Canton Cover-Up Part 352: Colin Albert Posts Picture On Instagram Celebrating Caitlin Albert And Tristin Morris’ Engagement After Testifying He Doesn’t Have Social Media 


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On Thursday Colin Albert was cross examined by Attorney Alan Jackson and told a number of lies. Perhaps the most unbelievable was that he has never been in a fight, despite two videos being entered into evidence showing him threatening to fight and/or knock out a rival group of teenagers called the “Advantage Boys.”

Colin Albert would have the jury believe that he makes videos threatening to knock people out, but has never been in a fight himself. He was basically trying to convince the jury that he is a huge poser who talks shit and doesn’t back it up. No one with a brain actually believes that. I have offered $100 to anyone who can come forward and give me the name of someone Colin Albert has fought. I have a number of people in my inbox who have given me names, but I will not publish without confirmation. Rest assured though, I will find one.

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Colin testified that he made those videos when he was a sophomore, suggesting that he was no longer the immature punk who threatens rival teens like that. But the video was taken on New Years Eve 2021, just weeks before John O’Keefe was murdered inside a house where Colin Albert was drinking.

Allie McCabe was there, as was Erin Beatty – his former friend who has had her life torn apart because she told the truth about Colin Albert calling her at 12:33 AM to establish an alibi.

But another lie that got less attention was when Colin Albert testified that he hasn’t watched anything about the case in which he has been accused of being involved in a murder, and that he does not have social media.

Colin did take his Twitter account down the day we published Part 1 of the Canton Coverup series, so the Internet is deprived of these gems:

He also took down the Tik Tok account where he posted the Advantage Boys threats.

However, it appears as if Colin Albert does have an active Instagram account, because over the weekend he posted a picture to his IG story celebrating the engagement of Caitlin Albert and Tristin “Morris Gump.”

Keep in mind, Tristin Morris proposed to her just days after he testified that Caitlin was “high maintenance.”

But in the Albert family they call that “courtship.” Tristin was destined to one day join the proud McAlbert Clan due to his low IQ, meathead mentality, and inability to to avoid threatening to punch award winning journalists while being filmed in a public park where women, children, and the elderly are milling around.

Notice in the image Colin Albert posted to his Colinalberr34 account that he appears to be drinking alcohol, and that Matt “Chubs” McCabe appears to be in the background.

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Colin isn’t 21, but rules and laws have never applied to him so what does he care? He’s constantly posting pictures of himself on social media drinking at bars, and posing with the middle finger as adults join him and encourage his behavior.

This isn’t normal teenage behavior. I can’t believe I’m the one saying this after complaining about the race card and the theory of “white privilege” for so many years, but just imagine if Colin Albert was black. Imagine how differently an 18 year old black kid who threatened to knock people out on social media would be treated by police after being present inside a home where a cop was found dead on the lawn after an underage drinking party. Imagine what people would be saying about his parents if they encouraged this behavior. Just ask Sean Ellis, a black 19 year old who just like Colin Albert was in a place around the time a Boston cop was killed. Unlike Colin Albert police actually interviewed Sean Ellis. Unlike Colin Albert the District Attorney didn’t issue a 5 minute press release video insisting that Sean Ellis was an innocent young boy with a bright future. Sean Ellis wasn’t the ring bearer in the the lead detective’s sister’s wedding.

Colin Albert is so privileged that he fears nothing by lying while under oath at a murder trial. He doesn’t care at all about posting pictures on social media just days after testifying that he has no social media. Why would he? Colin Albert knows that police will NEVER hold him accountable for his actions, so he can do whatever he wants.



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