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Canton Cover-Up Part 368: NBC Reporter Kathy Curran Not Charged With Felony Witness Intimidation After Going To Michael Proctor’s House To Ask Questions After Karen Read Mistrial


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After yesterday’s mistrial in the Karen Read case NBC 10 reporter Kathy Curran went to Michael Proctor’s house to question him about his role in impacting the trial, and how his actions all but guaranteed that no one will ever be held responsible for murdering John O’Keefe. She was there when Proctor and his wife Elizabeth arrived, and in response to her legitimate questions she was told to “get off our lawn” by Lizzie, who then said that she “full supports her husband” and that Karen Read is a murderer.

Lizzie Proctor is just as bad as her husband is. She enables his behavior and is complicit in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. She does this because it is her life goal to be a cop’s wife. She is the daughter and the sister of a cop, and she wouldn’t know what to do with herself if she couldn’t tell people she was a “LEO wife” while virtue signaling about the “thin blue line,” which her husband desecrated on by covering up the murder of a police officer. She wrote this letter to the State Legislature in 2020 in opposition to the police reform bill, claiming it would be a financial burden for people like her husband to defend themselves in civil lawsuits.

God forbid someone be able to sue Michael Proctor for covering up a murder. That would make it harder for Lizzie Proctor to get her nails done.

Notice she defaults to calling Karen Read a murderer. That’s what these people always do – deflect from their own behavior. They know that the McAlberts murdered John inside 34 Fairview Road, but the only way to save themselves is to blame someone else and make themselves the victim.

As you can see, Kathy Curran was not on the Proctor’s lawn. This is the exact same lie that both Elizabeth and Michael Proctor told police that I did on July 22 when we peacefully protested outside of their house for 7 minutes. If you’ll recall, that was the day of the Canton Rolling Rally, in which I led a group of a couple hundred people to the homes of various individuals who the evidence shows were involved in the coverup of John O’Keefe’s murder. At their homes I stood outside for a short period of time and explained their involvement in the crime. No one was hurt, nothing was vandalized, and not a single call was made to the police that day.

But for my activism and journalism I was charged with felony witness intimidation and had the fugitive unit sent to my house to arrest me in front of my children’s school bus. Compare and contrast.

Summation of what I did on July 22 at the Proctor household:

  • Told people not to step foot on their property
  • Pointed out that Proctor helped coverup a murder and protected the McAlberts
  • Asserted that Karen Read is factually innocent, which the evidence shows she is
  • Stated that Proctor intentionally spelled the names of witnesses wrong on police reports to protect them, planted tail light, and lied about what time he towed Karen Read’s car
  • Stated that Proctor has known the Alberts since Colin Albert was a child
  • Said that Proctor is a disgrace to police officer’s everywhere

Every single thing I said was proven to be true at the trial. Every single thing I said is protected speech. On top of that, the Proctors weren’t inside their home, which is required under the anti-picketing statute that I’m also being charged with for this.

“….in or near a building or residence occupied by…”

According to the charging documents I committed witness intimidation by calling Proctor a “disgrace” – an opinion that is widely shared by millions after his text messages were revealed, and is apparently shared by the State Police since he has been re-homed out of the Norfolk County DA’s Office.

Notice we were accused of walking on his lawn and spitting on his driveway. None of those things happened in the video, and neither of them are crimes.

I’m also being charged for saying that Michael Proctor should lose his job.

Michael Proctor is about to lose his job with the State Police, so apparently they agree with me.

I’m also being charged for calling a number on Jennifer McCabe’s public call log, which turned out to be Proctor’s, and leaving a message in which I ask him questions about his involvement in the coverup.

According to the DA’s Office I was willfully attempting to cause physical, emotional, or economic injury to a witness (who wasn’t home) with the intent of obstructing justice in the Karen Read case.

Michael Proctor is still a witness in my case and in the Karen Read case. Did Kathy Curran commit witness intimidation? According to the statute all Michael Proctor has to say is that Curran caused “emotional harm” and believed that her goal was to prevent him from testifying. That’s what he did in my case. Will the fugitive unit be sent to her house to arrest her? Will she be released on bond and indicted for felony witness intimidation? Or is it only a crime when Turtleboy does it?


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  1. Keep throwing their hypocritical use of the laws, laws that are only enforced to protect the mcalberts, in their face. This is a god damn joke. As an aside I wouldn’t f Lizzy Proctor for all the tea in China, she is in the top five of POS that have emerged from this frame job, and that is saying something. Gross human being, you’ll get yours someday Lizzy, Karma is coming for you all.

  2. Lizzie is going to have to start anew when her corrupt incompetent husband is fired. She’ll put out an ad on Match. Will suck cock for LEO

  3. And once again, another “man” who runs away like Matt McCabe, and leaves his wife by herself to take the heat. Liz, you may support your husband, but he doesn’t support you.

  4. The prosecution took so long to present their case. It was so slow and they dragged it out. So many dumb and obvious questions. You could tell they were doing it on purpose. The judge was getting frustrated and wanted to move the case along. I don’t know if the defense felt pressured, but they did rush their case.
    They should’ve put more witnesses on the stand.
    Then again, some of the people on the jury would have probably always voted guilty.
    There was so much reasonable doubt in this case. Bananas!

    1. Ms. Read was framed. Shame on DA for indicting case. Science backs no evidence. Tragically Officer O’Keefe was killed in classic bar-fight manner that happens after midnight all over the world. Quick punches to the face knocked him backwards suffered a subdural hematoma, seized and vomited. If ME bothered to xray probably suffered a broken jaw, too. Defense might have called others that Albert savagely beat who lived, real estate agent or guys that jack hammered bloody floor. But they’d lie on the stand too.

    2. The prosecution took so long to present their case. It was so slow and they dragged it out. So many dumb and obvious questions. You could tell they were doing it on purpose. The judge was getting frustrated and wanted to move the case along. I don’t know if the defense felt pressured, but they did rush their case.
      They should’ve put more witnesses on the stand.
      Then again, some of the people on the jury would have probably always voted guilty.
      There was so much reasonable doubt in this case. Bananas!

  5. lol you are more delusional than I thought if you think your conduct was in line with this actual reporter.

    You encouraged, galvanized and ordered your cult of minions to stalk, harass, intimidate and annoy witnesses in this case for the purpose of interfering with the court proceedings. You said it yourself; your goal was to make it so these witnesses couldn’t step foot in public without being harassed. your goal was for this case to never make it to trial and when you failed at that your goal was to influence the jury . These are your words … just like “fuck the O’Keefe’s boo hoo” when you mocked the parents of a murdered Boston police officer from your wife’s basement.

    It’s all backfired now. That immediate acquittal never came despite your repeated attempts to influence and intimidate the jury. At least some of the jurors refused to be intimidated by your cult-like following. The icing on the cake was listening to Rita “I was a telemarketer for 40 years” Lombardi going on her 30 minute rant outside the courthouse about domestic terrorism and “the private sector” and other incoherent ramblings, as the jury deliberated.

    And it’s only a matter of time before you are convicted of your numerous felonies. Then will come the civil tort actions. It’s only a matter of time .

    How’s it feel to have been simping for Karen this whole time while she was banging Harvey Weinstein’s attorney behind your back ? She didn’t even invite you to attend the trial. She brought Nick Rocco instead . 😂😂😂 what a low blow.

    1. If Morrissey read FBI investigation report why did they indict and waste taxpayer money trying Read ?

        1. Where is Levy? Framing Ms. Read and hiding Ms. Birchmore murder clearly show no consequences for State Police. Let’s better educate and train local police forces to investigate major crimes in their communities. Get rid of State cops they are incompetent paramilitary troublemakers at war with Massachusetts citizens.

          1. You guys are so funny. Still thinking the feds are this paragon of virtue. Like they’re going to swoop in and make everything right again. Complete joke. The same feds that ran Whitey Bulger? The same feds who employed John Connolly? The same feds that had Tamerlin Tsarnaev on the payroll? (Sidenote, look into the triple murder in Waltham on 9/11/11, it’s still “unsolved,” it was Tamerlin Tsarnaev, they let him get away with it because he was a fed informant). The feds are there to do damage control and make sure no politicians get implicated. I’ve got some news for you, the feds are just as corrupt if not more, than the MSP and the justice system is a complete joke. Pray you never get caught up in it yourself.

        2. Got it. Corruption runs deep. State cops didn’t show up to Fairview crime scene. Educate and elevate Canton cops and other communities police on crime scene procedures. State cops can stay home and shave themselves to eliminate DNA until the weather improves.

  6. What a piece of junk house Proctor and his slave wife live in. She’s probably afraid to speak against her corrupt perverted hubby. IMO

  7. Curran and others in MSM will never be charged with witness intimidation, etc. Why? Because they are as corrupt as government and are puppets to the politicians.
    Aidan, you on the other hand have the courage to report the corruption from healey on down the line …and that doesn’t sit well with the demorats! So, they pile a bunch of bogus charges in you and are allowed to get away with it.
    People in this state and country better wake up soon, because we are living in a dictators regime, not a Constitutional Republic and any one of us could be next.

  8. There’s a reason Unc’s shovels are never rusty. The graveyard expands. Keep fighting brother. The more they show, the more you expose them.

  9. Proctor still makes 186k per year + benefits. I bet his slimy boss makes more.

    Maybe we should start making complaints. Here are a few places that come to mind –

    Massachusetts State Police Internal Affairs
    Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS)
    Office of the Governor
    Attorney General’s Office
    Massachusetts State Ethics Commission
    Massachusetts Civil Service Commission

  10. JIZZY lizzy works with little retards Married a little retard and lives in a crappy little trailer LOL

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