Canton Cover-Up Part 63: Chris Albert Calls Cops On Turtleboy After Kicking Him Out Of D&E Pizza, Town Officials And Residents Talk About Coverup


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I went to Canton today to ask some questions about the Karen Read/John O’Keefe murder case, and I filmed most of my encounters at the several stops I made.  The morning began at DA Michael Morrissey’s office.

He wasn’t in, but the secretary we spoke with told us that he’s usually there during the day, so we will be back. Morrissey is personal friends with the people who murdered John O’Keefe and is fully aware that he is prosecuting an innocent woman. I wanted to know why he’s doing that, if he’s done this to anyone else, and how he sleeps at night. The secretary, who was very nice, tried getting ahold of ADA Adam Lally and spokesman David Traub, but couldn’t reach either of them. I later sat next to Traub when I went to Dedham Superior Court and briefly sat in on the Michael Chesna murder trial. He left moments later.

The next stop was Michael and Elizabeth Proctor’s house at 6 Wentworth Road.

They have a Ring camera doorbell and didn’t respond. However, we saw her older son in the window (who appears to be 3), so clearly at least one parent was home. The Proctors, like many people in this story, like to hide behind children when award winning journalists want answers to legitimate questions about the coverup of a murder of a Boston Police Officer.


The Proctors claim not to know the McCabes, even though they go to family parties together with the Alberts, pose for pictures with their children, and live less than a quarter mile away at 12 Country Lane.

For some reason Jen’s door was wide open, and clearly multiple people were home. Although no one responded Jen peaked her head out into the kitchen at the 1:25 mark before hiding like the cornered rat that she is.

After that we hit up 1473 Washington Street, home of Kevin Albert and his parents (in a house that Brian Albert and the McCabe’s previously owned), to ask them why they decided to fill in a perfectly good pool a couple days after they were first named as suspects in open court. No one answered, although there was a car in the driveway located directly across the street from the Canton Police Department.

The next stop was 34 Fairview Road, where John O’Keefe was beaten and had his unconscious body dumped on the front lawn to die from hypothermia.

First we decided to ring the doorbells at 31 and 33 Fairview Road, since they both had Ring cameras that would’ve gotten Karen Read killing John O’Keefe with her car if she had done what the Commonwealth is alleging she did. The home at 31 Fairview Road is owned by Deputy Chief Tom Keleher, who told investigators that his camera did not capture anything, and Michael Proctor never asked to see it. We rang his Ring doorbell but he did not answer, even though Ring allows you to respond if you are not home. We stood on the the stoop of 31 Fairview and pointed our camera to illustrated how it is directly across the street from where O’Keefe’s body was found.

There is NO POSSIBLE WAY Keleher’s camera would not have seen exactly when O’Keefe’s body ended up on that lawn. It certainly would’ve gotten footage of Karen Read’s tail light as she drove away.

31 Fairview.

33 Fairview.

After that I walked across the street and spoke with the new owner of 34 Fairview Road, who did not want to be filmed. She was extremely nice and offered some new information:

  • The realtor never disclosed that a dead body was found on the front lawn of this house before she purchased it (which she wasn’t happy to find out), never mind that O’Keefe was beaten unconscious inside the home.
  • She said that she has been following the story since being made aware and supports Turtleboy in our endeavor to hold John’s killers accountable.
  • The carpet she had removed, which we saw on video during renovations 3 weeks ago, was NOT from the basement.
  • No one from the police has ever asked to look inside the house.

She let us take this picture from the house, which would’ve shown what Matt McCabe told Proctor he saw as he looked out the window and noticed “inverted v-shaped tire tracks in the snow,” indicating that Karen Read had done a three point turn. Notice it would be IMPOSSIBLE to see tire tracks without seeing a 217 pound body directly in front of the tire tracks.

We then drove the route Karen Read would have driven after allegedly killing John O’Keefe to see how many homes we could see with Ring cameras on them. Surely someone must have seen Karen Read’s car with a broken tail light as she made her escape back to 1 Meadows Ave. We saw dozens, if not hundreds of homes like this one.

We went inside the Canton MBTA Station, and spoke with a barista in the coffee shop inside to ask if they had video footage. The barista initially played dumb and said there was no camera outside, but the other barista remained hidden. I later found out that barista was Katie McLaughlin, the only firefighter in Proctor’s report who told authorities that she heard Karen Read saying “I hit him” when she arrived at 34 Fairview Road. What she failed to disclose was that she is close personal friends with Caitlin Albert, who was inside the home that she grew up in when O’Keefe was killed.


As we approached the Canton Library on Sherman Street we pulled over at an apartment complex and noticed it had at least 4 cameras facing the street that would’ve picked up Karen Read’s car driving back to 1 Meadows Ave. Unfortunately I hit the slo-mo button while filming.

I noticed across the street that a house with a Virgin Mary statue in the front yard had a Ring camera. I know from my experience with Catholics that they believe murder and lying are sins, so I figured the home owner would be honest. Although they weren’t home they still answered their Ring doorbell and answered the only question I had for them – did State Police ever ask to see Ring camera footage from their home after January 29, 2022.

No, they did not. Because Michael Proctor did NOT want any footage showing Karen Read was innocent to be entered into evidence.

In the center of town we went into Town Hall. I tried to find DPW head Michael Trotta, since he wasn’t returning my phone calls. I know that Brian “Lucky” Loughran plowed Fairview Road the morning John O’Keefe was killed and reported NOT seeing a body on the front lawn. Unfortunately Trotta was not there so the secretary took a message that I don’t expect will be returned.

But the guy I REALLY wanted to speak with in Town Hall was Louis Jutras, the Information Systems Manager for the town of Canton. Jutrus is the man who gave Michael Proctor access to the Canton Library tape in its entirety, by providing Proctor with a password to access all video footage. The Canton Library footage would’ve shown the condition of Karen Read’s tail light as she drove back to 1 Meadows Ave. Proctor never gave password access to Adam Lally or Karen Read’s defense team. Instead he burned the footage onto a CD, which was missing three minutes from 12:37 to 12:39 AM, right when Karen Read was driving by. Had Jutrus seen the tape? He didn’t want to talk but I forced him to anyway. On my way out I spoke with Charles Doody, the Town Administrator and Fire Chief on the night O’Keefe was killed, to ask why his daughter’s name was misspelled by Proctor in the police report, and if she was inside 34 Fairview Road when O’Keefe was killed. They were both evasive and nervous.

TB: “When you sent the video footage over to Proctor were there 3 minutes missing?”

Jutras: “I can’t answer that. I don’t have a copy of the video of my own to validate.”

TB: “Was it erased?”

Jutras: “Yes.”

TB: “When you sent it over do you have any reason to believe 3 minutes was missing.”

Jutras: “Not that I’m aware of.”

TB: “Did you view the footage?”

Jutras: “Sections of it, the start and end.”

TB: “Did you notice if Karen Read’s Lexus had a broken tail light?”

Jutras: “I can’t answer that.”

That man right there has seen the footage and knows there is no broken tail light. He just wants to mind his own business, push papers around, and go home to his cheese sandwich.

Charles Doody told us that he has no idea why his daughter’s first and last name were misspelled in Proctor’s police report, and when asked if his daughter left 34 Fairview Road prior to O’Keefe arriving he said, “that’s what I’m told.”

That’s what you were told? Seems like that would be something you knew very well considering she was inside a home where a police officer was beaten to death.

I hit up the Waterfall Bar briefly (and was recognized on the way in by a turtle rider I met at the casino a few months ago), but they didn’t have much to say because they were just opening. This is the place where Karen Read allegedly took 14 shots and did 3 keg stands before killing her boyfriend and thinking she could get away with it.

Finally I walked across the street to CF McCarthy’s but while I was passing by D&E Pizza I noticed Chris “Chicken Parm Charlie” Albert in the window, and he noticed me. I didn’t have my camera on so I stopped to begin filming but by the time I did he had put down the shades in the windows. I went inside to ask him some questions, since Chris was the one who initiated conversation with me on Facebook on April 17, prior to publication of Part 1. In particular I wanted to know how his son Colin got home the night that he beat John O’Keefe unconscious, and why they paid for an attorney. But mostly I wanted to know how the chicken parm was. He immediately kicked me out before I could ask what was on the menu.

Being called a loser by a guy who has lost countless civil cases to creditors in court, and whose biggest accomplishment in life is getting his mediocre pizza shop to sponsor a Little League baseball team, is a badge of honor. Who wore it better?

Shortly after that he came back out and made a threatening statement that my camera guy Richie got and I will be showing on the Live show tonight. It was something to the effect of “you’re going down, wait until you get it.” He continued to yell at me through his locked door as he called the Canton Police Department, where his brother Kevin is a cop.

I waited for the police to get there because I had nothing to hide and plan on being in town a lot more. Plus I figured it would be a good chance to speak to them about the Karen Read case and see if they had any insight. Mostly they seemed embarrassed for Chris that a grown man would call the police on another grown man for the crime of coming into his pizza shop and leaving after being requested to.

I don’t believe for a second this guy doesn’t know about Turtleboy.

This guy definitely did.

So did the people driving by giving us thumbs up.

Side note – I gave them my ID because I wanted to, not because I had to. I WANT people to know I’m in town, and that includes the police. I’ll be back many, many times, and I will taste Chris Albert’s mediocre chicken parm before I die.

Tune in tonight at 9 PM for more footage on the Live Show. Click here to subscribe to our channel.



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