Canton Cover-Up Part 356: Video Of Colin Albert Fighting In August 2021 Proves He Lied Under Oath About Never Being In A Fight 


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Last week Colin Albert testified in the Karen Read murder trial that he had never been in a fight with anyone other than one of his brothers.

This seemed hard to believe given the amount of pictures and videos posted on social media showing Colin threatening to knock people out and holding his fist in the air in a menacing manner.

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But his lawyer Joe Krowski, like many other McAlbert apologists, insisted on national television that Colin had never been in a fight.

But as it turns out Colin not only has been in a fight before, he’s also not much of a fighter. Here is a video from August 22, 2021, showing Colin fighting an unnamed ginger in sandals.


No wonder Colin would need his uncle and a dog to help him take down John O’Keefe. That was the most anti-climactic townie fight video I’ve ever seen. Lots and lots of squaring up and dancing.

But the only real action was when Colin threw a right haymaker that completely missed its target.

Unfortunately for him this left him wide open for a ginger infringer to the dome.

Colin swung and missed a couple more times.

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But the ginger ninja was too quick for him. After that it was back to dancing.

Why did Colin bother to lie about this? Kids his age know that everything they do is recorded on video and posted to social media. They should know that when making such a claim in a nationally televised murder trial the Internet will dig up pictures and videos to prove you’re lying. Did he miss what happened with Katie McLaughlin a week earlier?

The only explanation I can reach is that Colin is just a very stupid person with absolutely no concept of the lengths powerful people have gone to in order to protect him. He probably doesn’t think it’s a big deal to lie under oath since he’s been raised as an entitled Albert who has never learned that actions have consequences. We will see if the defense brings this up later in the week, and if they will call Colin again as a witness.


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