Canton Cover-Up Part 48: Jen And Matt McCabe Avoid Questions About Involvement In John O’Keefe’s Murder At Billerica-Canton Lacrosse Game, Ask Administrators To Kick Out Award Winning Journalist

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Today I traveled to one of my favorite towns in Massachusetts – Billerica – to watch a playoff high school lacrosse match Billerica and Canton. As fate would have it I ran into Jennifer and Matt McCabe, who both participated in the coverup of the murder of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe, and have since been lying to police in order to frame Karen Read for their crime. Although I was there to watch a spirited lacrosse match it was my duty as an award winning journalist to attempt to question these two co-conspirators about why Jen searched “how long to die in cold” an hour before John O’Keefe’s unconscious body was placed on the front lawn of Brian Albert’s house. Unfortunately they didn’t have the answers I was looking for, and both me and my camera guy Richie were asked to leave by Billerica High School officials who likely had no idea they were standing up for cop killers. (We will be discussing this Tuesday night at 9 PM on the Live Show, so click here to subscribe to our channel to watch.)

Some will say that you shouldn’t disrupt events like this, but I disagree. Jen and Matt McCabe do not deserve to live a normal life and pretend that they weren’t involved in murdering a Boston Police Officer. They are making the choice to arrogantly attend court hearings that don’t involve them, and go to public sporting events at high schools, knowing that millions of people are aware about their involvement in a heinous crime. John O’Keefe does not get to go to his kids sporting events, and his kids were robbed of a chance to live a normal life after their parents died. Jen and Matt McCabe don’t get to go on pretending to be normal, law abiding citizens.

No justice, no peace.

I knew that the McCabes would be on high alert for me, which is why I didn’t announce that I was going to this and initially streamed it privately. My camera guy Richie went ahead of me and sat down a few rows in front of the McCabes to let me know where he was sitting. When he sent me a video of his location I noticed Matt McCabe had spotted him because he was waving in the background.

Matt McCabe then went down and sat next to him and began asking questions, lest you feel bad for him when strangers ask him questions in public.

I initially wore a mask because I had a feeling they’d be on the lookout for me, but I noticed several spotters who acted suspiciously the moment I arrived. One man at the bottom of the bleachers in a Canton jacket made hand gestures to them to alert them to my presence. This guy immediately got on his phone the second he saw me, and looked up towards the McCabes.

It could’ve been a coincidence, so I went underneath the bleachers to the opposite side and noticed he had followed me. At that point I ditched the mask since my cover was blown and proceeded to walk directly towards the McCabes to say hello. Big Mac McCabe seemed happy to see me.

Keep in mind, this man was present in a household where a man was beaten to death, may have been present in the room where it happened, and has been participating in the coverup for the murder for the last 16 months. He is extremely dangerous and capable of anything. But when you’re an award winning journalist you can’t be afraid of getting the big scoops and asking tough questions, no matter how uncomfortable it makes people.

Last week Jen McCabe went into Stoughton District Court and applied for a harassment prevention order against me to prevent me from asking her questions. She told the judge that she was “fearing” me, both in her after David, and in court. But she had a huge smile on her face when I approached her and she said it was “amazing” to see me there. The daughter she hides behind seemed confused and embarrassed.

I do feel for her kids because if justice prevails their mother will be indicted and sentenced to federal prison. This will be hard for them to deal with since they likely believe the lies she tells them, and they probably think this is all just a made up conspiracy against their mother. But Jen McCabe is the one who is choosing to do this to them. She chose to involve herself in the coverup of a murder, and chooses to defiantly go to public events knowing this will happen.

That face you make when you realize your Mom is Jen McCabe.

Why is she smiling? Is this funny? A man is dead, she’s being loudly questioned about it in public, her daughter is clearly embarrassed, and she’s sitting there laughing about it like it’s all a big joke to her.

The hat horse face wore says it all.

That’s a BPD fugitive unit hat. Her boyfriend/brother in law/co-conspirator Brian Albert served in that unit for years, and assaulted his fellow fugitive unit officer Eddie Hernandez at a Christmas party 2 years ago. She is wearing that hat on purpose, as she continues to hide behind her children, justice for JJ fundraisers, and “back the blue” bullshit. I recognized their car right away in the parking lot because of the decal.

That’s John O’Keefe’s police badge. The man who Jen McCabe knew was dying, and instead of doing something to save his life she Googled “how long to die in snow” so she could count down the seconds until he couldn’t wake up and implicate her family. That’s how bold these people are.

These two women should probably mind their own business moving forward.

They both were loudly calling for our removal and told us we didn’t belong there because we didn’t have daughters playing lacrosse.

Newsflash – we paid for our tickets to attend this public event. We will go wherever we please.

This one in particular was problematic:

She told me that this was a school sponsored event, which it’s not, but that doesn’t really matter. I asked her point blank, how do you feel about the fact that this woman was involved in the murder of a police officer?

Woman: “She didn’t, that is so untrue.”

TB: “Then why did she Google how long to die in cold??”

Big Mac McCabe: “She didn’t, it was proven wrong in court.”

TB: “How was it proven wrong Matt?”

Big Mac McCabe: “By journalists.”

No Matt, it was not proven wrong in court. Lunchbox Lally claimed that she never searched for that, and then had no explanation for why forensic expert Richard Green concluded that she did. There was an evidentiary hearing scheduled where the forensic expert who found your wife’s deleted messages and Google searches was going to testify how he reached that conclusion, but your wife’s alcoholic boomer lawyer didn’t want her to testify, so Lunchbox Lally filed a motion to cancel the hearing entirely. We all heard her in court last week – she would have been a disaster.

This is the Adam Lally effect. He has emboldened these very dumb criminals to feel confident in themselves. They just can’t explain why because they’re too stupid.

But seriously, if you know who this woman is please send an email to [email protected]:

The fact that she went out of her way to announce that these cop killers weren’t in fact cop killers was a choice she made that she did not have to make. She deserves to be named and shamed because she is part of the problem too.

The funniest part is when Billerica security came up to kick me out they kicked out my camera guy initially instead. They even took Big Mac McCabe’s umbrella and attempted to stop him from filming me while I filmed Big Mac.

Then this guy came over and told me I had to leave, while claiming to be Billerica “staff.”

Except his name is Jack Koen, and he’s the Canton assistant girl’s hockey coach, which one of the McCabe girls plays on.

Here’s what a source tells me about Jack:

“The guy in green who said he’s a staff member lied. He’s a dad who in hockey season was banned from games because he attacked a girl and her parents in a parking lot. He got in a girls face in the parking lot who played for a private school but lives in Canton. He swore at her and got into it with her family. They had to be separated and he was told not to go to a number of games. Think the game was against either Dana Hall or another all girls school. The girl was a goalie he yelled at. He’s a hot head.”

Pro tip – if you’ve ever been banned from a kids hockey game for harassing a child, you shouldn’t tell other people that they have no right to attend a high school sporting event.

This guy tried kicking me out but clearly struggled with finding a reason to do so.

When asked what rule I had broken he couldn’t come up with anything. He then asked me what I was filming for, and I told him that I was filming because I am a free person living in a free country, and I reserve the right to film anything in public that I please without needing a reason to do so. It’s truly amazing how many people don’t understand this simple concept.

The man specifically told me that I was bothering the McCabes, and in fairness he might not know who they are. So if you know this man, please reach out to him and let him know that his school was hosting two people who participated in the murder of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe, and have been framing the only person who tried to save his life for the last 16 months. What is it with Billerica High School administrators not doing their research and hosting criminals?

This guy does not deserve the benefit of the doubt though.

He sexualized the girls on the field by suggesting that my filming of the McCabes at a public sporting event was sexual in nature.

“You’re filming young girls.”

Sir, you’re defending two people who participated in a murder, and another man who may be banned from attending girls hockey games. The first thing you thought of while watching high school girls play a sport fully clothed was “this is sexual.”

Have several seats.

Meanwhile Big Mac looked like he was about to burst at the seams and cover the entire venue with all the pudding he ate for dinner.

That is the face of a man who would kill me in a heartbeat if no one was around and he thought he could get away with it. Now imagine how he acted under the influence of alcohol when John O’Keefe tried to escape from being murdered.

The Billerica administrator who sexualized the girls on the field then escorted me out like he was some sort of hardo bouncer bro, as if I wasn’t leaving on my own accord. On the way out I reminded everyone in the stands that they were in the presence of cop killers.

Jen and Matt McCabe are putting on a front that they’re confident and cocky, but I can see right through them. Jen wanted to lash out at me today, as she’s done to so many others before. But Kevin Reddington has likely told her to shut her mouth after she was subpoenaed by a grand jury. As long as they continue to go out in public like this I will continue to ask them legitimate questions about their involvement in John O’Keefe’s murder.


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