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Canton Cover-Up Part 55: Norfolk DA Spokesperson David Traub Told Friend In Facebook DMs He “Thinks” Karen Read Case Was Triable 9 Days After Charging Her, Says Turtleboy Is Wrong, Promised Bombshell That Never Came


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This is David Traub from Medfield.

David is local boy who graduated from Xaverian before furthering his education at Holy Cross. He tried and failed to be a local news reporter before realizing that becoming a political hack was much more advantageous to his career. He worked as a staffer for then State Senator William Keating (now congressman), and became Keating’s communications director after Keating was elected Norfolk County DA in 1998. He donated frequently to his boss’ campaign in order to keep his pay for play job, and continued to do the same for his new boss Michael Morrissey, who was elected DA in 2010 after Keating was elected to Congress.

On LinkedIn David shares what he believes to be positive stories about his boss, bragging about how Morrissey has the lowest incarceration of all district attorneys.

It seems as if it should be the job of the DA to send bad people to prison, but in liberal Massachusetts the people in charge of law and order brag about the opposite. Ironically this same DA, who brags about keeping guilty people out of jail, is trying to send an innocent woman named Karen Read to jail for the rest of her life while he protects the people who killed John O’Keefe. Morrissey has to work with the State Police and Canton Police frequently, and the last thing an empty suit like him would ever want to do is disrupt The System. It’s why he’s willing to send an unconnected, innocent woman to prison, rather than make waves by using the power of his office to hold the guilty parties accountable.

Like many who work in the public sector, David’s goal in life is to do the bidding of his superiors, not rock the boat, and live an otherwise meaningless existence. Hopefully Maura Healey will pose for a picture with him so he can use it as a new profile picture, and he can use her connections to network and potentially become an even more influential politician’s PR flak.

David Traub’s job is to lie for Michael Morrissey, whose office recently filed a motion to gag Karen Read’s defense attorneys because their statements of truth are allegedly tainting a potential jury pool. But Traub himself has been running his fat mouth about Karen Read and spreading misinformation to whoever asks him about it. An old high school buddy of Traub reached out to him on February 2, 2022, the day after Karen Read was charged with manslaughter, to ask him if he thought Read was guilty. He initially responded by saying “more would come out.”

The friend asked him if he thought it was intentional, and he responded by saying that she was blacked out drunk, and although he didn’t know the full details he believed it was a triable case. According to him he believed that Karen Read thought John O’Keefe would “dust himself off and limp into the house,” but he never got up.

The Commonwealth is ethically restrained from charging someone with a crime if they are not sure the case is triable. Traub said he merely “thinks there is a triable case.” Whatever, they’ll figure that out later. A cop is dead and if his office doesn’t charge someone they’re gonna have a tough time getting re-elected.

According to what the McCabes and Alberts told Michael Proctor, Karen Read was not blackout drunk either. It seems as if the initial plan was to blame it on alcohol and charge her with manslaughter. But that wouldn’t work because Karen Read’s car would’ve beeped like crazy if John was behind her, meaning she did it intentionally. That’s why the Commonwealth began to get away from the “blackout drunk” theory, and turn it into the “angry, conniving, malicious psycho girlfriend” theory.

Most importantly, how could David Traub know that Karen Read thought John O’Keefe would “dust himself off and limp into the house?” That statement alone indicates that she didn’t plan to kill him, or thought that she killed him. It also doesn’t make any sense because if she had actually hit him with her car on purpose, and he walked into that house full of cops, he would’ve immediately told them about it, incriminating her.

On February 10 Traub went on to say that his office was still interviewing people, but that “this is at least one theory to support the manslaughter.” He was confident that “stuff will come out in the grand jury testimony” to further implicated Karen Read.

Karen Read shouldn’t have been charged with manslaughter if they were still workshopping theories. They came up with the charge first and began working backwards from there. Charge her with manslaughter, then figure out how you can charge her with manslaughter.

A Boston Police Officer was dead and they were under pressure to charge someone with the crime. The State Police detective, whose credibility is necessary to convict dangerous criminals in other cases, told them that Karen Read did it. There was no way they were going to cause drama with him by questioning his investigation, and they certainly weren’t going to arrest a Boston Police Sergeant when they could just arrest the drunken girlfriend. They knew that it wouldn’t be huge news if Karen Read did it, but it would be the story of the century if a house full of connected cops did it.

And how did Traub know that “stuff” that would come out in the grand jury would back their assertion that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe? Again, he was working backwards, as they have throughout this entire investigation. They determined that she did it, refused to consider anyone else, and then figured out a way to make the pieces fit. It’s the same thing they did when they told the medical examiner that John was hit by a car, leaving her with the obligation of explaining how a car could do this:

In fact, Traub knew that the people who testified at the grand jury – Brian Albert, Brian Higgins, Nicole Albert, Matt McCabe, Jen McCabe, Michael Lank – would all say whatever they needed to protect themselves.

In April the old friend messaged Traub again after we wrote our story.

“Thank God we have a real reporter Turtleboy doing real investigative work.”

If you were David Traub, and a turtle rider you knew from high school sent you a DM taunting your office for being incompetent, while praising the reporter who was exposing your office’s corruption, what would you do? Personally, I wouldn’t respond. I would assume that the person messaging was not on my side, believed I was working for the bad guys, and that anything I said would be screenshotted. Traub works for an office that wants the defense team gagged for talking too much, and presumably believes that no one should be making inflammatory statements about the legal proceedings.

But David Traub couldn’t help himself, and began to discredit our reporting.

“You have TB regurgitating what the defense attorney told him.”

Everything the defense attorneys have said is backed by documented evidence from experts like Richard Green. I’d regurgitate what the DA’s office has said to back up their theories, but all they have is this:

“Except the defense is wrong.”

The defense is wrong. Because I said so.

He promised big things to come:

“Wait until we respond on May 3, you’re going to see a different thing.”

And this is what they always do.

“Wait until you see the black box! It shows that she struck him with her car. Except we’re not gonna show you any of that, just say that we have it.”

The ace in the hole that he promised on May 3 was basically:

“The Google search never happened because Jen McCabe was actually looking at her kid’s basketball stuff then. We have an expert that says so, and instead of allowing us to present her findings to the court and cross examine the defense’s expert, we’re gonna file a motion to cancel the evidentiary hearing entirely. Also the pictures of Jen McCabe’s kids with Proctor, who are clearly her kids, are not actually her kids. We have no comment on who those two free range feral children in towels are.”

Case closed, bitches!

Then David Traub went full doctor and explained how John O’Keefe’s injuries all came from Karen Read backing into him.

According to David Traub MD, when you fall backwards and hit your head on grass it does this to your face:

Then it does this to your arm:

And the only way to get two black eyes is to have fractures to your orbital bones. John O’Keefe had no fractures to his bones, unless you count his skull, which had many fractures but apparently is not made of bones, or his right third metacarpal that was clearly shattered from punching something.

Cars always do that to people who get bumped into. Duh.

The most telling part was his final line:

“They get headlines for a week or two and then get denied by the court.”

First of all, it’s been a lot longer than two weeks, and we have a long way to go.

Secondly, he knew ahead of time that Judge Cannone was going to give her puppy dog Adam Lally what he wanted. He knew that Lally and Cannone have to have a working relationship moving forward, but she can tell Alan Jackson to pound sand. He knew that Morrissey was politically connected and so are all the major players in this case, and that Judge Cannone wasn’t going to cross any of them.

Again, it’s just wild that the DA’s Office wants to gag the defense from speaking the truth while their official spokesperson is blabbing to random guys he went to high school with on Facebook messenger about sensitive details of a murder investigation.


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  1. The stench of low tide when the tide goes out and swimmers without bathing suits are exposed. Keep digging. Where there is smoke there is fire

  2. Pretty cool that his high school friend decided to do the right thing and share the messages. Props to him. Turtle Riders are a loyal base.

  3. The raccoon sign is associated with basilar skull fractures. Blood from the fractures and torn meninges extravasates into the periorbital soft tissues, following the path of least resistance. There is no need for orbital fractures or other facial fractures.

    The autopsy photos make it pretty clear that this guy was beaten in a fight.

    Fang, MD

        1. I remember you from the old comment section, Mr Hertz below too. So glad they were turned back on and look forward to being able to join the discussion and hear others thoughts. How long before the ratchets show up?

  4. Didn’t Karen Read drive by the Waterfall in the morning before going to Jen McCabe’s house to go look for him? According to the 2/2/22 court hearing Lally said McCabe had to remind Karen because she was “so drunk” that her & John were at the Waterfall. If Karen did drive by the bar in early morning before Jen’s then that’s a lie that she had to “remind her”

  5. “BUMPED”? “BUMPED”! Bumped by what? A frigging space shuttle? How far from the road was JO found? I know by the flag pole, but if he sustained these injuries and “didn’t get up” he should have been found IN the road. No way he was going to even stagger into the lawn.

  6. Those are some explosive text messages. Relatedly, around the date of Karen’s arrest was a Twitter post by the police (I forget who, maybe the Chief Berkowitz? Turtleboy had screenshotted it in a previous blog post) that said words to the effect of, “We have arrested the person who killed John O’Keefe”. Notably the official Twitter post did not say “allegedly”, but actually said “the person responsible for the death of.” I saw that Twitter post at the time and it truly knocked my socks off — that was some horrific and overt defamation by the state, which should know better than stating who will win or lose a criminal case beforehand on a literal public Twitter account. I wonder whether KR’s defense team will cite that Twitter post in its response to the latest gag order motion by Lally. It’s would be a bit of a double standard that Defense is not allowed to speak publicly, but the literal police or its representatives can claim on their literal public twitter accounts that KR is guilty before the trial. Outside of the gag order motion, Massachusetts has a Tort Claims Act for civil claims against the state which requires a person to bring tort claims against the state within two years of the injury. I hope that Karen Read’s attorneys are very much on top of that and preparing a defamation civil claim based on that text message around the time of her arrest. These text messages you have posted here today, especially because they are from a public spokesperson, not only show the DA’s office *also* defaming KR (she was blacked out — really? — blacked out?) but also show that the state wasn’t so sure behind the scenes it had the person who killed him, it was merely a “triable case”, or possibly triable, but nonethelss the police said extrajudicially that they “had the person responsible.” Turtleboy, if you are in touch with KR’s attorneys it could be good to give them this and the previous Twitter posting by the police department so they are sure to have those documents to cite in response to the gag order motion and in their own civil claims.

  7. NONE of this maters. There is NO WAY the FBI will find “wrong doing”. Every case, EVERY CASE, any of the dirty cops were ever in involved in, from a murder to a parking ticket, gets reviewed. EVERY CASE the Norfolk County DA ever prosecuted, gets reviewed.
    Karen Read will stand trial. That train has left the station. She will get found Not Guilty.
    All these scumbags will never be charged. EVER!!!!!! AT ALL. The charades will keep going. I will tell my sons to become cops, and that they can just kill whoever they want, or stuff people in prison that they just don’t like, and get away with it.
    This is where our Country has gone.
    Liberals have their heads in the sand, and say, “awe, shucks! Gee wiz! I guess there’s nothing we can do.
    Bunch of Cowards, who deserve what is coming. And Harvard University never told them what is coming.

    1. Don’t discount that there’s gonna be “the first person who talks will get immunity” deal that will happen. Or someone will crack. The walls have been closing in steadily since April. This group of murderers has a weak link and we’ll see who that is.

      1. Your prediction assumes that there is someone in authority who actually wants to get to the truth, like in the movies, a relentless detective who doesn’t let up the pressure until someone cracks and spills out the facts. From reading these blogs I get the feeling that there is no one like that here, on the contrary the authorities are keeping pressure off the miscreants, and the implicit (or maybe explicit, behind the scenes) message is “keep your heads low and your mouths shut and this will blow over.” Sadly, I would bet on Fitzpatrick’s prediction coming true. Maybe I am too cynical.

        Cynic: -n. A blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be.
        -Ambrose Bierce

  8. Proctor is not only dirty, he’s F’ng stupid. Too much time at the waterfall? Btw who the F, as a middle aged suburbanite, hangs out at bars for 4-5 hours? Talk about the likelihood of who’s bleepfaced.

    Looks like there is gonna be a bumper crop of Tinder-Canton folk hitting the market in about 4 months…not that this crew needs tinder. They’ll probably just consolidate housing.

  9. That picture of his arm is very clearly photoshopped in the court room to look less like dog bites. Was that the same picture the medical examiner put out because if so it was altered very early on. You can see where they have smoothed out the skin and used a blur tool to hide the length and depth of the lacerations. They attempted to make the blurring out of the injuries look like part of the shadow and lighting.

  10. The back of his head, looks exactly like a knife wound. Bet it goes in deeper than they are trying to make it look in the pictures

  11. Hey David Traub, somehow I suspect your name may have just dipped its toe in this cesspool of a situation. Better tell your friends, family and BOSS that it’s time for you to take a sabbatical. You thought you’d just be working anonymously, making way too much money for the 25 hours/wk you work and get that state pension in another 4 years.

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