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Canton Cover-Up Part 366: McAlbert Goons Charged With Assaulting Award Winning Journalist Working On Story And Eating Meal Of Food At CF McCarthy’s


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On Sunday we went to Canton to conduct a test that proved Nicholas Guarino lied under oath about what caused John O’Keefe’s Apple Health data to show that he went up and down stairs at 12:22 AM on the night John O’Keefe was murdered. After that we were hungry so we did what hungry people do – sought out a place to eat a whole meal of food. Since I’ve written and heard about CF McCarthy’s a thousand times while covering the Karen Read case we decided to check it out because I heard the food was good there. I am well aware that it is next to Chris Albert’s mediocre pizza shop but I figured we would just walk by real quick and they wouldn’t notice us. Unfortunately at the moment we walked by a man in a hooded sweatshirt and plants emerged on the 90 degree day who I did not recognize. The man said, “Really? Really?” and took out this phone and began recording us. I quickly recognized the voice and face as Colin Albert and took a quick selfie to memorialize the historic event (this is the first time I’d ever seen him him in person).

He got really upset about this (even though he had his phone out too) and stormed back into D&E Pizza and yelled “call the cops.”

That’s typical behavior from the McAlberts, who seem to believe that the police are a tool that they can exclusively use to have people who challenge them arrested. It’s what they did to Karen Read, Turtleboy, and the Canton 9. The believe that the police work for them, not for society as a whole.

As we ate I posted the selfie I took on Twitter and announced I was in town. I noticed that Julie Nagel was sitting across the bar from us with what I now know is her brother Sam Nagel. The people next to them signaled with a big thumbs up to us across the bar, and several others approached and asked to take a picture with me. Every time that happened Julie Nagel would take her phone out and take pictures of us.

But that’s fine, because I’m a grownup and I recognize that people are allowed to take pictures of other people in a free country. Towards the end of our meal Sam Nagel sat next to Meredith and began to talk to her. I introduced myself and we shook hands and everything seemed fine.

After we left we went outside and planned on walking back to my car to leave, but unfortunately our path was blocked by a posse of rogue McAlberts who had been alerted about my presence in town and were determined not to let me come to their town and stimulate the economy. They were sitting outside like the Sopranos sipping espresso outside of Satriale’s

Sam Nagel approached Meredith and put his arm around her waist. He appeared to be drunk so I told him that wasn’t OK to do to a woman and began filming. He told me it was “maybe a little, soft little touch,” before calling me the only insult McAlberts have in their vocabulary – a LLOOOOSSSSAAAAHHH!!


Shortly after that his brother Ryan came over and told me to “get the fuck out of here, leave. Get the fuck out of here dude, you’re a fucking losahhh!”

I was surprised because Ryan Nagel gave testimony that greatly helped Karen Read. He proved that John O’Keefe wasn’t inside or outside Karen’s car, so he had to be inside Brian Albert’s house. But for some reason his testimony has not led to social ostracizing by the McAlberts as it has for Tom Beatty and Lucky Loughran.

At this point I began filming in defense, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned covering the Karen Read story, it’s that if you don’t film the McAlberts committing crimes they will blame you for what they did. That’s when Chris Albert Jr, Chris Albert Sr, and Rude Jim Farris converged on me and Farris hit the phone out of my hand and into the street.

After that we called the police and I went on Facebook Live to broadcast their actions to the world, as it became clear they were becoming more and more unhinged and violent. Ten minutes later this happened:

Ol’ Leather Face herself heard the Turtle was in town and she just couldn’t resist running down there. Unfortunately for Jill Daniels her and Rude Jim Farris were both charged with assault and battery. I am contemplating charges of witness intimidation as well. Here’s the entire stream:


Keep in mind, I am being charged with witness intimidation against three of the people in that video – Chris Albert, Colin Albert, and Julie Nagel. They claim to all be scared of me, yet they gathered outside of D&E Pizza for the sole purpose of trying to provoke a fight with me when I came out of CF McCarthy’s. I put together a list of what these goons said to us during during the incident:

Sam Nagel:

  • Maybe a little, soft little touch… (admitting he touched Meredith)
  • Fucking LOSAHHHH! You’re a loser to by the way. I’m sorry, you’re beautiful, but you’re a fucking loser.
  • Take a ten foot walk down here and put down the phone!!!
  • We’re gonna talk to your parents because you’re fucking dumb as shit.
  • Take a walk for 10 seconds with us! Let’s take a walk!
  • Take a walk with us, see how scared we are.
  • The case is lost! You fucking losahhhhh! Get the fuck outtttta here you fucking piece of shit!




  • Shut up
  • Are you really preggo? You look like it. By him? (no one is pregnant, they were just calling her fat because these are overgrown children)
  • Shut up, shut up.
  • He’ll be in jail for that baby. That’s gonna stink, that baby won’t have a dad.
  • You’re a pussy bro
  • Drinking with the baby??? you’re drinking with a baby!!? With a kid? Wow….
  • How many drinks did you have before you’re gonna drive home? (I had a water)
  • How many girlfriends does he have other than you right now?
  • You’re gonna be in jail for that kid
  • What are you without that phone?
  • Why don’t you put that phone down and come over here?
  • Your dinner’s done
  • Yo do you drug your girlfriend? She looks awful like lousy. You’re gonna send her back to that bin aren’t you? (Chris laughs)
  • Drinking with a baby too while you’re pregnant? That’s not a good thing.




Julie Nagel:

  • Are you knocked up? (giggling)
  • Wait I heard you were a pedophile!
  • I heard you molested your own children!
  • Your baby mama shouldn’t be seen drinking
  • I got pictures of her in the bar drinking


Jill Daniels:

  • you are a fucking prick
  • I’m so sick of your shit
  • How’s your kids?
  • I have wrinkles, I don’t care. But guess what? I have a big heart.
  • You are a prick, you’re going to jail
  • Aren’t you a psycho? Didn’t you go nuts?
  • You make fun of my teeth? Yours are chicklets.
  • Why do you care? You don’t even know John (pretty telling comment)


Chris Albert Jr:

  • I wonder if he’s gonna beat you too, like the other one.
  • Do something.
  • You fucking maggot. You’re a fucking maggot.
  • Look how small he is
  • You’re a pedophile dude and you beat women
  • You’re a pedophile.
  • Put down the phone though and have a conversation!
  • Who am I? You know who the fuck I am.
  • Nobody’s afraid of you. Nobody’s scared. Can we have a conversation though without the phone?
  • Assaulted? All he did was smack your little phone out of your little hands.
  • You’re not special. You’re a pedophile, you beat women, you’re gonna beat her too.
  • Another one pregnant huh? Another one beaten.
  • You need to step on a scale is what you need to do


Jim Farris:

  • Put that on your fucking blog you piece of shit!
  • Put your phone in front of me again. I will knock it out of your hand again.


Chris Albert:

  • Yeah you make fun of everyone for calling the cops. Real tough guy over there.
  • That daddy’s gonna be in jail when that baby comes!
  • Two seconds, I would beat your face up and down this sidewalk
  • How far along are you? How far along are you?
  • How’s that nutty bin you’ve been in? How’s that nutty bin? Whack job!
  • Have you tried to kill yourself lately? (Laughing uncontrollably)
  • this guy is a piece of shit. He goes after these women, bangs them all, so then when he’s done with her, he gets another one, and then another one….

Keep in mind, this man is on the Board of Selectmen.

At one point he did an impression of a special needs person (me) as Colin and company laughed.

Then he did his other favorite thing – point.

This is how they behave in broad daylight when they know that millions of people are watching the Karen Read trial, and I have the biggest platform to broadcast whatever they say and do. Now imagine what they’d do if they were all drunk inside a house and someone like John O’Keefe mouthed off to one of them and started throwing punches.

I’ve seen a lot of people post since this incident that we are somehow at fault or looking to provoke an incident. Let’s be clear – this is victim blaming. It’s not our fault the McAlberts can’t control themselves and had to resort to violence. If my existence triggers people to the point that they need to behave like this while being filmed then I assure you that the problem isn’t me. I’m a free person living in a free country and I will eat wherever I feel like eating. We didn’t go to Canton to see the McAlberts, we went there to work on a story that ended up proving a cop lied in a murder trial, and John O’Keefe was murdered inside another cop’s house. Then we got hungry and ate food at a nearby restaurant I’ve written about a million times and wanted to check out.

I also have no tolerance for the “it’s a distraction for Karen Read” bullshit. This morning my inbox was flooded with pictures of what trolls claim was Alan Jackson groping Karen Read while going out to dinner. I’m sure it’s taken out of context and I wouldn’t give a shit if it were true. It definitely created a distraction from the trial, but guess what? That’s not her fault for going out. Because she has a right to go out, and so do I.



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  1. Farris reminds me of Mugsy from Looney Toons. The Nagels might be more inbred than the Albert’s. Chris Albert murdered someone, doesn’t pay his bills and had his kid in the system. What a great guy.

  2. I can’t remember drunks in high-school acting or sounding like this.
    These ‘Adults’ are actually acting like this , on a busy street in daylight is just unbelievable.

  3. If the guy in the white hoodie and shorts on the bench looks familiar he is the guy who took the selfie on the bleachers when the alberts were in the background hiding their faces and Brian Alberts dad in the background

  4. C.F. McCarthy’s must be livid that these low life’s are verbally and physically assaulting their patrons! The behavior of the mcalbert goon squad will deter others from going to dinner at C.F. McCarthy’s out, taking away valuable business.
    I hope that you and Meredith press every charge possible on these goons! The mcalbert goon squad have gotten away with murders, assaults, threats, etc and it’s about time they are held accountable!
    God Bless America!!

  5. You overestimate these pussies. None of them will do anything. They’re ALL talk.

    Maybe carry pepper spray or an expandable baton (or both) next time. Try it out.

    The most annoying part was you didn’t rock Sam, Ryan or Jill. Everything they did constituted a form of assault. Any one of these gold plated phonies deserve a black eye or broken jaw.

    1. What does Sam Nagel do for work? I bet his employers would be ashamed at his behavior.

      What about Colin? Is he planning on playing sports in college again? If so, no college is going to want to hear about this behavior from a player. Oh wait.. We don’t have to worry. He’s likely going to jail. That takes care of that I guess. Good luck to Colin. The boys in prison won’t take any shit from that punk.

      Wonder what mommy and daddy Nagel are like? They can’t be normal if this is how each of their kids acts.

      And Julie my dear, check yourself into rehab please.

      1. When I first saw a picture of Colin based on his size and the fact he is a football player I figured he could fight a bit. Then I saw those HS fight videos and he couldn’t fight AT ALL!!

  6. This is beyond disgusting. I am from Canton, and I am apalled and embarrassed to even tell people I am from Canton now. These people think they can get away with covering up Johns murder? We’ll see about that. Truth will prevail. Also, do these people have lives? They all just drink at the town bar on weeknights? Grow up. Chris Albert: you are the town selectman?? Absolute disgrace.

  7. These people are nothing but TRASH!
    You did everything right & they proved themselves to be what they really are!
    Did this not happen to you while eating at Castle Island in Southie? Caitlyn Alberts boyfriend Tristan Morris verbally assaulted you in front of families & small kids? His language was disgusting while making violent threats, your reply “why do you people always resort to violence”?

  8. These people are really the bottom of the barrel.

    Where to even begin..

    Chrissy Albert and his boys.. complete losers, dumb as they come and destined for jail like their dad.

    The Nagel kids… One is clearly a drunk and they all fit in perfect with the Alberts

    Jill Daniels.. Yikes.. very unhinged. More white trash

    But look at Colin Albert having to wear a hoodie when it’s hot out to keep people from recognizing him. Don’t worry Colin, it will all be over with soon.

    Have the Canton Police figured out yet that the Alberts are a huge liability to them both personally and professionally? It was Chrissy Albert that actually inspired the residents of Canton to push for that Police Audit.

    What about the others in Canton that were aligned with this pathetic, criminal family? Have they smartened up yet?

  9. And what do we know about Ryan Nagel?

    Who does he work for?

    What makes him think he can touch someone and get away with it?

    Can only imagine what the Nagel parents are like if this is their offspring. They must be real winners.

  10. This is not normal behavior. The McAlberts, various sycophants and Blue Hillbillies have reached a frightening low. Aidan Kearny is an insightful investigative journalist who must not be taunted into an altercation. Not sure if deviants acting stupid is the right move for McAlberts as the Federal investigation continues. Will Governor Healy * Chief Mawn * retired judges weigh in on Norfolk County’s appointed and elected officials obligation for an appearance of civility? “When people show you who they are—Believe it” – Maya Angelou

  11. Oh man. Reading those transcripts… when Jill Daniels’ words are the most intelligent of them all, Canton’s got a serious problem.

    The Nagel parents should be mortified, by the way. What failures.

    There’s no words for the Alberts. They are the perfect example of why inbreeding is never a good idea.

  12. I see a bunch of low T guys who need to lay off the alcohol, eat less processed food and hit the weights.
    What a bunch of unhealthy sadsacks

  13. I see a bunch of low T guys who need to lay off the alcohol, eat less processed food and hit the weights.
    What a bunch of unhealthy sad sacks

    1. lol is that who that dweeb with the glasses is? He had a big mouth with the goons backing him up but you can tell he’s a puss. Was he even there that night or just hopping on the McAlbert bandwagon of all day bar flies?

  14. THESE PEOPLE ARE MASS REDNECKS THROUGH AND THROUGH. I hope they all get caught up in the aftermath of this trial. Their day is coming.

  15. Julie Nagel’s profile is posted on Hockeygirls Seeking HockeyGirls.com

    She seriously cannot POSSIBLY make fun of ANY human being when she’s been saddlebagged with that body. Salad Julie! SALAD!!!!!!

  16. The only question I have is, did these famlies become inbred this bad over in Ireland, or after they came to the US? Ireland seems like a beautiful country with nice people and good authors, albeit with a few hundred horny pedophile priests.

    I think we’re all in denial that the United States was formed by Europe dumping its white trash on us over a dozen generations. In Australia they all know it was formed as a penal colony and it’s openly discussed. The exact same thing is true of the United States as well.

    It’s a great mass of inbred white trash with a few pockets of intelligent, wealthy whiite people. I hope they open that southern border wide and let as many people in as they possibly can – we desperately need to improve the genetic stock of white trash. We’re already too sick & weak to work on farms all day, these immigrants have been pickng our food since the 60’s.

    1. That is fetal alcohol syndrome. Below average intelligence. Sometime wrong sex assigned at birth.

  17. Jill Daniels’s bulging veiny neck has its own zip code. What a bunch of retards…when keeping it real goes wrong lol

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  20. So much proof that the McAlbert’s and their gang are lying. These video demonstrate who they truly are. Thugs. Entitled “kids” and adults used to doing and saying whatever they want with no consequences. I blame the parents for how these young thugs turned out. IMO this shows how easily triggered they all are. They killed John or helped the person that did. Oh and they do remind me of the Sopranos TB!! #FreeKarenRead #justiceforjohnokeefe

  21. If only a a truck tire had rolled through at high speed and mowed down the Mc Alberts clown posse.

  22. So far everything has boomeranged on this bunch of fools… absolutely everything.

    Enjoy unemployment, trooper Proctor, you scum-bag lying pervert.

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