Canton Cover-Up Part 36: Karen Read’s Attorney Who Exposed Kevin Spacey’s Accuser’s Parents For Deleting Text Messages Expected To Do The Same At Thursday’s Hearing


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Four years ago I published a blog (on our old website Turtleboy Sports) about washed up former WCVB news anchor Heather Unruh, after she asked to speak to the manager of Twitter by demanding a blue checkmark over the fact that her son had accused Kevin Spacey of giving him an un-welcomed handjob at a bar in Nantucket.

As I said from the beginning and restated in that blog – her son’s story sounded made up. This was proven in court when a forensic expert determined that Unruh had deleted several messages and images from her phone of her son drinking and talking about the incident. It showed that he regularly procured alcohol on his own (proving that he didn’t need Spacey to get it for him), and that he was intentionally leading Spacey on while laughing with his girlfriend about it.

I bring this up because the attorney for Kevin Spacey was Alan Jackson, the same co-counsel currently representing Karen Read.

Deleted messages are also at the heart of the Karen Read trial, particularly at the upcoming evidentiary hearing Thursday in Dedham. It is expected that forensic expert Rick Green will be testifying and explaining to the court how he determined that Jen McCabe deleted a 2:27 AM Google search for “how long to die in cold,” two phone calls to her sister Nicole at 6:07 and 6:08, three phone calls to Tom Beatty before 6 AM, a Google search for “how long does it take to digest food,” and two more searches for “how long to die in cold” at 6:23 and 6:24.

ADA Adam Lally will have to cross examine Green, who is a world renowned independent expert in his field. How will a small town ADA with little understanding of how the Internet works prove that Rick Green is actually incompetent? That’s what he will have to do on Thursday in order to disprove that McCabe made that 2:27 Google search.

We can also safely assume that the defense will attempt to put Jen McCabe on the stand Thursday. McCabe is arrogant and defiant, and has made no attempt to avoid appearing publicly despite damning evidence against her that she participated in John O’Keefe’s murder. She does have a 5th Amendment right to not testify, but she’s also arrogant enough to believe that she can outfox Alan Jackson. I hope she tries, because it didn’t end up well for Unruh or her husband Nick Little, who imploded on the stand while being questioned by Alan Jackson, and was nearly held in contempt by the judge. Watch this:

Now imagine how Brian Albert or Jen McCabe would hold up under a similar line of questioning.

Heather Unruh chose not to invoke her 5th Amendment rights and decided to testify about why she deleted the messages that she did. Jen McCabe also has the option to invoke her 5th Amendment rights, but she and Unruh have similar personalities:

  • They’re suburban Moms with entitled 19 year old family members who they’d do anything to cover for.
  • They both love attention and have surrounded themselves with people who tell them what they want to hear.
  • They’re not used to hostile questioning and they believe they are smarter than people like Alan Jackson.

McCab’es attorney Kevin Reddington has stated that she did nothing wrong, and would go on living normally because that’s what innocent people do. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if McCabe did what Unruh did and declined to invoke her 5th Amendment rights.

Either way, it will likely be determined beyond any shadow of doubt on Thursday that Jen McCabe Googled “how long to die in cold” at 2:27 AM. Lally’s reasoning that she had a browser open for her kid’s basketball league at that time won’t be a valid explanation as to why Rick Green is wrong. If he tries to do that, Lunchbox Lally will provide us all with great entertainment.

It’s also notable that in Part 24 of this series we discussed how Trooper Nicholas Guarino claimed that he conducted a full file Cellebrite extraction report on May 31, 2022, which was handed to the defense on August 12. Nowhere in his report did he mention anything about a Google search or deleted messages and calls.

Had he done so this case would’ve been thrown out immediately. Guarino is also expected to testify on Thursday.

After the defense paid (at great cost to them) for their own independent expert (Rick Green) we found out that Guarino had left a lot out. ADA Lally has since admitted that the following things NOT INCLUDED in Guarino’s extraction report were legitimate:

  • The 6:07 and 6:08 calls to Nicole Albert, which he claims went to straight to voicemail despite being 8 seconds in duration
  • The 6:23 and 6:24 Google searches for “how long to die in cold,” which McCabe claims were done at Karen Read’s urging
  • The 2:27 AM viewing of her kid’s basketball website
  • The 3 calls to Tom Beatty
  • The “how long to digest food” Google search

Lally has since denied that the following things NOT INCLUDED in Guarino’s extraction report were legitimate:

  • The 2:27 AM “how long to die in cold” Google search

In other words, he’s picking and choosing which parts of Rick Green’s report are legitimate based on whether or not it helps him provide cover for Jen McCabe and continue to go after Karen Read. What is undeniable is that Lally is fully admitting that Trooper Guarino did NOT hand over a full Cellebrite extraction report of McCabe’s phone.

It should be noted that Lally’s claim that the two calls to Nicole Albert going to voicemail is provably wrong. First, there are no voicemails entered into evidence. Secondly, a call that went to voicemail would come up as “unanswered” as many of the calls in Jen McCabe’s log did. Eight seconds is not enough time for the two of them to have a conversation about a dead body on Nicole’s lawn, but it is enough time for Jen to whisper “Karen is here, don’t come outside.” She made these calls immediately after calling 911.

In the Kevin Spacey trial Jackson asked the accuser on the stand if he had ever deleted evidence from his phone, and if he knew that deleting evidence was a crime. The court took a recess after that and he ended up invoking his 5th Amendment rights, thus severely damaging the case against Spacey. The finishing touch was Alan Jackson’s cross examination of the fake victim’s parents.

After that Dukes County DA Michael O’Keefe (not related) announced that he was dropping the charges against Spacey. Because that’s what a normal prosecutor does when they’re not trying to participate in framing an innocent person. Adam Lally is not dropping anything because he’s fully invested in the coverup at this point. It will be up to the Judge to do that after Thursday’s evidentiary hearing. I will be there, so make sure you’ve subscribed to our YouTube channel by clicking here to watch my post-court press conference.


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