Canton Cover-Up Part 74: Michael Proctor Violated At Least 8 State Police Policies And Procedures Guidelines From Manual


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The Massachusetts State Police have a 510 page policies and procedures that all troopers took an oath to adhere to.


On page 176 it outlines the policies and procedures for criminal investigations. Let’s look at all the things Michael Proctor and the State Police failed to do as part of their investigation into the death of John O’Keefe.

1. Failed to secure and preserve the integrity of the crime scene.

2. Make sure evidence is not lost, destroyed, or altered.

No crime scene tape was put up where John O’Keefe’s body was found. It was not being watched by police all day as people walked through it. Twelve hours later the State Police found the following items that the Canton Police did not find, despite over a foot of snowing falling during that time:

  • Pieces of tail light glass
  • John’s missing shoe
  • John’s hat

The entire street should have been closed around the crime scene as well, as Karen Read allegedly accelerated at a high rate of speed in order to kill John O’Keefe. If that was the case there would likely be tire marks on the road and the lawn, and it all needed to be preserved. None of it was. Police departments routinely shut down public streets when murders happen there.

No police officers searched inside 34 Fairview Road either, despite the fact that a dead guy was found on the lawn without a shoe, hat, or jacket. The entire property should’ve been cleared and searched. Instead the Alberts and McCabes used it to plot how they would frame Karen Read.

This is not a secure crime scene.


3. Locate, identify, and interview reliable witnesses.

4. Separate witnesses in order to ensure independent statements.

5. Properly record date and arrival at scene.

Jen McCabe, Matt McCabe, Brian Albert, and Nicole Albert were allowed to congregate at the McCabe house at 11:30 for the friends and family meeting with Michael Proctor. They were all interviewed as a group, and they had 4 hours to get their story straight while they sat inside Albert’s home.

Brian Higgins was inside the home and clocked into work at the Canton Police Department at 1:30 AM after drinking all day. He has never been questioned by the police.

Sarah Levinson was not identified in any court documents or police reports until 8 months after O’Keefe was murdered. She told police when she was finally interviewed that she did not see a body on the front lawn, and her story was never questioned.

Julie Nagel was not interviewed by police until almost a year later, despite being outside at the exact same time John O’Keefe was inside the house ascending and descending stairs.

Brian Albert Jr. was in the house the entire night and still has not been interviewed by police.

Colin Albert was not initially identified as being in the house, and was the only person in the house who had a problem with O’Keefe. He frequently gets in fights, had a black eye, and cuts on his fist. To this day he has never been questioned by the State Police. He has known Michael Proctor since he was a little boy.

Caitlin Albert was in the house and allegedly left the minute she arrived home from the Waterfall Bar. She has never been questioned by police, and her good friend was the medic Proctor interviewed who said that Karen Read was screaming “I hit him.”

Proctor did not properly record the time he arrived at the Read’s house in Dighton to tow her car. He said in his report that the car was towed at 5:30, and that he arrived at 4:30. There are police call logs showing him calling for a tow at 2:30 and video footage of the car being towed at 4:12.


6. Police reports must “contain no spelling errors.”

At least five witnesses in Proctor’s report intentionally had their names spelled wrong – Caitlin Albert, Sarah Levinson, Emily Fabbiano, Kathryn Doody, and Julie Nagel. One was the daughter of the primary suspect and homeowner, another was the daughter of the fire chief and Town Administrator, one was a nurse, and another had a brother whose name was spelt correctly in the same report.


7. Evidence must be properly documented, collected, packaged, and stored.

John O’Keefe’s blood was put into 6 red solo cups, and Ken Berkowitz “found” tail light fragments that were added into evidence a week after O’Keefe was killed.


8. The collection and processing for footwear and tire track impression.

No pictures were ever taken of the road that would’ve shown tire track impressions, and John’s other shoe wasn’t discovered until 12 hours later.

I couldn’t find anything about failing to disclose if you are close family friends with the people who you are questioning, but that’s probably common sense. The question is, what are they State Police going to do about this? And why is the Union standing by such a blatantly corrupt investigation?



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