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Canton Cover-Up Part 54: Michael Proctor Said In Report He Was “Formally Introduced” To Alberts Despite Knowing Them For 15 Years, Phone Records Show He Was With Jen McCabe Inside 34 Fairview Road

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On February 3, 2022, State Police Detectives Michael Proctor and Yuri Bukhenik went to 34 Fairview Road to interview Nicole Albert about what she witnessed on the night that John O’Keefe was murdered. She and her husband Brian were both at the Waterfall bar with O’Keefe and Karen Read before he was found dead on their front lawn. In paragraph 2 Bukhenik and Proctor claim that they were “formally introduced” to Brian Albert.

Proctor constantly uses language like this in his reports to make it seem like he doesn’t know who the Alberts were, and had never met them before. But we now know that he has been a close family friend to the Albert family for many years.

We also know that there would be no need for formal introductions with Brian Albert because Proctor himself wrote in a report that he interviewed Brian at the McCabe house on January 29 for the “friends and family” sit down.

In paragraph 4 Nicole allegedly told Proctor and Bukhenik that she was awoken on the morning of January 29 by her sister Jen, who alerted her to what was happening on their front lawn.

Except there’s just a couple problems with that statement:

  1. We know from Jennifer McCabe’s deleted call log that she called Nicole Albert and spoke to someone for 7 seconds at 6:07 AM. She called a minute later and spoke to someone for 9 seconds. So Jen McCabe had already made them aware.
  2. What kind of police officer keeps his door unlocked for anyone to walk inside? Brian Albert is on the fugitive unit, and probably has made enemies with a lot of dangerous people over the years. We are to believe that Jen McCabe, or anyone else for that matter, can just walk into their home at any time? That’s less believable than the Alberts claiming they don’t have any cameras

We don’t have any pictures of Michael Proctor with Brian Albert, but we have a plethora of photographs showing his brother Chris Albert’s family with the Proctor family. Here is Proctor’s sister with Chris Albert in 2016.

Here’s Proctor’s sister wishing Colin Albert (Chris’ son) a happy birthday.

Here is Michael Proctor’s mother commenting on Chris Albert’s profile picture.

Here is 7 year old Colin Albert in a picture with Michael Proctor himself, as well as his godmother Jill Daniels (sister in law of Chris Albert).

In an obituary post for a Proctor family member Chris Albert left a heartfelt message. His family seemed to love the Albert children, and Michael Proctor would do whatever it took to protect Colin. 

Yet on February 10, 2022 when Proctor and Bukhenik went to Chris Albert’s house to interview him and his wife Julie Albert, Proctor once again included the line about “formal introductions.”

Michael Proctor was in a wedding party with Colin Albert 12 years ago.

They attended family parties together and are pictured all over Facebook. Yet Proctor felt the need to include “formal introductions” in his report, to drive home the lie that he had never met these people before.

Proctor isn’t just a liar, he’s a conniving manipulator. It’s the same reason he misspelled the names of at least 5 people who were inside 34 Fairview Road that night. Everything he does is by design.

Julie told Proctor and Bukhenik that Karen didn’t seem drunk, which directly contradicts the drunken girlfriend narrative being fed to us by ADA Adam Lally. But even more alarming is that she told Proctor and Bukhenik that Jen McCabe called her at 4:55 AM to alert her that John O’Keefe was dead.

How could Jen McCabe know this at 4:55 AM if his body was not discovered until 6:03 AM? This call to Julie Albert was one of many that was deleted by McCabe.

A lot can be learned by analyzing the movement of Jen McCabe and John O’Keefe’s cell phones on the morning of January 29, 2022. Jen’s phone shows that she did not leave 34 Fairview Road until 1:47 AM, when she and Matt McCabe gave a ride home to Julie Nagel and Sarah Levinson.

This contradicts what Nicole Albert told investigators – that all parties had left by 1 AM.

We know she dropped Levinson and Nagel off near John O’Keefe’s house so that she would be able to see if there were lights on, indicating whether or not Karen Read was awake and waiting for John to return home.

We know that Jen McCabe was driven to 34 Fairview Road that morning by Kerry Roberts, so her car was not there. But the family Tahoe was photographed outside the Albert house at 9 AM.

This means that Matt McCabe had driven it there, and the four of them were inside that house for several hours after O’Keefe’s body was discovered. What were they doing?

We know that the McCabes and Alberts decided to leave 34 Fairview in the middle of a snowstorm to drive to the McCabe residence on 12 Country Lane at 11:16 AM, where they met up with Michael Proctor for the “friends and family” interview.

Why didn’t they conduct the interview inside 34 Fairview Road? Why would they all risk their lives driving across town in the middle of a Noreaster? Was it because it was awkward to sit inside a house covered in blood?

We know that Michael Proctor was not on duty the morning of January 29, but he responded to 34 Fairview Road anyway. The State Police were not in charge of the investigation until O’Keefe was declared dead around 8 AM. Yet Proctor was the one who took O’Keefe’s phone from his body that morning and held onto it.

Any movement of O’Keefe’s phone after that can be attributed to Proctor.

According to data extracted by forensic expert Richard Green, John’s phone ascended and descended 3 flights of stairs from 12:22 to 12:24 AM, which would be impossible to do if he was in Karen Read’s car or lying dead on the lawn. But the phone also went up or down a flight of stairs at 6:43 AM, 7:58 AM, 8:26 AM, and 11:19 AM.

By then it was in the possession of Trooper Proctor. What stairs was he going up or down at 6:43 AM? We know that he was at 34 Fairview Road, so logic tells us he was inside the house with the Alberts and McCabes. Perhaps they were showing him all the blood, and making it clear to him that their formal interview could not take place in that house.

We also know from the Canton Police Department report that Jen McCabe personally called Canton Police Lt. Michael Lank at 9 AM on January 29 to tell him that she had suddenly “recalled” that Karen Read had stated “I hope I didn’t hit him” while they were driving together that morning.

By 9 AM they had 3 hours to get their story straight. The plan was to emphasize the fact that the strongest evidence against Karen Read was her “confession” to hitting John O’Keefe. Apparently she hadn’t made that clear the first time she spoke with police, so she needed to call Lank to tell him that personally. Lt. Lank was also the close personal friend of Chris Albert, who was drinking and off duty when he wrongly arrested two men who had been in an altercation with Chris Albert at a bar 20 years ago. Like Proctor, Lank was not on duty the morning of January 29, but was the only Canton Police Officer who went inside 34 Fairview Road that morning.

The cell phone records also show us that Jen McCabe called John O’Keefe at 12:18 AM, right after she arrived at 34 Fairview Road, to make sure he was coming. He arrived less than 2 minutes later, went inside, and began ascending and descending steps. He stopped moving at 12:24, but his phone moved 36 steps at 12:31 in 20 seconds.

That is roughly the amount of steps it would be if someone in that house wanted to get rid of the cell phone (knowing that it could be traced inside), and place it on the front lawn to make it seem like O’Keefe was outside. A phone is a lot easier to get rid of than a body. His cell phone was later found underneath his body, not in his pocket, which would make sense if his body was later placed on top of the cell phone.

This means that by 12:24 John was likely unconscious and bleeding everywhere. Panic would have ensued, followed by a plan to dispose of his body and make it seem like he hadn’t been in that house. Central to that would be Jen McCabe continuing to call John O’Keefe to make it seem like she was asking him when he was coming. Jen called John at 12:29 AM, and someone answered his phone for a period of 8 seconds.

Two minutes later the phone was moved to the lawn, and Jen McCabe proceeded to call him 6 times between 12:40 and 12:50, to make it seem like she wanted to know when he would get there. However, calling someone 6 times is overdoing it if you’re not worried about their safety. Most adults would assume that the person they’re trying to reach changed their mind and went home, and they’d give up after one call. Jen McCabe kept on calling.

Last night on the Live Show we analyzed every phone call Jen made after 5:30 AM on January 29.

781-821-5090 is the Canton Police Department. She called them after speaking with Kerry Roberts, and then spoke to Roberts immediately afterwards. They likely discussed how Jen needed to “recall” that Karen Read had said “Could I have hit him with my car” while the three of them drove to Fairview Road together. She called Kerry Roberts after speaking with Canton Police and they chatted for 4 minutes about what she had told them.

At 9 AM the 339 number called her and it was Michael Lank. Immediately after hanging up with him she had five separate phone conversations with Kerry Roberts, likely discussing what she had just told Lank.

But the 781-364-0165 number that called her at 10:55 was not a number that I had seen before. I called it last night at the 1:44:00 mark and was shocked to see whose voice was on the voicemail.

Michael Proctor. The man who had been inside 34 Fairview Road with her earlier and descended a flight of stairs with John O’Keefe’s cell phone in his pocket. How did Michael Proctor get Jen McCabe’s cell phone number if he never met her before? Probably the same way her two youngest daughters ended up in a picture with him in 2017.

After that 10:55 AM phone call Jen McCabe made plans to leave 34 Fairview Road to head to her house for the “family and friends” interview with Proctor. She called Brian Albert at 11:30, likely to tell him that Proctor was there so that Albert would join her for the interview.

At 12:20 PM her and Brian Albert spoke on the phone for 7 minutes, likely to discuss how the meeting with Proctor went, and reassuring themselves that they wouldn’t get caught.

At 12:37 she once against spoke with Kerry Roberts for several minutes, and when she hung up she spoke with Proctor again. They were planning everything that they would say to him to get their story straight and make sure Karen Read took the fall for what they did.

At 1:04 PM she spoke with her friend Ashley Brady, seen sitting next to McCabe in court at one of Read’s hearings.

At 1:16 she hung up with Brady to take a more important call from Brian Albert, after ignoring a call from Julie Albert. She hung up with him and immediately called Michael Proctor once again, likely to discuss whatever she had just spoken to Brian Albert about.

In true psychopath fashion, Jen McCabe then called Peggy O’Keefe at 1:34 PM, a woman she didn’t know at all, and began to put it in her head that Karen Read had killed her son. They spoke for 7 minutes. She pretended to give a damn despite plotting to murder Peggy’s son hours earlier. (If any of this is untrue it would be extremely defamatory and an easy judgment that would ruin me, so why haven’t I been sued yet?)

After that Karen Read left 1 Meadows Ave to go to her parents home in Dighton, because Peggy O’Keefe had began to accuse her of killing John O’Keefe. Jen McCabe was manipulating them all from the beginning, and she was doing this on zero hours sleep. Jen spoke with Brian Albert again at 1:46 PM, likely to talk about how she had finessed Peggy O’Keefe into believing that Karen Read killed John.

After that she continued to have lengthy phone conversations throughout the day with Kerry Roberts, Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, Julie Albert, and Ashley Brady. At 5:52 PM a woman who goes by Maureen D called her from New York and the spoke for more than 20 minutes. Maureen is originally from Canton and likely had no idea about any of this. God knows what Jen said to her.

Of course none of this matters to Adam Lally, who just poo-poos it by saying that all the forensic evidence is wrong. He offers no explanation for why it’s wrong and filed a motion to cancel the evidentiary hearing where the forensic expert could explain how he got all of this.


Besides that, nothing to see here.

P.S. Brian Higgins – you are the only person in that house who was not family. I hope you realize that when this all goes to Hell the plan is to blame it all on you. They will protect family at all costs. You would be wise to get ahead of it and reach out to police to cooperate. It’s either you or them.


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  1. What is it they say, a murderer makes a hundred mistakes? Hopefully the feds arent just here for a white wash and they all go down for this. Jen doing the perp walk will restore my faith in the justice system in this state. Hope you are reading this Jen, tick tock you slimy bitch. They are all horrible people but the framing aspect puts you to the head of the class.

  2. TB, you keep saying Proctor is talking about formal introductions but he’s not the one who authored those reports. It’s Bukhenik. Changes the whole article.

  3. Government employees are lazy. Police report is a form letter used for all his reports. Do all his reports say formally introduce?

  4. Sometimes, in official government reports, the interviewer will state that they formally introduce themselves ( meaning not as part time acquaintance Mike Proctor but in his official capacity as State Police Detective Mike Proctor). It’s like reading a witness their 5th Amendment rights. Otherwise the witness could claim they didn’t know exactly who was questioning them.

  5. The formal introductions don’t do much for me but Jenn’s call log and John’s cell phone movement while in Proctor’s possession speaks volumes as to the cover up!

  6. The plot thickens and as they say criminals get caught because they are not smart. That’s why they are criminals.

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