Canton Coverup Part 61: Michael Proctor Is Lead Investigator On Braintree Double Homicide, Handling Case Very Differently From John O’Keefe Investigation


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A 16 and 19 year old were shot and killed while sitting in a car outside the 16 year old’s home in Braintree on Saturday night.

The house in northern Braintree was “well known to officers” because 16 year old Jahzier Porter was already a professional scumbag and known gang member. He goes by HBK on Facebook, which stand for “H-Block Killer, a violent gang that operates out of Roxbury. As tragic as it is that a 16 year old died, it’s pretty clear that Jahzier was who he was going to be at that point, and had chosen a path that had a very short life expectancy. 

If he has a criminal record (I think we can all agree he probably does) we can’t read it because it’s sealed. But 19 year old Jayden Santos-Andrade, who was also killed, is currently being charged with assault to murder, carrying a gun without a license, and A&B with a firearm for shooting a rival in January. He was out on bail. 

Womp womp.

Normally I wouldn’t waste my time covering a story of trash taking out trash because it’s not very interesting and happens every day. But I did notice on the news coverage yesterday that a familiar MSP Detective was on scene and appears to be running the investigation.

CONFLICTED State Trooper Michael Proctor.

The Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office continues to have Proctor investigate double homicides despite the fact that he has been credibly accused in open court of helping to cover up the murder of a Boston Police Officer by framing a woman he knows to be innocent. Just a reminder that we know as a fact that Michael Proctor has:

  • Failed to ever mention his long term friendship with the Albert and McCabe families.
  • Never looked into the Alberts or McCabes as possible suspects despite both being inside of a home where a dead Boston Police Officer was found on the lawn.
  • Failed to follow proper protocol by questioning Brian Albert, Nicole Albert, Matt McCabe, and Jen McCabe hours after they had time to get their stories straight, together as a group, in the comfort of Jen McCabe’s home.
  • Took John O’Keefe’s phone from underneath his body and spent significant time inside 34 Fairview Road with the Alberts and McCabes in the hours after John O’Keefe’s body was discovered.
  • Never bothered interviewing Caitlin Albert, Brian Albert Jr, Sarah Levinson, or Julie Nagel to ask them if they had seen a dead body on the lawn, despite all being inside and allegedly leaving the house while O’Keefe’s body was on the lawn.
  • Never asked for Ring camera footage from anyone who lives on Fairview Road, including neighbors AND the Albert’s themselves.
  • Intentionally spelled the names wrong of at least 5 material witnesses in a murder case who were inside 34 Fairview Road that night.
  • Lied in an official police report about the time that he towed Karen Read’s car from her parent’s home in Dighton, giving him 1 hour and 18 minutes of unaccounted time to break her tail light and sprinkle it at the scene of the crime before a 5:45 PM search by the SERT team.
  • Became the target of a federal investigation into his involvement in covering up the murder of John O’Keefe.

The Massachusetts State Police is a corrupt organization with no shame, that doesn’t care what the public thinks of it. Millions of people know the name Michael Proctor, and know that he has no qualms protecting cop killers and framing innocent people. MSP knows that he is the target of a federal investigation. Any other police department would put an officer like this on paid leave until it was resolved, much like Boston Police has done with Brian Albert (despite not being charged with any crimes).

But the State Police and the Proctor family are so arrogant that they continue to pretend none of this is happening. Here’s what Elizabeth Proctor posted on IG yesterday after her husband came home from the murder investigation.

This is sick. My heart breaks for those kids that they have to have such morally reprehensible adults as parents. They are completely innocent and love their father because they’re too young to have any idea what kind of monster he is. As a father myself I wanted to throw up when I saw this, because I know Elizabeth Proctor is using them as a prop intentionally. She desperately wants to project the image that the Proctors are a wholesome suburban family with two dogs and two boys who love their hard working Daddy, when in fact they are common criminals.

Keep in mind, Elizabeth Proctor has not only enabled her husband’s criminality, she has called multiple people’s places of employment to try to have them fired because they left Facebook comments in public forums criticizing her corrupt husband.

State Police and the Norfolk County DA’s Office are handling this investigation much differently from the way they handled John O’Keefe’s murder. John O’Keefe’s body was found OUTSIDE of 34 Fairview Road, and therefore the inside of the property was never searched. Likewise, Jahzier Porter was found outside the house.

Yet immediately the inside of the house was searched. Here are some pictures from Live Boston showing the crime scene.

Notice the yellow crime scene tape, carefully labeled markers indicating where evidence was found, cameras, bags, gloves, and other things most people would assume the police would use after discovering a dead body outside of a house. This was 34 Fairview Road at 9 AM on January 29, 2022, just 3 hours after O’Keefe’s body was found on the front lawn.

Here’s some random guy walking through the crime scene.

Neither the State Police nor the Braintree Police put an officer in front of the house during the day. Here’s how State Police handled a similar murder scene in Newton over the weekend.

Here’s Michael Proctor at the scene in Braintree, directing subordinates on how to investigate the crime scene appropriately.

There is a very good chance that Brian Albert has dealt with this gang before, and Proctor is likely to be consulting with him on this.

To make matters worse DA Michael Morrissey, who is refusing to drop the charges against a woman he clearly knows is innocent, and who attended a dinner with Brian Albert and Brian Higgins shortly after his office charged Karen Read with murder, is asking the public to review their Ring cameras for suspicious activity.

The DA’s Office never asked for anyone in Canton to hand over Ring camera footage that would’ve shown Karen Read driving home from 34 Fairview Road with an allegedly broken tail light after allegedly striking O’Keefe with her car and leaving him to die. The DA’s Office and State Police are much more concerned with finding out who killed Jayden Santos-Andrade and Jahzier Porter than they ever cared about finding out who killed John O’Keefe.

Jayden Santos-Andrade and Jahzier Porter are criminal gang members who poisoned the streets of Boston with drugs and violence, which they then brought with them to Braintree. John O’Keefe protected the City of Boston from people like them. But the lives of gang members matter more to the Norfolk County DA’s Office than the lives of law abiding police officers, so long as they’re killed by other cops. Morrissey and Proctor want to find who killed Santos-Andrade and Porter because they know it’s likely another shitbag with no connections who no one will miss when they’re sent away to prison. They don’t want to find out who killed John O’Keefe because they know that it was their personal friends and “pillars of the community.”


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