Canton Cover-Up Part 50: ATF Agent Brian Higgins Helped Raise Money For Chief Berkowitz Party After He “Found” Tail Light Fragments, FBI Head Also Attended



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Last July in the Canton Citizen newspaper there was an advertisement for Chief Ken Berkowitz’ retirement party at Blue Hill Country Club on July 14 to celebrate his 30 years of service. Look who was organizing it:

ATF agent Brian Higgins, who was inside 34 Fairview Road the night John O’Keefe was killed, and who spent the entire day driving back from New York with Brian Albert.

It’s important to remember two key things Ken Berkowitz did to help cover up this murder, which we covered in Part 7:

  • He claimed to have found pieces of Karen Read’s tail light while driving by the house a week after O’Keefe was killed, and days after Read was indicted for manslaughter
  • He contacted a reporter and asked him to take down a tweet on February 1 that mentioned the fact that O’Keefe’s body was found on Brian Albert’s lawn, because Brian Albert was a “pillar of the community” who didn’t deserve to have his name dragged through the mud

Higgins is close friends with Berkowitz and was allowed to have an office inside Canton Police Department headquarters. He reportedly clocked into work after O’Keefe was assaulted in order to have an alibi, then went back to 34 Fairview Road to help Brian Albert stage O’Keefe’s body on the lawn.

Berkowitz resignation happened abruptly, and he removed all social media immediately after we published our story about his involvement. He is reportedly “shitting bricks,” according to our sources.

Just to review:

  • Ken Berkowitz likely planted evidence that was designed to implicate Karen Read in the murder of John O’Keefe
  • Keeping the focus on Karen Read meant that Brian Higgins and other people inside 34 Fairview Road would never be considered suspects
  • Brian Higgins was given special privileges by the Canton Police Chief, and was allowed to clock into work despite not being on duty the morning O’Keefe was killed
  • Brian Higgins returned the favor to Berkowitz by helping to raise money for his retirement party

We also noticed a person who donated to the retirement party that stood out:

Joe Bonavolonta was the FBI Boston leader, before abruptly retiring two weeks ago during the middle of a federal investigation into the Norfolk County DA’s Office and the Police Department’s handling of John O’Keefe’s murder.

Bonavolonta is from New York and has no personal ties to the area. Why was the head of the Boston FBI office donating money to the retirement party for a small town police chief? How does he even know these people, let alone know them well enough to pay $65 to attend the Chief’s retirement party?

It’s no wonder that Berkowitz and Higgins felt so insulated – the head of the FBI for New England went to their party a month after Karen Read was up-charged to murder.

Chief Berkowitz celebrated the arrest of Karen Read on February 1 (the day he asked the reporter to remove his tweet), and was the immediate boss of Brian Albert’s brother Kevin.

Besides that there’s nothing to see here.


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