Canton Cover-Up Part 360: Brian Higgins’ “Best Friend” ATF Forensic Expert Matt Kelsch Testified In Aaron Hernandez Trial About Destroying SIM Cards To Hide Deleted Messages 


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During Brian Higgins’ testimony he stated that he went to his “best friend” Matt Kelsch, who works as a federal agent for the ATF, and asked for his assistance in extracting his text messages with Karen Read. He also admitted that he ONLY handed over the flirtatious messages with Karen, and that after that he destroyed his phone by smashing the SIM card and discarding it and his phone in a trash bin located inside an Army base in Sandwich. Therefore he was able to control and limit what messages law enforcement would see, making sure that no one ever read his messages with Nicole, Brian, or Kevin Albert.

Matt Kelsch is an expert in digital forensics who happens to be Higgins’ “best friend.” It’s unclear if they sleep over each other’s houses or shower together, but they are “best friends” nonetheless. And during Higgins’ testimony he had to lawyer up as it became clear that he admitted to utilizing federal resources for federal gain, which is a federal crime.

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Matt Kelch testified during Aaron Hernandez’ second murder trial in 2017, stating that he examined Hernandez’ Blackberry, but because the SIM card was removed it “made it difficult to extract any deleted items.”

In other words, Matt Kelsch knows very well that destroying a SIM card makes it much more difficult for law enforcement to find deleted items from a phone. If Brian Higgins had text messages with members of the Albert family in which he was plotting to go back to 34 Fairview Road and move John O’Keefe’s body to the front lawn, he obviously would not want those to get in the hands of investigators. However, if he was trying to help frame Karen Read he wouldn’t mind showing text messages to investigators that illustrated strains in her relationship with O’Keefe. Therefore he consulted with his “best friend,” who happens to be a digital forensic expert who knows all about how to delete information from your cell phone so that police won’t find it, and the two of them plotted to illegally use federal resources to help Higgins exclusively extract information that made Karen Read look bad before Higgins destroyed his phone and SIM card and discarded them on an Army base.

This is not how innocent people behave, and the jury knows it.


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