Canton Cover-Up Part 46: Sean McCabe Claims To Have Direct Contact With Judge Cannone, Says He’s Going To Bury Me In Her Yard, Calls Me 63 Times With Homophobic Slurs On First Day Of Pride Month

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Last week we published a blog about Sean McCabe, the brother of Matt McCabe, and the brother in law of Jennifer McCabe, after he made Facebook posts calling Karen Read a “psycho bitch,” and criticized our coverage of her ongoing criminal charges.

Since then we found out that Sean has an assortment of Google trophies at his disposal. The Barnstable resident has criminal motor vehicle charges, and likes to not show up for court when he gets sued by people he owes money to.

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He is permanently banned from the Cumberland Farms in Stoughton (who amongst us hasn’t been banned from a Cumby’s?), the town he grew up in, after being charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on the female clerk who happened to be working on that fateful day in February of 2007. According to the police report Sean McCabe was too lazy to pump his own gas and used his wallet to wedge the handle into pumping gas for him. When the clerk saw him doing that she shut the pump off, told him he couldn’t do that, and then turned it back on. He of course went right back to using his wallet to pump the gas so she shut it off again. This prompted him to do what any rational person would do – start swearing at the poor woman and threw a rack of lighters and hand sanitizer at her. (2)

The 5’9″ drunken Saucy Santa Claus weighed in at a healthy 250 pounds, and agreed to a CWOF under the condition that he never go to that Cumberland Farms again.


This is the gene pool of the critical witnesses in the Karen Read murder trial. This is the level of intelligence you have to have in order to believe that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe.

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When he’s not assaulting women at Cumby’s Matt McCabe’s brother can be found spewing obscenities at women and children because he doesn’t like certain political candidates who they favor.

Here he is at his sister’s wedding, standing next to horse face and two of the girls who were pictured with Michael Proctor, who ADA Adam Lally claims are no McCabe children.

Speaking of Matt McCabe and standing, if you look up 12 Country Lane on Apple Maps you will find this image:

Maybe he wasn’t lying when he spoke to police. The man likes to stand in doorways and stare at the road.

Last week I reached out to Sean and we had a respectful discussion about the Karen Read case.

One thing I’ve learned about the McCabes – if you ever get invited to a house by one of them, DON’T SHOW UP! There is likely a disturbed 19 year old boy who likes to use the n word and is ready to ambush you in order to get initiated into some sort of family gang.

Soon after that his inner McCabe came out.


While this was going on he made a comment on my Facebook page, claiming that he made a call to Judge Beverly Cannone who would deliver me to his house in Barnstable for Trial By Combat.

Keep in mind, he made this comment a day or two after Judge Cannone made a favorable decision that protected his sister in law from answering questions in court about why she Googled “how long to die in cold” on the night John O’Keefe was beaten and left to die in the snow.

One thing I’ve learned about the McCabes is, they know what to do with a corpse. So it didn’t shock me when Sean vowed to bury my corpse under Judge Cannone’s seaside cottage.

Judge Cannone does own a house in Barnstable. How does Sean McCabe know this? Why does he feel so comfortable telling me, an award winning journalist who’s been covering this case extensively, that he is able to contact Judge Cannone directly? Is there any validity to this statement? How does Judge Cannone feel about the fact that the brother of a material witness in a murder trial that she is overseeing, is name dropping her publicly on a Facebook page run by a journalist covering the court proceedings?

Perhaps Judge Cannone can clarify.

After that we didn’t talk for a bit until he DM’d me later in the week and told me to eat a bucket of pickled dicks. He then called me a grand total of 63 times on Facebook messenger starting at 1:50 AM and ending at 10 AM, while calling me homophobic slurs on the first day of Pride month.

He seems to be goading me into pursuing a harassment prevention order against him, but I won’t be doing that. Unlike his sister in law I understand that the statute requires 3 or more instances of unwanted harassment (I think that aspect is covered) that put me in immediate fear. Obviously I do not fear a morbidly obese 60 year old drunkard who likely does not have a car or a license, and lives 100 miles from me. By the time he skateboards here it will be time for him to sober up, get in his sleigh, and have Jen McCabe pull his sled around the world giving out toys exclusively to children in first world countries.

I wasn’t the only one who felt his wrath either. A turtle rider named Joe was apparently friends with Sean and Matt’s deceased brother Charles. The last thing Charles said to Joe on Facebook messenger before dying was how ashamed he was of his brother Sean. Then after he died Sean took over the account and began to angrily message the turtle rider for commenting on the Turtleboy Facebook page.

He’s so charming. How many McCabes are gonna be in ratchet madness next year?

Anyway, if Sean would still like to speak to me on the phone he is welcome to join me on the Live Show tomorrow night at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch. We’ll be calling slightly less than 63 times.


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