Canton Cover-Up Part 51: Adam Lally Files Motion To Gag Karen Read’s Attorneys, Kick Alan Jackson Off Case Because Turtleboy Is Asking Jen McCabe Questions


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Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Weekend Live Show.

Just when you thought that ADA Adam “Lunchbox” Lally couldn’t be more transparently corrupt, today his office filed a motion in Norfolk Superior Court asking that Judge Beverly “Auntie Bev” Cannone put a gag order on Karen Read’s defense attorneys because they’re affecting public opinion too much. (16)

Karen Read has been getting railroaded by the Canton Police, the State Police, the Norfolk County DA’s Office, and obstructive Judge Beverly Cannone for 16 months. Exculpatory evidence has been destroyed, discovery withheld, deadlines ignored, and evidence planted. Prior to that she was smeared in the media and in press releases from the Boston Police Department as a cop killer. As someone who was not watching this case closely until April 17, I can attest that this certainly affected my feelings about her. As a result of reading only what had been reported in the media, I believed that Karen Read hit John O’Keefe with her car.

But everything started to turn when Alan Jackson and David Yannetti began to make public statements about what had previously been unreported. Without them we would have no idea that O’Keefe was found dead on the front lawn of Boston Police Sergeant Brian Albert’s home, because Police Chief Ken Berkowitz was DMing reporters on Twitter and asking them not to mention him.

We would have no idea what John O’Keefe’s body looked like without seeing the autopsy photos, which cast serious doubt to any objective person that he was killed by a car doing a three point turn.

We would have no idea that someone in that house Googled “how long to die in cold,” and later deleted that search, as well as several incriminating phone calls.

We would have no idea that John O’Keefe was inside the house and ascended and descended stairs.

We would have no idea that the lead investigator was good friends with what should have been the prime suspects.

The list goes on and on. This case was getting almost no public attention from the media until Karen Read’s attorneys started speaking publicly to reporters about their public court filings. I never would have written about this story were it not for the April 12 hearing in which Alan Jackson revealed the “how long to die in cold” Google search. The courtroom would have remained as empty as it was, with the vast majority of supporters sitting on the side of the Commonwealth.

This was how the Commonwealth wanted it. This was how it was supposed to go.

Then Turtleboy got involved and the rules suddenly changed.

Lally complains in his filing that Karen Read’s attorneys have “sought to target the witnesses’ credibility and character through the use of the media,” and “encouraged the unwarranted invasion of witnesses’ personal privacy.

Oh no, not Jen McCabe’s credibility! That must be protected at all costs!

Translation – by publicly emphasizing the fact that Jen McCabe’s 2:27 AM Google search for “how long to die in cold” proves that she knew John O’Keefe’s fate was to die in the snow, the defense has targeted her credibility and invaded her personal privacy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Commonwealth does not represent John O’Keefe, it represents Brian Albert and Jennifer McCabe.

Jen McCabe knew that a Boston Police Officer was beaten unconscious and that the plan was to put his body in the snow so that he died from hypothermia and his death could be blamed on Karen Read. Adam Lally’s primary concern right now is her privacy, which is a direct response to me confronting her outside of court and at her daughter’s lacrosse game in Billerica. It’s not a coincidence that he waited until after I went to the game in Billerica to file this.

He’s mad that they put the autopsy photos in court filings.

Adam Lally knows that any person who looks at these….

…..will immediately realize that John O’Keefe was not killed by a motor vehicle that backed into him. Adam Lally wants the potential jury pool to remain uneducated about the facts because it makes it harder for him to maliciously prosecute an innocent woman.

Lally specifically mentions how Alan Jackson held a press conference on the courthouse stairs after the hearing on May 3. He falsely claims that Jackson “encouraged media outlets to continue to contact witnesses and ask them inflammatory questions,” and that as a result of those inflammatory questions Jen McCabe has suffered harassing phone calls, an unwarranted invasion of her privacy, and emotional harm.

This is almost word for word from Jen McCabe’s after David that she used to try to get a harassment protection order against me last week in court. She specifically asked the judge in court if there was “something you can do to get him to stop blogging about me.”

Alan Jackson never encouraged anyone to contact Jen McCabe or other witnesses with questions. His specific language at the 7:25 mark was, “My suggestion is you folks can play a part in this. Don’t you want to ask some questions? I know you do (points at Turtleboy).”

He never says anyone should contact Jen McCabe and ask her questions. Just that they should ask themselves these questions, such as “why would Jen McCabe Google that at 2:27 AM if she thought John O’Keefe was at home in bed?”

Thus far I’m the only one to actually ask these questions, so this filing is clearly all about Turtleboy.

Sorry Adam, but you can’t gag me. Now that I know you’re reading though, I dare you to try.


Lally took issue with their press conference outside of court on May 24 in which Karen Read spoke for the first time. He didn’t like Jackson and Yannetti calling the Commonwealth incompetent and complicit, and suggested that a coverup was “unfounded.”

Except the Commonwealth has refused to hand over Ring camera footage from John O’Keefe’s home and Canton Library footage that would’ve shown Karen Read’s tail light in tact. They’ve refused to hand over DNA evidence that the court specifically required them to. They’ve opposed motions to get dogs and cell phones, which wouldn’t lead anywhere if Karen Read was the actual killer. Mountains of other evidence has simply disappeared or not been turned over to the defense.

But yea, where would they get the idea that the Commonwealth was complicit?

Lally went on to state that the evidence establishes that Karen Read killed her boyfriend by backing into him at a high rate of speed, despite testimony from the McCabes that Karen never did a three point turn. He bemoaned the fact that Jackson has proclaimed that the State Police are involved in the cover up, and that Brian Albert and Jen McCabe were named.

Why is he so intent on protecting Michael Proctor, Jen McCabe, and Brian Albert? Proctor lied about not knowing the families, intentionally misspelled the names of witnesses in police reports several times, and lied about what time he towed Karen Read’s car from her parent’s house so that he could break the tail light and plant evidence 12 hours after O’Keefe’s body was discovered. Were it not for the defense I would have no idea who any of these people were, which is exactly why Adam Lally wants them gagged.

Lally claims that Yannetti and Jackson’s statements were “widely reported on local and national media outlets,” and were “unsubstantiated proclamations,” that risked the impartiality of potential jurors, while admitting that Karen Read has a right to a third party defense.

Except in an email written by Adam Lally himself on April 14 he specifically stated that he doesn’t pay attention to any news outlets or press releases.

But that was before we ever published a blog on this. He didn’t mind Jackson and Yannetti when no one was listening to them. He just objected when we wrote about it and drastically influenced public opinion by presenting undeniable facts and evidence that proves Karen Read is innocent.

Lally took objection to the fact that Jackson mentioned in court that the US Attorney’s Office had convened a grand jury to investigate O’Keefe’s murder.

Except he specifically left out the part that came right before that in which Alan Jackson said, “According to media reports, federal authorities have now gotten involved.” Kevin Reddington himself admitted publicly that his client Jen McCabe had been questioned by the grand jury. The fact that the US Attorney’s Office was now investigating this was a stain on Lally’s credibility, which is the real reason he wants all mention of it silenced.

Lally is also upset that people with Tik Tok channels and blogs are talking about the case, and that their coverage is favorable to Karen Read.

Oh no, not Tik Tok! Attorneys shouldn’t be able to talk about facts of a case because influencers on Tik Tok might discuss it!

Specifically Lally is asking that the court prevent Karen Read’s attorneys from talking about things that are in the public court record because it will prejudice a potential jury pool, and “heighten public condemnation of law enforcement.”

He actually wrote that. The Commonwealth doesn’t want Karen Read’s attorneys to be able to discuss facts surrounding the most obvious murder coverup ever, because people might speak ill of corrupt, criminal cops like Michael Proctor.

Adam Lally doesn’t represent victims, he represents the people who killed them.

He doesn’t want the defense to be able to talk about the result of forensic testing, the substance of any evidence, any evidence that could make a jury believe Karen Read is not guilty, or the fact that the star witnesses for the Commonwealth have all been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury.

As a special kick in the nuts Lally also is asking the court to revoke the pro hac vice admission of Jackson and his associate Elizabeth Little, so that they can no longer represent Karen Read.

For an out of state attorney who is not barred in Massachusetts to practice law here it requires an other attorney to vouch for them, and the court can admit them pro hac vice. Lally wants to take that away from Jackson and Little because they are too effective. Before they became involved no one knew how corrupt and incompetent Lally was, or how the institutions we need to trust to have a functioning society were plotting against innocent civilians in order to protect murderers.

As evidence he submitted screenshots of news articles that made him look bad.


These is no bottom the Commonwealth can’t reach. They are soulless and evil. They know Karen Read is innocent, but they need her to go to jail in order to protect the integrity of the corrupt institutions they serve. They know that the only thing Karen Read has going for her is that her defense team has been able to dramatically change public opinion simply by telling the truth. They want that taken away from her because they want to LYNCH Karen Read, but we won’t let them. You can fight back by donating to the Karen Read Legal Defense Fund.

They can’t silence all of us.


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