidence to reports in murder investigations.

Tuesday ended with some drama in the courtroom when Adam Lally showed dash cam video from Lt. Ray’s car as it pulled up to 1 Meadows Ave at 8:25 AM on January 29. Karen Read’s Lexus can be seen, and the right tail light is clearly missing a red portion that the left tail light is not.

The McAlbert Mafia took this as some sort of case closed bombshell, but it really means nothing. No one debates that Read’s tail light was broken, because we all saw her back into John’s Chevy Traverse 3 hours prior, and we all saw that that particular part of the tail light was broken:

But the problem is that the ENTIRE tail light to the right of that broken portion has been entered into evidence. It was clearly partially broken at 5:07 AM, but you cannot see the side of the tail light in the dash cam above. However, you can see at 4:12 PM that the side portion of the tail light is sill on her car when it was towed from her parents’ house in Dighton.

Yet days later in the Canton Police Sally port garage that piece of plastic lens was no longer on the car.

This is a photo of the same model and year Lexus LX 570 tail light.

The small horizontal light at the far right corner of the tail light illuminates whenever the headlights are on. Note that the sail shaped triangle above the small horizontal light NEVER illuminates. It is only a reflector and contains no lamps. That piece is clearly still on the car at 5:07 AM, and would not be visible from the CPD dash cam at 8:25 AM:

Any piece of plastic lens still in tact at 5:08 AM should NOT have been recovered at 34 Fairview Road. Yet that piece was found by Michael Proctor on an undocumented trip to 34 Fairview Road three weeks later.




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