Canton Cover-Up Part 73: Three Point Turn Recreation Shows That Karen Read Would’ve Broken Left Tail Light, Not Right Tail If She Hit Something On Fairview Road


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Karen Read is being charged with murdering John O’Keefe with a three point turn that broke her right tail light, causing John to have multiple skull fractures, a huge gash in the back of his heard, two swollen eyes, and lacerations on his right forearm. No one witnessed this deadly three point turn, but Matt McCabe claims that he saw v-shaped tire tracks in the snow, although he somehow did not see John’s body in front of it. Karen Read has never said that she did a three point turn either. But once Michael Proctor saw her broken tail light the police’s explanation for how John died went from being bludgeoned with a cocktail glass, to death by three point turn.

But has anyone actually thought about how that three point turn would have worked? We know that Karen Read’s Lexus was facing south on Fairview Road, and we know that Adam Lally is now alleging (without any evidence) that the black box reveals that Karen Read was traveling 27 mph in reverse when she killed John. However, a turtle rider put together a very interesting recreation showing that it would’ve been physically impossible for the right tail light to have broken if she did a three point turn. If anything, it would’ve been the left tail light. Watch:

They obviously didn’t think through the 3 point turn story. Then again, neither did most of us. I’ve been covering this story non-stop for 3 months and I hadn’t put this together in my head.

This also doesn’t take into account the broken cocktail glass. Did she hit him over the head with the glass, cut his arms with the shards to frame the dog, ask John to stay in place, and then back into him at a high rate of speed which nobody saw or heard? And if she did all that, why didn’t they pull the neighbor’s Ring camera videos?

People who believe that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe have thrown the number 27 mph around a lot. But have you ever tried going in reverse that fast? As the turtle rider who put this video together said, it’s “uncomfortably fast.” In the snow, mind you. Additionally, the distance between one side of the road and the other wouldn’t give Karen Read enough time to accelerate the car in reverse to 27 mph. It has been alleged that Karen Read was accelerating at a rate of 0.6 meters per second squared. The defense will likely have to call “math” as a special witness to disprove that claim, since it would take 20 seconds for someone accelerating at that rate to hit 27 mph.

It would take her 1-2 seconds to back her car across the street, not 20. Using the alleged acceleration rate that the Commonwealth has put into evidence, this would mean that Karen Read was traveling somewhere between 1-5 mph when she murdered John O’Keefe with her car.

Sure thing.

Remember, this is how WCVB reported the news initially:

But perhaps most revealing in the filing is a reference to evidence that “establishes that the defendant, while intoxicated, in a snowstorm, operated her motor vehicle in reverse for a period of time, before striking the victim at a high rate of speed.”

Perhaps most revealing? What did they reveal, exactly? That she traveled in reverse for an arbitrary “period of time” and at an arbitrary “high rate of speed?”

WCVB couldn’t be bothered to do the math and realize that the only thing this revealed was more lies from Adam Lally. Then again, when your legal analyst is Brian Albert’s attorney you can’t expect any sort of honest analysis.

Most importantly, Ryan Nagel pulled up behind Karen Read when he got to 34 Fairview Road and saw no one in the car with her, and no body on the ground outside the car.

But yea, she didn’t call Karl Dugal to see how he was doing so I guess that means she’s a murderer. Just ignore all the facts and focus on Karl’s feelings and you too can convince yourself that she’s guilty.


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