Canton Coverup Part 362: Nicholas Barros And Michael Proctor’s Testimony Is Final Nail In The Coffin For Commonwealth In Karen Read Trial 


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Monday was arguably the most entertaining day in the entire Karen Read trial, but it was almost one of the most important for the defense. The day can be broken down into 4 parts:

  1. The Commonwealth’s motion not to allow experts to testify
  2. The defense’s cross examination of Yuri Bukkake
  3. The scathing testimony of Dighton Police Officer Nicholas Barros
  4. Michael Proctor’s disastrous testimony and cross examination

Motion not to allow experts to testify

  • One of the experts the CW seeks to exclude from testifying is Dr. Chris Van Ee. His resume esume shows that he is an award winning crash reconstructionist. His company provides engineering services that focus on forensic investigations and has performed thousands of accident investigations. His specialties include accident reconstruction and injury causation. Naturally the Commonwealth doesn’t want him to testify in a case in which they allege the defendant killed a man with her motor vehicle.

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  • Auntie Bev was extra cunty today, trying to move David Yannetti along before he even began speaking. Yannetti was feeling extra spicy and fired right back. He had strong “how dare they” vibes.
  • Auntie Bev interrupted Yannetti and told him she didn’t have a video from February 15 in his motion. Yannetti proved her wrong immediately by telling her to turn to page 4. No apology was given by her.
  • Auntie Bev said she wanted to speed this trial up, but is making the defense fly two of their witnesses in early, at their expense, to do a voir dire on Wednesday to prove that they are in fact experts in their fields. She previously allowed a screenshot of a text message between Colin Albert and Allie McCabe to be entered into evidence without doing ANYTHING to verify it. Maureen Hartnett also testified for hours about her handling of evidence despite failing her proficiency exam.


  • On Wednesday Bukkake testified that the guy in the back of Karen Read’s Lexus inside the Sallyport was definitively Michael Proctor. When he was asked again on Thursday he said he didn’t know. Today he once again says he’s not sure, but says he’s not changing his testimony. 
  • Bukkake says he didn’t mention that the video from the sally port garage was inverted because it “wasn’t brought up.” Somehow he didn’t think that was worth mentioning in a case in which the jury would be fixated on the right tail light.
  • Bukkake insisted that an inverted video that deceives the viewer is an accurate depiction of what happened inside the garage.
  • There is 11 minutes of sally port video missing. Bukkake said it wasn’t recorded. Alan Jackson pointed out that he would have no way of knowing what was and wasn’t recorded.
  • Bukkake said video “isn’t missing, it’s just not recorded.” Juror #3, who looks like highly educated and is always alert, visibly laughed. The jury knows he is a joke.
  • Alan Jackson got Bukkake to admit that not only was the Canton PD sally port video inverted, but the time stamp was also inverted.
  • Michael Proctor was seen standing next to Karen Read’s broken tail light after the video jumped 42 minutes from 5:08 to 5:50. Bukkake says he doesn’t know how many minutes that is.

  • The video from the sally port that does NOT show Karen Read’s right tail light is mostly there. The video from the sally port that would show Karen Read’s right tail light is missing 42 minutes, including the time when it was brought into the garage and anything police did with it after that.
  • Adam Lally immediately threw Canton Police under the bus by asking Bukkake if the manipulated video was received by State Police with 42 minutes missing. He confirmed this was how he received it. Doesn’t really matter who deleted those 42 minutes – it proves a coverup either way.
  • Lally asked Bukkake if he remembers if snow fell off John O’Keefe’s car after it was struck by Karen Read at 5:07 on Ring video. Later on with Michael Proctor we saw that he did this in a failed attempt to prove that Read didn’t hit O’Keefe’s car when she backed into it by pointing out that snow DID fall off the door in the garage when the tow driver closed it. It was quite the epic fail by Lally.
  • Bukkake says that he and Proctor “absolutely didn’t” mess with Karen Read’s tail light. The jury didn’t seem impressed. McAlberts seem to believe that using theatrics like “shocked and horrified “and “absolutely not” will make them seem less guilty.
  • Dr. Bukkake determined after looking at John O’Keefe’s body that the 3 inch laceration in the back of his head did not come from a cocktail glass. Apparently he figured out on the spot that it came from landing on Brian Albert’s grassy lawn.
  • Bukkake claims that before 10:41 AM Sgt. Goode told him that #KarenRead said “I hit him, I hit him” at the scene. None of Goode’s reports state that she said that.


Nicholas Barros


  • Officer Barros’ testimony was the final nail in the coffin for the Commonwealth, and I am blown away that they called him as a witness. He testified that Karen Read’s tail light was “cracked,” not shattered, and that only one piece was missing when he saw it in ill Read’s driveway at 4 PM on January 29. It was later photographed shattered into 45 pieces at CPD. Multiple jurors smiled and wrote in their notebooks. Many on Karen’s side gasped. Lally is completely incompetent to call a witness that helped Karen Read’s case, and he has done so many times in the trial. 
  • The Barros testimony was so effective that the defense didn’t bother cross examining him. He already said exactly what they wanted him to say.


Michael Proctor

  • I had no idea that he was going to be called. It was my first time seeing this coward in the flesh, and he clearly did not want to be there.
  • I wonder if the jury is asking themselves how the Commonwealth got all of Michael Proctor’s text messages? Proctor would never just offer these up himself, and the Commonwealth wouldn’t make him hand them over. We know that these were revealed in the federal investigation, but no one is allowed to reference that in this trial. Has the jury figured that on their own?
  • Lally’s plan was apparently to not have Proctor talk about the case much at all, and instead he wanted to address the horrifying, unprofessional text messages so that he could offer up an explanation before the defense got a chance to exploit them.
  • The texts were as bad as they get, but basically Lally was coaching Proctor to tell the jury that although he might be a scumbag who said regrettable things in private text messages, it didn’t affect the job he did as an investigator. Based on their facial reactions no one in the jury was buying it.
  • Proctor intentionally spoke as quietly as possible when reading the most damning text messages. You could hear him fine at home, but in the courtroom we couldn’t hear a lot of what he said and neither could several jurors who kept motioning for the court officers to tell the judge. Auntie Bev reluctantly told Proctor to speak up eventually.
  • Proctor testified that a firefighter told him John O’Keefe had a 10% chance of surviving when they found him. If the McAlberts hadn’t put him out in the cold he probably would’ve survived. But that was the whole point – they couldn’t risk that he’d tell police what they did to him.
  • Proctor testified that “large pieces were missing” from #KarenRead‘s tail light at Bill Read’s house in Dighton. This is in direct contradiction to Officer Barros’ testimony that the tail light was cracked with one piece missing. After the testimony that followed later it’s safe to say that the jury believed Barros, not Proctor.  
  • Poctor testified that neither he nor Bukkake tampered with #KarenRead‘s tail light. Juror #3, who is always one of the most alert, visibly rolled her eyes.
  • Lally loves to have his cop witnesses put on gloves, open up boxes, and pull out evidence like it means something.

  • This proves nothing, since the defense alleges that the tail light was all planted. Of course it would be entered into evidence. The funniest part is how they wear gloves and act like they’re serious detectives despite being part of a murder investigation that used red solo cups, a leaf blower, and didn’t record a single witness interview.
  • Michael Proctor helped fuel the defense theory that tail light was planted even more by displaying for the jury to see that he found the biggest pieces of tail light on February 18, his final undocumented trip to 34 Fairview Road. Somehow he missed these bad boys on his 4 previous undocumented trips, despite all the snow melting prior to that.

  • Lally played a video of #KarenRead backing into John O’Keefe’s vehicle and cracking her tail light, and got Proctor to say that there was no contact between the cars. He brought up the fact that no snow fell of John’s car, and seems to think that the jury forgot Bukkake’s testimony from Thursday in which he said that John’s car clearly moved when Read hit it.  
  • Karen Read’s car struck John O’Keefe’s car right in the circled area. A Traverse weighs 6,160 pounds and is solid. A LX weighs 6K pounds. When #KarenRead‘s tail light struck the Traverse at this angle over 6K pounds of force were pushing back on her 6K pound car, which could easily crack her tail light without causing damage to John’s car. 

  • Proctor testified that Julie and Chris Albert are 10 years older than him, and Colin Albert is 20 years younger. Therefore, despite the fact that his mother calls the Alberts a “second family,” he has no bias in the case.

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  • Proctor testified that he speaks to his sister Courtney, who is best friends with Jill Daniels and close friends with Julie Albert, 5-6 times a day. This only seems to prove he has a strong bias.
  • In group text messages from January 29, 2022 Proctor had already told his friends that Karen Read had “gotten into an argument” with #KarenRead in the car before striking him with her vehicle. He said this BEFORE an investigation had taken place, meaning he never considered anyone else a suspect or bothered to rule them out as one. 
  • I cannot emphasize enough how shocked and disgusted the jurors (particularly the women, of whom there are 10) looked as Proctor was forced to read this text messages out loud.
  • Most people are focused on the salacious, name calling text messages that show what a scumbag Proctor is. However, the more concerning texts that aren’t receiving enough attention are the ones where he’s bragging about bullying the ME, covering for the McAlberts, and showing his inability to treat Karen Read fairly.
  • Proctor texted his friend in Tennessee on the day O’Keefe was murdered if the homeowner whose lawn O’Keefe was found on would take some shit. Proctor said, “nope, homeowner is a Boston cop.” This showed that the State Police would treat Albert differently than a normal person with a dead cop on their front lawn, simply because Albert was also a cop. He doesn’t have to be good friends with Albert to cover for him. He covered for him because he’s a cop. They back the blue unless they’re killed by the blue.
  • Proctor texted that Karen Read “waffled” John, and that he wasn’t beaten up. He hadn’t even investigated that being beaten up was a possibility at that point.
  • Proctor said that he initially thought that John was beaten by the homeowner after speaking with a paramedic.
  • Proctor said in text message that Karen and John got into an argument before she dropped him off. He had no reason to believe this as no one testified to that.
  • Proctor referred to Read as a “cunt” (although he tried spelling it instead of saying it at first), a “wackjob,” a “babe,” and mocked her for having a Fall River accent and “no ass.”
  • Proctor said in a group chat with his friends, in response to a question about whether or not she was hot, that she had a “leaky balloon knot” and “leaks poo.” This was in reference to a medical condition in which Karen apparently needed a colostomy bag. It violates HIPPA for Proctor to disclose information about Read’s medical conditions to his friends.
  • On January 29 Courtney Proctor texted Michael Proctor, and Michael told her that he had just interviewed Jen McCabe, who mentioned that she knows Courtney Proctor. Jen was already shmoozing him and bringing up familial ties in an attempt to prevent Proctor from treating her as a suspect.
  • Proctor read text messages from Julie Albert to his sister Courtney Proctor, in which Julie Albert offered Michael a gift as a “thank you” for arresting #KarenRead on February 1. Proctor never interviewed Julie’s son Colin Albert, despite the fact that he was inside Brian Albert’s house that night. Instead of turning her down Proctor told his sister to tell Julie Albert to give the gift to his wife Elizabeth. However, Proctor credited himself for not actually receiving that gift. 
  • In a text with his sister Courtney he told her that O’Keefe’s death was “at the very least suspicious,” to which she responded, “this is your livelihood, I would never mess with that.” In other words, she was warning him NOT to be corrupt, and he went and did the exact opposite.
  • On the day Karen Read was indicted Michael Proctor texted his wife, “I can’t wait to lock this wackjob up.”
  • Proctor repeatedly tried to justify the horrible comments he made about Karen Read in group chats with other State Police detectives because he believed Read had killed O’Keefe.
  • In text messages with Trooper David DiCicco, DiCicco tells Proctor it’s a “rookie move” not going to the medical examiner and getting a homicide determination, to which Proctor replied, “Yuri and I had two conference calls with her, sent her numerous photos, we laid out the entire case for her.” This was all PRIOR to the ME inspecting John O’Keefe’s body. This means she was told that Karen Read was hit by a car, not beaten up, prior to examining his body. She then had to make sense of how the injuries to John’s body came from a car. This explains why she did something ME’s never do – write what DIDN’T HAPPEN in her report, when she claimed that John hadn’t gotten into a fight. 
  • DiCicco responded by telling Proctor he should’ve had DiCicco contact the ME, to which Proctor replied, “if you had done it she would’ve made it accidental or natural causes.” In other words, because he influenced the ME by speaking to her on two conference calls he was able to get her to say that John died the way he wanted her to die, in order to charge Karen Read.
  • On the day Karen Read was arrested and indicted a trooper asked Proctor if Karen Read was hot. He said, “if you like women who shit themselves.”
  • With his trooper buddy on June 9, 2022, Proctor told him that Karen Read had said during her booking that the Alberts had killed John O’Keefe and that was why her tail light was cracked (that’s not what she said in the booking video), and that “she’s gross.” Trooper DiCicco responded by saying “oh fuck her, bitch.”
  •  Like almost all troopers working for Michael Morrissey’s Office, Trooper DiCicco graduated from high school in Norfolk County (Norwood 2000). He won the superlative “biggest attitude” and references “blumpkins,” “fudge,” and “fupa” in his high school yearbook. These are the people policing us.

  • In a group text message that included Lt. John Fanning and Yuri Bukhenik, his superior officers, Proctor said that he was “going through his (David Yannetti’s) retarded client’s phone, no nudes so far” and said “I hate that man, I truly hate that man,” in regards to Yannetti. He attempted to explain to the jury that he was just looking for relevant information from the phone, and that his comments were “distasteful.” He also said that he stopped searching after finding text messages between Read and Yannetti on January 29, 2022. I’ll have more on that tonight on the Live Show.
  • When Proctor read a text he wrote saying that he went through #KarenRead‘s phone and was disappointed that he didn’t find naked pictures of her, Juror #3 shook her head in disgust, mouthed something and looked away. Juror #12 opened her mouth in shock, rolled her eyes, and looked away from him in disgust. Again, until you see the juror’s faces you can’t understand how truly over this is. 
  • Proctor looked visibly nervous as soon as Alan Jackson began to cross examine him. Jackson ripped him to shreds, and truly seemed to despise Proctor. You can tell Jackson truly believes in his client’s innocence and is furious that the police are framing her.
  • Jackson asked Proctor what he thought of Yannetti, and if he still “truly hated” him. Proctor answered, “I still don’t care for him now.”
  • Proctor was asked if he ever looked for male suspects’ nudes in their photos and responded by saying, “I don’t look for anyone’s nudes,” despite telling his superior officers that he was looking for Karen’s nudes.
  • The line of the day came from Jackson when he said, “You weren’t so much as objectively investigating Karen Read as you were objectifying her, correct?”
  • Bukkake “liked” the text message from Proctor calling Karen Read “retarded.” Bukkake is Proctor’s immediate superior, and the person responsible for reprimanding him for unprofessional behavior. The problem isn’t just Proctor. It’s the entire Massachusetts State Police, where a culture like this is acceptable.

Just to review – at no point during the examination of the lead investigator in a murder investigation was the lead investigator asked about or talk about the actual investigation. Instead, he read off text messages that made him and the rest of the State Police look corrupt, immature, and disgusting. Another solid day’s work for Adam Lally.

When will Maura Healy respond to this blatant misogyny? How is this clown still on the job? How are his superiors still on the job? How many scandals do the State Police need before we just tear it all down and start from scratch?





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