Canton Cover-Up Part 39: Judge Cannone Cancels Evidentiary Hearing, Refuses To Allow Defense To Question Jen McCabe And Brian Albert, Karen Read Speaks For First Time


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This morning I was in Dedham for the Rule 17 hearing in the Karen Read murder trial, to decide three things:

  1. If Jen McCabe’s motion to quash her subpoena would be allowed or denied. If denied she would have to show up after receiving her subpoena from Karen Read’s defense attorneys and testify about her phone activity on the night John O’Keefe was murdered.
  2. If Brian Albert’s motion to quash his subpoena would be allowed or denied. If denied he would have to show up after receiving her subpoena from Karen Read’s defense attorneys and testify about his activity on the night John O’Keefe was murdered.
  3. If the scheduled evidentiary hearing would go forward as planned on Thursday, May 25.

It was with great disappointment that Judge Beverly Cannone allowed both motions to quash McCabe and Albert’s subpoenas before Attorney Alan Jackson even had a chance to testify, and allowed the motion to cancel the evidentiary hearing minutes later.

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I sat across the aisle from Kerry Roberts, Jen McCabe, and Matt McCabe. Matt’s gut was protruding from his untucked polo shirt, that appeared to be screaming for mercy as it hung over his Shaw’s brand jeans. Jen and Kerry also wore their finest ripped jeans and sandals to court because this is how white trash believes it is appropriate to dress for a hearing in a murder trial in which you are the Commonwealth’s star witness. At one point a man they were with went and got the court officer and told them I was taking pictures, when I did no such thing. Clearly they didn’t want me there.

The McCabes have the look of evil in them when you see them in person. These are people with no shame, and aren’t the least bit deterred by the fact that millions of people know that they participated in the murder and subsequent cover up of a murder of a Boston Police Officer. When I made eye contact with them they whispered amongst each other about what lie they would tell the court officer next.

On the way out of court I followed the three of them from the courthouse steps to their car. I asked Jen why she deleted the Google search for “how long to die in cold,” along with her phone calls. I asked her why she was awake at 4:53 AM when Karen called her despite drinking all night. She had nothing to say. Nor did ADA Adam Lally as I interviewed him on the way into the Registry of Deeds:

The face of pure evil:

She knows what she did. She knows that she Googled “how long to die in cold” because she knew that the plan was to put his body outside in a blizzard so that a medical examiner would determine that he died from hypothermia. She hasn’t lost a minute of sleep over a man who was murdered in her presence, and left 2 children behind who had already lost both of their parents. She only cares about self preservation. She was smiling, and wearing a “Justice for JJ” pin, as if she gave a shit about the man while he lay dying on the front lawn of 34 Fairview Road. This is a cold blooded killer, who lacks all human emotions and instincts.

And this is the face of a cuck after being stung by a swarm of bees.

By the time I got back the defense team and Karen Read’s family was holding a press conference on the courthouse steps. For the first time ever we heard the voice of Karen Read, as she could remain silent no longer. At the 4:00 mark Karen interrupted her lawyer while he said that, “not only does Karen Read deserve this (justice),” and she blurted out the words “John O’Keefe” the man she loved, who was murdered, and whose funeral proceedings she was not allowed to attend. A reporter did a followup question which she answered at 4:35:

Karen: “It feels as if we’re the only ones fighting for the truth about what happened to John O’Keefe. And me and my family, and my attorneys have marshaled every resource to get to the truth. It just feels like no one else wants it.”

7 News reporter: “Karen just to be clear, you didn’t do it?”

Karen: “We know who did it Steve. And we know who spearheaded this coverup. You all know.”

Alan Jackson: “No she didn’t do it. This is an innocent woman. She DIDN’T DO IT!”

Karen: “I tried to save his life. I tried to save his life at 6 in the morning. I was covered in his blood…I was the only one trying to save his life.”

At that point an unidentified man and his trashbag girlfriend who had been laughing at the defense, began to heckle her:

Heckler: “Why did you admit to it.”

Jackson: “She didn’t admit to it. She didn’t admit to anything close to that.”

Heckler: “It was 3 or 4 times.”

Jackson: “No she didn’t. She asked a question which is very different.”


Of course after that I had to follow this man who seemed like he had a lot to say, but just like the McCabes he got real quiet when an award winning journalist started grilling him about the facts:

Karl and Jackie Dugal were friends with John O’Keefe, and Karl worked with him as a Boston Police Officer.

She runs a business called “Fit Mom Boston.

On the way out of court she harassed John O’Keefe’s ex-girlfriend, who was there to support Karen Read. Keep in mind, the ex-girlfriend didn’t know Karen at all, she just uses common sense and doesn’t simp for murderers in her free time. But anyone who doesn’t get in line with the McCabes sets themselves up to be harassed by these Godless heathens.

Like the Albert family, Karl was a turtle rider who supported our work when we were defending police officers during unprecedented anti-cop backlash in the summer of 2020. But these people suddenly stop believing you’re real news the second someone they know gets exposed. Karl reached out to me on April 20 to let me know how upset he was that I showed John O’Keefe’s autopsy photos.

If Karl gave a shit about the truth he would be questioning Jen McCabe about “how long to die in cold” like I was. Instead he was badgering Karen Read for why she asked “could I have hit him,” as if he’s never seen My Cousin Vinnie (I shot the clerk?).

Great police work, Karl!

The autopsy photos have to be shown because anyone who looks at them immediately knows that Karen Read did not kill John O’Keefe with her car. You’d have to literally be brain dead to reach that conclusion. But like the rest of these people, Karl hid behind John’s niece and nephew as a way to get me to censor the truth.

Don’t pretend to care about those kids if you’re protecting his killers and telling his niece and nephew that their female role model of two years was a blood thirsty killer the whole time she lived with them. Don’t tell me that you want the truth if you can look at those autopsy photographs and and continue to carry on pretending Karen Read killed John O’Keefe.

Karl admitted to me that I may be right about who is responsible.

But if I “may be right,” then why is he sitting with the McCabes in court? If he had any doubt that they might’ve had something to do with his friends death then why is he associating with them? Why isn’t he loudly demanding answers? Why isn’t he screaming about the injustice that just unfolded in that courtroom? The judge could’ve allowed an evidentiary hearing which would’ve proven that McCabe and Albert were involved in killing Karl’s friend. Instead she cancelled it, and Karl isn’t the least bit offended.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

It’s scary to think that someone this incompetent could be a Boston Police Officer. If you’re dumb enough to believe Karen Read did this that’s disqualifying for being a cop. How many innocent people has Karl locked up because he had a hunch? Well, he cost the city $12K in 2019 when a jury determined that he falsely arrested an innocent man:

A Mattapan man should not have been tossed in a holding cell for several hours after he was arrested on Boylston Street near Tremont by a Boston police officer who mistook him for somebody else who had warrants out for his arrest, a federal jury decided this week. The jury awarded George Savage $12,750 for false imprisonment after a trial over his lawsuit against BPD Officer Karl Dugal for his 2014 arrest on Boylston Street, outside St. Francis House.

Savage who is black, bald and middle aged, said he was standing on Boylston Street in Chinatown minding his own business around 9:30 a.m. on June 16, 2014, when Dugal spotted him and mistook him for Robert Green, who is black, bald and middle aged, but who was wanted on drug and motor-vehicle charges out of Dorchester court.

Savage claimed that when Dugal began questioning him, he told him his name, said he had no outstanding warrants and then began walking away, followed by Dugal. Savage said that, with the aid of two other officers, Dugal threw him to the ground in the alley next to St. Francis House where he was handcuffed and taken to District A-1 for booking on charges of disorderly conduct, assault and battery on a public employee and making threats. He was then put in a lockup for several hours.

Karl Dugal is way too stupid to be a police officer. He has zero instincts or common sense. His defense was that it was an honest mistake, and that the Constitution allows him to arrest random black guys because they look like other black guys.

In his answer to the lawsuit, Dugal, represented by city attorneys, admits he thought Savage was Green, and went to arrest him based on that, but said that was an honest mistake, which he is allowed to make under the Constitution and court rulings, and said the charges he brought against Savage were based on his actions after being approached. He said Savage refused to say who he was, which was part of the probable cause to arrest him:

I’ve always been an adamant supporter of the police, and I still am. But that means getting rid of bad cops like Karl Dugal and replacing them with people who understand the importance of evidence and are capable of independent thought.

We will see you at 9 PM tonight on our YouTube and Rumble channels to review the whole day.


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