Canton Cover-Up Part 52: Debunking Adam Lally’s Misinformation About Black Box Data Proving Karen Read Struck John O’Keefe



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Hours after filing a motion asking Judge Beverly Cannone to gag Karen Read’s attorneys for being too effective, ADA Adam “Lunchbox” Lally ironically contacted WCVB News to alert them to the filings. Lally did this because he believes that he alone should control the media narrative, and his plan is to feed outlets like WCVB inflammatory misinformation, because he knows they will print whatever he feeds them without asking any followup questions. WCVB is his preferred messenger because it is the only local media outlet that has never once mentioned the names Brian Albert, Michael Proctor, or Jennifer McCabe in their reporting. They also still employ Katie Thompson Falconer, despite her involvement in her husband’s dog abuse scandal that led to him being charged with felony animal cruelty.

Predictably in WCVB’s reporting they repeated exactly what Lally fed them, complete with this headline:

The prosecution SAYS they have new electronic vehicle data. They haven’t provided any of it as exhibits in any of their filings, so you’ll just have to take Adam Lally’s word for it. He’s been promising big bombshells for months, but never seems to deliver. He promised that he would prove that Jennifer McCabe never Googled “how long to die in cold” at the May 25 evidentiary hearing, but then filed a motion to have that hearing cancelled the day before. This is also the same man who in open court stated that Jen McCabe didn’t know Michael Proctor, and that the girls in a Facebook picture with him are not her daughters:

“There’s been some photographs purporting to be Trooper Proctor with one of the McCabe children who are a witness in the case. The child is not one of the McCabe’s children. The McCabe’s have four daughters, that’s not one of them, it’s a relative of Trooper Proctor.”

This is the photograph:

The 2 girls in back are Olivia and Madison McCabe:

Here is Olivia McCabe a year before that picture was taken (Jennifer McCabe removed these images yesterday but her page is still up):

Adam Lally has no problem lying in open court, even when it’s extremely easy to prove he is lying. Nothing he says can be trusted or taken at face value. He’s mad that he’s losing the public relations aspect of this case because the facts or not on his side, which is why he’s trying to silence the defense.

Lally made sure to include an inflammatory line in his filing that he knew would catch the attention of WCVB when he fed it to them. It reads, “This evidence establishes that the defendant, while intoxicated, in a snowstorm, operated her motor vehicle in reverse of a period of time, before striking the victim at a high rate of speed.”

Notice he’s careful not to say, “the black box proves she hit John O’Keefe.” It simply says that it proves she went in reverse for a period of time. The “before striking the victim at a high rate of speed,” phrase is his opinion. He’s not saying the black box data proves this. He was intentionally vague with his wording. It also doesn’t say what time the event occurred, because black box data would not show that.

Then there’s these pesky facts:

  • If Karen Read hit a 217 pound man at a high rate of speed, the back of her car would have a dent in it.
  • If Karen Read hit John O’Keefe at a high rate of speed it would’ve been extremely loud.  Yet no one in the house heard a sound.
  • If Karen Read hit John O’Keefe then his body would’ve been lying in the snow. Yet Ryan Nagel pulled into 34 Fairview Road moments after Karen Read, saw her sitting alone in her car, and stated that he didn’t notice any human bodies lying anywhere near her vehicle.
  • If Karen Read hit John O’Keefe at a high rate of speed then he would have bruising to his midsection, but he doesn’t.
  • If Karen Read hit John O’Keefe at a high rate of speed it wouldn’t explain why his arm is cut up in the exact pattern that dog bites and scratches look like.
  • If Karen Read hit John O’Keefe with her car and Jen McCabe didn’t know that, then Jen McCabe would have no reason to Google “how long to die in snow” at 2:27 AM.

Here’s how WCVB wrote it up:

But perhaps most revealing in the filing is a reference to evidence that “establishes that the defendant, while intoxicated, in a snowstorm, operated her motor vehicle in reverse for a period of time, before striking the victim at a high rate of speed.”

A spokesperson for the DA’s office said the information was based on their reading of a newly available report prepared by the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section of the Read’s vehicle data.

“Perhaps most revealing.”

That’s called “editorializing.” It is the author inserting their opinion that this was the most revealing thing he or she read. They have never used this sort of language when reporting on the much more revealing filings from Read’s attorneys, which unlike Lally’s motions, always come with evidence. Lally put that in the filing specifically so WCVB would ask him what he meant by that, and he told them that it was a new report from the MSP Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section of Read’s vehicle data (the black box from the Lexus).

Except there’s just a couple problems. Karen Read’s attorneys have specifically been asking for the black box data for over a year. They requested it in public filings on April 28, 2022, September 15, 2022, and again on April 26, 2023.

If there was any evidence of Karen Read striking John O’Keefe with her car, why would she be repeatedly asking for it from the court?

If the black box data showed Karen Read striking John O’Keefe with her car, and the court was obstructing her from getting that, why would she continue to file motions asking for it? Wouldn’t it be to her advantage to let sleeping dogs lie? I’ve never seen a guilty person try so hard to get evidence proving they were guilty.

Why is Adam Lally saying he has evidence of this, without actually showing evidence? As we saw with the picture of Jen McCabe’s children and the promises to disprove the Google search, Lally has no problem lying in open court about evidence he allegedly plans to use to convict Karen Read of murder. But he does have a problem showing it.

Most importantly, if there was evidence on the black box that Karen Read struck John O’Keefe with her car, then why did the State Police just decide to search for it now? Surely that would be one of the first things they looked for.

EDR’s record “events.” Anything under 5 mph would not be recorded because it’s not large enough to wake up the black box. If the collision is heavy enough to trigger the recording but NOT deploy the airbag, it’s called a non-deployment event. Karen Read’s airbag was never deployed. The data for this is stored for 250 ignition cycles. It’s unclear if such data would still be on her black box since the car was impounded more than a year ago. It depends on how many times the car has been started since then.

But if there was an event recorded it would show the speed, throttle percentage, steering angle, braking, and if the ABS was engaged, for 5 seconds prior to the accident. If there was no event then it would prove that Karen Read never hit anyone. This is why the defense has been asking for the black box for more than a year.

Adam Lally could have put in his filings the specific details about the black box data if he had it. This is a man who includes every possible detail in court filings if he thinks it makes Karen Read look guilty. He has made sure to mention the exact amount of drinks Karen Read was seen ordering at CF McCarthy’s and Waterfall Bar. He made sure to mention the context of voicemails she left John O’Keefe while looking for him. He made sure to only quote the two witnesses who allegedly heard Karen Read confess to hitting John O’Keefe with her car.

Yet he didn’t include any details about the black box data that allegedly proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Karen Read struck John O’Keefe with her car.

Sure thing, Lunchbox.


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